AMPHIBIA DESTROYED ME! Little Frogtown & Hopping Mall Breakdown! New Calamity Box Foreshadowing!

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The Roundtable

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Well...that was sad. Amphibia Season 2 Episode 9 "Little Frogtown" and "Hopping Mall" slapped the audience in the face with scenes that absolutely destroyed me. Hop Pop ventures into his own solo adventure while Anne, Sprig and Polly get into mayhem with the Smash and Mash derby, facing off against Priscilla the Killa and her daughter Pearl! Alongside some foreshadowing revolving around the Calamity Box, a big question for when Grime and Sasha invade Newtopia and where does a certain theory with General Yunnan lie in the aftermath? Let's talk about EVERYTHING!
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The Roundtable
The Roundtable Ай мурун
well...the tears are still flowing
DJninajJ O
DJninajJ O 22 күн мурун
Where do you watch season 2
Corona virus
Corona virus 29 күн мурун
Persilas shoulder armour looks the same as the robots
abi Charles
abi Charles Ай мурун
Can you make a list of some of the cartoon quotes up in your head?
Alexia Martinson
Alexia Martinson Ай мурун
CN SAYIN!!! Ай мурун
victoria mudyazvivi
victoria mudyazvivi 15 күн мурун
I relate to not having a parent mostly my dad cause he works in Netherlands so I usually only get to call him
Galaxion Art
Galaxion Art 20 күн мурун
You are a lucky man to have a parent you miss. I have parents, but ones in the end hurt me more than could take care of me. So, call her and message her whenever you can and cry your eyes out! You deserve to.
Kenneth Cordero
Kenneth Cordero 20 күн мурун
Jaq Hass
Jaq Hass 21 күн мурун
The exes are probably meant to be scars or something like it so just only for estetics.
Amnshe-wolf 21 күн мурун
Honestly Hopping Mall was my favorite, not only for the tears but mainly Pricilla the killa and her daughter Pearl. I LOVE that Percilla is the most badass newt in the whole city, a loving mother, a great daughter for wanting to win the tea pot, and a graceful loser. This episode brought out my inner mom, but also made me feel grateful for my mom being a part of my life.
JIhad 25 күн мурун
I felt really bad for sprigg I know how it feels not to have your mother around although I had my mom around me for 13 years before she passed
The Ship Gamer
The Ship Gamer 25 күн мурун
Theory: the reason that hop pop is so scared of the calamity box is a king adreas said that frogs used to use it to travel to different dimensions well maybe hop pops son sprig and polly's dad was selected to use the calamity box to go to earth but there was a malfunction and sprigs dad was lost while the box ended up on earth.
Bonnie _Moondust
Bonnie _Moondust 26 күн мурун
Oh you just gotta love Sadistic Anne
Thanisha Martinez
Thanisha Martinez 28 күн мурун
Mabe the king is frog pearls DAD!!!
WackyChan 28 күн мурун
I personally think season 1 is better I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten hocked to season 2 yet.
WackyChan 28 күн мурун
I personally haven’t gotten hocked even this ending of this episode. I wasn’t even sad about them talking about their moms
shatara colebrooke
shatara colebrooke Ай мурун
sprigs mom
OversleepSheep Ай мурун
I’m so mad, KGpost tv didn’t record this episode at all and I have no other way of watching it.
꧁Moon꧂ Ай мурун
When someone cuts in front of me... First I’m nice like “oh I’m sorry to bother you and maybe you didn’t notice but you kinda cut in front of me so could you please go to the end~” you know something like that~ if that doesn’t work and I get a snappy comment or something I will most likely loose it and start yelling~
william purcell
william purcell Ай мурун
I can definitely see a scene where Yunan has Sasha pinned down. Sprig then reveals that they're related and saves Sasha. Him being the only thing that can soften her heart.
william purcell
william purcell Ай мурун
I think some newt from newtopia is definitely related to Sprig and Polly. They wouldn't add a newt mom and Marcy's comment without a reason. I think Yunan might be an aunt. Sprig and Polly might be the only thing that can soften her heart.
kolton baker
kolton baker Ай мурун
Sprig doll
that random mao mao fan
that random mao mao fan Ай мурун
Nice to know I wasn't the only one who cried
Spy Guy
Spy Guy Ай мурун
Whale pearl Gem pearl Newt pearl Squid pearl I swear if a character in the owl house is named pearl
Loki WarriorCat
Loki WarriorCat Ай мурун
I just had a huge fight with my mom and thinking about this episode is really making me cry and shit. I don't know. I feel awful.
memes go brrr
memes go brrr Ай мурун
The mall episode ripped my heart out.
Axolotl Ай мурун
I’m not crying at this, but sprig’s issue sure is relatable for me.
mohammed khairudin
mohammed khairudin Ай мурун
Sprig:my mom dead Disney:oh hell na we dont do dat here
KkFaller Ай мурун
I couldn't finish that episode it was too sad so I watched this video
CheeseCake Ай мурун
Anyone else curious how the calamity box got to earth?
The Ship Gamer
The Ship Gamer 25 күн мурун
Theory: the reason that hop pop is so scared of the calamity box is a king adreas said that frogs used to use it to travel to different dimensions well maybe hop pops son sprig and polly's dad was selected to use the calamity box to go to earth but there was a malfunction and sprigs dad was lost while the box ended up on earth.
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia Ай мурун
Theory:Anne is in a frog/toad world as we know,but as I saw I believe Anne is shrunken cuz in the human world toads are bigger than frogs and yeah there's my theory
Gohanfan2009 Ай мурун
the doritos shiba
the doritos shiba Ай мурун
warr malaski
warr malaski Ай мурун
The crosses are scares nothing more. That's how they're drawn in a lot of shows along with a single dark slash.
Littlefox Ай мурун
But why would a baby aka pearl have a scar?
Austin Dragon
Austin Dragon Ай мурун
Theory: Could gen. Yuna be Sprig and Polly's Aunt?
robert mirhady
robert mirhady Ай мурун
Yunnan could be a cousin or Sprig and Polly's aunt but they'd have to meet first before we can confirm anything though HopPop might know for sure.
robert mirhady
robert mirhady Ай мурун
Pearl the newt not frog.
Sidney Tucker
Sidney Tucker Ай мурун
I love with my heart
Zistheone2 Ай мурун
I don’t think every newt has that X since General Yunnan (Scourge of the Sand Wars, defeated of Ragnar the Wretches, & the youngest newt to ever achieve the rank of General in the great Newtopian Army) doesn’t have one
Pup_Official Ай мурун
CarToonLoverZxc Ай мурун
I just about cried during the ending of hopping mall it was very touching
Voids Eternity
Voids Eternity Ай мурун
looks like we finally have an answer to sprigs question from bizarre bazaar
Cut Suriati
Cut Suriati Ай мурун
Bro your talk about amphibia make me cryy and itwas beutifulll
Hanne Scarlet
Hanne Scarlet Ай мурун
I just wanna ask. Pls don't attack me I'm just a fan who's dumb as shit so why is Sasha's jem is pink/red? Oml please don't attack me for not knowing this I'm sorry y'all if I'm too dumb.
Multiverse Man
Multiverse Man Ай мурун
I'm sorry, but I want to do this quote.... (i never knew my father!)
CN SAYIN!!! Ай мурун
My grandma passed away when I was little. I feel for Sprig because I never met her and sometimes wonder if I could still miss her.
Amare Perera
Amare Perera Ай мурун
that made me cry.... my grand uncle died before i even met him
A Whitney
A Whitney Ай мурун
yo dude - Pretty sure that the X's are an artistic representation of damage, similar to a scar but in a less literal sense. I think it's meant to show a 'tough' character or one that's been through physical challenges; Pearl only has one because she's young, but she's a fighter with her mom, so she clearly still gets in the mix. Without it, she'd look like just any innocent little girl character, so with it we learn a piece of her history through visual storytelling without them having to tell or show us. It's basically shorthand to convey something quickly, that's why it's not meant to be literal and can be something taken out of armor in a way that in a logical world would have been repaired. It remains because it's a message to us, the viewers - just like how Anne's hair always has the two leaves and a twig, it's to convey to us who she is as a person, not that she literally never once brushes her hair throughout the show.
That One Kid 12
That One Kid 12 Ай мурун
Did anyone see the store called xlotolotol
Tropical Squid
Tropical Squid Ай мурун
Me first watching any show: haha cute, kinda kiddy, but fun. Season 2+: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
King Lewis
King Lewis Ай мурун
Interesting that the bucket has the Newt holding up the gems, and the box has a frog doing the same thing. Do the Toads have something similar?
Öakley Boi
Öakley Boi Ай мурун
Truly a great video, I could hear the emotions in your voice.
Lion catsu
Lion catsu Ай мурун
I’ve watched maybe a little of this show- and I still cried lmao, and yes this decade has some freaking sad ass cartoons. Su, infinity train and so much more! QwQ
JustMeYT Ай мурун
hi hi hi hi answer my question anyone pls I don’t know how to watch am phobia is it on Netflix or Hulu I’m new sorry if I’m dum okay bye
quiondra bell
quiondra bell Ай мурун
I obviously think that maybe hoop Might be on Andreas side well cause they both Know about the box.And Marcy backstabber
German Rodriguez
German Rodriguez Ай мурун
Hey guys how did hoppop have a book about the calamity box and the king didn't
Diamond Drizzle
Diamond Drizzle Ай мурун
Just because I remembered this, Anne: *"News flash kid! I'm a monster from another world, I MIGHT EAT NEWTS FOR BREAKFAST!"* The newt kids: *(Le gasp)* Anne with a deep voice: *"WANNA FIND OUT?"*
electrobob992 Ай мурун
Fun fact: We haven't seen any glimpse of wartwood since the planters left it. So I have a theory... The calamity box becomes unstable when one of the three isn't in a close proximity to stabilize it. Wartwood.... Is doomed.
Domenico Nirchi
Domenico Nirchi Ай мурун
Did anyone even notice the Ice Climbers during the smash and mash
Sebastian Gomez rodriguez
Sebastian Gomez rodriguez Ай мурун
Has anyone noticed that Valeriana and the other cloaked newts in the Bazaar used the same red hourglass symbol as the one in Hop Pop's books (books that have info on the box, that Newtopia doesn't have). And not only that, the fact that HP was implied to be a regular on the Bazaar, makes me wonder on HP's backstory.
Lucio Abad
Lucio Abad Ай мурун
I think the large amphibian at 6:43 could be hinting towards hybrid amphibians. He has the body of a toad and the tail of a newt
cLown Eevee
cLown Eevee Ай мурун
2:59 *grunkle stan phrog*
blockygamez 10
blockygamez 10 Ай мурун
I feel like all the X's are just battle scars from a huge war maybe something to do with those frog igloo machine things
Andre Jones
Andre Jones Ай мурун
brosky theres no reason for that episode to hit that harrd
Ryder Keaton Robinson
Ryder Keaton Robinson Ай мурун
The diamonds I thought wait the gems I think that there are gems in this universe
Maricela Enriquez
Maricela Enriquez Ай мурун
Me at school: this girl cuts me go to the back. Girl: wheres ur proof me cuts her. Me: cuts her. Girl: TEACHER Me:
newyorkny5023 Ай мурун
I think the X shape patterns on the amphibians and the armor are just generic anime scars.
swampykeane Ай мурун
I think that's just the style of drawing scars and cuts.
Double A
Double A Ай мурун
What show doesn't break Vox?
Cent Tran
Cent Tran Ай мурун
I think hop pop is sprigs dad
Cent Tran
Cent Tran Ай мурун
Good point but then where is sprigs dad and who is sprigs dad
Cent Tran
Cent Tran Ай мурун
But would be dead by now
Cent Tran
Cent Tran Ай мурун
Zero Ай мурун
No he's their grandpa They've mentioned quite a bit
Cent Tran
Cent Tran Ай мурун
I think the ex mark on everyone that lives well almost everyone that lives in utopia has an ex mark I think that X Mark is just like a birthmark
Jayden Saunders
Jayden Saunders Ай мурун
Being honest, Presilla reminds me of Zarya Codes
Timmy's channel
Timmy's channel Ай мурун
for someone who can relate as my mother passed along time ago i feel for him
Sean Stark
Sean Stark Ай мурун
2:44 that's kind of an ironic statement coming from you
Bri McD
Bri McD Ай мурун
I always thought Newtopia meant New utopia, like it was modern, not Newt opia
Wesley Page
Wesley Page Ай мурун
This didn't have enough buildup for me to think it wasn't just a cop-out. Well, not 100% cop-out, but I feel like this came out of nowhere to make this below-average episode seem better than it really was. If I'm being honest, I kind of felt like that last scene should have been somewhere more pivotal, or at least had more buildup, like Anne maybe wondering what happened to the parents. We had never seen it even somewhat affect Sprig, it still doesn't make sense with Sprig's missing father, so therefore we still need to do this conversation *again again* and it seems that Sprig was just conveniently having a bad dream for some reason, and he was only relevant in that last scene. If this doesn't get addressed in the future, it will be filler, and this show is already bad enough for filler.
Cent Tran
Cent Tran Ай мурун
I think it’s a birthmark
the banana beast
the banana beast Ай мурун
I can't watch :'(
Captain Oblivious
Captain Oblivious Ай мурун
I'm sorry but Sprig _parried_ the attack
CX galaxy
CX galaxy Ай мурун
anyone else notice the key is missing from the calamity box and no one has mentioned it. ANYONE?
fan of anime 8790
fan of anime 8790 Ай мурун
This episode made me love amphibia even more
Mr. x
Mr. x Ай мурун
Hoppop is there dad ?
Jayden Davis
Jayden Davis Ай мурун
Green Gazer
Green Gazer Ай мурун
who watched this vid cuz they could not watch it
davidevgen Ай мурун
that hug sequence instantly reminded me of steven universe ep 45 ending. i wasn't expecting to experience that feeling again. this was a very touching episode.
NotWorth TheEffort
NotWorth TheEffort Ай мурун
dang it Kevin go call your mom!
Elena Docdocil
Elena Docdocil Ай мурун
The three diamond in the sky looks foreshadowed in S.U when the Diamond tries to corrupt all gems and The blue butterfly when little cute pearl looks foreshadowed if star vs forces about queen butterfly
Joshey Dubs
Joshey Dubs Ай мурун
Imagine having a mom you actually get along with who is decent enough to miss.
Nikko M.
Nikko M. Ай мурун
I'm glad I wasn't the only person this brought a tear too. Hearing a child (sprigs VA is basically a child) always breaks me
Chill4234 Ай мурун
I was told before watching that hopping mall was a tearjerker, so I went in expecting the tears, and in the end I was left with none. Probably because I was expecting to cry, but that doesn’t change anything, hopping mall is still sad, just more of an “ow” for me
iWi Studios
iWi Studios Ай мурун
Don’t mean to be that guy but 5:35 is supposed to say pearl not polly
Cb Me
Cb Me Ай мурун
What is the newt we saw in the Bizarre Bazaar comes and warns Anne about King Andreas being the evil person story and also the history of the season when the Planters are getting ready to leave and go back to wart wood grime and his Army and goes ahead Define Sasha photos of putting her all the bread we saw on the map
Johnny 1324
Johnny 1324 Ай мурун
bruh litterally i was in tears when sprig says he lost his mom and he asks can you miss someone you never knew and I can totally relate to this cause I lost my dad and never knew him when I was a baby and it really hit me hard cause of that line and that past this is one of the many reasons amphibia is a very good show cause it hits you hard in the feels and the mystery
quiondra bell
quiondra bell Ай мурун
Really bru?
alexander shawn
alexander shawn Ай мурун
i don't care if my mom lives or dies
Frisco Arciady
Frisco Arciady Ай мурун
Yay I don't mind spoilers so I can watch it
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING Ай мурун
9:50 That mask has a penis joke in it... LOL
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING Ай мурун
The three diamonds thing also seems like an SU reference, kinda...
quiondra bell
quiondra bell Ай мурун
Hi e theorg
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING Ай мурун
3:02 Bridge worm: but my hood has to be down so i can attract people I suck at this lol
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING Ай мурун
I haven't watched anphibia yet, but I'm not able to anyways...
quiondra bell
quiondra bell Ай мурун
Love your comments
ruezu Ай мурун
I wonder if the mad egomaniac Yunnan could be related to Priscilla. Judging by the looks and "warrior" type
eg shell - Catcher
eg shell - Catcher Ай мурун
You called Pearl Polly
Jeem Ай мурун
Wow how does a fake cartoon make you cry lol
Shatha Abusalem
Shatha Abusalem Ай мурун
Doge YT
Doge YT Ай мурун
prediction: the story will end by anne having to choose one friend to go back
quiondra bell
quiondra bell Ай мурун
Everybody's mom died wow no theorys
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