Crystal Gem Overdrive Transformation CONCEPT - Steven Universe What-If

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The Roundtable

4 ай мурун

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The Roundtable
The Roundtable 4 ай мурун
Bonnie Bunny
Bonnie Bunny Ай мурун
Nicolas Martin
Nicolas Martin 2 ай мурун
@Megatron Black Diamond: That's great, So am I.
Анна Тома
Анна Тома 2 ай мурун
@Nobody тома вадим
Анна Тома
Анна Тома 2 ай мурун
The Roundtable Crysta Gem Overdrive Transfprmation
Kilo- Kilo
Kilo- Kilo 4 ай мурун
Here a video idea what if... Perdot and Lapis fuse? yes and all of us shippers are still wondering 😔
Matthew Күн мурун
Fusions are over powered versions of the gem
marck0060 7 күн мурун
Missed opportunity for calling it Overclock instead of Overdrive
Gaming Jem
Gaming Jem 8 күн мурун
I love watching The Owl House theories and videos, I’d never stop watching this channel after SUF finished!
Gucci Pineapple754
Gucci Pineapple754 8 күн мурун
Lonell Rodriguez
Lonell Rodriguez 12 күн мурун
Also what if like to overdrive gems fused together would make their kind of overdrive form and they gained even more power from being Overdrive so possibly will never happen but maybe we will see a overdrive human Steven or it could even Branch off to Stevens fusions like steg and stevonnie
To be determined
To be determined 27 күн мурун
You made everyone regress in their transformations
KraftzFN Ай мурун
It's sad that the show ended
Renee D
Renee D Ай мурун
Why did they named that fushion mega pearl?!?! In my opinion mega pearl would be all four diamond pearls. I usually call it light pink pearl but prince pearl is a good name.
Анна Тома
Анна Тома 2 ай мурун
The Roundtable Crysta Gem Overdrive Transfprmation
Amanda Geistwhite
Amanda Geistwhite 2 ай мурун
12:40 i think as a small change amethyst has the wrestler outfit but without the mask and also have where if she flails the mace the ground really hardit makes a light explosion turning into 7 smaller whips that she can spin above her quicky to use as a helicopter and hit anything infront of them from far away and hit things to the side and if they want to hit farther and harder she canspin while getting in a throwing position making a circle to merge the whips into a super heavy small ball that can hit very far (like a sniper)
Solarfoxx games
Solarfoxx games 2 ай мурун
I think pearls beam should be like a light canon
MechaWarSin PhoenixMaster Sword
MechaWarSin PhoenixMaster Sword 2 ай мурун
When you talk about overdrive gems it makes me think about Mavericks overdrive mode/ rage mode from Megaman x.
Anthony Konecny
Anthony Konecny 2 ай мурун
Hey Vox sometime in the near future can you please do more Steven Universe What If videos like this with the overdrive video since I really enjoyed this. Thanks 👍. P.S: Love your guys channel
Rudy Magadan
Rudy Magadan 3 ай мурун
I missed out on the final ep for 3 months
KomikazePlayz 3 ай мурун
Episode idea what would it look like / and be like if all the diamonds fused?
Angela Sawyer
Angela Sawyer 3 ай мурун
YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YourNewBestFriendSpinel 3 ай мурун
*[*gasp!** *wuts my transformation!?]*
JaiJoiy 3 ай мурун
more gem transformations please. this was a wonderfull video that had so many well thought out ideas.
Melissa Dodson
Melissa Dodson 3 ай мурун
NiC0tHaBoSs 379
NiC0tHaBoSs 379 3 ай мурун
You forgot steven
Evan Altena
Evan Altena 3 ай мурун
We need more of this bcs this is awsome
MagiChannel 349
MagiChannel 349 3 ай мурун
This series was a pile of hot shit and sent out no messages that were even close to realistic when compared to todays society
RemLasher77 3 ай мурун
I just thought of an idea of a Gigantamax-type overdrive form or as I would call it gigadrive(with three thundering pinkish-purple clouds moving around atop the gem’s head)for Pearl being Buddhism inspired. Her spear/glaive turns into a geki-hoko(which a kind of Buddhist trident)sports a three-pointed Buddhist crown atop her head, her jacket extends to the length of a trench coat and her eyes glowing entirely(this applies to most gems that undergo gigadrive)light cyan(reminiscent of G-Max Meowth). If anyone has any idea for “gigadrive” gem forms I would love to hear them.
RemLasher77 2 ай мурун
Please note I am not going to draw these ideas out. I am just someone with a very creative & imaginative mind.
SuhcScenario 3 ай мурун
Fictional Power scaling
Fictional Power scaling 3 ай мурун
I’d love to see peridot and lapis’ overdrive forms. Lapis is already OP, she would be planetary with her overdrive
Cameron Hawkins
Cameron Hawkins 3 ай мурун
overdrive forms of opal, sardonyx, sugalite, alexandrite, jasper, lapis, bismuth, paridot, spinel, volleyball pearl probably not malachite, but if they absolutely had to, maybe.
PropsMovv 3 ай мурун
Ovah Durivuh
Red 3 ай мурун
This guy needs to teach me how to draw
TOMATO HOUSE 3 ай мурун
The question still remains, where did the diamonds come from?...
congly vo
congly vo 3 ай мурун
THIS IS JUST POWER RANGERS ALL OVER AGAIN (btw polished form sounds right)
Steven Universe
Steven Universe 3 ай мурун
This happened to sugilite right?
Landon Swain
Landon Swain 3 ай мурун
Me: learns that the gems are solar powered robots Also me: awkward pearl noises
Gacha Spitz
Gacha Spitz 3 ай мурун
any else noticed that amethyst gem is white?
Peppermint The Red Panda
Peppermint The Red Panda 3 ай мурун
I just realized that freckles lapis is technically a gold laced lapis. If you look closely her freckles aren’t blue they’re gold •-•
Cyanide The Cat
Cyanide The Cat 4 ай мурун
You missed the opportunity to use Pearl's "allow me to illuminate" (;-;(
FireFlame367 4 ай мурун
Hey! Idk how I missed this, but you posted on my Birthday! Thanks man!
PityFun 4 ай мурун
Gems bad lol
Diego 4 ай мурун
If Steven Universe had an Action RPG Beat em up game it would probably be called like Steven Universe: OVERCLOCKED
Gio August
Gio August 4 ай мурун
you should do an "every single reference in craig of the creek" video. That would be really cool.
BlueRazzBerryYT 4 ай мурун
To answer all of your questions in this video... YES!
hyper_499 4 ай мурун
How op would an overdrive lapis be Cuz you're avarage lapis lazuli can terra form a planet given time And our lapis took on 2 of em
_OneThat YouFear_
_OneThat YouFear_ 4 ай мурун
We seen Stevens overdrive form Its BUFF STEVEN.
Danshaku Lawrence
Danshaku Lawrence 4 ай мурун
To be honest, I kinda wish that the sense of power escalation in the show could have been represented in fusion, since that is the most common method of increasing Gem power - by working together. And this escalation could be earned as characters go through their arcs and learn to understand each other, and thus be able to fuse. This has been done with Smoky Quartz, but not really any other fusion. It would have made that aspect of the show more meaningful. But the Crewniverse has their reasons.
meep gaming
meep gaming 4 ай мурун
WisterTwister 4 ай мурун
Foxygamer 151
Foxygamer 151 4 ай мурун
I was gonna ask if you did another one of these if you could do ask for a steven overdrive but I guess the steven transformation when he was with jasper is enough for me XD
noah phillips
noah phillips 4 ай мурун
Bird bird
Darren Redmond
Darren Redmond 4 ай мурун
Idea for Overdrive Spinel. Her weapon would be a different version of a Rejuvnator that insted of Reseting Gems it works as a melee weapon, It also has two laser parts one at the top and one at the bottem like a Dual Sycthe. Also she can Break apart the two Laser parts and make Dual Laser Swords. (sorta like how Black Widow in Avengers Infinity War can Break apart her Baton Staff and make them Dual Batons)
MacMG7 4 ай мурун
Would Peridot's overdrive form feature their limb enhancers?
Mynor Velasquez
Mynor Velasquez 4 ай мурун
do more!!! steven, lapis, peri, and bismuth!!! plz!
Doge Play
Doge Play 4 ай мурун
Nah. Id Like The steven Universe now I dont need another Transformation to love them. I dont want more Shenanigans . :/ °~°
Devi Fazbear
Devi Fazbear 4 ай мурун
Peridot, Lapis and Bismuth overdrive forms
Benjamin Duenas
Benjamin Duenas 4 ай мурун
My idea for Lapis is that she could have a flute and when she plays it would release her water clones but pretty much solid like malachite's ice, and she could use that flute to create any weapon she wanted to like a spear, sword, crossbow, or even a cannon, and her hair'd go down her waist, she'd have 2 wings instead of one
Introverted High
Introverted High 4 ай мурун
Dear god never stop doing this! I neeeeeeeeeed you and Art with Koda to do this with EVERY CRYSTAL GEM! AND THEIR FUSIONS! Please I'm literally begging for this content at this point cause Rebbecca Sugar ain't bringing Steven Back for a long while.
Jayden Destroyer0
Jayden Destroyer0 4 ай мурун
PERRY POWERS ACTIVATE. *starts going through an over explanatory explanation of a 4 season romance series.*
L Y N Xツ
L Y N Xツ 4 ай мурун
If gems are robots, and made to do every thing perfectly, why bother program them to have feelings that are considered a flaw.
Keagon Ellison
Keagon Ellison 4 ай мурун
What i a fusion between all of Crystal Gems went into overdrive
Rodger Templeton
Rodger Templeton 4 ай мурун
*Kaiju Steven overdrive*
Lemon water
Lemon water 4 ай мурун
I would love to see more of these! please do more!
Cranberry CakeArt
Cranberry CakeArt 4 ай мурун
I really love the way you added the speedpaint!! I really enjoy KODA's work! I've tried to draw on Steven Universe's style, but it's too cartoony and actually too hard for me
Sonicthehedgehogva 4 ай мурун
Yea let's see the b team overdrive
Lo Fexeus
Lo Fexeus 4 ай мурун
Oj i have adhd to! Cool!
Gg j
Gg j 4 ай мурун
when you do another overdrive video you should do Bismuth perry and lapis or do one of lion its been a while since we seen him
TheCaliMack 4 ай мурун
So I can overclock my gems like LinusTechTips suggests?
Crystal cipher
Crystal cipher 4 ай мурун
Ricardo TheVoiceActor
Ricardo TheVoiceActor 4 ай мурун
Steven is about to use his hamon
Паша Шабат
Паша Шабат 4 ай мурун
I really want more! This is really cool! I can imagine how Peridot is kind of Iron man! And Bismuth should definetly have an iron helmet!
Jordan plays minecraft
Jordan plays minecraft 4 ай мурун
I think that Steven universe is not over I think that there is going to be a show about the gems and learning to grow with out Steven and learn how to live with out Steven but Steven would show up when the gems need help or just to hang out.
Ezekiel Gultom
Ezekiel Gultom 4 ай мурун
Title : *contains overdrive* Me : *heavy sweating* dont say is that a jojo reference
Alex Koziura
Alex Koziura 4 ай мурун
I just realised thanks to yellow diamond's physical form transformation power Amythist could become a normal buff Amythist
Ace_Wash 4 ай мурун
*Star light yellow, overdrive!!!!!*
PLANT DEMON 4 ай мурун
What about Indiana Jones amethyst
Kim Walden
Kim Walden 4 ай мурун
Make more Steven universe I what to see were Steven live now
Peter Ihenacho
Peter Ihenacho 4 ай мурун
Do you have a discord
CEPEGA 007 4 ай мурун
12:54 I think Amethyst needs a weapon like Ghost Rider have: purple fired chains. Because your weapon just copies Sugilite's one.
Casey02Kelly 4 ай мурун
They could all have special moves Garnets move would be Duality where she can use ruby and sapphires elemental powers respectfully (fire and ice) in a combined attack. Most likely like a Hurduken. (please correct me if I'm wrong) Pearl's would be Laser Blaze where her spear would fire a spray of laser arrows and if they miss they would just bounce off of any surface until they die out. Amythests move would be Fire tornado, made by swinging her whip above her in a circular motion until it forms a fiery whirlpool that she can swing down and launch at her enemies.
Neo Puppy
Neo Puppy 4 ай мурун
I feel like if peridot gave herself and labis an overdrive mode, peri would have like, a steampunk vibe, she would gain goggles instead of the visor, her hair becoming more of a Star shape, a steampunk like suit and her weapon being somewhat of a shield she can ride/hover on with some steampunk designs. For lapis, she could have a cure mermaid/sailor mercury vibe, having like a mermaid tail cape with a sailor outfit. Lapis could have fin bracelets around her wrists and ankles, the fins so she could swim fast in the water, also she wouldn’t have shoes bc I would imagine her fighting threats in the water. Labis’s weapon would be a trident, because if she is fighting in the water, she can’t use water to fight since she’s surrounded by it.
cat mom
cat mom 4 ай мурун
I would love a part 2!
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 4 ай мурун
Asqelu 4 ай мурун
lmao what if this was just a dream of pink diamond and none of this never happened
RemLasher77 4 ай мурун
Another thing that should a stylized symbol of an O and a D within this 💫 appearing when an Overdrive form has been achieved since we’re are making comparisons to Mega Evolution.
William Sutton
William Sutton 4 ай мурун
I miss gravity falls.
Lauren Volk
Lauren Volk 4 ай мурун
As an artist, I would love to know others' ideas and thought processes behind their designs! So, yes! It would be awesome to have willing artists in the video :)
jestermon101 4 ай мурун
I definitely want to see more overdrive forms. Could Lapis Lazuli's overdrive have glowing gold eyes? Maybe her wings being sharper with gold lining the front with spikes on the end of her wings so it works like a piece of armour? (Wing slash technique idea thing) Maybe use that gold to form a bit of bling? My idea would be some form of string bracelets to match her sandals. Like covering half her lower arm in Celtic-ish style swirly patterns. (LOTR Elf type stuff) Bismuth being able to summon spikes on her entire body like a porcupine? (Like her armour does but it's her skin?) Her hair becoming a bit longer and more shiny to have a metallic sheen to it? (Because Bismuth is a mineral) Peri would get a height boost same as Amethyst, maybe metallic pad on her arms which she can get globs(?) of metal from? Visor upgrade kinda like Garnets but a bit more Peri. Her boots get higher and metal tipped maybe? Jasper would no doubt be the hardest as she's the Big Buff Cheeto Puff anyway... plus how the hell do you upgrade a helmet? Her corruption already gave it horns. Grow a second head? If you and Koda can come up with anything whatsoever i'd be completely amazed. Also now that Steven Universe is finished how's you fanfiction Steven Universe re-written going? Are you going to post a sequel on here soon or...?
Oof the golden fox
Oof the golden fox 4 ай мурун
Steven universe *OVERDRIVE* (bonus mission) 0% complete
Dope Kingcoco
Dope Kingcoco 4 ай мурун
Aslo the gems can poop amethyst said ima go in the ocean
JB Studios
JB Studios 4 ай мурун
Holy hell this idea is just so delicious. I need this canonically in my life, Pearl's outfit is the greatest thing I've ever seen And Kevin, dont you worry. Steven has been a big part of your life and your career, but he isn't all of it. Those who like you for you will always be here~❣
TheThinEnder 4 ай мурун
So.. something is bothering me... What happens when you show a Pink diamond ring to the Diamonds? I know this question does not have any relation to this video but I'm just asking.
Thor’s Art
Thor’s Art 4 ай мурун
I think peridot would get extra limbs like those arm exstention thingys
Charlie Masica
Charlie Masica 4 ай мурун
placeholder tv
placeholder tv 4 ай мурун
Peridot is just magneto ×10000 Lapis is the avatar but with every chemical element.
Xavier Avila
Xavier Avila 4 ай мурун
I would like to see corrupted version of gems along with overdrive gems
Lola Gil
Lola Gil 4 ай мурун
could fusion go overdrive
Roblox_ plazys19
Roblox_ plazys19 4 ай мурун
Hmmm overdrive gems hmmm how about overdrive FUSIONS
JT of Eureka
JT of Eureka 4 ай мурун
I'd love more overdrive content
H O L L O W 4 ай мурун
Soooo........ basically Super Saipan
Ametista 4 ай мурун
i imagine you as a Pearl if you were a gem tbh
ShoesWithout Socks
ShoesWithout Socks 4 ай мурун
Overdrive Larimar?
shruby Zcomics
shruby Zcomics 4 ай мурун
Steven: wait where robots Garnet: oH No he knows Amethyst: well you guys know what to do Pearl: yup W O R L D D O M I N A T I O N
Steven Universe: Rewritten
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