Did Sprig's Mom Go to Earth to Hide the Calamity Box? (Amphibia Season 2 Theory)

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The Roundtable

15 күн мурун

There are WAY too many theories to dig into with Amphibia season 2 during this hiatus, such as Grime and Sasha invading Newtopia with a robot army, General Yunnan's potential relation to Sprig and Polly, or how King Andrias could convince Marcy to both betray Anne and Sasha in a sly attempt to recover the Calamity Box. But speaking of the Calamity Box, after the revelation of Sprig's Mom passing away when he was young in the episode Hopping Mall, coupled with revelations in both The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers and A Day at the Aquarium - I'm starting to wonder what the circumstances were behind the untimely passing. Is it possible that the death of Sprig's mother is actually tied to Earth, the Calamity Box, and the shop that brought the girls to this world?
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The Roundtable
The Roundtable 14 күн мурун
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can you see what you could find about the parallel earths that are in king Andres ,s book
Cherryblossom ink
Cherryblossom ink 7 күн мурун
U now that song that brought the girls to that place I wonder if that’s the song to get to that world
Matteo Kadesh Flores
Matteo Kadesh Flores 9 күн мурун
16th comment
crispy flipper
crispy flipper 10 күн мурун
Amphibia season 2 is not on Disney + help me please I know you exist
M Animate
M Animate 11 күн мурун
1: 03 it not sprigs and Polly mom they mom is a puppet. In the picture
PolDip Stickman
PolDip Stickman 11 саат мурун
I just relize theres more than the amphibia and earth realm / dimension, i hope we get to see the other dimension
Prince omagbemi
Prince omagbemi 11 саат мурун
Doesn't this guy knows that in the picture sprigs mom looks like a sock pocket
peachy pandaʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
peachy pandaʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ 15 саат мурун
I thik the thumbnail is real XD
Alice Njoroge
Alice Njoroge 21 саат мурун
Boring! !😡😡
logean nesbrio
logean nesbrio Күн мурун
I really hope this was true... It was so amazing!!
Red Күн мурун
4:17 i call those chaos emeralds
addy mae
addy mae Күн мурун
If you look closely you can see King Andreas springs mom and grime As children they might be brother and sister
Otterax 2 күн мурун
I think the three frogs/toads maybe sprigs mom, king andreas and grime, they all new of the boxes powers, and decided to lock it away, (it was probably a love triangle)
Adam Lee
Adam Lee 2 күн мурун
I thought that mysterious toad in the painting might be General Grim.
SpaceStorm Girl
SpaceStorm Girl 2 күн мурун
What if that toad on that painting is Grime?
Firecolt_BS 3 күн мурун
What if the toad is grime and some kind of fight happened and thats why grime whants a army ti fight esecificly newtopia
Francis Fatta
Francis Fatta 3 күн мурун
Different worlds, Sprigs mom, robot factories, past characters, sure I don’t have to theorize about anything else 7:05 god damnit
Taste of Genius
Taste of Genius 3 күн мурун
I love show
Ania's C0DE
Ania's C0DE 3 күн мурун
wait hold up, i may be watching this later but i just want to point this out at 3:05 you said it parallels the relationship between Anne Sasha and Marcy well the picture is of a Frog, a Newt and a Toad, maybe they're the trio that always went to earth to see the world, and thats kinda why Anne Sasha and Marcy went to Earth, three gems, three higher being races, three friends, just saying Anne is with frogs, Marcy is with the Newts, and Sasha is with the Toad..... I may or may not be wrong about whats happening here 😂
Micah Williams
Micah Williams 3 күн мурун
Hmmm...seems legit because it seems true
The Shöcker Pit
The Shöcker Pit 4 күн мурун
Hey what is a star versus the forces of evil happens in the universe just collides or The government just decides to build a Hydron Collider to make a trading root with amphibia
Yulia Sanchez
Yulia Sanchez 5 күн мурун
Pause the vidio when its on the book then look at the dimonds or gems it showes brain skils and love
T T 5 күн мурун
OMG I love your videos please like and message back I hope you join my discord
T T 5 күн мурун
Seriously guys join my discord my hero academy cuz I am deku playz
Courtney Harrison
Courtney Harrison 5 күн мурун
galaxy gamers
galaxy gamers 6 күн мурун
She kinda like della duck from ducktales
Nshipa Kasonkomona
Nshipa Kasonkomona 6 күн мурун
It's sprig's mum is alive if you just be like ducktails
Nshipa Kasonkomona
Nshipa Kasonkomona 6 күн мурун
So you're not going to talk about any of the weapons in the book
Sophie Ofarrell
Sophie Ofarrell 6 күн мурун
I saw grime in the painting
Voltra Inferno
Voltra Inferno 6 күн мурун
Please make more Amphibia videos! I really love it!
Rosimar Cortes
Rosimar Cortes 6 күн мурун
Your theory is asmome
Emerald Bucket
Emerald Bucket 6 күн мурун
That toad looks like it might be a younger Captain Grime. That's what I think and there is no changing my mind unless It's confirmed otherwise.
Aidan Ha
Aidan Ha 7 күн мурун
In the part with the painting, it looks like there is a fourth amphibian. There's a purple hand on the toad's shoulder but Andrias is light blue and Sprig's mom is on the opposite side. Is there a fourth species living in amphibia?
Ed Girl
Ed Girl 7 күн мурун
What about the Walkman? That’s from the human world. Could sprigs mom have traveled multiple times to the human world and brought stuff back? Or someone else?
Kris Baines Jr
Kris Baines Jr 7 күн мурун
The toad could be captain grime
Colin’s Animations
Colin’s Animations 7 күн мурун
Aadreis, a blue newt, blue gem? Sprigs momma, a pink frog, pink gem? Mystery toad, green toad, green gem?! I cant be the onlyone thinking this.
Peyton McDonough
Peyton McDonough 7 күн мурун
Okay wait so I was just rewatching Family Shrub, the episode where they find the secret dungeon thing in their house, and I realized that each of the three rooms corresponds with a gem on the calamity box. The first room has all of the science stuff in it so it’s the green gem, which is wit. The second room has all of the weapons in it so it’s the pink gem, which is strength. The final room has all of the puzzles in it which Ann says the newt Plantar gathered for the family before settling down with them so it could be that that room is the blue gem, which is heart. I don’t know if this will ever tie into anything but it could have something to do with Sprig’s mom’s involvement with the calamity box. Anyway I just thought it was interesting.
Jenson Stevens
Jenson Stevens 8 күн мурун
Sprigs mom - Heart Andreas - Wit Grime - Strength Just a theory; a frog, a newt and a toad. They used the box to travel to earth but something happened that meant Andreas and Grime made it back but Sprigs mum got stuck on earth, or she died but hopefully not. Hop Pop buried it because he knows what can happen if people use it wrongly as he would’ve known Sprigs mum before whatever happened to her and he doesn’t want anything similar to happen to anyone else.
Guys look at the jems! Sasha sword was red, Anne's eyes flashed blue, and Marcys eyes flashed green. THEY'RE THE SAME COLORS! How did i not realise early
guys im pretty sure the people in the painting are Sprig's Mom, King Andreas, and Captain Grime i don't know what this means but i enjoy the show. Oh btw new episode comes out saturday/ tomorrow/ 10/16/20
Wolfgamer 325
Wolfgamer 325 8 күн мурун
What if general yunan is sprig's mom
Massimo Palandri
Massimo Palandri 8 күн мурун
I think she's in anthers planet lice in the book
Mohan Aditya
Mohan Aditya 8 күн мурун
Mabye the calamity box was used to travel to earth but the original users ended up in gravity fall Mabye when the calamity box is used I weakens the bonds which separate the world's and as a result some of the other worlds creatures or thing can end up in the other worlds like gravity falls weird creatures Mabye that's why gravity falls is a magnet for weirdness because it is the place the calamity box was used most
Steven universe fan20
Steven universe fan20 8 күн мурун
I have a theory what if the boiling isle might be one of those other worlds
Leonardo Zamarripa
Leonardo Zamarripa 8 күн мурун
Bambi Boo
Bambi Boo 8 күн мурун
I think that the third frog is Captin Grime, during his youthful days.
Jon E Jungle
Jon E Jungle 8 күн мурун
The frog is prob grime
zagon dragon99
zagon dragon99 8 күн мурун
I think the toad in the painting is grime
LGM_JAYSZ 8 күн мурун
You’re actually rude polly is just nothing
Prospect Kids
Prospect Kids 9 күн мурун
a Newt....A frog....A toad....😱😱😨😱😱😱
akshath sri
akshath sri 9 күн мурун
everything is interconnected the torn painting in sleepovers to end all sleepovers, the factory in season 2 episode 2 the robot is still following them, the king says something to marcy and the king kinda being the villain as we know in episode 11( marcy at the gates) at the end of the scene we see someone making a plan to get anne and marcy fighting. hop pop hiding the mystery box + sprig's mom maybe alive wandering in earth and also hid the the music box or she might be still dead. and also the music box being in the shelf of an amphibia sign. travelling through diffrent planets by the box and the sound of the music...cylinder? which sprig's mom hid too? well we're gonna find it in october 18
akshath sri
akshath sri 9 күн мурун
and also by the diffrent planets the're are diffrent monsters coming id think that makes sense at all
Victorio Edralin
Victorio Edralin 9 күн мурун
Wow your a mind blower 🤯
Anindita Medina
Anindita Medina 9 күн мурун
My theory:i think king andrias,sprigs mom,and that unnamed toad are the trio that make the calamity box for travelling to earth and sprigs mom try it and think it's a little dangerous so she put it on earth since then maybe that's why sprigs mom is not in amphibia. And then since sprigs mom is gone king andrias and the unnamed toad split up and made their own kingdom/city/town
Anindita Medina
Anindita Medina 9 күн мурун
I mean "sprigs and pollys mom"
Alan The Fallen Angel
Alan The Fallen Angel 9 күн мурун
Nice theory
Caroline Jimenez
Caroline Jimenez 9 күн мурун
Something I also found interesting was Marcy's observation of spring and Polly, saying that she's never seen a frog of that color before. Is it possible that the Planters are some sort of otherworldly creature, or perhaps a rarer species or variant that may enhance their ability to travel, move, swim/survive the deadly situations they face?
Bikercat 4
Bikercat 4 9 күн мурун
That other toad has to be grime
Magnolia Ortiz
Magnolia Ortiz 9 күн мурун
I saw a shadowy figure went and picked up music box
José manuel ruiztepox
José manuel ruiztepox 10 күн мурун
Kurt Ramos
Kurt Ramos 10 күн мурун
And they found out what the box can do and andraias want to us it to invade other worlds so that’s why sprigs mom left to earth to hide it
Kurt Ramos
Kurt Ramos 10 күн мурун
I have a theory is the toad is grim and the box found by the three people in the photo and it was activated by sprigs mom king andraias and grim
Johnny Stardon
Johnny Stardon 10 күн мурун
I tried to watch amphibia, and I hated it. Sorry everybody, but to me, this is overrated.
Haikyuu Paradise
Haikyuu Paradise 10 күн мурун
I actually think the toad is actually the toad that was with sasha idk his name but they have similarities-
FigRodeo 10 күн мурун
King Andreas wants the music box so he can conquer the other worlds. Also the torn painting is a reference to Beauty and the Beast where the beast shreds his portrait of him as a prince. I'm sure there is plenty to unpack from that.
Supreme Papi
Supreme Papi 10 күн мурун
Different show but in steven universe sapphire tells blue diamond that the rebels (pearl and rose/pink diamond) will get shaterd and end but since ruby fused so that pearl and rose can run but she dindt do it as on purpose s garnet was made but since she fused as i said so theu can escape but first saphire told blue diamond the rebels would end so what will happen if saphire and ruby dindt fuse saphire would have been poped but since the diamonds are the diamonds would not let saphire sp steven would not be a thing as she was shaterd with pearl so theres my theory
pâstél bøï weirdness
pâstél bøï weirdness 10 күн мурун
Theory: (past photo) sprigs mom, prince andreas, younger Captain grime
crispy flipper
crispy flipper 10 күн мурун
Amphibia season 2 is not on Disney +
Tam Mat
Tam Mat 10 күн мурун
Maybe when sprig's mom was younger she stopped being friends with king Andrias because he was munipulative and he killed her in plain sight. Years later he still wants to take it out on the plantar family. And he plans to take the calamity box and hide it so the girls can't get home.
Angel Alexander
Angel Alexander 7 күн мурун
Return To Thomas on Horror Game
Starlight Kitten
Starlight Kitten 11 күн мурун
I feel like the unanamed toad might be Grimes?
???? 11 күн мурун
Upcoming Amphibia episodes with synopses and my predictions: The Shut-In! (10/17)- In this special extended episode, Anne and the Plantars protect themselves from the dangers of the annual Blue Moon by locking themselves in the house and entertaining each other with the scariest stories they can think of. So they're already back home in this episode, despite the next two episodes being about them going home? Maybe since this is a Halloween special, it's not canon. And I wonder if the Blue Moon has anything to do with the blue gem. Night Drivers- No date, no synopsis, no idea. Maybe that robot frog finally comes into play, and I bet it's about the Plantars driving home. Return To Wartwood- So maybe they're not back home in The Shut-In. I'm excited to see the Wartwood citizens again! Enter Marcy- We'll see Marcy take on a more antagonistic role (unbeknownst to her), with her sights set on retrieving the buried Calamity Box for King Andrias. Scaver Hunt- There was already an episode called Scavenger Hunt this season. Maybe all these titles without dates or synopses are fake, and someone got lazy at the end? But I doubt it. They seem pretty legit.
Tooka Booka
Tooka Booka 11 күн мурун
I think when they try to go home something will happen with sprigs mom being on earth and the earth and the frog earth will collide or merge that would be cool
DeathLava2138 11 күн мурун
*Plot twist:* Polly was actually born after her mother died
Matteo Kadesh Flores
Matteo Kadesh Flores 9 күн мурун
Wut? How did she got born tho? Does she not exist?
Liliana Sursi
Liliana Sursi 11 күн мурун
I think the toad is Grime; I think it makes the most sense
The Easy Channel
The Easy Channel 11 күн мурун
Wait.. What if the theme song is the music that comes from the calamity box, Because after they open it when the theme song starts, it sounds like a music box
Dylan Geltzeiler
Dylan Geltzeiler 11 күн мурун
Sprig isn’t the only one. Don’t Forget about Polly too. Anyway... 8:47 We’ll have to wait & see. 9:26-9:55 If their Mom, Mommy, Mother is still Alive or not. Since according to the list of later episodes, the later ones after “The Shut-In!” Won’t be airing until next year. Why couldn’t they continue with the rest?
Rolando Paolo San Antonio
Rolando Paolo San Antonio 11 күн мурун
What about aunty yuunan
break167 11 күн мурун
She is inside the frog robot
LazrusZachary Chacko
LazrusZachary Chacko 11 күн мурун
i like my dad theory
LazrusZachary Chacko
LazrusZachary Chacko 11 күн мурун
is any one caring about the the dad all i know hes orange cause hes hop pops son cause hop pops nt pink
LazrusZachary Chacko
LazrusZachary Chacko 11 күн мурун
my theory is that the mom and the king and the toad were friends and wanted to unite all the worlds so they made the calamity box but when they tried to use it it caused bad things to happen so th put 3 gems in it that would one if all the peopl nessacary aka anne sasha and marcy would unite them but until then they decided to go apart and the mom took the calimaty box with her to wart wood the she married a orange frog orang because hop po is orange being that frog the mom wed dad but the i guess she thought it would be too dangerous to have the calamity box so used it telaported to earth with her husband hid the box but she couldent get home with outh the box with her and mabe she was killed along with her husband and someone found the calamity box put itin the store this probaly wont happen just a theory
Sarah123 Alaqal
Sarah123 Alaqal 11 күн мурун
Niall Wilson
Niall Wilson 11 күн мурун
Maybe the toad is grime
Chlobee Does Art
Chlobee Does Art 11 күн мурун
The idea of Sprig and Polly's mom being alive on earth gives me similar vibes to Della being on the moon in Duck Tales
Nivan Jeffries
Nivan Jeffries 11 күн мурун
okay, but like... the toad is almost definitely Grime.
Laramie Tingle
Laramie Tingle 11 күн мурун
2:57 you’re right
Laramie Tingle
Laramie Tingle 11 күн мурун
I like this theory
Lillian Rose
Lillian Rose 12 күн мурун
OMG do make a vid on how polly and spring have a cosion in the genarl
Thomas Galla
Thomas Galla 12 күн мурун
She couldn't have left too long ago because of polly unless frogs age much slower than humans
Dassenman 11 күн мурун
Polly is 5 years old (according to Braly) and Sprig 10. So if she dissapeard when Polly was jus born, then Sprig could have been 4 or 5 years old (we don't know how many months are between them) and that is indeed not long, but long enough for Sprig to not remember her. But maybe, and that's what i think, Sprig and Polly are not related and Sprig is adopted by Hop-Pop to keep him safe as a promise to his mother. Polly is a Plantar and Sprig isn't.
Blaze Knell
Blaze Knell 12 күн мурун
Think about it it would make sense cuz the painting is of a toad and who's the evil told we know grime
the king
the king 12 күн мурун
Hi 👋
Samuel Feinstein
Samuel Feinstein 12 күн мурун
My theory is a bittersweet ending, where Anne going to back to earth re-separates the two worlds, and although sprig and Polly get their mom back, they lose Anne. Why? Because I know the creators love to play our heart strings.
imjaystation fan
imjaystation fan 12 күн мурун
What ifgeneral Unionan is the newt from the picture in season 1
imjaystation fan
imjaystation fan 12 күн мурун
What happens if that pink newt from season one the one with Aunt are Ann's hair was General near Union
The Jakescape
The Jakescape 12 күн мурун
7:14 - 8:02 I was just like: 👁️ 👄 👁️
Plague knight
Plague knight 12 күн мурун
I can see Amphibia pulling a Della duck on us
Blaze Knell
Blaze Knell 12 күн мурун
, you know who that is it's Larry grime grind you know who that is it
Zoe 12 күн мурун
I know this sounds kinda far fetched but what if the Toad was alive? What if the toad was Grimes? He kinda does look like that toad in the painting just far younger and with both eyes. Again, this is far fetched and I have no real evidence but it’s a small idea.
Biobiembibo Le
Biobiembibo Le 12 күн мурун
This is actually a really good Theory
Blueman Gaming blog
Blueman Gaming blog 12 күн мурун
So in just shrunk and teleported to Amphibia that is actually just on a pond on earth and they’re just on a Lillypad
Blueman Gaming blog
Blueman Gaming blog 12 күн мурун
You know how Nvidia is on a Lillypad the giant what is in the earth it’s just Lillypad so it’s just a really small world
Ebay 12 күн мурун
Taylor Hill
Taylor Hill 12 күн мурун
I think that sprig mom may still be a Alive🐸👩
Annabel Roman
Annabel Roman 12 күн мурун
hi this is Annabelle son not the one from child's play well look that mysterious told that you're wondering about is Captain grime got it I can tell because
Anthony D
Anthony D 12 күн мурун
Also my theory is that they will all be ready to head home but they're are waiting on Anne since her heart isn't in it
Anthony D
Anthony D 12 күн мурун
The Toad kinda looks like a young Grims just saying
Michael Bell
Michael Bell 12 күн мурун
I think it would be funny if at the the end of amfimbia or Ann or Marcy might take it to the boiling isle in owl house and give it to dea
Michael Bell
Michael Bell 12 күн мурун
I mean eda
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