Amphibia Pilot BREAKDOWN! All Differences in Amphibiland & Sprig vs Grime!

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The Roundtable

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The pilot reel for Amphibia, originally titled Amphibiland, has surfaced online and given us a look at a different kind of animated series, and we couldn't help but to break it all down as much as possible! What made it into the final series? What are the prototypes for Sprig, Polly, Hop Pop, Grime, Sasha and Marcy like? Could any currently unused plot elements survived into the main series?
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Sean Valentine
Sean Valentine 4 күн мурун
I would love an episode of amphibialand
Dassenman 11 күн мурун
I think that a episode will come inspired by what we have seen from 6:26, Sprig get's ambushed and abducted and has to fight with Grime for his freedom, Anne will follow and rescue him. Why he gets kidnapped is because of who he is as we can link that to recent episodes where we have seen that Grime wants to take over and rule Amphibia and king Andrias being very keen on Sprig. The painting in the castle shows the only other pink frog in the series, probably Sprig's mom. And as her son, he could known about or has information, or at least that is what they think, about the music box. And they want that box to keep or gain power. So Grime kidnappes Sprig for revenge or to get information and fights probably after finding out that Sprig doesn't know anything about it and is useless for him. Sprig's mom probably was good and tried to hide or destroy that box so Andrias and Grime couldn't do any wrong with it. It probably even cost her life and then they found out that her son is still alive.
Hooty HOOT HOOT 14 күн мурун
Dana Alqaisy
Dana Alqaisy 15 күн мурун
Not a good thing 🤔
Frost Wing
Frost Wing 21 күн мурун
I think it's very interesting that Grime has one glowing green eye... forshadowing?
enter name
enter name 24 күн мурун
the thumbnail looks like anne dab-choking sprig
Mayo 24 күн мурун
Uh remember Hop Pop throw Anne shoe when she had pimples
Directors Choice
Directors Choice 25 күн мурун
Always love pilots. need this one
Brendon Atilano
Brendon Atilano 28 күн мурун
Derek Lofton
Derek Lofton 28 күн мурун
I haven’t noticed Marcys eyes until know
Dashgaming 10
Dashgaming 10 29 күн мурун
Theory: sprig and Polly beat up grime so Sasha would not be mind controlled by grime then they go fight the “thing”
Dashgaming 10
Dashgaming 10 29 күн мурун
GoOd GoObItY GoOp
Corona virus
Corona virus 29 күн мурун
Acid rain then maybe owl house took reference from this or is a direct correlation to the box because one of the planets look like the boiling isle then maybe they changed it to owl house instead because it made more sense and maybe we might see the kids go there before having to find a way out of there back to the human realm and teaming up with Luz to get back and may be able to combine the calamity box powers and isle powers to be extremely powerful
Amethyst Savage
Amethyst Savage Ай мурун
It's kinda sad how, after all this time, Anne still hasn't got those leaves and twigs out of her hair
SaltyLie_ Ай мурун
When will season 2 come to Disney plus
James adriano Calderon huaman
James adriano Calderon huaman Ай мурун
que fea imitacion
Superkneppird K
Superkneppird K Ай мурун
Marci looked like a character from Doug
quiondra bell
quiondra bell Ай мурун
Why does grimes eyes is blue and green did anyone notice that? Like my comment if you agree.
Brian McLain
Brian McLain Ай мурун
when you think about it Sasha and her friends really ended up with the people that fit their personalities the best.
HimakaCapersCreator Ай мурун
It makes plenty of sense
Sazid Mahamud
Sazid Mahamud Ай мурун
Sazid Mahamud
Sazid Mahamud Ай мурун
💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😅👏😅👏😅👏😅😃😃💩👡👡😅💩❣️⛷️👡👣👡👣👡❣️⛷️❣️😖❣️😎💩🖱️🧐⛷️❣️😢😛🤔😤😶😤🤭🤩😋🤪😋😛🤪😛🤔😛☹️😋🤨👺👻💩😎🎃💩😹😽🙀👹random man just like This cartoon man you did it Disney 🤡💝
Sazid Mahamud
Sazid Mahamud Ай мурун
What I do not get it😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅📲
DemonCheese Ай мурун
Also, in the pilot episode for amphibia, Bessie is green.
The Great Cornholio
The Great Cornholio Ай мурун
*The realization that the colors of the gems on the calamity box are shaping the tri force from the legend of Zelda has got me like-* 👀 They’re even in the same placement of the tri force
W Biesum
W Biesum Ай мурун
Well I wished it was the same story in the final
Guff Universe
Guff Universe Ай мурун
Only if they showed the pilot of the owl house 😔😔
Domenico Nirchi
Domenico Nirchi Ай мурун
Should of kept grime’s pilot voice, it sounds much more darker and ruthless as he stated himself to be
Mariah Lindgren
Mariah Lindgren Ай мурун
It's weird seeing her with 2 shoes
quiondra bell
quiondra bell Ай мурун
I'm a big fan of amphbia
Maria D Los Angeles Rizo Lemus
Maria D Los Angeles Rizo Lemus Ай мурун
what if the purple eyes mean there being mind-controlled
Jorge Ojeda
Jorge Ojeda Ай мурун
Albanydia Maldonado
Albanydia Maldonado Ай мурун
Maybe bring back Domino 2
•Kxɴɴxᴛʜ Gᴀᴄʜᴀ•
•Kxɴɴxᴛʜ Gᴀᴄʜᴀ• Ай мурун
3:58 marcy eyes glow
Plot twist: Sasha is controlling the pink eyed toads
Cats Foreverss
Cats Foreverss Ай мурун
I think the cult was an odd pilot design for the newts. Capes, mysterious, tall, knowledge stuff
J Turner
J Turner Ай мурун
The cult might have been briefly spotted in bizzare bizzar.
Alexandre Sena silva
Alexandre Sena silva Ай мурун
Nobody: Anne in thumbnail: daaaaab
saintzeroinfinity Ай мурун
What if weed was Sprig and Polly’s dad?
HimakaCapersCreator Ай мурун
That's a good theory.
Margie Palmer
Margie Palmer Ай мурун
6:53 *G R U N K L E S T A N*
Makyis Smith
Makyis Smith Ай мурун
Soo let me get this straight Anne Sasha and marci got the powers From the calamity box... as we saw Anne got blue because of here eyes Sasha was well known that she was red because of toad tower. And then since two of those colors are taken we all know that Marci got green what do these mean tho.... *but that’s just game game theory :D
MJ Johnson
MJ Johnson Ай мурун
Emmanuel Mensah
Emmanuel Mensah Ай мурун
Glich pup
Glich pup Ай мурун
Did you know that the owl house has a gender swap video
Daelen Evans
Daelen Evans Ай мурун
They should use pilot Spirgs to be young Hop Pop in a flashback in the future😎👍🏽💯
Daelen Evans
Daelen Evans Ай мурун
Marcy looks like Patty Mayonnaise from Dug😎👍🏽😂😂😂
Eat fake crash Eat fake crash
Eat fake crash Eat fake crash Ай мурун
L.A.Studios Sonic Fan!
L.A.Studios Sonic Fan! Ай мурун
Anna has both sheos!🤯
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hi im make good content Ай мурун
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Kens Ev
Kens Ev Ай мурун
DUUDEEE you really need to watch tangled the series. While yes, it has alot of fillers, so much shit happens in that showw
David The Bamse & Ballerina Lover 2003
David The Bamse & Ballerina Lover 2003 Ай мурун
Amphibiland Seems Like Early Version Of Amphibia
D. Dash
D. Dash Ай мурун
That is literally exactly what it is.
life Question01
life Question01 Ай мурун
this dude vocie change in three years
callmin 11
callmin 11 Ай мурун
What is sahsa can controll the toads just like she controlled anne
Super squid Ninja
Super squid Ninja Ай мурун
This is just what I assume is that I think all three of them need to be all together near the Box
The6thMessenger Ай мурун
There is also Marcy's hand placement on the waist. They're going to ship lesbians, I know it.
shaggy 420
shaggy 420 Ай мурун
Why does anne still have leaves in hair and will she ever find her other shoe?
Owen Bridgers
Owen Bridgers Ай мурун
I dislike how he called "Weed" Sprig at some points
Isaac Games
Isaac Games Ай мурун
if u think about it our normal amphibia is a pilot version of the show in another dimension
Jullian mitchell
Jullian mitchell Ай мурун
Are you guys going to talk about Venture Brother's cancellation or No???
Luis Planter
Luis Planter Ай мурун
Did anyone notice Anne's limbs are thicker.
Jayden B Woods
Jayden B Woods Ай мурун
Maybe Bessie grows wings
Santos Chavez
Santos Chavez Ай мурун
I think there's a good chance we'll get a Sprig v Grime fight at some point, considering that Sasha has her rivalry with Anne and will want a rematch, likely alone. Grime likely has to fight someone while Anne and Sasha are going at it 1v1, and perhaps it''ll be Sprig.
Shane Allor
Shane Allor Ай мурун
I was thinking today and I thought this.. was rose really pink diamond? I thought of corse she is but the more I thought about it the more I wonders if she was pink and now I have a theory and evidence that rose might not be pink and no I don’t really think that rose isn’t pink it’s just a theory..
willinton06 Ай мурун
The pilot didn’t look like a Disney show, it had an extremely lore heavy feel to it, it would be great to see a show like that happen but there’s just not a place for it to go on TV, maybe adult swim but it doesn’t feel like a good fit there either
jayden Valeros Valeros
jayden Valeros Valeros Ай мурун
I'm wondering if the frog culture I think it's a NEWT
jo_b Ай мурун
I wonder how the pilot and development line up to The Owl House if the studio was moving away from magic. Was this to be different or did they then allow it because of the competitor's magic, etc
jo_b Ай мурун
I really really thought you were saying Weed until the end
Crazy Hyena
Crazy Hyena Ай мурун
Glich pup
Glich pup Ай мурун
It would be a nice to have the owl house in a season finale .Who agrees
Masuma Begum
Masuma Begum Ай мурун
Tell us about the owl house pilot version too
Mamil Mom
Mamil Mom Ай мурун
Fun fact: Grime is the monster from the opening His eyes are like the gems and his red gem is ....
Littlefox Ай мурун
Yea we know
Cupcaker Ай мурун
Nikola Hetn
Nikola Hetn Ай мурун
5:35 Why.... How can you say no to magic and adventure. This is insane.
Nikola Hetn
Nikola Hetn Ай мурун
Also I don't feel like magic is overused, but this might be because I love it so much and there's so many possibilities to make it interesting and unique
Nikola Hetn
Nikola Hetn Ай мурун
@Jane Vessel I get what you're saying and I somewhat agree. I love Amphibia as it is, but I think magic would be a great addition to the story. Whatever is gonna happen I trust the creators to make it awesome :D But also I get that magic isn't necessary (more then there is already, I mean calamity box exists), but adventure? I'm surprised they wouldn't want it, especially because kids love it.
Jane Vessel
Jane Vessel Ай мурун
Magic is overused, I'm grateful that Amphibia shows people that you don't need excessive magic to make a show good. And that's the way I love the show, it's more about the action and relationships than the magic. I wish more shows were like this.
امیرمهدی زارعی
امیرمهدی زارعی Ай мурун
The new version was very cute
BlackCage3 Ай мурун
Not going to lie still weird for me to not see Steven universe content up on this channel still love you guys thou still funny still got good one liners and still bring the best updates on shows but Steven universe was the milk and cookie cat of this channel just my opinion
BlackCage3 Ай мурун
Jane Vessel why are you treating this like a big deal but you’re calling me the boomer? I’m allowed to give my own opinion on what I miss just like any other long term fan of this channel is but you go ahead and keep giving your opinion not that many people will care for it thou
BlackCage3 Ай мурун
Jane Vessel you’re probably a trump supporter 😂
BlackCage3 Ай мурун
Jane Vessel you feel like a big boy?
Marie Ай мурун
PotBoyz Ай мурун
The pilot looks better
themastr el matador del mar
themastr el matador del mar Ай мурун
The mystical and magic feeling I would have liked to stay. As Matt puts it ''the board no longer took interest'' which meant it was at first a part of the original concept pitch for the show. I actually would have loved if that aspect could have stayed, could have given more depth to Amphibia more mysterious elements.
themastr el matador del mar
themastr el matador del mar Ай мурун
@J Turner I hope so, Would be fun to see that type of stories return :)
J Turner
J Turner Ай мурун
He said that aspect could be saved for later.
I think the red stone on the calamety box is the blood moon power
catnipe animasjon
catnipe animasjon Ай мурун
But how did Grime get tat skar Andreas and Grime?
Collier Alexander-Sawyer
Collier Alexander-Sawyer Ай мурун
Ugo Ай мурун
I wish they kept the torch in the title card. It looked pretty cool.
Dougie S.
Dougie S. Ай мурун
Interesting fact: the music played halfway through the pilot is music from Rather Be by Clean Bandit.
Morgan Gardner
Morgan Gardner Ай мурун
???? Ай мурун
I prefer the look and characterizations of Amphibia, but I also love the more secluded, mystical, adventurous feel of Amphibiland, and I hope we get more of that in the show. That side really shines through in a few episodes, one of which is Wally And Anne.
J Turner
J Turner Ай мурун
I think we will throughout the 2nd Half of Season 2.
kristian rikardsen
kristian rikardsen Ай мурун
Alexander Bautista
Alexander Bautista Ай мурун
Only Ann has scool clothes
Zach Bartolo
Zach Bartolo Ай мурун
I'm actually not a big fan of the colors of the pilot. It is WAY too green. It does capture that warm color that Braly was talking about, but the current Amphibia has more colors to make the world look more beautiful and alive instead of looking like someone had just puked all over a grassy lawn.
Juss Prosperity
Juss Prosperity Ай мурун
Did you watch the we bare bears movie!
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Ай мурун
The flying bird did make it in the film series episode with truck stop
Anne Boonchuy
Anne Boonchuy Ай мурун
Lol this pilot be like
Rouge Falinks
Rouge Falinks Ай мурун
Can you make a video about rise of the tmnt and glitch techs please. They're very underrated shows
Jonathan Harry
Jonathan Harry Ай мурун
Amphibia the series is a couple billion times better than the pilot Like this if you agree
Monica Benitez
Monica Benitez Ай мурун
Goop Gippity Goop These pilot versions through me for a loop -Roundtable 2020
KingAlex 105X
KingAlex 105X Ай мурун
the pilot reminds me of Over the Garden wall with its mood and atmosphere, Grime is also ALOT more intimidating in this imo
Bruh we meme
Bruh we meme Ай мурун
Grime literally has no guard position
Deshaun's animation
Deshaun's animation Ай мурун
This show is great regardless of what it looks like, also the song choice: instrumental -Rather be was great it made it so much better
Zaide Rianom
Zaide Rianom Ай мурун
Hmm weed great imagine him above a fire Hey weed is smoking
Majinism Ай мурун
I'm intersted in the weird wrinkly lizard/turtle looking cult
Nxk_v3 Ай мурун
Pilot sprig looks like young pop pop
Jason Berryman
Jason Berryman Ай мурун
I’m definitely a fan of the more mystical and less civilized look of the pilot.
Mason Stewart
Mason Stewart Ай мурун
I like that weed is voiced by Gideon
kristian rikardsen
kristian rikardsen Ай мурун
Takeshi Kujo
Takeshi Kujo Ай мурун
I would love to have a future episode where we’d meet Weed as a cousin of the Plantars
Movie Mountain
Movie Mountain Ай мурун
And the bounty hunters is clearly a wizard of oz reference
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