Amphibia is THE Story Cartoon You NEED to Watch! Everything You Need to Know!

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26 күн мурун

Amphibia is THE story driven cartoon that everyone should be watching in 2020! I would even argue you NEED to watch this series if you're craving amazing characters, lore and an engaging overarching story with continuous progression found in shows like Gravity Falls, The Owl House and Steven Universe! The story of Anne, Sasha and Marcy in this brand new world uncovering the mystery of the Calamity Box and the secrets that await them along the way! We're here to breakdown everything you need to know up to the most recent episode concluding the Newtopia arc in season 2! Including some characters such as Hop Pop, Sprig, Polly, Grime, General Yunnan and Priscilla the Killa, and favorite episodes such as Reunion, Toadcatcher and more!
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Anaiyah Ramjattan
Anaiyah Ramjattan 2 күн мурун is how I got into amphipa when it first came out I thought it was some weird random disney cartoon I listened to the theme song and I said to myself I would watch this show in the near future and I did amazing show!!!
Canelo Cruz
Canelo Cruz 5 күн мурун
My theroy that is dumb or not:its like the minecraft 1.14 village and pillage the three players entered a world that filled with villagers and the villagers helping the three players to get them home but two are from a another location the other one was captured by illagers and the other player is very cool and has food and defenseses the player was the main charecter. But the finale of the season the player was fighting the illagers or his friend bc the friend was a villian or not the other season was getting the three players to get home and the player found a friend by the cool defendsive village and the finale was the three or one player getting home by a portal and the villagers hug him/her by saying goodbye
Ezekiel Mayhew
Ezekiel Mayhew 7 күн мурун
The owl house is way much better than amphibia!!!!!!but amhibia is good too
crispy flipper
crispy flipper 11 күн мурун
Respond to my recent comment
crispy flipper
crispy flipper 11 күн мурун
Amphibia is not on Disney +
vazak11 15 күн мурун
Great vid!
PointingOutObvious 15 күн мурун
Amphibia has a GREAT FANTASY SETTING and STORY TELLING and character/world building. It's very original with good character development even better than Gravity Fall. AND IT'S FUN AND FUNNY!
Ninja Comix
Ninja Comix 17 күн мурун
I hopping love this show so dang much
Big Ethan
Big Ethan 17 күн мурун
Frog uncle iroh?
paan azmi
paan azmi 17 күн мурун
i think marcy going to betray anne at the end of season finale
Julian Nonoguchi
Julian Nonoguchi 17 күн мурун
I have ADHD as well Kevin. Nice.
hyper kid
hyper kid 17 күн мурун
I think the toad is capton grim
never saw this k m8? ?
never saw this k m8? ? 17 күн мурун
tbh i don't really think the show is that good. when i first heard of it i thought it would be another spongebob clone full of gross ups and bad jokes. it's not THAT bad but most of it is filler and the only parts i actually liked was the ride to newtopia and the frog toad war. i hope they pick things up because even the season 2 finale was a filler episode.
never saw this k m8? ?
never saw this k m8? ? 8 күн мурун
@steelhound duncan yeah, but even the last few episodes of season two are filler. i can't bring myself to enjoy the show because it rarely has an episode that saves the plot advancement for the last 30 seconds. i find it kind of cheap how they do that. like yeah sometimes having a little foreshadowing or something at the end is nice but they can't just make a bunch of filler episodes and add a bit of vague plot advancement at the end. the only parts that really get the story moving is the war (which was too short for me) and the ride and arrival to newtopia. when they get to newtopia the show treats it like they're in wortwood and keep the filler rolling with only a few parts of the episodes advance the plot, and even those are treated like another filler episode. i'm not asking for a long, overarching story, but we already have spongebob for the factory resets between each episode.
steelhound duncan
steelhound duncan 8 күн мурун
Season 1 is mostly filler but season 2 makes things pick up more. Sorry that you don't see that.
trainboy 13
trainboy 13 18 күн мурун
7:30 i like hop pop because he sometimes reminds me of me
JudahLegoBuilders 18 күн мурун
Maybe sprigs mom is on earth because how did the clamity box get on earth?
sergio saavedra
sergio saavedra 18 күн мурун
Wasn't it a bit too anxious?
Christian Thompson
Christian Thompson 20 күн мурун
Christian Thompson
Christian Thompson 19 күн мурун
@Star Dust Thank you!
Star Dust
Star Dust 20 күн мурун
Zachary Dechant
Zachary Dechant 20 күн мурун
No mention of the skipman? I think all of this has happened before, at least judging by the other calamity objects the salamander lady had.
juan francisco villarroel thula
juan francisco villarroel thula 20 күн мурун
So, the Gems are basically the Triforce pieces, and they are going to do a Zelda Temple type quests
Bubblegum Animations
Bubblegum Animations 20 күн мурун
It was a yesterday Stephen universe was new
Javier Ramirez
Javier Ramirez 20 күн мурун
Thank you For doing This I Love This Show And Could Not Every Tell You How Much I Appreciate you Doing This
Draysen Animation
Draysen Animation 20 күн мурун
Nobody NO1
Nobody NO1 21 күн мурун
Thinking about it she's been there atleast 2 months by now right? When did the trio get teleported? Will they be back at the exact moment and play it off like nothing happened? Or is it all real time and have to explain they were in frog world fighting giant bug and bird monsters living with anthropomorphic amphibias creatures.
Softly Meowgical
Softly Meowgical 21 күн мурун
I'm the sort of person who's subscribed to the possibility of a magical girl plot emerging at the end of season two. Who's with me?
Paradox Free
Paradox Free 21 күн мурун
What is the best way to watch amphibia? Its only got the first season on Disney+.
Skyedog 75
Skyedog 75 21 күн мурун
For some reason the intro song is so cool and I feel like I heard it before
ender Pup
ender Pup 21 күн мурун
Theory: the other words are different i worlds, the fiery world is the world of mammals, a world m blooded animals like a canid empire they tried to go invade but failed and wrote the fire symbols for "don't try again." And got the idea of the use Calvary. Even though we only seen them for transportation and sports, The smaller island world is a world of fish, how the king for his crown from attacking it over and over again and to steal some of the creatures for the aquarium. A world of birds and flying creatures like griffins and Pegasi and the blob monsters.been there but always our of reach, there world, there home, and our world is the one there didn't go to yet. The last one could actually be the owl house world,
Christopher Betancourt
Christopher Betancourt 21 күн мурун
Hey Astric vox do you think the next three episodes are going to be the last episodes for Season 2 or do you think they're going to announce a couple more episodes and then go into season three which is the last season btw quick update I have a theory what if Spriggs Mom isn't dead but she was lost in one of the other dimensions and that's why the king is hell-bent on getting the Box
Christopher Betancourt
Christopher Betancourt 21 күн мурун
Start it I just finished p.s. i just watched the aquarium episode
Wolfgamer 325
Wolfgamer 325 21 күн мурун
I'm pretty sure king Andreas is sprig's dad
SimpleeCasual 22 күн мурун
One last seasonleft guys I just wished it lasted longer but Hey you can't stretch plot It will just become CN
Revtle Gaming
Revtle Gaming 22 күн мурун
3:30 did you see the sword -glow. Blue
Revtle Gaming
Revtle Gaming 22 күн мурун
Luke Runkle
Luke Runkle 22 күн мурун
At first the show was fine, as you said Anne takes some...getting use to. But her character development is season 1 and the development of all the planters was well done. Season 1 had plenty to give but didn't floor me, season 2 was more interesting as we got to see the world outside of the valley and see some more development of all the characters. I was slowly getting more and more invested in the show, and the Hopping Mall... Wow. I teared up. And I don't usually for any media! The way it was done was just right. And that's all I'm saying cause spoilers! The other bit that has impressed me, in this show and its sister in The Owl House, is that animation. Wow do I love the animation that has come out of these shows! Especially in the fight scenes! We haven't gotten many in Amphibia yet, but when they show up I am really impressed and love it. I actually rewatched the Season 1 Finally fight scene a couple times just to see how fluid and smooth it ran. This is one show that at a glance doesn't seem like much, but it has a lot to offer! This is probably too much. Oh well.
Dbzmaster159 22 күн мурун
I love Amphibia, honestly, when I first saw the season 2 intro though I was stunned seeing Anne, Sasha, and Marci like that. Biggest thing though is when will Hop Pop reveal what he already knew about the box, and how will the kids feel about him burying it. Also I think one person that might return and get recruited by Grime and Sasha would be the Newt Thief Traytonio. Most likely he'd come back to gain wealth from Grime's takeover and to see how far his former pupils had come. After all he did show a lot of pride in Anne when she bested him causing his arrest.
Damien Sheets
Damien Sheets 22 күн мурун
andreas is sprig's grandfather on his mothers side making the connections with other newts in the planter family meaning that sprig is a newt
Grayson Shipley
Grayson Shipley 23 күн мурун
Do Glitch techs next
Jazzie Jackson
Jazzie Jackson 23 күн мурун
Amphibia is the best show i have lots of favorite shows but this one stands out to me the most. If i had to live in kipo owl house hilda or steven universe or amphibia i would pick amphibia. It has lots of calming backgrounds with great great characters. I'd probably be exploring TILL THE DAY I DIEEE
Robro 3000
Robro 3000 23 күн мурун
Who else wants to see croaker kick ass in season 2b
samantha cardenas
samantha cardenas 23 күн мурун
where can I watch amphibia season 2
Dylan I am big fan H2O McCallum
Dylan I am big fan H2O McCallum 23 күн мурун
I love Ed Edd and Eddy and I still do I hope that guy quit the show is still alive maybe we fans of the show can someone could listen to bring it back by me see every character of Ed Edd and Eddy I bet older like your teenagers or a adult like you know other stuff like that it'd be interesting to see that
Blushing Duck
Blushing Duck 23 күн мурун
Also does anyone know where I can watch The Owl House? It isn't on Disney+ or Netflix :/
Blushing Duck
Blushing Duck 22 күн мурун
Metallic Snake kk
Metallic Snake
Metallic Snake 22 күн мурун
It be on Disney + by October 30
Tam Mat
Tam Mat 23 күн мурун
On Disney channel live
Blushing Duck
Blushing Duck 23 күн мурун
I'm watching it on Disney+ lol
Kamden Silver
Kamden Silver 23 күн мурун
I hope The Roundtable does this but with The Owl House
I think you should eat salt.
I think you should eat salt. 23 күн мурун
Lowkey kinda sad how the Voltron fandom is dead-
Cormac Dooley
Cormac Dooley 23 күн мурун
Season 1 just arrived on disney+ UK
Random Guy
Random Guy 23 күн мурун
Lies your not my mom or my dad or my boss or God so don't tell me what to do man talking in the video
Damien Sheets
Damien Sheets 23 күн мурун
the last steven universe video i saw of your's you said to stick around with your channel and i just might find a new favorite show and i didnt think it was possible, then shortly there after your channel introduced me to infinity train, amphibia and the owl house. Anyone who hasn't seen it check out epithet erased
Jane Vessel
Jane Vessel 23 күн мурун
Phill Baldridge
Phill Baldridge 23 күн мурун
Is any of s2 streaming on Disney+ yet? I finished s1.
Rednaxela Naratuc
Rednaxela Naratuc 23 күн мурун
Hello the roundtable,I though you always make steven universe vids?well I think Steven universe will come back in 2021 Im not sure but this is just my thoughts i'll see in 2021:)By the way love your vids Bye
Cordell Williams
Cordell Williams 23 күн мурун
Wait Anne’s voice actor isn’t black XD
Madison B
Madison B 22 күн мурун
nope, anne's voice actor is Thai American, same as anne!
Lizzy’s Chips
Lizzy’s Chips 23 күн мурун
hi im back did he just call polly a pollywag wut
Chillin Weirdo
Chillin Weirdo 23 күн мурун
Sasha and Grime also give me Catra and Hordak Vibes. Idk why.
Joud Ayoub
Joud Ayoub 23 күн мурун
Sara Beth Cox
Sara Beth Cox 23 күн мурун
What if the gems powers were transferred to the girls? Like they’re vessels? Idk if this has been said or not. Most likely. :/
Sara Beth Cox
Sara Beth Cox 23 күн мурун
Forgot they need to be recharged
Andrew Florez
Andrew Florez 24 күн мурун
14:19- I'm neurodivergent too. I have Autism and ADHD.
Batstick 24 күн мурун
Basically 15:42 Amphibia is like Divergent but with Frogs,Toads, and Newts. Make sense. The Owl House is like Harry Potter and Gravity Falls Is Supernatural with kids. Even Regular Show kind of animation version of Clerks meet Pineapple Express.
Xavier Campbell
Xavier Campbell 24 күн мурун
12:17 look at sashas shadow and u can see Annes shadow
Paul Chandler
Paul Chandler 24 күн мурун
Amphibia isn’t just building up the characters well and weaving a really cool story together. It’s also freaking hilarious!! All their little expressions and vocal comedic timing is so good! Like when Sprig drinks coffee in Newtopia! HILARIOUS!!
Ip's Channel
Ip's Channel 24 күн мурун
1:34 omg i want a full version of this edit!
Spinel SylviaVA
Spinel SylviaVA 24 күн мурун
I just started watching Amphibia a couple days ago and now I see why people enjoy it so much
Beltrán Salas García
Beltrán Salas García 24 күн мурун
The too evil axolotl siblings that attack Polly and sprig aren't axolotls. They are olms
Dumb Catz
Dumb Catz 24 күн мурун
i already finished the first season the second it came out on disney plus but i cant watch the second season
jo_b 24 күн мурун
The Owl House and Amphibia are setting up this decade to continue the 'Kids cartoons can tell good stories' legacy that the 2010's started. I really hope the various executives and companies don't drop the ball.
QJ 24 күн мурун
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM did sprigs mom rite the warning on hop pops book because of an incedent the she had it kind andreas????????????????????
Crit Alps Videos
Crit Alps Videos 24 күн мурун
I just have this nagging feeling that sprig’s mom learned that either king andres or the unnamed toad was using the calamity box for an evil purpose and sacrificed herself in a similar way to glimmer’s mom sealing herself off in another world to save her own. Which is why the calamity box was left in the human world.
Preston Johnson
Preston Johnson 24 күн мурун
Ok but if you look closely at 1:33 it almost looks like Anne powers up her sword, it goes from silver like Sasha’s (odd she doesn’t have her usual pink sword) to blue in the time it takes Sasha to reach her and land a blow, which makes me think it’s either not a new thing to Anne at that point, or that it’s a natural reaction, an automatic defense mechanism that she doesn’t have to use, it just happens. Either way I would love to see a theory video about this. Keep up the good work :)
WaffleBoiStudios 24 күн мурун
I don't know about anybody else but I think a show that AwestruckVox should make theories on is Meta Runner. It's great, Season 2 is about to come out, so I think it's the right time to get into the series and start making theories.
Deja Young
Deja Young 24 күн мурун
What if it feels like a long time in amphibia but when Anne gets back to the human dimension she finds out she's only been gone for like one day I think that would be hilarious.
Anjie-Kun 4evur
Anjie-Kun 4evur 24 күн мурун
Theories galore! Thanks for the vids my friend. Also in the future to describe Sasha's gem/gem of strength the color is called Magenta.
Blaze Redraw
Blaze Redraw 24 күн мурун
The only bad thing about this game is that this show isn't called Annephibia
Nimsaj Snikliw
Nimsaj Snikliw 24 күн мурун
I can totally relate to Marci since, like me, she was strong in academics but weak in socialization, and if she does have autism that just makes it even easier for me to relate to her, because I have autism too. It seems that she socializes better with the beings in Amphibia than in her own world, so maybe if I want to socialize better I should find a magic box and get transported to a different world too! But seriously, since I've actually gotten the chance to get to know Marci as a character, I realized we had more in common than autism and all of that stuff. We both share an interest in video games and we're super interested in learning new things and discovering the undiscovered. For me, it's that and making possible the impossible, and to sum this whole thing up, Marci is my fave character because of fact that she's a KNIGHT and she has a CROSSBOW. CROSS. BOW. Not saying I'm jealous but, I'm jealous.
FoxyDaFox 24 күн мурун
Is Season 2 being added to Disney+?
Kaptain Kevvy
Kaptain Kevvy 24 күн мурун
Pollys character reminds of of blossom from the powerpuff girls reboot lol
Camdyn M
Camdyn M 24 күн мурун
Hop Pop is giving me serious Grunkle Stan vibes
Marie 24 күн мурун
Sebastian Reichelt
Sebastian Reichelt 24 күн мурун
In my words if you like happiness watch Amphibia
Mehmet Huseyin Karalar
Mehmet Huseyin Karalar 24 күн мурун
3:23 does it say luz was here ?
Tam Mat
Tam Mat 23 күн мурун
Sash wuz here
Claude Kiringa
Claude Kiringa 24 күн мурун
Another reason why Hop Pop is a great character is because he’s voice by Disney Legend Bill Farmer (voice of Goofy).
Claude Kiringa
Claude Kiringa 24 күн мурун
If they do show Sprig and Polly’s father I hope he gets voiced by Jason Marsden.
Nhlakanipho Chonco
Nhlakanipho Chonco 24 күн мурун
I feel as if Marcy is somewhere, somehow going to reflect on earth life and amphibian life and not want to go back to earth as she isn't socially welcome but on amphibia, she is appreciated.
El Lee
El Lee 24 күн мурун
Maybe the king of amphibian using Marcy to gather the charge stone so that the king use it to invade earth and the robot is not following the planther family but the robot is program to go in the meeting place (newtopia) to invade a certain place.
sadlobster1 24 күн мурун
If this prophecy IS about expelling a great evil from the world, maybe Andreas is planning to use the girls as warriors to help fight it for him. In which case, it doesn't quite sound all that evil
sadlobster1 24 күн мурун
"Marcy's a cinnamon roll, she MUST be protected." Funny how some of the people who say this were once those who labeled her as a possible back-stabber/traitor. But after everything we've seen about Marcy; her quirkiness, her nerdy passions, her klutziness and even her anxiety...can we REALLY still call her that? It's almost as ridiculous as calling Andrias a bad guy
MissesKitty 23 күн мурун
@sadlobster1 They would be more cautious of her if she wasn't such a clutz and all silly and anxious and eccentric, a lot more people would be sus of her
sadlobster1 23 күн мурун
@MissesKitty No disrespect meant...but what does that have to do with Marcy's personality
MissesKitty 23 күн мурун
It seems that people don't label those that have anxiety and are clumsy as a bad guy..its just like how if you told someone you had autism or social anxiety or adhd. Just any disability or mental illness like depression then you would have a bunch of people thinking you couldn't do harm
sadlobster1 24 күн мурун
@Aidan Animations True but after hearing about this prophecy, I think Andrias simply wants to use the girls for the good of all Amphibia. After all, no one can fight like the three of them; not Grime, not Yuyan and definitely not that fencing teacher
Aidan Animations
Aidan Animations 24 күн мурун
While you make a good point, the difference between them is information. We knew nothing about Marcy until Marcy at the gates and the only comparison to her was Sasha so it makes sense why people would distrust her. But with Andrias, we have the chess scene and when he gives Marcy a proposition at the end of the episode. These scenes were made ominous on purpose so it’s obvious why people would obviously think of him as a bad guy
My dna
My dna 24 күн мурун
Theory: I don't think Spring's mom passed away but I think she got teleported to another world by that calamity box. That's why Hop Pop hides it thinking it could harm someone in the family again.
Krista's Korner
Krista's Korner 24 күн мурун
Disney xd has stopped airing in my country like just today , and disney plus is not there yet . so where am I supposed to watch it now . Edit ; it started showing on disney channel never mind.
Ernest Kaźmierczak
Ernest Kaźmierczak 24 күн мурун
it has too many boring fillers lol
Edgy Girl GR
Edgy Girl GR 24 күн мурун
marci is an anime girl UwU
sEideN ツ
sEideN ツ 24 күн мурун
Amphibia is literally my life rn lmao
Man of the USA Jones
Man of the USA Jones 24 күн мурун
Amphibia should not have a Season 4, due to Star Vs the Forces of Evil's being bad!
Grace Navarrete
Grace Navarrete 24 күн мурун
12:10 sasha's shadow kinda looks like anne's
monika kavaliunaite
monika kavaliunaite 24 күн мурун
4:00 yeah I'm one of those people. I saw the first 4 episodes of season 1, got bored and after learning that Sasha comes back I watched the last 4 episodes of season 1. Season 2 was a lot more interesting and I only skipped like 5 episodes
LXW arts
LXW arts 24 күн мурун
Maybe I should make a tv show 🤔
Quick gamer
Quick gamer 24 күн мурун
I was actually watching tv the day amphibias first episode was released and I IMMEDIATELY loved it and tried to watch every episode from there it’s such an underrated show and needs more attention
browniebeanie 24 күн мурун
Now I’m not sure if anyone in the Amphibia community has brought this up but I’m gonna put it out there So, in season 2, episode 12 “The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers” we see a painting of Newt King Andreas, a pink frog with blond hair wearing a hat resembling sprigs. But we also see a toad in the painting, now if we go back to episode 7 of season 1 “Anne VS. Wild” in the book that we see Hop Pop look through we see a skull of what looks to be a toad with the word dangerous over it. What I think is that the skull is a depiction of what happened to the toad in the painting after something happened when they were using the Calamity Box.
Mohammed Lulu
Mohammed Lulu 24 күн мурун
Im eating a burrito right now.......thats all
michaeloptv 24 күн мурун
Sprig has ADHD and Marcy (potentially) has Aspergers. Probably why I kinda like this show. I mean it’s not my TOP favorites (Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, South Park)....but as a show that at first I thought would be stupid/too childish with a frog world...they have really brought out human aspects (and well...humans!) to keep the plot active. So yeah I really enjoy it.’s better than Owl House. And I’m not saying I’m technically disappointed with OHOWL but I just thought the story line would be a bit more character building instead of random magic and action. This show (Amphibia) IS character building currently.
Eeveemaster official
Eeveemaster official 24 күн мурун
Well chip and potato is also a sieres
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person 24 күн мурун
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