Did ALIENS Create the Infinity Train?! (Book 3 Theory)

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Infinity Train Book 3: Cult of the Conductor didn't provide big answers towards the mystery of the train, but provided very shocking information through The Cat: the train has existed for centuries! This got us thinking, WHO created the Infinity Train, One One, Denizens etc? Why is the technology so advanced that Amelia can barely create a successful experiment? Well, what if the Infinity Train was created by aliens?
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Rhnir Sacryer
Rhnir Sacryer Күн мурун
in the second season didnt one one told that the tap train project outwards? like... the whole outside?
Tori Haynes
Tori Haynes 6 күн мурун
Personally, I have a small addition , in which some Denizen’s could be from other worlds, which were taken to the train, like perhaps the Corgi’s of the Corgi car.
stephen mindo
stephen mindo 8 күн мурун
No. It's just a platform for the creator of the show to pursue various themes and ideas. Trains as metaphors is fairly common its been done before in tv and film such as Snowpiercer and Aeon Flux.
Bob Kane
Bob Kane 22 күн мурун
One idea to consider is that what ever entity is not moral, but amoral. Perhaps they are operating similar to the aliens in The box (2009, Warner Bros.). In this movie a person in a difficult position is propositioned with a box with a button. If pressed the person will be given millions of dollars, and a random person they do not know will die as a result. If not, the box will be retrieved and nothing changes as a result. If the button is pressed. The handler (alien) will retrieve the box and give the promised money. If the person is smart enough to ask what will happen next. the handler (alien) will say that the box will be given to a random person that the person does not know. Insinuating that the previous person killed was a past participant of the experiment, and depending what the next random person does. the current person will be killed. When asked at one point. the handler (alien) answers that if humanity is morally bankrupt it will die off over time, or the experiment will merely end at some point if all participants reject the box. Perhaps the creators of the train does this as a mere experiment. Not caring about the passengers. Only the end results of multiple tests. Other factors my just be physical limitations. My guess is there is a kind of action and reaction dynamic to the train. Some danger is always inherent, the experience can be safer, or more dangerous based on actions of all passengers collectively. I think cars are created based on the memory reading. This can explain why some cars appear out of time, contemporary, or relatable. They are not random, but generated by some degree with restraints. In other words cars are not designed so alien as to be incomprehensible, or outright hostile (say a car without oxygen or only lava, etc.). The train seems to be observing the passengers and creating a degree of situations to see how the passenger responds. Then either reacts quickly or stays inert for a time. These inert times is when the more random stuff happens.
Wilahelm2 26 күн мурун
My personal theory is that the infinity train is on earth but in the far future. This is a post-apocalyptic future where the world was destroyed by humanity. The few survivors use the last of the advanced tech lying around to create the train. The hope was that the train would help the people of the past work through their issues and become better people resulting in a better future, saving the future one person at a time. This is why the train is automated. The original builders where not going to live long enough to see this project through to the end so they leave their most advanced AI OneOne to run things. They original builders know it would take a very long time for this plan to lead to results so this is one of the things that leads to the train gaining its name, infinity.
paan azmi
paan azmi 27 күн мурун
is the time dimension in the train and the real world exactly the same? did tulip return into exact time when she enter into the train??
SMG Productions
SMG Productions 27 күн мурун
My question is how come no one knows about the train despite all the people that get in and out over the centuries. Sure, some people might choose to keep it a secret and some might be dismissed and ignored because their story is too crazy but not everyone will be like that. Jesse has already told his brother about the train and his brother believed him. People will eventually ask Tulip how come she doesn't have a reflection anymore? My guess is, eventually, news of the train's existence will reach humans who haven't been on the train yet and who knows what'll happen next?
SpeedyFM’s 28 күн мурун
So this mean Infinity Train is a rip-off of Undertale in Among Us
Oxy your Friend
Oxy your Friend Ай мурун
Oof in the philippines it doesn't show
Directors Choice
Directors Choice Ай мурун
That train!
Boi Ай мурун
Why can't the aliens be humans
Tom Balls
Tom Balls Ай мурун
I wouldn't love the corgi car because dogs terrify me. That episode was one of the scariest for me
Sadnerd543 Ай мурун
Lake heavily implies she's not a real denison but tulips actual reflection especially since tulip is still missing her reflection in the real world a place the train would have no reason to keep her reflection from showing up lake also says she's hated being in pens and stuff they made her sick so she is heavily implied if not confirmed to just actually be tulips living reflection the reason one-one saw her as a denison would be her lack of a number it's shown one-one has trouble comprehending stuff out side his program and normally a reflection from the reflection car wouldn't escape or theoretically even interact with the passenger because her interacting with tulip and escaping is what got her attacked so what her and tulip did was definitely not by the trains design
Omar Ayoub
Omar Ayoub Ай мурун
maybe those aleins made the train for themselves to help them beacsue they themselves were turning into monsters the gomes so because of this the reprogramed the train to find another race to keep from turing inot monsters or somehting like that
Omar Ayoub
Omar Ayoub Ай мурун
maybe those aleins you were talking about are turtle like in nature explaineing why when amelia messed arounfd with the cars she kept maijnig turtle not to mention varois apects o the train are shell like in nature
Shoto Toderoki
Shoto Toderoki Ай мурун
Mini theory adult tulip made the train in the future
Sane witch
Sane witch Ай мурун
I get more crazy futuristic AI vibes from this train.
SpiritusC Ай мурун
I don't think any of the denizen's deaths are actually permanent. I think they get reset, Amelia said that the one car she was at the had a bunch of stones falling down was reset. If tuba does come back, then she would have no idea about Hazel. Which would be even more devastating towards her.
Phiro Ай мурун
Crossover episode it was invented by the three moons initiative
IamTrash-kun Ай мурун
So do we know for certain that time on Earth and on the Train pass the same? Or is the passage of time distorted between the 2? Like the cat said centuries but what if she merely meant centuries on the Train which some how moves faster then time on Earth? Say 500 years have gone by on the Train, but only 100 back on Earth? idk just an idea/thought I had.
lachlan mcpherson
lachlan mcpherson Ай мурун
I think you are right about everything besides the ailean I think the train has always existed and always will there is no concept of time until you leave i think the train is the universes way of pitty or therapy to help those in need
Mario Cruno
Mario Cruno Ай мурун
Is there a way that as from South America I could support the show? HBO Max is not available here and couldnt watch it giving money to the cause T.T
Cloud Ай мурун
It could be future humans
ZWK [GD] Ай мурун
We don't need to know who created the train, honestly, no answer would be satisfying for me, it works better as a mystery
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones Ай мурун
I live in Utah....
Bird King Caw
Bird King Caw Ай мурун
alien turtles
Daryl Froggy
Daryl Froggy Ай мурун
Or it exists outside of time and it can pick up people from any when or anywhere.
Haven Ай мурун
So, interesting note about the wasteland: When MT reaches the Tape Car the One-One video says something along the lines of “Fun fact: the Tape Car is the ONLY car where the universe is projected on the outside.” If cars contain micro-universes inside of them, then what does “outside” mean? Well, outside the tape car IS the wasteland. I think the train is self-contained in a pocket dimension that it ITSELF creates. Like a multiverse version of Russian Nesting Dolls.
Rhnir Sacryer
Rhnir Sacryer Күн мурун
YES, i cant undestand why people forget it???
Bob Jo
Bob Jo Ай мурун
My theory is that the train is in the future on earth and it purpose is to prevent Armageddon
Maddison Stewart
Maddison Stewart Ай мурун
Please do more infinity train videos!!!
Koocl Gaming
Koocl Gaming Ай мурун
Gnomes, what are they
SpiritusC Ай мурун
I think they may be a mistake. As they do have an orb on the train, but they don't seem to act like denizens. I looked back at the wasteland episode of season 2. They were not getting pulled back to the train.
Silvia Montes
Silvia Montes Ай мурун
OK basically I wonder how big are the cars and the engine from infinity train? ♾🚅
TheLordmep Ай мурун
I don't like the idea of actually giving the train an explanation. It was one of the things that worried me about the Joker movie as the character works better with an air of mystery. The train feels to me like a Grim fairy tale for the modern age. It abducts people and sends them on a quest of self discovery, but through a process that's mechanized like an assembly line. Also, I remember the description of the tape car say that it's the only one that projects the world on the outside. If the wasteland of the world is just a projection of the tape car, the that implies the real car might not be in another dimension, but somewhere on earth. Maybe there's an underground bunker or a building that looks condemned, right up until you go inside and behold the wonder. It kind of feels that this whole concept might have started as someone's SCP idea.
Caroline Lutz
Caroline Lutz Ай мурун
Tbh that makes a lot of sense
chile anyways-
chile anyways- Ай мурун
I honestly really hope they don’t actually reveal the full story of what the train is,,,, idk i feel like it would kinda ruin it-
BlueEngland Ай мурун
If I was on the train I would want to live there! Too bad it forces you to become a better person and lower your number.
Luke Hourani
Luke Hourani Ай мурун
I actually think that the train itself is a living being in it of itself
SpiritusC Ай мурун
I think so too. It's highly sentient and highly predictive. As the main point of the train is that they send a person to a point of the train where they will come across cars that would help them grow. Like the family tree car and the map car. The family tree car was to help get the point that you can't please everyone and sometimes is best to leave. Then the map car which would have Jesse trapped in an endless loop until he decides to disobey and come up with a way to leave. Plus with tulip, the train itself decided that she was the best person to help one one and Amelia. So she sent her directly to one one's car. So she could start making her way back to the engine.
I LOVE MEMES!! Ай мурун
I wish infinity train will be on Hulu instead of HBO max
Ellxsandra Nora Tora
Ellxsandra Nora Tora Ай мурун
When Simon died and the Ghome poofed I had the theory that maybe they were the ones who made the train. Like maybe they all want to disappear but to do that they need a human soul or something along those lines. So they made the train.
i have to wait 90 days to change my name
i have to wait 90 days to change my name Ай мурун
hey uh- what happened about it being cancelled-
X sanesans16
X sanesans16 Ай мурун
I can’t watch infinity train it’s not on direct tv only Spanish version
Dire Ай мурун
The longer I watch this video, the more it reinforces my impression so far. I wouldn't call it a _theory,_ exactly. Maybe part of it _is_ alien technology. But I think the train has something to do with a _future AI._ Maybe one that was able to identify flaws in its reasoning, but couldn't fathom any other logic with which to base its judgments on. So with no other apparent, logical options to correct itself, either because it is, in a sense, insane, or it recognizes that it has no frame of reference for what being "fixed" is, and so it cannot fix _itself._ Look at how intelligent, creative, or atleast perceptive the passengers tend to be. If the AI is from the future, maybe it managed to identify a number of toxic traits that were interfering with its reasoning. So it elected to provide either its creators, or the ancestors who passed on certain toxic traits, to work through their issues on their own. So if they were less hypocritical, less paranoid or deluded, and more open to change, it would then, in turn, improve the AI's internal logic. Once these new, better versions of its creators start working on it, that is. *TL;DR, "I don't know what normal is, but I sure ain't" ~The Infinity Train, probably.*
king of games and anime
king of games and anime Ай мурун
What if the Gohms aren’t actually killing passengers? Samantha The Cat expressedly shot down the notions that numbers have energy or power behind them. “Numbers are numbers”. A passenger’s number, no matter how high, is purely symbolic. The gohm that absorbed Simon exploded by design, and there was nothing left of it. I think it’s possible that the gohms “reset” a passenger.
soulhunter65 Ай мурун
I believe in the alien theory, but I would like to add a little to it. They built the train with two purposes: to help people improve themselves and to prepare humanity for their arrival. I think that the aliens come from a dying world(likely the wasteland the train is actually on) and have found Earth to suit their needs. However they realize that as we are now we would likely reject/destroy them. Hence the train, to improve ourselves and to get us used to the idea of alien life with exposure to the train's local inhabitants. At least that's my thoughts on it. What do you guys think?
Andrew Manchiraju
Andrew Manchiraju Ай мурун
If aliens did create the Train, then I could see it like aliens looking at humans as we see animals, and the aliens would see that humans as self destructive creatures, and would create the train to protect humans from themselves.
Crypt Arts
Crypt Arts Ай мурун
Can we talk about how when one one talks about the pod car in his documentary he says “fun fact: this is the only car in which the universe is projected on the outside!” What does this mean???
Hehehefunny Name
Hehehefunny Name Ай мурун
Where the train is is answered in the second season when MT goes to the pod car where one one says “ this is the only car that projects its universe on the outside”
PlayerNamedQuix Ай мурун
What would happen if the train stopped
Rayen Makovere
Rayen Makovere Ай мурун
What if the train was a type of museum made by the alien
Rachel Dooling
Rachel Dooling Ай мурун
I think infinity train is on another planet and that planet is Mars
Tamon Pearson
Tamon Pearson Ай мурун
Well if the train can create things like water, food, etc. then I’d say that TECHNICALLY the person who made the train only had to make the engine room and all the cars could’ve been made first as simulations or idk lost my train of thought I do want to say: I don’t think the train was originally for helping people on it. I think it was repurposed for that like Amelia took over to do things for herself. I think the train probably had more sinister or not so sinister beginnings but was left in the hands of AI
JustANormalHTTYD Fan
JustANormalHTTYD Fan Ай мурун
...Just a few problems with your theory, that makes me think its just not plausible: 1. Why does One-One, Atticus, and every denizen on the Infinity Train speak in English? Alright, I guess this could be explained away as them simply being able to speak in any Human language and speaking the dominant language of whichever passenger they are talking too at the time...it just seems too convenient. 2. Why numbers? If these are aliens, why would they use a NUMBER SYSTEM to represent something. Using numbers to represent a quantifiable thing is something very human, so why would aliens use it when instead they could use something more familiar to them or even better than numbers. A English-speaking programmer writing a program isn't going to write it in German or something, they're going to write it in English because its more familiar to them...to that point. 3. At 7:02 we can see that beneath the pictures of the passengers and their number is long lines of what appears to be Binary. This seems to indicate that this system on the train is built very similarly to our own computers, using 0's and 1's. If this was a EXTREMLEY advanced alien race that could built a inter-dimensional train which could pick up anyone anywhere on Earth, they've invented shield belts and artificial intelligence, endless train cars and other things...why would they still be using BINARY at that point? Wouldn't they have either found a better system than 0 or 1 Binary by then? It just doesn't make sense why they would be using Binary in the first place. 4. Why a TRAIN of all things? The idea of a train is a very HUMAN concept, so unless they're gonna pull a Michael Bay' Transformers "Oh the reason we have trains is because the people who came up with the idea where on the Infinity Train!" then it doesn't make sense for aliens to create something so similar to a train. 5. Why would Aliens do this for us? What is their motive? Are they just trying to stop humanity from going extinct? Or are they just trying to help us? Or is this something beneficial to them? I don't see why a alien species would go through the effort to create a Infinite therapy train just for the Human-race for no reason, unless either they're a future off-shot of the original human species OR they're interactions in their past with humans lead to them becoming the civilization they are now and its sorta like returning the favor of helping them...but its just too damn convenient.
페리도트5XG Ай мурун
*I'm convinced*
Opossum King
Opossum King Ай мурун
I am absolutely certain when the roaches kill passengers, they just get recloned and deployed into the train to try again
Ellxsandra Nora Tora
Ellxsandra Nora Tora Ай мурун
I do time this theory it implies that the train can learn and try again
Zennena Lou Alpuerto
Zennena Lou Alpuerto Ай мурун
I miss Crystal Clear, can you make 1 more video? Maybe about why Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond chose Garnet as the new leader instead of pearl?
Zennena Lou Alpuerto
Zennena Lou Alpuerto Ай мурун
Sorry I’m random lay putting this up, I just wanted to see one more video of that sweet, sweet goodness.
Friday Ай мурун
Do they go back to the time they left or does time just keep on going by and everybody thinks they ran away or sum
a_little_Sketch Ай мурун
9:49 As someone who lives in Utah, what the heck man? 😂😂
TwitchyTopHat Ай мурун
I also think One-One used to be much more cold and calculating before Amelia pulled him out of his socket. I doubt just taking him out of the console would do that, we see him walk around all the time fine. Amelia must have messed with his programming or scrambled his AI brain or whatever; she messed One-One up, probably in attempts to make him cooperate with giving her Alrick back or possibly as revenge for him refusing. I also find it interesting that she always calls him just "One". Not sure if that's significant idk but the show tends to emphasize this whenever she does this. Perhaps One-One's name was just One and his we caught a glimpse of that personality in S1 E6 (The Unfinished Car) when he was going: " _I'm_ _helping_ _Ms_ _Tulip_ . _I'm_ _putting_ _it_ -- where it's supposed to be. -- _If_ _they_ _knew_ _it_ _was_ _broken_ -- they would have fixed it. *They* *don't* *have* *to* *worry* *anymore* . *I'm* *here* *to* *get* *things* *back* *in* *order* ." when he was switching between his hemispheres before very creepily speaking in a cold unison. " *I* *have* *to* *put* *things* *in* *order* . *It* *wouldn't* *be* *like* *this* *if* *I* *had* *just* *been* *better* ..." (failing to stop Amelia). Why did his voices combine? Maybe One was split into his two personalities by Amelia to confuse the robot so he couldn't come back, at least until Tulip found his little area. We also see in one of One-One's mini documentaries the nest he made behind the snowman he was on when Tulip found him. Yeah, the AI went a little crazy. Knowing Infinity Train is a Sci-Fi horror/thriller at it's core, I love seeing the crazy AI trope. Adds to the horror and dark humor of this ridiculous scary train being run by an AI that's gone a little crazy. Also interesting Tulip was able to change his perspective. One-One clearly showed a lot of lot of regret for failing in the purpose he was created for and allowing Amelia to create her cars.
Zaalpe Ай мурун
Just cuz it looks technological doesn't mean it's not also magic. Could be magitech. Or magic that looks like tech. Also, I don't want any answers to the how of the train. I like it being an unknowable, incomprehensible eldritch location that is beyond understanding that could be centuries old, has always existed, or exists entirely outside of time. That's just me though. I like an incomprehensible thing in fiction. Like the Reapers before Mass Effect 3.
Tashica Kennedy
Tashica Kennedy Ай мурун
What happened their are different types of train that pick up people for different reasons. Let's say you are a very terrible person who always blame people for everything and don't care and you are on a different train with a different color number . On that train you have to get your number down differently then the one with one one.
Ilan's Account
Ilan's Account Ай мурун
This sounds exactly as something my dad would say me lol
Trey Cooper
Trey Cooper Ай мурун
But we only see humans and nulls on the train just humans no other aliens or creatures why are the aliens only concerned about us out of all the other intelligent beings in the universe if the aliens are that advanced than shouldn't we insignificant like insects or bugs to them.
E C Ай мурун
“Unless it was in like utah or something. No one lives there” Me who used to live there 🤔
skorakora Ай мурун
"how old is it" Fun fact about electronics, typical low power transistor can work continuously thousandths of years
gigisonofgigi Ай мурун
Little crazy add-on theory: Ghoms create denizens. When a Ghom sucks enough life from passengers and explodes, its essence -- an amalgam of all the human bodies and minds it has "absorbed" -- dissipates and returns to some sort of data hub stored in the train. Essentially, it becomes raw physical "data" the train can study and then recycle, using it to make denizens and car scenes. Hell, maybe all the organic matter the train can manifest is really recycled human remains.... That might explain why we seemingly don't see passengers from many centuries earlier; if your number gets too high, you spend too long on the train past a normal human lifespan, etc., you WILL be recycled. The train would rather chew you up and spit you out as a null than have you take 100000 years to get off and then change an unsuspecting human society with your mere presence.
Lewis Hassell
Lewis Hassell Ай мурун
Well people might just die of old age on the train and One One's robot assistants just remove the bodies. Perhaps their remains are repurposed too but I think it's possible to die naturally on the train.
Bungee Gum
Bungee Gum Ай мурун
bro wtf is wrong with you can't believe people watch this
Lil Finway
Lil Finway Ай мурун
I want to see if people reject the train? Or has no one rejected the train?
eahlover122514 Ай мурун
Is there going a samurai Jack car?
Esme Griffin
Esme Griffin Ай мурун
I'm sure lots of people have drawn attention to this already but something that always stuck out to me was, that the train uses tapes. I find it interesting that Tulip never questions the fact that this crazy, hyper advanced train is still using video tapes. It's always just seemed like an odd detail to me.
seth war
seth war Ай мурун
9:46 "unless it was in like Utah or something" me from utah: am i a joke to you? jk jk that's like the southern half of Utah
cravenlunatic Ай мурун
Aliens, or maybe extradimensional beings of some sort. Humans that have transcended earthly reality. Or something. Either way i'm starting to get truman show vibes. I think the train exists as a form of entertainment for whoever made it. Not necessarily with malicious intent, but i do still get the feeling that someone is definitely watching. Besides us of course.
Vevencio Torres (124vevtorr)
Vevencio Torres (124vevtorr) Ай мурун
I think sooner or later, They need to do a protagonist who wants to Destroy the train.
The Cinnamon Rollz
The Cinnamon Rollz Ай мурун
"If you dont you are a sociopath" Me who loves dogs but cut off an Bettle's Head: Sooo I'm not an sociopath?
Grant Lauzon
Grant Lauzon Ай мурун
Are the cars ordered into an adaptable playlist for each passenger (after 1:1 regained control)?
Grant Lauzon
Grant Lauzon Ай мурун
I think some aspects of some cars can be reset. If they didn’t then the next passenger might be stuck.
Wait it’s all train? Always have been.
ToSamus Aran 2.0
ToSamus Aran 2.0 Ай мурун
I want Tulip back...
Rainbow Six Siege Lover
Rainbow Six Siege Lover Ай мурун
I'd love to see an episode where a passenger actually makes it pass the barrier... Maybe show what's beyond it or the world they're actually on
jolly tuber12
jolly tuber12 Ай мурун
I'm a cat person soooooooo... yeah. love your videos
Grant Lauzon
Grant Lauzon Ай мурун
Tulip was saved by 1:1 so we don’t know if she would’ve died from the ghom. We also don’t know the purpose (or lack there of) of the ghoms. They all could’ve been made by Amelia or maybe if/when a passenger dies (or is labeled to dangerous), the steward using a ghom gun brings them back as a ghom.
Ethan Ай мурун
What if it was time travel though. People from the future do have the technology and they went back to the past and made the train to help humans solve certain internal problems, maybe because they want prevent something on a larger scale. As you said, history repeats itself, so what if it stuck around for longer in fears that different people from anytime could do something bad
Ethan Ай мурун
2:45 I thought cars reset though, in the Canyon car in book 3, Amelia said that it reset and that they had to wait for it to fill up
Ellxsandra Nora Tora
Ellxsandra Nora Tora Ай мурун
That did to confuse me and I'm still confused
Polter Kitty
Polter Kitty Ай мурун
My bet’s on the cat
KanaHyoshi Ай мурун
1900s? Dude. Samantha alone is 150 (or even more) so that means the train was made a minimum of 150 years ago.
Ground Zero
Ground Zero Ай мурун
The train is kinda like an upgraded version of the train from adventure time where Finn was constantly fighting monsters and getting gear. Finn was avoiding his feelings and it made him want to stay on it (Like Amelia) which we see in the future seeing orb he gained more gear ( which could be representative of the gain of numbers). After Finn saw what his choices were doing to Jake and he decided he couldn’t avoid his feelings it showed him back at him with none of the gear ( could represent a number going to zero) playing video games with Jake.
Damien Sheets
Damien Sheets Ай мурун
Oh my gosh that thing about the train killing you with ghoms if your uncooperative was something i said on your reaction vid of the second half of book 3
RougeDragon whiteFlame
RougeDragon whiteFlame Ай мурун
I say your theory about this train being made by aliens is actually pretty grounded. The level of tech that allows the train to do the things it does would make it at least level 20 while earth is only level 2 (using Ben 10 tech levels here). This would put probably above the level of the both the omintrix and the tome of the night sky/book of Darkness and around the level of even the TARDIS and none of these things were made by humans (or at the very least not by earth humans in the tome of the night sky/book of darkness case)
ShadowGolem86 Ай мурун
My theory is that the Infinity Train is ridiculously far into a post-apocalyptic future, and it's trying to prevent that future from happening by making "small" changes to the past by making the people in it better.
JF JF Ай мурун
I was thinking that It could be possible that the train cars can be programed alternate realities. Could creators of the train could be extra demential beings crossing time and space ?
SK TCG Ай мурун
daniel santos
daniel santos Ай мурун
I think it’s made for humans in the future that want to save the earth.
ShadowGolem86 Ай мурун
I think the size of the number might affect how fast the Gohm kills you
Gambito Ай мурун
Where can I find that credits song?
YouTube testing for cringe # achievement confirmed
YouTube testing for cringe # achievement confirmed Ай мурун
What if Gomes are aliens 🤷🏽
YouTube testing for cringe # achievement confirmed
YouTube testing for cringe # achievement confirmed Ай мурун
Like Utah 🤣no one lives there like I’m literally just😅🤣🤣🤣😪🤣🤣🤣
SuperRedarmy123 Ай мурун
two thing alien build Infinity Train or future people build Infinity Train
spring loyd
spring loyd Ай мурун
Talk about what would happen if some of the gems had firearms in Steven universe
Anton Kovtoniuk
Anton Kovtoniuk Ай мурун
I like to think that the train was technically but indirectly created by a human. If we assume that One-One is not only the Conductor but also the creator of the train - what if a human created One-One just to be, let's say, a "therapy robot" and then it built the train to achieve it's ultimate goal? (That contradicts One-One calling the main board of the train its "mom", but whatever, it's just an example)
Detonatress M
Detonatress M Ай мурун
Since Owen was saying "Why does it have to be a who [that created the train]?" the other option would be that it just got created by chance over who knows how many billions of years inside whatever dimension it exists, and the first sentient being on it decided to give it a purpose. It just happens to look like a train that wasn't invented until later by humans. It may not even be just a vehicle but an actual creature, and One-One's mom.
Ted Simon
Ted Simon Ай мурун
So something that has been on my mind since the last one of these videos is what if the world outside of the train is just part of the train itself. It’s heavily hinted at that each of the cars’ worlds adhere to some size limitations realistic to the actual train car. When denizens are attempting to leave the train and walk into the desert, they might actually be limited by the size of the world outside of the train (with nothing actually being past where they can walk) as opposed to being pulled by some mysterious force.
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