Bill Cipher's Original Bipper "Sock Opera" Plan! Gravity Falls Journal 3 Entry

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The Roundtable

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Sock Opera provided one of the biggest fan fav moments of Gravity Falls when Bill Cipher possessed Dipper Pines after deceiving him in a deal, a possession commonly referred to as "Bipper." However years later, we noticed that a revelation from Journal 3 wasn't as discussed as it could be: Bill Cipher's original sinister plan after he gained Ford's journal in the episode!
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The Roundtable
The Roundtable Ай мурун
Anyone else rewatching Gravity Falls for the spooky season? THUMNBAIL ART BY ARTWITHKODA:
MaxThePanda 27 күн мурун
I'm I the only one that not sir with Mabel for 5 seconds because the WeirdMagedon is her fault
Silas McCready
Silas McCready Ай мурун
Do you at least like gravity falls or do you love it because I do
Debbie Uspango Real
Debbie Uspango Real Ай мурун
That bill cipher voice sounded like a girl
Amazonthe Seawing
Amazonthe Seawing Ай мурун
Yup! And all’s cause I haven’t watched it in a while and I love it
StalxD Ай мурун
Close enough on netflix
SeerOfTime 21 саат мурун
I also adored this episode!
Flame 3 күн мурун
Pain is hilarious! and since "Bipper" is always smiling we can imagine that Bill is always smiling which makes him that much more creepy and you can hear it in his voice as well just hear your voice between frowning and smiling and you'll see what I mean and with his attitude he tries to play it off as a friend, a deal maker, a harmless little bet before moving off to the next stages of his twisted plans
Fox Boi Named Ace
Fox Boi Named Ace 3 күн мурун
This episode is one of my favorites, and I didn't even care about Mabel's plotline, lol. I just love possessed Dipper.
Kai The Non-Binary
Kai The Non-Binary 3 күн мурун
I would love to see an animated version of this, it’d be so dark and I’d totally watch it.
Beau Fonville
Beau Fonville 7 күн мурун
Treeddog 9 күн мурун
I think most people forgot bill is a villain due to his sense of humor
Saba Gaming
Saba Gaming 9 күн мурун
4:36 Mable found DAT!?
Doogie 10 күн мурун
"Did you miss me? Admit it you missed me." -Bill Cipher
Chez Burbger
Chez Burbger 13 күн мурун
"chaotic dorito" yea that one got me
Charlotte Burke
Charlotte Burke 13 күн мурун
Bill cipher when hes dipper "Wow two eyes this thing is deluxe" "Wow pain is hilarious" "Wow what durable arms" "Ahhh body spasms what is this" "M-my bodys burning what is this stupid body"
Gachacook247 15 күн мурун
It's weird that bill needs a body to destroy the world like u can teleport shapeshift say weird ummm...uh stuff and he need a body to do all of it! But it's really cool!
Leila Nambinga . Stardoll
Leila Nambinga . Stardoll 16 күн мурун
Time 1:26 Bill Cipher bowed down backwards hmmm.....
Carrie Kitty
Carrie Kitty 20 күн мурун
I found it hilarious when “bipper” trust falled down the stairs XD
Smol scribbles
Smol scribbles 22 күн мурун
Oh I thought you were gonna do the bipper ship Thank the lord
Dovley Hutchinson
Dovley Hutchinson 23 күн мурун
This episode really showed Fable what a selfish person she really is she needed she got away with too much shit 😂
Pines' Hazel Videos
Pines' Hazel Videos 23 күн мурун
The original story to Sock Opera-according to some parts of the fandom-was literally Bill killing Mabel, giving Dipper his body back then letting Dipper see what Bill had done. Then he jumps off the support beams in guilt. Then again, this is just a rumor I heard-obviously it's WAY different, as said with the note Bill left.
•Foxy Animates stuff•
•Foxy Animates stuff• 24 күн мурун
•Foxy Animates stuff•
•Foxy Animates stuff• 24 күн мурун
Dorito boi
Lilith Shadow Qwq
Lilith Shadow Qwq 26 күн мурун
My nephew Got A trauma after watching this HA. HA. HA
Shadamykitty :3
Shadamykitty :3 26 күн мурун
i think everybody made up billdipp after this episode
kashmrr deano
kashmrr deano 26 күн мурун
Depressed Squid
Depressed Squid 28 күн мурун
I feel like an idiot I just noticed Bill calls everyone by there symbol for the crest
Duck Last Name
Duck Last Name Ай мурун
Huhgm! *funny face*
Silas McCready
Silas McCready Ай мурун
I love . . . gRAVITY FALLS!
sunnyxwinter Ай мурун
I like how bill basically breaks dippers arm.
Charlotte No.5
Charlotte No.5 Ай мурун
For those of you who wanted to see what would've happened the plot and lore of GF if Dipper's body died, remember this... This is supposedly a kid show, if any kid saw a death/suicide like that on screen they could be possibly traumatized and GF could be banned.
Haikyuu Paradise
Haikyuu Paradise Ай мурун
Bipper is actually the ship name of Bill x Dipper :/
A P Ай мурун
Reminds me of Coraline
fumpa umpa
fumpa umpa Ай мурун
Man bill cipher acts like the David Parker ray of gravatiy falls sadistic as fuck
Justin Suarez
Justin Suarez Ай мурун
Your voice reminds me of my childhood
captain table
captain table Ай мурун
That episode is amazing lol
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves Ай мурун
I love Bill, not for sock opera obviously, but for his humor sense when he's not being psychotic and all, y'know
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves Ай мурун
Mabel: plusses and minuses Me: I'm starting to overuse the bruh
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves Ай мурун
Roundtable: uses word dark trice Me: bruh
The Ultima Werewolf
The Ultima Werewolf Ай мурун
So is this video made for edge Lord’s because I am a cinnamon roll I don’t think I was meant to be here
Fi Fi
Fi Fi Ай мурун
I just realised that the reason bill blinks one eye at a time : because he’s used to having one eye so he blinks one eye at a time to feel that one eye feeling
Alan and Cheryl Marshall
Alan and Cheryl Marshall Ай мурун
Queen Ratigan the First
Queen Ratigan the First Ай мурун
New headcanon: Bill Cipher and Alastor from Hazbin Hotel are related somehow.
Julian Delangel
Julian Delangel Ай мурун
Its funny when he says hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Lizbomb Plays
Lizbomb Plays Ай мурун
I wonder what would happen if his plan did work... dipper would be stuck in the mindscape with Bill and his crew/ ford may of may not have been there. Would Bill continue to torment Dipper or would he comfort him, since he has mainly only show. Negative emotion recalling what it was like me stuck there and the realization Dipper now is just like them. Would they become team mates over time as dipper realizes Bill is the only person there and it’s better than being absolutely alone, or would he continue to live in torment, trying to take down Bill in his own realm and maybe being trapped away by Bill since he’s obviously more powerful?
XthEsleepY Imp
XthEsleepY Imp Ай мурун
(No ship intended--) I really wish Bipper made another appearance in Gravity Falls, maybe Bill could have had a better chance at spreading madness if he held Dippers body hostage. Plus we probably could have gotten a real reaction out of Stan, Ford especially and a possible serious reaction out of Mabel. Considering she's seen him like that before. qwq
WAE WAE Ай мурун
Sqeakers: 0:06
Aubrey JonesPike
Aubrey JonesPike Ай мурун
This show is darker than I remember-
Lewis Garner
Lewis Garner Ай мурун
Mable is not nice in this end
Giselle On Beat
Giselle On Beat Ай мурун
bill's always looking for loopholes, but has anyone noticed that bill's deal with dipper is still open-ended. i was really surprised he only possessed dipper once.
Echo Xane
Echo Xane Ай мурун
Did they ever address what he meant when he called Grenda a monster? Clearly not meaning for her to hear him...
oh mah gah
oh mah gah Ай мурун
Bill: *RACE YA DOWN THE STAIRS!* Dipper: ( ಠ ͟ ಠ)
Bendy The Devil
Bendy The Devil Ай мурун
I miss this show so much
JoelTheParrot Ай мурун
Wow This is Disney
『 I hxte the ROBLOX chqt sometimes』
『 I hxte the ROBLOX chqt sometimes』 Ай мурун
*I only like sock opera because I wished that bill ate doritos
Anya R
Anya R Ай мурун
HOW did Alex get pre-meditated murder disguised as suicide by the CN censors??? HOW??? That letter is fucked up
Dylan Geltzeiler
Dylan Geltzeiler Ай мурун
0:06 Quite Muppeting around. Leave the expressions to Kermit.
jenna kings
jenna kings Ай мурун
Never seen gravity falls....always wanted to....never got around to doing it....I just watched out 30 seconds of this vid.....yeahhhhhh IMMA GO WATCH GRAVITY FALLS BYE.
Edwin Dellinger
Edwin Dellinger Ай мурун
Now we know why Stan was afraid of heights because of Bill!
Deluxe Gaming 2.0
Deluxe Gaming 2.0 Ай мурун
I was literally thinking the whole time about why Bill’s cane is yellow in this episode and black in Dreamscaperers
LFAMV's Ай мурун
I was OBSESSED with this episode when it came out! One of the most memorable episodes of a show for me in my life.
Valen Rodriguez
Valen Rodriguez Ай мурун
star vr the force of evil update
weeping willows
weeping willows Ай мурун
He wasn't always such a hack. The man behind the mystery shack. When one gets lost in the past. Dreams can turn to nightmares fast. A shooting star may fall. Cracks are hidden in the walls. One EYE watches all. Give up the past. Embrace the strange. Everything you care about..... Is about to change. ♡Gravity falls♡ ~2012 to 2016~ A-X-O-L-O-T-L MÝ ŤIMË HÅŞ ČÕMĔ ŢŐ BŲŔÑ I ÍŅVÒĶĖ ŤHĘ ĀŃČÏĘÑȚ PÔWÉŘ ȚHĀȚ I MĄÝ ŘÉȚÚŔŅ
{{ King Of Ciphers }}
{{ King Of Ciphers }} Ай мурун
dipper allen
dipper allen Ай мурун
Help me
That one Asian kid
That one Asian kid Ай мурун
This just makes me miss Gravity Falls even more-
Juliana Frith
Juliana Frith Ай мурун
one of my favourite episodes
Mercy Rose
Mercy Rose Ай мурун
My boyfriend and I literally just started rewatching this show!!! The timing
ddbob 1
ddbob 1 Ай мурун
Good lord that's dark lol.
Rafi Kazi
Rafi Kazi Ай мурун
Bill sounds like Baldur from God of War 2018. He just wanted to feel pain.
Kid John Stone
Kid John Stone Ай мурун
Hello 👋
Saturated Artistry
Saturated Artistry Ай мурун
So the Dipper killing hosts bit was interesting to me I've heard from that people who astral project (like from Insidious) that the only way to permanently stay in the astral plane is for your physical body to die. I think that's what Bill was referring to when he talked about throwing Dipper's body off the water tower. He would kill him to permanently trap him in the mind 'scape, aka the astral plane. So Dipper would've been stuck there forever as a spirit
Bernadette Ochoa
Bernadette Ochoa Ай мурун
Can we please have another theory for anfibia like questioning how only ann has gone super instinct and not the other 2 girls
Z Winchester
Z Winchester Ай мурун
Okay, I love this analysis of Bill’s note... But can we just take a moment to appreciate the addition of Danny Phantom in this video? I miss both shows...
Jordan Oh
Jordan Oh Ай мурун
It fills my heart with joy to see Gravity Falls is still alive
Eatmyshorts Noobs
Eatmyshorts Noobs Ай мурун
Teame Andebrhan
Teame Andebrhan Ай мурун
It's TRUE it is funny when he is angry
Miko Kubota
Miko Kubota Ай мурун
What book cause I need to see this
Ee Vee
Ee Vee Ай мурун
razzle dazzle sparkle dorito
Grey Castro
Grey Castro Ай мурун
Did anyone ever peep that when Bill was trying to convince Stanford to enter his mind in Weirmageddon, he turns into stone. He offers his hand, and turns to stone if accepted. Which is why he reverts back when Stanford replies never. But how do we find Bill? As a rock statue, just like in the show, with his hand stretched out, as if he just shook hands with someone. Going back to MatPat’s theory that Gruncle Stan is possessed by Bill, it’s fairly plausible that Bill told Stan he’ll lose his memories, and promised to return them right after, if he just shook his hand. Obviously Stan knew the consequences of the memory gun, and knew the dangers of Bill, so Bill’s proposal had to be very good, and very underwhelming for Stan to agree. Like Bill will never hurt Stan’s family again. I’m not sure yet, but I’m 100% sure Bill is alive, and NOT reincarnated as King or anything like that.
Ja'See Zakiira
Ja'See Zakiira Ай мурун
I think y’all should go over old billy and Mandy episodes! Go over things we woulda missed as a kid and all the dark humor!
Kaleb Faulkner
Kaleb Faulkner Ай мурун
Bill: *makes a deal with Dipper but does not fulfill his end of the deal* Dipper: So that was a fucking lie
Rohan Garbham
Rohan Garbham Ай мурун
If you want to learn more about Gravity falls go to my channel
Mog Ай мурун
You said there was an apology in the 2nd lost legends story, it was actually in the 3rd one, nice video btw.
Banu Turgut
Banu Turgut Ай мурун
More owl house
Andrew Knowles
Andrew Knowles Ай мурун
Never trust that guy or Bill Cipher. 4:26 🎓 📐
Ciphix StudiosYT
Ciphix StudiosYT Ай мурун
Bills real plan: Go and put journal 3 in a volcano and live in luxury
Mario Bahamondes
Mario Bahamondes Ай мурун
I never knew how much I needed these breakdowns back. If you can do more Gravity Falls ones I'd be so happy. And now that you got the opening sequence on it, why not something Danny Phantom related? That'd be cool!
MarshNut Ай мурун
What is that bg music I love it
Arizona Tallent
Arizona Tallent Ай мурун
The video thumbnail looks like Bipper looking right at you and reaching out for you. Kinda freaky at 3 AM.
THE BRUH Ай мурун
I wish that they didnt catch bill so fast
If you liked this def check me out
Kamari333 Ай мурун
i remember watching this episode and being like: "bill is totally going to abuse that body until it breaks" so i kinda expected him to ruin it. the water tower bit just makes sense
Funny and adorable Pet moments
Funny and adorable Pet moments Ай мурун
Anyone notice Bills note says: “Wanna join him shooting star?” So this ether means a severed character or Mabel
Treeddog 9 күн мурун
This couldn’t be anyone else
miscellaneous name
miscellaneous name 13 күн мурун
Shooting Star was always his nickname for Mabel. It's also her sign on the Zodiac wheel. I doubt there's anyone else this could be for.
Lewis Garner
Lewis Garner Ай мурун
It is Mabel
The6thMessenger Ай мурун
Wait, so why would Bill want to destroy the books? It's exactly the key to make the gateway work.
Matt I.
Matt I. Ай мурун
People ignore Mabel's sacrifice in this episode because at the end Mabel "dodged a bullet", but then claim Dipper giving up his job at the pool in "The Deep End" was a big sacrifice even though it turns out Wendy (the only reason he wanted the job in the first place) had already been fired shortly before he was.
TheAlphaLucario Ай мурун
Its ok man! I missed Gravity Falls too
Bill was my first villain crush... *but not my last...*
ISABELLA ABALOS 29 күн мурун
@aybike ulusoy yup!
aybike ulusoy
aybike ulusoy 29 күн мурун
You had a crush on an evil dorito 🤨
Amuya Hireath
Amuya Hireath Ай мурун
See the question for me is if you wrote that note and then left it so that Mabel would find it just in time or just too late if he won, or because he knew he would be defeated and he wanted to creep Mabel out? Because really also why write that? Why risk it? Why leave it in the car? And to address it to her basically..
Omnitrickter Ай мурун
Another episode that proves Mable is the worst sister
Kirstyn Ай мурун
I thought Bill was gonna threaten Mabel by holding a knife and saying if you dont give me the journal say good-bye to your brother! ...I may be a psycho myself owo
Team Awesome
Team Awesome 8 күн мурун
@tiger kat! maybe
tiger kat!
tiger kat! 8 күн мурун
@Team Awesome probably too "stereotype villian" for bill
Team Awesome
Team Awesome Ай мурун
Yeah, I've thought about that before. Why didn't he just do that? Then he could have made Mabel burn journals and whatever else he wanted done for his master plan
sasamichan Ай мурун
it would be a fun alternate plot but it would have saved fans from hatting Mabel if Mabel wasn't so obsessed with puppets that she didn't notice. maybe have a story where Mabel gives up the puppets to shadow Dipper and solve the mystery then both Twins end up on the water tower as Bipper tries to jump off with Mabel. and have every one else insisting Mabel not worry and stop seeing things.
페리도트5XG Ай мурун
OMG. And I _just ordered_ Jornal 3...whoa
Evolutional Blades
Evolutional Blades Ай мурун
Throwing Bipper off the water tower isn't really much of a plan. Feels underqhelming and it would have emphasiszed the limita of Bill's powers and revealed the extent of his plans premptively. It is also a really dumb idea, especially for the manipulative Cipher. It is an uncharacteristically impulsive thing for Bill to do, but an excellent way to toy with Mabel, which is just the kind of thing Bill would have done.
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