Agony of a Witch BREAKDOWN! Emperor Belos Explained & Details You May Have Missed! (The Owl House)

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The Owl House Season 1 Episode 18 "Agony of a Witch" gives us the bone-chilling introduction of Emperor Belos, the mystery of the Titan, an intense Witch's Duel rematch between Eda and Lilith and a heart breaking revelation on who cursed Eda! We're here to breakdown this episode for way longer than usual, going over all the details you may have missed with all your favorite moments explained! (And gushing over Hooty vs the Emperor's Coven!)
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Dragon fang_31
Dragon fang_31 8 саат мурун
what if the guards with the masks are illusions cause when hooty was whackin ass, he went under the guard's hood and whacked that other guys ass idk maybe I'm being a dumb but here's the timestamp 7:23
Clammy Cammy
Clammy Cammy 7 күн мурун
Someone else might have pointed this out, but I just noticed that Kikimora’s hair is a clawed hand closing around her head
Richelle Tugonon
Richelle Tugonon 10 күн мурун
Or maybe Emperor Belo is Amitys father..
Richelle Tugonon
Richelle Tugonon 10 күн мурун
That wants Eda down..
Nat 11 күн мурун
i never actually seen this episode
The Jakescape
The Jakescape 14 күн мурун
Every time he asks if I'm caught up with the Owl house, I just go, "I've been caught up 20 times..."
Morgan Gail
Morgan Gail 19 күн мурун
23:51 fun fact, while watching that scene my immediate reaction was saying "Murder her right now" out loud...
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 17 күн мурун
I mean both Luz and Eda were so close to killing her but didn’t
Morgan Gail
Morgan Gail 19 күн мурун
22:03 *ATLA 🌊🔥🌳💨 is typing...*
Morgan Gail
Morgan Gail 19 күн мурун
Morgan Gail
Morgan Gail 19 күн мурун
Belos is like Horde Prime, "I see all"
Sensible Cryptid
Sensible Cryptid 24 күн мурун
I personally like the theory that Emporer Belos actually has no connection to the titan, and that the heart above him is his own heart, removed and enlargened with magic to make him more powerful somehow. Belos using the word of the Titan to justify his will sounds pretty interesting. (or that Belos is sort of a parasite to the titan and leeching off it's power in it's huge bile sack)
Fellkitten 25 күн мурун
Am I the only one who’s mind went to bill cipher when I saw the triangular vent
Christian Roberts
Christian Roberts 25 күн мурун
You know what I thought. I thought cartoons aren't supposed to make me sad.
Dylan Dudley
Dylan Dudley 26 күн мурун
What if Belos killed the Titan and the Titan was king and then he was able to take over the Titans body/bile/whatever else or what if Belos used to be a human and Titans can posses humans once their dead and that’s why Belos or the Titan hasn’t killed luz so that when Belos dies the Titan can posses luz
Paxton s
Paxton s 27 күн мурун
This episode slaughtered me inside
Shavindu Mahndrarajah
Shavindu Mahndrarajah 29 күн мурун
what if the bile leaked out of the sac when the titan died, and the bile were what formed the potential swamp or grove where the palisman wood trees originally grew? Which is why the palisman juice is a neon green, and why he needs them. Maybe it's why he didn't consume Owlbert as he is from a newer tree since Eda is a relatively younger witch. The palisman he consumed in Agony of a Witch might actually be from the significantly older female witch that they petrified before Eda...
Nhlakanipho Chonco
Nhlakanipho Chonco Ай мурун
The bat queen is the bile. What if belos captures the bat queen and uses her as his personal source of energy!? That could be a huge plot point in the story.
Jeffrey Nelson
Jeffrey Nelson Ай мурун
You know whenever I heard the great joining I always thought that he was looking to resurrect the titan and join everyone together. You know since everything they are was once part of the titan.
Damariz Lopez
Damariz Lopez Ай мурун
My theory is that whenever a witch joins a coven when their other magjc is "locked away" its given to the emperor and also I belive (this is just me) that tge emperor is in fact a human as well wich is why he probably NEEDS the magic from the titans sac(if he has it) or the magic from the witches who joined covens
Grayson Boles
Grayson Boles Ай мурун
What if the reason why he wears a mask and draws power from the Titan is that he's actually a human and he wants to hide it.
Trey the Supreme
Trey the Supreme Ай мурун
All this because someone wanted a hat
Snow Drop 2066
Snow Drop 2066 Ай мурун
omgg what if the bat queen is a talisment of the giant
Luis M
Luis M Ай мурун
Great breakdown, this Episode was so Amazing!
Kaylin Ай мурун
Do we ever get any info on Luz's dad ? If him not being there is a mystery then what if he wandered through the portal how Luz did but he strayed off somehow and found the emperor and was basically brainwashed into serving the emperor, because Belos knows that humans have a much stronger connection with the isle, and that's who that mystery guard that has a different mask then the other ones is, that's always standing with Belos, and is who we see in the last episode when Belos says to keep an eye on Luz. It's a bit far fetched but it'd be a crazy plot twist
Errantspace Wolf
Errantspace Wolf Ай мурун
Thank you so much for mentioning the "... good luck with puberty..."remark. 15:23 No one else seems to talk about it 😤😁
Hunter manzzz 2.0
Hunter manzzz 2.0 Ай мурун
23:24 theory I got hooties able to go inside this guy but that wouldn't be possible if the guy had a head so what if these bird guys arn' t people but just animated clothes that are able to function like a person maybe that's why they follow the emperor with no question, also I think none of these guys have talked yet in the series which is also a reason they could just be majical clothes, if they have talked I don't remember it so please tell me
KingLattice Ай мурун
The battle between Eda and Lilith was very anime
KingLattice Ай мурун
Eda original hair is orange Lilith's original hair is orange Smith's original hair is orange Coincidence? I think not!
KingLattice Ай мурун
Hooty is actually quite terrifying. Not just cause he's powerful
Shauna Lewi
Shauna Lewi Ай мурун
The Void Star 999
The Void Star 999 Ай мурун
WEAKLING, i watched it 10 TIMES
Shannon Morgan
Shannon Morgan Ай мурун
I have watched this show 50 time and I have counted
Mikayla Watford
Mikayla Watford Ай мурун
So here's just a random theory but could Bellos possibly be a human? He has a mask that could cover his ears and so far we've seen him use magic with the staff but it could be because of the bile. Maybe. Just a theory.... a film theo.... nah I'm kidding. I think it is worth theorizing though.
spectrecutlass Ай мурун
Haven’t watched a bunch of Owl House but I saw this and this has got to be one the best episodes from a TV show I’ve seen in a while
Aubrey Lane
Aubrey Lane Ай мурун
Everyone: The Titan and the Emperor have a magical connection Me: The results are in. Emperor, YOU ARE THE TITAN. Just a little thought I had while watching this, what if the Emperor is the Titan reformed or an illusion that the titan is casting.
Demi god 8599
Demi god 8599 Ай мурун
Lol Lilith actually cursed eda for her own gain and out of jealousy
Book Thoughts
Book Thoughts Ай мурун
At least you've watched the fight scene several times... Maybe even shown your friends it to get them into it.
Smokey The cat
Smokey The cat Ай мурун
What if the heart is the sack, because the power that came from the titan would be immense so the heart is just entirely power
Adrigan 2.0
Adrigan 2.0 Ай мурун
What if the Titian’s heart is pure magic and that’s why we can’t see the magic sac
MusicalArtist25 Ай мурун
I love how Kiki is voiced by Mela Lee, because I've heard her voice in many other shows I've watched. She's done the English voice for Rena from Higurashi, Melascula from The Seven Deadly Sins, and Shinku from Rozen Maiden.
MusicalArtist25 Ай мурун
@•MoonChildAiza• I don't doubt it. I think I might give it a watch sometime soon but I'm already watching Blue exorcist and I want to finish what I started before I start something new
MusicalArtist25 Ай мурун
@•MoonChildAiza• Well I don't watch miraculous ladybug so of course I wouldn't know that.
The sandwich
The sandwich Ай мурун
Hey... so I know I'm pretty late to the party, but rather than omnipotence (being all powerful) it seemed to me that Belos is more omniscient (all seeing). In other words, his power comes not from his strength, but from his control over information.
under tale
under tale Ай мурун
I think emperor belos is lilith and edas relative there are many proops
Tororo2O9 Ай мурун
I'm going to bet on lich and the old heart is his folactory. In the size and decay of the giant, then maybe the cost of forcing such a large organic thing to be "working" is greater do to the strength and strains of it's own dead frailty.
Terrible-Troy Ай мурун
didnt the heart beat faster when the emperor got flustered? surely that could mean he is/is a part of the titan
Edalyn Clawthorne
Edalyn Clawthorne Ай мурун
i never noticed the thing he put in his eyes was from a palisman
antek kohut
antek kohut Ай мурун
I saw that battle first time :0
Dj Lopay
Dj Lopay Ай мурун
Bro ok ko
Crazy Kids
Crazy Kids Ай мурун
Am I the only one who thinks that the Emperor’s skull kinda looks like King’s skull? Maybe signifying that King is going to be a much larger part in this show than we think...
Noe and Shay Cookson
Noe and Shay Cookson Ай мурун
9:36 Eda’s gem is rocking out
The Midnight Crew
The Midnight Crew Ай мурун
You made me notices the hidden mickys in the episodes, how dare you 😤.
SP Ай мурун
Okay, a quick hot take on the heart. I think there isn't any bile but the magic is actually inside the heart. I mean. The Boiling Isle is the remains of this Titan, who possessed immense magic that influenced the living beings around them to evolve and develop a sack of magic bile next to their heart. All thanks to the magic circulating throughout the isle and the pump the *green* heart. As green as the magic taken from the Palisman or the colour of the bile illustration Eda showed once. Plus, it would make sense, if the Titans were naturally born with magic.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Ай мурун
What if Belos IS the Titan?
Anil mehta
Anil mehta Ай мурун
7:24 Hooty literally went through where one of the guards' head was supposed to be, it looks like they're just puppets made by Belos
ASAP Zoomie
ASAP Zoomie Ай мурун
The owl house should cross over with svtfoe, I know you're all thinking about it!
ASAP Zoomie
ASAP Zoomie Ай мурун
That is a diamond
Super Universe
Super Universe Ай мурун
Titans origin. Doom guy killed it. then Belos begins his organ harvesting business on the empire.
Kasey Ramey
Kasey Ramey Ай мурун
I believe that King is somewhat related to tighten if you look at the hands of King and Payton in the hieroglyphics
Dragocatsura Ай мурун
KGpost is getting too comfortable with these ads. I'm 3 minutes in and i've already had to watch 4 unskippable ads
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien Ай мурун
Hope the show goes to Disney+
UnknownNPC Ай мурун
“Light glyph”? I’m pretty sure it was a fire glyph
Crunchy Mew
Crunchy Mew Ай мурун
Just spittballing what if the bile is it's heart I mean it is the reason why everyone evolved to have magic because the titans had a huge amount of magic
Rosimar Cortes
Rosimar Cortes Ай мурун
Well i saw agony of a witch in the night, and i eat cpicy chips, by myself, and it was a few weeks ago
truth be told this fight screen between eda and lilith gave me flashbacks to when naruto and sasuke had their final battle at the valley at the end where sasuke pull off the same slippery move came behind naruto and gave him a fist full of chidori sending naruto crashing into the waves and then when eda slammed her staff and the giant owl appeared behind her was a reference to bleach when ichigo fought kenpachi during the rukia rescue arc spoke to his sword and unleashed all of his spiritual energy for one last attack while there was a giant hollow head which appeared behind him
Amazing Panda
Amazing Panda Ай мурун
This is the disney steven universe and I'm here for it
Andres Marrero
Andres Marrero Ай мурун
Oh I hold her fully responsible. Whether or not she ment it to be permanent, she still cursed her sister out of spite, ruined her life, and doomed her to a fate worse than death. If she wants sympathy, then she is going to earn it.
Ash Ketchup
Ash Ketchup Ай мурун
*Me Waiting For Him To Do A Video About The Owl House x Undertale*
uglyjaz41 Ай мурун
how do owlbert heal this wound from ep 10???? Next theory
Join A Movement Of 6M To Adopt Klaus Hargreeves
Join A Movement Of 6M To Adopt Klaus Hargreeves Ай мурун
I love how after the paper crumple opens to reveal Luz’s name, the captions say “Well, there you have it, kids” (or smth like that)
The gaming Rats223
The gaming Rats223 Ай мурун
Well then the akikimora in my house is eating a lot of gummy bares
The One Eye Triangle
The One Eye Triangle Ай мурун
Well..... Stanford Pines was in another dimension for years and no history was told of that dimension in gravity falls it could be demon dimension.
Jordan Tanirau
Jordan Tanirau Ай мурун
Most people:“Rewatched this show 5 times already” Me: still waiting for it to be on New Zealand Disney+
Christopher Davila
Christopher Davila Ай мурун
bruh belos be lookin like a hollow knight dlc
Honey Cheshire106
Honey Cheshire106 Ай мурун
8:01 do we get a Mickey Mouse theory? 8:49 Did you do one on the Eye that Eda has everywhere on all her belongings like how the blights have the diamond ? Or that the tree eda made her staff from was grown with the gauntlet hat's why they showed a owl in the photo with the tree(or just because owls live in trees) and that also a reason why she's powerful she uses some magic from a Ancient Relic also she has one of the branches from the trees shown hanging by the door (Idk if she uses as a duster or maybe it's just some random tree) you see it when the kid's come to tell her about Luz
RickeyRocket Ай мурун
Pfft, I was completely under the impression that this was the last episode of the season... Thankfully I looked into it when you mentioned an episode past Agony of a Witch, that finale was awesome!
Mihajlo Gajić
Mihajlo Gajić Ай мурун
So, can witches waste all their magic?
Scooby Da Dawg
Scooby Da Dawg Ай мурун
That fight is even better then the second fight between Spinel and Steven in the movie
Scooby Da Dawg
Scooby Da Dawg Ай мурун
Wait why doesn’t Belos care that Luz and some other students r allowed to join different coven tracks in school
Haris Phares
Haris Phares Ай мурун
Could we all take time to appreciate the animation in the sisters' fights. Especially this episode's
Joshua Sullivan
Joshua Sullivan Ай мурун
I have a theory
Joshua Sullivan
Joshua Sullivan Ай мурун
That in season 2 in a sleepover episode amity will have to tell luz that she likes her in front of willow and gus as well
jesse barnett
jesse barnett Ай мурун
I think maybe the emperor it's actually an abomination... Maybe he's being controlled by his secretary person... Kind of like how they did in zootopia
Nice user 2 Face
Nice user 2 Face Ай мурун
Wait his eyes can turn blue and blue means hollow gram stuff so there just hard hollow grams
Kaleb Faulkner
Kaleb Faulkner Ай мурун
Lilith: then why were you so easy to curse the fandom: SHOTS FIRED, BUT HOW DARE YOU! Eda and Luz: *Now that was not very nice*
Yarrcanite90 Ай мурун
The relics being useless as stated by Lilith... Well, one potential explanation I would have, but it would kind of leave them up to being a cheap plot point in the future is that the ones in the museum are fakes. Just copies up for show for the school kids on their trip, and the real ones are hidden off somewhere more secure than an unguarded room on the first floor... Willow uses the glove to create plants, which she can normally do. Gus uses the sphere to create an illusion of himself, which he can normally do. These "powerful relics" don't really seem to do much... But it would just set them (or more specifically the hat) up to be a Deus Ex Machina to completely and easily remove the curse in Season 2.
Yarrcanite90 Ай мурун
16:20 I feel she would've commented on the smell in general if there was an actual smell from the heart or the room while approaching the doors. So it might just be to make sure she makes as little noise as possible, as she is clearly very uncomfortable and maybe a mild bit panicky after seeing the Emperor just drink up the magic or whatever it was...
Cubic 3
Cubic 3 Ай мурун
Avatar is better
Rob a soda Sodas
Rob a soda Sodas Ай мурун
what if the titans hart is a sack of magic bio.
Stronghammer Ай мурун
I'm kinda surprised that you didn't point out the Gravity Falls reference of the dimensional rift being located in the relic room.
Nguyễn Ngọc Huy
Nguyễn Ngọc Huy Ай мурун
I found an error in your video,at 13:41 that’s a fire glyph not a light glyph.
Kate Rose
Kate Rose Ай мурун
I also tear up when luz began to cry
Aidan Elliott
Aidan Elliott Ай мурун
I decided to watch the owl house after putting it off for months. HOLY FUCKING CRAP I LOVE IT WHY DID I WAIT?!
treebranche Ай мурун
Also, the bile sack for the heart in Belos's throne room is probably IN the wall, hidden away.
treebranche Ай мурун
What if the Titan is still alive because it has some sort of curse that leaves its body to decay but its heart and mind are still there? It makes sense imo
liam p
liam p Ай мурун
Or the emperor is Bill cipher after reincarnation
liam p
liam p Ай мурун
Or maybe the emperor is the Titan or has taken control of the Titan being his own version of a scam artest
Alexander Valencia
Alexander Valencia Ай мурун
Is this On Disney plus
Sanchee Null
Sanchee Null Ай мурун
The fact that this is ready on my feed after watching the episode is a blessing
Mihailo Radisic
Mihailo Radisic Ай мурун
when i was first watching the Episode i thought emperor belos did the cruse but i so eda cloud be captured and make eda bow to his very wish. but then i thought about it more and that would be stupid because it's supposed to be a mystery and to have the big bad emperor do it when be such a let down and when it was revealed that lilith did it i lost my shit
Bjas 60
Bjas 60 Ай мурун
Can we get a review on glitch techs plzzzzzz. It’s a good show
MrYourfuckingmom Ай мурун
Help me out here, where does one go to watch this series?
elad amittai
elad amittai Ай мурун
If season 2 wil be better than this season, the show will SURPASS gravity falls in my opinion. And gravity falls is my favourite show ever!!!!
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