Amity's NEW Connection to Eda Revealed?! Wing it Like Witches Breakdown! (The Owl House Episode 17)

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The Owl House Season 1 Episode 17 "Wing it Like Witches" not only went above and beyond to set up the final two episodes of the season under the guise of a sports parody adventure, but does Amity Blight now hold a new connection to Eda through a mysterious character found in the photograph? What's the total of magic spells that Luz has now mastered after her Grudgby game with Willow and Gus against Boscha? Let's run through this episode for all the details and foreshadowing you may have missed!
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FraggerLagger 3 күн мурун
ok I have a little theory about who is writing the messages and how. (it isn't really a theory just something I wanted to point out) I think there could be two alternate versions of yourself in both dimensions. For example, there is a person at Luz's human school that kind of looks like Amity. That would also kind of explain who is writing the letters. It isn't much but I just wanted to see what people thought about it.
Nailah Graham
Nailah Graham 4 күн мурун
Okay after questioning it over & over it just makes too much sense for Azura to be in that picture with Eda cuz she's in bard track & they're notoriously good storytellers, it's just in song usually lol
natalia pru
natalia pru 6 күн мурун
oh wow... sports!
Las puertas de la gratitud Bendecida
Las puertas de la gratitud Bendecida 6 күн мурун
I bet that lilith cursed eda
Wave Sparks
Wave Sparks 7 күн мурун
I think willow parents will be important
Lihle Mpofu
Lihle Mpofu 16 күн мурун
Bro that Supa Hot part was savage.
PLG 17 күн мурун
The Owl House release date will be on January 10 2021. If it doesn’t come on that month then I’m sorry
Bebe Maco
Bebe Maco 19 күн мурун
There is an little brown part of Amity’s hair and when she was just a child her hair is color brown so she used hair dye so your right
SEHS The insomniac
SEHS The insomniac 21 күн мурун
Who else wants to hug the school spirit? No? Just me? Ok.
Kat the Fandom Explorer
Kat the Fandom Explorer 25 күн мурун
The one time I ever got bullied... the sports jock dude.. What's with all the red-heads changing their hair color to green-blue stuff?
Oliver B
Oliver B 27 күн мурун
I had a very different high school experience.... Partly because the "student groups" where kinda merged together. Jocks were cool with the nerds, band can mingle with the shop kids, ect. Though that is partly because the staff of the high school were crappy (teachers, security, and maintenance were great but the higher ups were not)
Anthony Tylman
Anthony Tylman 28 күн мурун
amity every 5 second when she she luz :brain OMG BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BURN EVERYTHING
pizza boy 123
pizza boy 123 29 күн мурун
Hey watch 2 last episode and you know something you see amity dad and mom
fluff tron
fluff tron 29 күн мурун
I fall under the sucky ppl ha love it
Happymasks Ай мурун
... the cloth color is red tho not purple so it can't be since they would have to be bard college
Aawishkar Sunuwar
Aawishkar Sunuwar Ай мурун
william purcell
william purcell Ай мурун
Amity's parents definitely has some place in the Boiling Isles. I'm thinking of them as extra evil versions of Pacifica's parents
Basic Mate
Basic Mate Ай мурун
As a High School BASEBALL student, I can tell you that the only people who get special treatment are the football players. Not all athletes get special treatment, they kinda just leave us alone because “Football is harder to play!” and “They get more injuries than you guys!” Which, is not true! Have you ever got drilled in shins with a 90mph fastball?
J Hill
J Hill Ай мурун
Also what if mr.blight is actually the evil one, and mrs.blight is even the author of the books?
J Hill
J Hill Ай мурун
In highschool I actually helped to eliminate the whole jocks being the ones to get away with everything. 1. When one jock was being a to keep it PG very mean person, I more or less gave him the business end of my fist. 2. I then befriended the whole team not just one or two but all the teams, once you turn their star players to the side of good you have turned the whole teams. I was the drama geek it should also be noted, so when you get your butt beat by the drama geek in terms of most school hiarchys you have fallen pretty low. Now at this point drama is more or less equal to sports and every year the sports kids always sign up for the musical as a team building thing but either way.
Grant Flippin
Grant Flippin Ай мурун
Me: "Aww, Lumity is cute" Me getting called out for my actual opinion on homosexuality: "Screw you too, disembodied Vox"
Quiana Alliejah Rosales
Quiana Alliejah Rosales Ай мурун
Maybe luz will be the one who help break the cursed on eda(sorry for my grammar)
Im Lonely
Im Lonely Ай мурун
I watched the owl house and when my homophobic stepmom found out about luz being bi and amity being les she told me to stop watching it but my real mom told me she would watch it with me
alya rouge
alya rouge Ай мурун
Me: watches owl house Also me: sees amity and Luz yeah there gay
Shohana & Sadia Uddin
Shohana & Sadia Uddin Ай мурун
Can you do a video why the amity parents hate Ed’s? I have been watching ur videos and don’t get why do a vid plz love ur vids!
Shohana & Sadia Uddin
Shohana & Sadia Uddin Ай мурун
6:30 or below YES UT SMART
NOT Starscream
NOT Starscream Ай мурун
as a fellow theorist myself I fell like the people that are writing to Luz's mom are Mr and Mrs Blight hear let me explain Eda the owl lady has a portal to the human realm and would it be too crazy if there were more of them everything comes from something as said by Eda herself and maybe there is more where it came from. And where did Eda get hers. In the episode "young blood old souls" we see a flashback of Lilith cursing Eda and on Eda's door there is a star like symbol and this isn't the only time we see it after investigating for about 30 minutes I see that the star like symbol we see on Eda's door ties in with the one the only Blight family could it be that the Clawthorne sisters were sleeping at blight manor and I know it sounds like a stretch but hear me out. In the episode "wing it like witches" Eda is going threw her old Grudgeby pictures but in the bottom left corner there is a picture of Eda and an unknown Witch and after staring at the same shot for 40 minutes I gave up and decided to just look it up and after researching I am pretty sure this is Mrs. Blight and all tho I like that they could possibly be Azura I just think it's a bit of a stretch but other then that maybe since they were friends she invited them to a sleepover and when they were there Eda found this cool key and took it because she is still Eda after all friend or not and that would also explain why mr and mrs blight could be seen in the crowd watching Eda and Lilith in "young blood old souls" but why would they want to keep Luz in the Demon realm well after investigating they either want her for something or they want to use her. Threw season 1 it hints that Amity's parents see Amity as the runt of the family being the weakest and most vulnerable out of there three children and in "young blood old souls" Luz takes down pretty much all of the guards in the cunformatoriom like a Bada*s and even went against the emperor without being that badly injured probably just scrapes and cuts but why was she so strong because of her anger and determination to save Eda just imagine if she was trained by mr and mrs Blight to use her anger properly she could be strong enough to kill Belose if she wanted to which is probably what they want her for what if they knew she was capable of this before she entered the Demon realm in the first place what if they were spying on her for years and on that fatal summer they planed to kidnap her but Eda beat them there first but they have a new plan a plan to get rid of Amity and replace her with Luz a plan to make Luz THE ULTIMATE BLIGHT
Starr Shine
Starr Shine Ай мурун
The fact that he called homophobic karens makes me appreciate this channel even more. Like if u agree
Nongnoot Kirchner
Nongnoot Kirchner Ай мурун
NOT Starscream
NOT Starscream Ай мурун
fans: think that Mr and Mrs Blight are the villains Emperor Belosse: HA B*TCH
Noah Cervantes
Noah Cervantes Ай мурун
Enchanting Grom Fright is my favorite episode cause of the ultimate lumity moment
Kyra Kimbrough
Kyra Kimbrough Ай мурун
Is nobody going to point out we never see Azuras ears soo she might be human
Rosimar Cortes
Rosimar Cortes Ай мурун
Youngblood old souls is allredy here.
Jayquill Berry
Jayquill Berry Ай мурун
It's literally just the Heaven Beetle from Steven Universe, also as an Asexual person, ASEXUAL and BI PEOPLE really do EXIST! It is not a choice, we are not trying to get attention, we just want to be accepted.
BlueEngland Ай мурун
Just Some Random YouTube Profile Picture
Just Some Random YouTube Profile Picture Ай мурун
Amity used to be a bitch, but now she is best girl.
Jayton O'Brien
Jayton O'Brien Ай мурун
Karen's or karen attitudes ignore them or kill em
funk krew generations
funk krew generations Ай мурун
The lightning glyph is fire and light glyphs combined
gideon m
gideon m Ай мурун
I dont comprehend why people are homophobic. Just, why? Honestly just leave us alone and go sit in your half of the world and do whatever you want, just dont bother us.
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 27 күн мурун
Finally someone who understands this out of nowhere weirdness
jolly tuber12
jolly tuber12 Ай мурун
watching this after the finely, I can hypothesize that the girl Eda is in arms with is in fact a Blight, just not the one we thought. I theory is that Amity's mom had a sister of some kind but treated her like trash so naturally she would gravitate too Eda. just a theory tho.
Jamesie Walters
Jamesie Walters Ай мурун
wait; so she's a taoist?
Jamesie Walters
Jamesie Walters 26 күн мурун
@Balance of The hill okay
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 26 күн мурун
I know who a Taoist is
Jamesie Walters
Jamesie Walters 27 күн мурун
@Balance of The hill the protag; or are you asking what a taoist is?
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 27 күн мурун
Who’s a taoist
•Emmie -•*•- Sunnie•
•Emmie -•*•- Sunnie• Ай мурун
The character linking arms with Eda couldn’t be Amity’s mom, because Amity’s mom is on the abomination track, so who could it be..hmmmmm🤔 QwQ I got nothing....
eternal Ай мурун
I know this is pretty farfetched since we can already see a small pinch of hair on the pic, but what if the pic where Eda has her armed crossed with someone with glasses (Who ur all saying is a blight) is actually Luz's mom? Hear me out That skin looks a lil too dark imo to be a blight And both Camilia and that person wear glasses(different glasses of course, but people grow out of things) Maybe she went to the human world to live an easier life with Luz(Which could be why she has high magic energy or is speculated to have strong magic or whatever its called) Prolly just a blight tho. Jus a lil theory I thought of
Jæÿç3e_ đā_ wëēb
Jæÿç3e_ đā_ wëēb Ай мурун
See's Emperor bellows eyes Others: .... Me: Sans OwO (Plays Megalovania UwU)
Gacha Philippines
Gacha Philippines Ай мурун
Hey just wanna point out... That if u notice the hand writing of Luz is also forged cause if you compare the one from the letters to the one that Luz wrote in the lunchbox it is COMPLETELY the same...just pointing it out...this is not hate
Becky Allen
Becky Allen Ай мурун
I just realized that Boscha had a bun not a ponytail 😯
pro gaming
pro gaming Ай мурун
The chicken nuggets are priceless
Susan Thornton
Susan Thornton Ай мурун
995th Comment
Mr.Belles D
Mr.Belles D Ай мурун
Why is the KGpost progress bar yellow in this video?
Lord of Brawl stars
Lord of Brawl stars Ай мурун
İf you bored watch kobra kai
Sherman Herbert
Sherman Herbert Ай мурун
Can anyone tell me a good website to download episodes of owl house I'm not in America sad so plssssssssss
Jadzebra Ай мурун
I think Amity and Willow are cousins, the blight in the picture seems to have big round glasses which Amity's mother does not have, I think it's very possible that Amity and Willow were drawn together because they have a similar bloodline but Willows mother married out of it
Tiaam Du Nord
Tiaam Du Nord Ай мурун
LOL Mrs. Blight was actually in the Oracle track
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill Ай мурун
The beetle thing is like the snitch from Harry Potter
Mateo Reyes
Mateo Reyes Ай мурун
The owl house is one of the best shows I’ve watched
liam p
liam p Ай мурун
Thee emperor who speaks so profane, let ye be burned by your own flames
Zoe Tice
Zoe Tice Ай мурун
I liked all of the amity and luz scenes
anime5gamer anime5gamer
anime5gamer anime5gamer Ай мурун
4:19 to 6:03 Is the Reason why I Gave the Video a like. And especially 4:19 to 4:34
Layne Wyman
Layne Wyman Ай мурун
I see only one issue with Eda's friend being Amity's mom, in the Flashback sequence in the finale we see Mrs. Blight who is in a different track then Eda's friend. Also the girl in the photo is wearing glasses. So it definitely is someone else and I hope we find out who.
DE4TH_ZEZE45 _______
DE4TH_ZEZE45 _______ Ай мурун
_Vannah_ Ай мурун
Wait what about the books that lutz and Amity read the main character of those said books also has green hair what if Eda was actually friends with that witch who the books are about:0
_Vannah_ Ай мурун
Plot twist hooty is the real curse👁👄👁💧
Gecko o
Gecko o Ай мурун
Talking about hair colour, I think that its hinted that amedy is related to eda some how, for a moment I though that they were mother and daughter, I mean they are like clones, but the one time that they were in the same place they seem to not know or care for each other. Wouldn't be crazy (an expected) that after eda, orange was considered a shameful colour for hair?.
Zekier The Ripper
Zekier The Ripper Ай мурун
Eda younger picture, a friend with red clothes and glasses, it really bugged me.
Spy Guy
Spy Guy Ай мурун
0:04 I wanna give that ghost a hug
SuperJp Playz
SuperJp Playz Ай мурун
C S Ай мурун
Personally I think that Luce and ammady relationship is good for kids to learn anybody can get together
Phillips Kids
Phillips Kids Ай мурун
How am i juts figuring out that Rebecca Rose has a youtube? Tell me thia stuff sooner please! 🙂
yOuThOuGhT. Ай мурун
“The poor girl can barely get a sentence out of her mouth straight-probably cuz she isn’t herself-OHHHHHHHHH”
PokeCraftPlayz Ай мурун
Amity: Captain of Grudgby team Also Amity: WhO iS AmITy?
Dominga Lamban
Dominga Lamban Ай мурун
Isnt amity so cool
WeirdoWitchThatDraws x
WeirdoWitchThatDraws x Ай мурун
Lumity is friggen cute
WeirdoWitchThatDraws x
WeirdoWitchThatDraws x Ай мурун
* Amity not wanting to play bc Luz would look cute in the outfits * y e s .
• psp vinny •
• psp vinny • Ай мурун
Y'all do notice that's not Amity that is Lilith
Iciebear’s Castle
Iciebear’s Castle Ай мурун
Poor girl can’t get a sentence out of her mouth straight *probably because she isn’t herself*
ADYEL fortune
ADYEL fortune Ай мурун
Or the person in the pic is mr blite it will actually kind of explain why lilith was jelouse of eda
ADYEL fortune
ADYEL fortune Ай мурун
Actually if u think sbout it al cartoons dont look intense for a while then a character cralls out from the back and starts makeing havoc
ThisCatIsOnFire Ай мурун
I think the reason the emperor wants eda is for her portal to the human world. If I remember correctly eda has the only known portal to the human world. I’ve also have throw theory for a while now that at some point the emperor wants to infiltrate the human world and possibly take it over. The whole day of unity thing makers me even more suspicious of that. I think belos is using the camp Luz was supposed to go to to start learning more about he human world and stuff. That’s why they are sending fake letters to luzs mom too(that’s another theory I have. I lowkey think it would be funny if the amp counselors freaked out that Luz went missing and started sending the fake letters to cover their tracks.)
ThisCatIsOnFire Ай мурун
I really love how you took the time to tell the homophobes to fuck off. A true ally💖
Murf The Smurf
Murf The Smurf Ай мурун
“poor girl she cant even get a sentence out of her mouth...” why did i love that so much
Adr1en the Alien!!
Adr1en the Alien!! Ай мурун
I have a stupid Theory That Boscha (idk how to spell her name) Has a crush on willow As in "Sorry i bullied you i was trying to impress you" I could be wrong But idk
Bella Testerman
Bella Testerman Ай мурун
Okay what if Luzes mom is Azura went to the human relm to give Luz a safer life got scared when she saw her reading Azura so sent her to the camp. The letters are from Eda who is actually Hecta. The girl in the picture is Azura.
Kpop Cheeto
Kpop Cheeto Ай мурун
it’s okay you can say it. the whole wilw episode was just GAY but make it sporty
Jj Bullington
Jj Bullington Ай мурун
km mk
km mk 2 ай мурун
Who even is this lady in the picture with Eda?
Delta Yabut
Delta Yabut 2 ай мурун
Can you make a what was in eda's rad cheatz
nonexistent 2 ай мурун
I feel like Eda was friends with the real Azura, not a Blight. The Blights are all VERY pale, so it wouldn't make all that much sense. Additionally, I subscribe to the theory that Azura is Luz's mom! The author of the books can't have gotten them to both realms without some sort of traveling. And maybe Camilla is so against Luz being into the fantastical and weird bc she had bad experiences in the boiling isles? Who knows.
Berstich 2 ай мурун
Hidden codes?
ROUND TABLE PLZ SHOW MY THEORY FOR EP 18 By "wild magic" I think it's uncontrollable magic or magic that can't be restricted by covens like Glyphs which probably can be used even if you're in a coven Let's say you're in an abomination coven but you still can use a plant glyph Belos prob just want to prevent anyone else from using multiple magic type so he used covens that restrict them to a single magic type however wild magic like glyph is prob not affected by covens This is their possible history Belos wants to be the strongest witch so he forced everyother witch to not be able to use wild magic (glyph) .(let's assume belos is somehow immortal or is using that green liquid to keep himself alive for years) Then after hundreds of years, witches evolved to have vile sack to use magic without glyphs so belos created covens to restrict them from using other magic That's my theory A FILM THEORY
Mj5 2 ай мурун
I'm glad owl house started to establish a relationship now then the later seasons
Jason Podell
Jason Podell 2 ай мурун
Honestly Disney taking a stance like this was kinda huge for me. Alex Hirsch’s tweets kinda sum up my opinion on it
Jason Podell
Jason Podell 2 ай мурун
Amity’s gay panic gave me LIFE
Jason Podell
Jason Podell 2 ай мурун
So to clarify, after Agony Of A Witch, it’s likely that nobody is alive over the age of, let’s say 55, in the boiling isles, right?
The Cat
The Cat 2 ай мурун
this is basically the follow up to the gem dynamic in Steven universe just better and more visible
Lavender Ice Cream
Lavender Ice Cream 2 ай мурун
As someone who’s ace, I’ve gotten that impression from people I’ve told. I STILL LOVE PEOPLE! It just isn’t like how the world has sexualized everything
Arlés Joaquín Benavides Paucar
Arlés Joaquín Benavides Paucar 2 ай мурун
Se giró es la mamá de Amity
Tri Tran
Tri Tran 2 ай мурун
Spoiler Alert! I hate Lilith! And Luz and Eda are so poor. Did Eda gone... Forever? Luz crying 😭
Tri Tran
Tri Tran 2 ай мурун
Rachelle Met I didn’t think that Lilith curse Eda. I think Amity’s family curse her
Rachelle Met
Rachelle Met 2 ай мурун
i watched the episode too :'(
Tibia Fibia
Tibia Fibia 2 ай мурун
Also stg if the emperor ends up being Bill Cipher or somet 🤣 wouldn’t put it past him to hide in the demon realm as an ‘emporer’
Tibia Fibia
Tibia Fibia 2 ай мурун
I normally find myself disappointed in the lgbt rep in media or just like ‘meh’ cos it’s usually just 5secs of a gay couple together cos “Diveristy✨” but The moment I realised that luz and amity were to be love interests omg the way it’s so naturally done and not forced whatsoever and how every episode they’re in together they take the time to add a little bit of development in their relationship each time with no rush finally giving lgbt romance (specifically with this being between teens showing other kids who feel this way it’s completely normal) plots with the same depth and exploration as straight relationships in media
ArsenBot 2 ай мурун
I can’t pay attention to this after the new episode
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