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Minecraft Animation And Gameplay Fan
Minecraft Animation And Gameplay Fan 2 саат мурун
Tonie PTRP
Tonie PTRP 2 саат мурун
It makes me sad to know that there's so much things that they should air :/ why cartoon network whyyy?!!!! 😭
cotne tcotne
cotne tcotne 3 саат мурун
why not simpsons
Mateusz Piasecki
Mateusz Piasecki 3 саат мурун
5:06"na całe szczęście my, klejnoty, nie musimy się martwić o wykwity na skórze". Spinel: "odzyskuje wspomnienia poprzez piosenkę" Spinel potem się staje zła, jak Jenny w odcinku "Niebezpieczna Przemiana" ("Hostile Makeover"),ale nie zmutowana.
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 4 саат мурун
Perfect Steven would be like P.K.O from let’s go K.O his powers perfectly balanced
1998guys_animations 4 саат мурун
10:30 tiny face diamond
PrincetonCartoons 4 саат мурун
When chowder came out i was negative 1 year old when show was still one cartoon network i didn't understand a thing i only thought chowder was cute but when i revisited this show again when i was more mature i was like damn this show is good even know it already ended
inuyasha309sem 4 саат мурун
I just watched it and IT WAS EVERYTHING 😭💖 can't wait to see your next video on this!!
SweetNineTails 5 саат мурун
dalaga ramirez
dalaga ramirez 5 саат мурун
we already know this character it si spinel
A Caveman
A Caveman 5 саат мурун
*5 months later* ahhhhh, its wasnt as soon, as I thought it wold be. Guess its the three years.........
Savage KingX
Savage KingX 5 саат мурун
Idk how Cartoon Network expects to maintain itself for much longer if they end all their good shows early and leave the terrible shows on air
Joan Mae Vejano
Joan Mae Vejano 5 саат мурун
nothing can beat the pearl nose nothing can beat the amethyst thicc lip nothing can beat three eyes most importantly: nothing can beat humanity
Frank Hewitt
Frank Hewitt 5 саат мурун
Did he say ‘constellation’ prize?
bigjake360t 5 саат мурун
How hard is it to tv shows in order? I say this out of frustration, and genuine curiosity.
AIO YouTuber TV
AIO YouTuber TV 5 саат мурун
Me, a minecraft fan: Bill uses soulfire?
Dank mans alley
Dank mans alley 6 саат мурун
I don’t like how they wrote toph when she was old. Toph was always stand offish and a tough too boy, but she still had feelings she cared for others in her own toph way. So why doesn’t she care about her family, their father and their feelings. It came out of left field to me
_CactusJuice 6 саат мурун
5:37 Because it was so unclear this could be the perfect chance to bring Jet back. I feel like his story hasn't ended yet since he reformed himself before (dying) and yes i know they confirmed his death but still, he is the only character who's death wasnt that clear.
Cartoon Fandoms
Cartoon Fandoms 6 саат мурун
I am still sad about the ending it was awsome and saaaddd 😭😭
Happyheart's Studio
Happyheart's Studio 7 саат мурун
*Istg the comment section is heckin dark.*
fox child
fox child 7 саат мурун
I feel like if Wendy was Monster-fied she'd become like some type of werewolf. Like a werefox or something!
Jade Walker
Jade Walker 7 саат мурун
As a kid I always thought it was a mango flavor! This video is making me crave some now....
Casual_DropoutYT 7 саат мурун
Never watched Steven universe was it good?
Jack Your friendly gamer
Jack Your friendly gamer 8 саат мурун
We’re back! A dinosaur story.
Gabriele Genota
Gabriele Genota 8 саат мурун
Ice King says "Pedophiles can burn in hell"
Jordan Cayabya
Jordan Cayabya 8 саат мурун
Pink diamond
K.B. Gravedigger
K.B. Gravedigger 8 саат мурун
The book of: Wind
Jack Shelby
Jack Shelby 8 саат мурун
What a fascinating and in-depth video! This is great stuff!
juliet schulz
juliet schulz 8 саат мурун
I understand if you do hate Pink for certain reasons, but hear me out Not everyone's mature, even gems. EVEN DIAMONDS. That was the case for Pink. She did do some wrong, but honestly, if she had kept the colony going, Billions and billions of humans would never have happened, all the animals wouldn't have happened, the Earth would have became a lifeless rock. Listen, I know Pink started a war of which killed millions, I am mad about it too, but understand this. Pink was a diamond and "raised" by the other diamonds. Despite her superiority, she was treated less than the other diamonds. Technically, she didn't do much things beneficial to the gem race, so yes, there was a reason they were treated better. BUT STILL. Would you treat a Janitor worse than a doctor because he doesn't do as much good? No! That's very rude. So Pink should have been treated equally, but no. Oddly enough, she was spoiled, yet abused. I disagreed when you said it wasn't the other diamonds faults, it kind of is. Picture this, if a child gets mentally and physically abused by parents, they often end up like something bad, like a drug dealer and or other things. Guess what, it had an effect on Pink, but she didn't turn out like a monster! Back to the "treated like other diamonds" thing, she wanted at least to help a little bit and got a colony (Earth). Spoiler alert, she didn't like how they were draining it of mandatory sources leaving the living things with nothing. So yeah, that lead to a war, but again, she was immature, she didn't know how it would effect her admirers and long term. But she was as mature as a average child, she didn't really know what she was doing. It's like how if a child has to lead an army, pretty similar situations. However, she matured. Part of the reason Pink loved the Earth was because of how everyone had their own free will and aged normally. She wished to be a human, and what she decided the closest thing to being a human was having a child. Of course, Pink never wanted future child to take all her weight of the war and things, she didn't even think that situation would come to be. She did have a child, erasing her existence. Now of course that was very selfish. But the point of this show is to forgive people, and I forgive her. However there is debatably a more selfish character, SPINEL. I am a slow typer so this took me awhile, so I'll keep this short. Spinel was kept in the garden for 6,000 years, that sucks, but what else could Pink do? Back in the day if a gem isn't perfect they can and will get shattered, so if Pink returned Spinel she would definitely die. However, if Pink took Spinel with her, to experience the war, Spinel would have been horrified. SPINEL WAS IMMATURE, IGNORANT, AND CLUMSY AT THE TIME!!!! Spinel would definitely blow their cover, getting them killed. This situation is equivalent to making an naïve child find out about the horrors of reality, it just isn't the right time.
Empty Space
Empty Space 9 саат мурун
i’ve never met a single person who genuinely believed that doofenshmirtz was an actual bad guy
John cymon Gutierrez
John cymon Gutierrez 9 саат мурун
Why he has a giant sack of magic thing
Fire Brand 72
Fire Brand 72 9 саат мурун
I think belos won’t be a pure antagonist, the book did say that the savage ages caused mass destruction. So maybe he’s just trying to bring order, and you can’t exactly say that belos’s reign has brought about only evil, he’s also brought a more stable system of government, plus maybe the coven thing is just to make sure no one practices magic in a harmful way by doing things wrong
Cara D
Cara D 9 саат мурун
im sad
Possessed Demon
Possessed Demon 9 саат мурун
No! Where's mystery girl?
juliet schulz
juliet schulz 9 саат мурун
...You DO realize what situation Pink was in, right. Like really what could she do . (This is for people who hate Pink because of the Spinel incident). First of all, Let's discuss why Pink got Spinel in the first place. Pink had recently (to gem standards) had broken down after some beef with the other diamonds and accidentally injured her first pearl so much Pink couldn't keep her. Some people believe this was intentional, but the truth is it isn't. Pink loved her pearl because she could finally feel more like a diamond, and got close to her as well. I am not sure what happened but Pink had too much anger/sadness bottled up and quite literally let out a gush of her diamond power onto her pearl which kind of ruined her. Pink couldn't keep her because at the time if you weren't "perfect" you would be shattered of "fixed" by white diamond (becoming a zombie). So, Pinks pearl got taken away and turned into a zombie by white. This definitely had a negative effect on Pink, which was added to the already concerningly massive pile of bad things. The other diamonds noticed this, and got her a "replacement", Spinel. Spinel and Pink got close IMMEDIATELY. Spinel was perfect for pink and they had fun all the time. But Pink still was sad. There is nothing wrong with Spinel, but nothing can replace an old friend/whatever. Picture this, imagine you have a sibling of which you love very much. Let's say you and the sibling got in a fight, and you made her cry, and she ran away. Weeks later she is found dead. Your parents know you're sad, so they get you a really cool doll. You love this doll, but it can't replace your sibling. That is Pink's situation, except less her fault and more the abuse of the other Diamonds. So, anyway, Pink has fun with Spinel not forgetting her first Pearl. Thing is, around that time Pink got a colony (Earth), and as everyone knows, visits it and falls in love with it. She realizes that she and her inferiors are destroying it, taking its resources and leaving it empty. Pink didn't want this, and tried to stop it. This led to a fight with the other diamonds, which led to the war. Pink was maturing, becoming an "adult", and needed Spinel less and less. Soon, Pink had to escape to Earth and took her second more well known pearl with her, but not Spinel, why? BECAUSE, Spinel is very immature. The reason that tied in with Pink not taking her is, imagine, Spinel having to experience the war, possibly die, and also Spinel is clumsy, so she would probably blow their cover, getting the squad killed. And, regarding what would happen if Pink returned her, isn't a good choice either. So, basically, Pink could only keep Spinel at the garden. I respect that some people don't like Pink, that's fine, but if the reason is only because of the Spinel incident, then they need an explanation of why Pink had to do that.
jennifer stewarts
jennifer stewarts 9 саат мурун
I love how these theories change over time... First... We see the first Mewman settlers.... humans... covered in goo from "the magic source" wearing pilgram clothing... and no memories of who they are or where they came from... being given the first wand by Glyseric. You can take that as an implication that Mewmans actually came from earth through a magic well. Then you have the reverse, where Mewmans seem to have come to earth by one means or another, made the tablet and may have then tried return through the well. Marco might not actually be Mewman but infact might be related tot he first mewman settlers essentially giving him a direct bloodline to the throne as well.
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez 9 саат мурун
did it Wendy give Dipper her hat
BPC 9 саат мурун
1:39 *CN* well thare go my plot plans
Possessed Demon
Possessed Demon 9 саат мурун
Jose Ma
Jose Ma 10 саат мурун
Fans: *”WE WANT A MOVIE”* Cartoon Network: “oh ok more clip shows, right?”
charlie wolf
charlie wolf 10 саат мурун
Cara D
Cara D 10 саат мурун
I have some thoughts about a continuation of Steven Universe... I won't let on too much but I figured it could be called "Crystal Gems: The Next Generation" or something of the like.
Zuraini Shafiee
Zuraini Shafiee 10 саат мурун
I think the monster is corupted steven
Aiden Ordover
Aiden Ordover 10 саат мурун
My guy, do you talk about anything else
CONNER MOTTL 10 саат мурун
It’s actually 1 trillion bounty 2:48
Jeffrey Nocasa
Jeffrey Nocasa 10 саат мурун
RQ 2.0
Sugar 6
Sugar 6 10 саат мурун
Ngl im PRAYING HBO is looking at all this like they did adventure time BLEASE HBO
Q_1rx 10 саат мурун
Ah, remember when thought Willow was gonna be important to the plot? XD
[Yoplait] 10 саат мурун
Me and my Brother laughed when Elmer Sang About A Grill Cheese, yeet
Ekewaka 11 саат мурун
It's frozen vanilla custard.
It’s Garnet Phoenix
It’s Garnet Phoenix 11 саат мурун
Him: bad audio Me: there was a difference
Logan Lindsay
Logan Lindsay 11 саат мурун
I feel like the tea timers would turn but then turn back. Bobby would be tempted to join because of candy but forcefully deny.
Simon Electric
Simon Electric 11 саат мурун
Please tell me you guys are going to review the Animaniacs reboot. There is soooooo much to talk about there🤣
Sevastian Sandoval
Sevastian Sandoval 11 саат мурун
.Connie is really annoying
Wolfnerd 11 саат мурун
I know it’s not related to the video, but while watching this I got a weird amount of Christian commercials. Never got any before and I don’t watch those sort of videos. Just found it weird
Pvt Ferret
Pvt Ferret 11 саат мурун
This art style is objectively awful and your shilling of it is very transparent.try not sounding like a corporate shill next time
Michael Ardito
Michael Ardito 12 саат мурун
It just feels like we're in a long hiatus rn
IPd FMd 12 саат мурун
Simon was redeemable, problem is the writters didnt want to redeem the guy. Simon deserved better.
Kyle Cianciulli
Kyle Cianciulli 12 саат мурун
It’s not the “Final Episode”! It’s on Hiatus. CN is just giving us new episodes of shows we don’t care about.
lightning Harmon
lightning Harmon 12 саат мурун
Maybe it's he is a a human that knows how to do black magic yeah black magic is dangerous
Neat Gamer
Neat Gamer 12 саат мурун
I don't really like it when people still call pink diamond a monster because I mean at the beginning before she turned into Rose yes she was a monster only caring about herself and her desires but when she saw how free human beings were compared to how the gems lived she started to see past herself because I mean she willingly gave up her status to save Earth from being colonized that surely would have ended the human race if she was truly a monster through and through she would have just been happy with the zoo and gone through with the colonization of Earth for her to rule and don't get me wrong I'm not stating this is a fact it's just my opinion just as other people have the opinion that she's a monster
James Miller
James Miller 12 саат мурун
For a while my favorite theory has been white grape, as it's notoriously hard to make into ice cream. Now, since it turned out to be one of the Blurple components, it works pretty well!
ernie beasley
ernie beasley 12 саат мурун
When you roast someone so hard they turn to ash 🔥
gamer raccoon meme lord
gamer raccoon meme lord 12 саат мурун
Meherin Mouly
Meherin Mouly 12 саат мурун
I think Liz's palisman woukd be a cat, an otter(with a dark side), or some sort of bird.
Who? 12 саат мурун
If there was a movie I feel it would lead back into a new series like a bill coming back or some new villian that is a bigger threat that no one knows about
T - 800
T - 800 13 саат мурун
You forgot batman and the joker. She exploits adora's mercy
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris 13 саат мурун
Dereck Sanchez
Dereck Sanchez 13 саат мурун
Damn.. The grandma Molested max rip max
Kai 13 саат мурун
The most likely outcome in my opinion is that they'll probably adapt the comics.
Solar Flare
Solar Flare 14 саат мурун
What if you could carve/draw glyphs on solid objects to make it more permanent instead of dtawing on paper. Like a penstigram glyph on a ring so it summons everytime you use the ring,That would be so~ cool
Ethan Fleary
Ethan Fleary 14 саат мурун
DR. OW2k14
DR. OW2k14 14 саат мурун
They should have a fire bender as an avatar for this new avatar series.
Dagmawi Zewdie
Dagmawi Zewdie 14 саат мурун
Flamestone Smokeray
Flamestone Smokeray 14 саат мурун
And Mordecai ended up with, not Margaret, not CJ, but some bat chick. Forget the birds and the bees, that was the birds and the bats.
el tes
el tes 14 саат мурун
Brynna Recinos
Brynna Recinos 14 саат мурун
i love your ruby impression XD sounds like mine
Amelia Burd
Amelia Burd 14 саат мурун
Peaches Green
Peaches Green 14 саат мурун
When a grown man's voice can go higher than my voice cracks during puberty :|
Jack Your friendly gamer
Jack Your friendly gamer 15 саат мурун
Wow spinel was such a good movie villain. but why did she get one movie and a quarter of a movie 😞 😢 😔