Disney's DARKEST Halloween Special? The Shut-In Amphibia BREAKDOWN! Human Sprig Easter Eggs & More!

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The Roundtable

Ай мурун

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Amphibia returns for a season 2 Halloween special, The Shut-in, and boy does it fight for the title of Disney's DARKEST Halloween installment! We're here to breakdown the episode for all the horror film easter eggs and references found in Phone Mo, Mr. Littlepot and The Seamstress, homaging films such as The Ring and Something Wicked this Way Comes! Not to mention our look at Human Sprig, Polly, Maddie and Toadie with Twig, Molly, Haddie and Broadie! Where does this special fit into the canon and continuity, following the cliffhanger with Marcy and King Andrias at the end of A Day the Aquarium? What's the validity of the story told by Hop Pop? Did the spooky opening give any hints towards Anne and her correlation to the Calamity Box? Let's dive in!
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The Roundtable
The Roundtable Ай мурун
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Lewnatic32 Ай мурун
@Manasi Champak those exist?
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon Ай мурун
@Manasi Champak What?
Manasi Champak
Manasi Champak Ай мурун
Roundtable I saw the owl house new images
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon Ай мурун
@Z So, he was referring to Sprig and Polly's mother. I wonder what happened to her?
Z Ай мурун
What do you think of this theory? The Reaper actually did take someone from Planter Farm and the stress and grief is was caused Hopop to lose his hair. What if he in a metaphorical sense brought death home with him, lost someone close to him and lost his hair shortly after, left with survivors guilt and misery. His aside words to Sprig convince me there is more to this story than just losing his hair.
TheOneOverThere 3 күн мурун
Hilda had necromancy and teenage dream demons
Stulid Studios
Stulid Studios 4 күн мурун
The scariest thing about that episode was the theme song
Voltra Inferno
Voltra Inferno 9 күн мурун
7:15, speaking of Maggie, I have this theory that she, Vince, and Cheyenne also gets teleported to Amphibia too and have been living together in a hermit's abode in the mountains. But again this is just MY theory.
gali :)
gali :) 13 күн мурун
i actually saw the third story as a homage to over the garden wall. the seamstress? like adelaide, the scissors looked like a bird. the monster from OTGW looked pretty similar in my eyes to the monster the "seamstres" was before taking the skin off. also greg and wirt vibe is similar to sprig and ivy (well, maybe except the whole love interest staff. :)
Christopher Alcaraz-Molina
Christopher Alcaraz-Molina 18 күн мурун
What does he mean when he says non canon?
Joseph Master
Joseph Master 7 күн мурун
@Christopher Alcaraz-Molina Maybe I don’t know
Christopher Alcaraz-Molina
Christopher Alcaraz-Molina 7 күн мурун
@Joseph Master say that character never comes back, then would it be canon
Joseph Master
Joseph Master 7 күн мурун
Canon means it’s part of the series for example if somebody dies but then there in the next episode the episode where they died would not be canon
Robo jay jay The Blader 200 v2.
Robo jay jay The Blader 200 v2. 19 күн мурун
I’m just going to say this The Halloween amphibia intro IS👏A👏BOP👏 prove me wrong
Merly Valladares Flores
Merly Valladares Flores 21 күн мурун
I like that all of the monsters are references
Merly Valladares Flores
Merly Valladares Flores 21 күн мурун
I was thinking what if the amphibian beast re encarnates into another amphibian
Sahira Lopez
Sahira Lopez 23 күн мурун
*when you love Big City Greens, Owl House and Amphibia*
gfass27 24 күн мурун
Im watching this at 8 in the afternoon and the dead anne and sprig is just ... Thanks a lot
Nel MSP 25 күн мурун
Olly Macdonald
Olly Macdonald 25 күн мурун
Did you notice that Anne is holding her phone, revealing that, while Sprig was actually reading, Anne was on her phone behind the book
D҉a҉r҉k҉ ҉A҉n҉g҉e҉l҉
D҉a҉r҉k҉ ҉A҉n҉g҉e҉l҉ 27 күн мурун
My friend tinny said they copied shiny ferret from Pokemon.
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas 27 күн мурун
I'd have to say, for DARKEST story it's easily "Skin Deep". I love the way we ACTUALLY see the dead corpses of frogs an Ivy still has the balls to pretend to be nice with the Glass Frog. For COOLEST story, it'd have to be "Phone Mo". Twing and Molly look super neat as humans and I also like Hatty's design as well. Heck, I'd hang out with em! Hotpot's "Dead End" is still pretty entertaining but "Skin Deep" and "Phone Mo" are just better in comparison. P.S. I want more of Ivy with no beanie; dat hair look adorable!
Drogone 28 күн мурун
Everyone: SPOILERS! Me: Oh No. ...Anyway
Crazy Blastin’
Crazy Blastin’ 28 күн мурун
I’m sprig. Not scared🤨😒😑 just cringing 😬.
ElectroKyo 28 күн мурун
5:03 this episode made me want a flamethrower even more 8:44 HE LOOKS LIKE BLACK HAT FROM VILLAINOUS (i think. I can’t remember what the names were) 10:38 you forgot the fact that IVY KISSED SPRING ON THE CHEEK
Serenity Araiza
Serenity Araiza 29 күн мурун
i think the kim possible reference is just a nod to someone who worked on it that also works on amphibia. there was a reference to it and other old disney tv shows in big city greens (the ep. for remy's bday) at the beginning they show a claw machine with various old and current characters on the channel !!
Charizard 6
Charizard 6 29 күн мурун
I would like to think its cannon because it's just taking place a couple episodes after they had returned home
Loffe 29 күн мурун
yeah as soon as i figured out the phone-mo monster’s weakness i thought: ‘this is really giving me Pennywise vibes’
Eldritch-Tailed Feydeer
Eldritch-Tailed Feydeer 29 күн мурун
I've never watched Amphibia before, but now I'm kinda interested.
frank axe
frank axe Ай мурун
His shirt looken sus
Sydnee Blueford
Sydnee Blueford Ай мурун
This might be one of the best episodes of Amphibia so far. The episode has a few layers: the legend, the lockdown, each story segment, Polly's subplots, and Polly escaping to make her own ghost story. With a great punchline and good pacing. So good 🎃🦇👿🐸
Meca One Clone
Meca One Clone Ай мурун
i wonder how many kids got traumatized from this episode?
Radio Star
Radio Star Ай мурун
On the topic of cartoons did you hear the animaniacs are back?
Christian Contreras
Christian Contreras Ай мурун
Robert Dianne Gaffke
Robert Dianne Gaffke Ай мурун
Say nobodys gonna talk about how its wallys birthday
Elizer Richard Torres
Elizer Richard Torres Ай мурун
I'm kinda surprised that you did not talk about the three alternate universe versions of Anne, Marcy and Sasha after Haddie got sucked in the phone...
Tornado Phantom
Tornado Phantom Ай мурун
Why is Anne's hair still on her body? I get that it's her defining feature but just the corpse with the hair would be better. You triggering my OCD Amphibia
Picasso Ай мурун
NamelessM0nster Ай мурун
I’ve got two things to say about this. 1- both times Anne is portrayed as a skeleton (even if it’s just the head), her skull always has fractures across it, like in Steven Universe Future when we’re shown Steven’s x-ray. It could either be saying something important, or it could just be for the spooks. 2- nice to see the name Anna in a show that doesn’t involve Frozen ^w^
Francis Fatta
Francis Fatta Ай мурун
5:07 you got something against Milky Ways? We gonna have problems?😑
Crimson Disk
Crimson Disk Ай мурун
Quick note Vox, it's something wicked this way comes, you just said it in the wrong order. :)
TheGreenThunder Ай мурун
fun fact : the moon actually turns blue this year on halloween
Pokeyrunner4201 Ай мурун
@TheGreenThunder oh it actually does
TheGreenThunder Ай мурун
@Pokeyrunner4201 What do you mean, no? It literally does, look it up
Pokeyrunner4201 Ай мурун
Codename Kiro
Codename Kiro Ай мурун
I cant wait to rewatch over the garden wall this Halloween
SkyKidd & DragonFly
SkyKidd & DragonFly Ай мурун
Reallly? All I got a taste of Amphibia was season one which.... Wasn't fun
Randomcat Meow
Randomcat Meow Ай мурун
6:53 Catra is that you
Unhinged Ice
Unhinged Ice Ай мурун
Is it weird that the only thing I was scared of was the skeleton images
Shark in the water
Shark in the water Ай мурун
I don't know if somebody pointed this out yet or I'm just being an idiot but when the frog cut out the "fear gourd" they did it in a fashion similar to Spongebob in his first Halloween special. Even down to the tooth on the left side.
Heart_ BFFs 3
Heart_ BFFs 3 Ай мурун
6:29 youtube play button on Ann's phone
Eg Head gaming
Eg Head gaming Ай мурун
Haven’t seen the special yet
Mister Dj
Mister Dj Ай мурун
It's pretty good I liked it and I don't even like Halloween
Reggie Ай мурун
The skin frog story was legitimately terrifying
Roxie Entertainment
Roxie Entertainment Ай мурун
I made a mistake expecting the same cute end credits that always play at the end of the episode. I just hope that no little kids see that. My gosh...
Sheep show is the worst episode of big city greens ngl
Derek Perdomo
Derek Perdomo Ай мурун
I think the reason they did not show the season 2 ending is because they didn’t want to draw Bessie dead nobody wants to see Bessie dead
???? Ай мурун
Hop Pop's story "Dead End" was straight out of The Twilight Zone.
???? Ай мурун
Upcoming Amphibia episodes with my predictions: Night Drivers- No date, no synopsis, no idea. Maybe that robot frog finally comes into play, and I bet it's about the Plantars driving home. Return To Wartwood- So maybe they're not back home in The Shut-In. I'm excited to see the Wartwood citizens again! Enter Marcy- We'll see Marcy take on a more antagonistic role, with her sights set on retrieving the buried Calamity Box for King Andrias. Scaver Hunt- There was already an episode called Scavenger Hunt this season. Maybe all these titles without dates or synopses are fake, and someone got lazy at the end? But I doubt it. They seem pretty legit.
ender Pup
ender Pup Ай мурун
Was one of Disney's old Halloween movies started with a horror movie of a mummy attacks a family and ends with the father of the family being shoved into a running garbage disposal?
Damien Glidewell
Damien Glidewell Ай мурун
The last story skin deep is a reference to resident evil 2002s lisa trevor
Daniel Pereira
Daniel Pereira Ай мурун
I was waiting for this
BernardO Ай мурун
Do more craig of the creek
KkFaller Ай мурун
Now this is *spooky* and not just *spoopy*
Taj Tiller
Taj Tiller Ай мурун
Plot Twist: Littlepot was actually Death, and was there for Sprig's mom
Ray Harnish III
Ray Harnish III Ай мурун
So...this is NOT canon?
Maricela Enriquez
Maricela Enriquez Ай мурун
Human sprig human king also the human king
LegendA Ай мурун
Ya um well I saw somthing and said it would be my new nightmare and I was tottoly wrong I hated when I watched the episode
Randy Taylor
Randy Taylor Ай мурун
I just watch the ep
Laramie Tingle
Laramie Tingle Ай мурун
5:08 ah yes the lovely razors
Katherine N.
Katherine N. Ай мурун
I loved the human versions of the Wartwood frogs!
Laramie Tingle
Laramie Tingle Ай мурун
I like Hop Pop’s story and the Skeleton end credits
Cadyn Basnight
Cadyn Basnight Ай мурун
any news on the boondocks reboot? any I absolutely love this Amphibia episode with the references to thriller or horror movies!
Zachary Maslen
Zachary Maslen Ай мурун
I called him the frog like the devel but with frog in the name.
Steven Andersen
Steven Andersen Ай мурун
5:51 That's just technoblade's channel
Johan Stenfelt
Johan Stenfelt Ай мурун
Sprig chicken out of danger? Isn’t he usually the kind to leap headfirst into danger?
Space Parrot
Space Parrot Ай мурун
When little pot chops of Hop hop's hair it could actually be describing how time/ age made him bald, also little pot might have not actually spared hop-hop and just came to kill the hair
Aidan Thomey
Aidan Thomey Ай мурун
So, I'm starting to think that the color of the moon is a correlation to the five planets connected to Amphibia. For example, when Anne, Sasha, and Marcie are transported to the planet, Earth's moon is red. Notice how Amphibia's moon is almost always red? It makes me wonder if the moon creates a pathway between worlds when their moons match in color. Am I right, or is this a poor theory?
MJ Johnson
MJ Johnson Ай мурун
Marcy was correct polly did get legs
wratched Ай мурун
The skull is the dead frog with the "SAVE YOURSELF!" sign from "Anne vs Wild".
Anjie-Kun 4evur
Anjie-Kun 4evur Ай мурун
I personally love spoilers! It's my philosophy that one should always know what they're getting into first before jumping into it especially with horror stuff. So I appreciate these videos a lot! Gets me pumped to go watch it even more!
Mello Ай мурун
Crap i forgot to watch this DAMN IT SHAME ME
Alex Sam
Alex Sam Ай мурун
0:16 I have no more stress thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
electrobob992 Ай мурун
7:45 Not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind them doing a reboot of that, preferably by the team behind the big hero 6 series. That style would work, plus that team did work on the original teen titans series so..
digunder14 Ай мурун
my guess is after transforming polly, in this timeline outside the continuity, lost control and murdered them, thus the bones and hophop either is running for his life or managed to hide well enough or something
White Ай мурун
Me: I fear no man but this: [Hop-pop with hair looking like donald Trump] Me: It's scares me.
electrobob992 Ай мурун
I love that disney is being more equal minded with stuff for kids now. Death, blood, gore.. More of that please :)
Eatinggamer 39
Eatinggamer 39 Ай мурун
Human maddie is a mood and human genderswap Ivy is mad cute and very gay for human sprigg Edit: OOOOH that's TOADIE! I KNEW himmbeing ivy didn't make sense
Eatinggamer 39
Eatinggamer 39 Ай мурун
It's so charming. Of course they'd make a gravity falls style anthology episode!
Damien Sheets
Damien Sheets Ай мурун
wow its been a while since disney decided to turn UP the nightmare fuel.
Mister Dj
Mister Dj Ай мурун
Yeah I was surprised when they opened the closet and there were actually frog skins in there
Neusa Rodrigues
Neusa Rodrigues Ай мурун
Anna - Alina
Anna - Alina Ай мурун
I'll save this episode for Halloween evening binge-watching everything Halloweeny
DeathAngel Ай мурун
going by the date it aired, I'm saying that one-eyed wally and i share a birthday.
Jack Penn
Jack Penn Ай мурун
I have something about another episode to say. Did anyone else notice that the symbols in the book that King Andrias showed to Anne and Friends were eerily similar to the symbol on grunkle stan's fez? We know that that symbol is the symbol of a secret society, so I propose to you that the secret society was started by the King's ancestors when they came to earth.
Entidade 302
Entidade 302 Ай мурун
i really want to see how is the owl house is gonna be. Dana's drawings can already be very "disturbing", but i really want to see what she has planned for the halloween of next year.
redriot Ай мурун
it makes sense this halloween episode was as scary as northwest mansion as matt braly was the one who directed NMM and was in charge of that terrifying chanting scene. glad to see his knack for horror hasn't changed
Mister Dj
Mister Dj Ай мурун
This was way better than north west mansion
Comrade Doofensmirtz
Comrade Doofensmirtz Ай мурун
The thumbnail reminds me of spinel.
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon Ай мурун
I have one thing to say come the end of this video: Damn you, moon!
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon Ай мурун
7:36: "Oh, I don't know, I'm just following up on crossover based rumors, Wade." 7:39: Hmm, maybe KP might have a honorable spot on the possible GF/SvtFoE/Amphibia/TOH crossover, with Randy Cunningham, Penn Zero, Wander over Yonder, and other beloved Disney shows as some bonuses.
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon Ай мурун
5:55: So, does that mean there might be a swap between Amity and Hooty then? Don't ask why, just ask what.
Zayne Isgett
Zayne Isgett Ай мурун
Amphibia's no-hold-bar approach to horror is one of my favorite parts of the show. Generally it is pretty upbeat, but when it gets dark... we see the rotting corpses of our protagonists
Mister Dj
Mister Dj Ай мурун
Which is surprising amphibia is more of a horror comedy than toh Dana seemed to be going for the same thing but toh is more upbeat and goofy than anything
steelhound duncan
steelhound duncan Ай мурун
I didn't even know the episode had Anne and Sprig's skeletons in the end credits. That's just messed up.
______ Ай мурун
Ivy and Sprig kinda gave me Carl and Ellie vibes
Mister Dj
Mister Dj Ай мурун
@Michael Andrei Palon damn I know that movie is dark but that's like describing Santa as the old dirty hobo who breaks into houses and leaves gifts in exchange for vodka and vicodin
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon Ай мурун
As in the poor sterile female dies in the beginning of the film? Is that what you're thinking?
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon Ай мурун
So much for the Blue Moon, I thought it would be a friendly moon but no, it had to be another evil moon just like it's more "romantic" counterpart the Blood Moon! I really hope that Blue Moon that partially showed on that Grom Night isn't evil.
Tweetie Ай мурун
Did anyone else see Marcy after “Haddie” got taken away by the phone in Phone Mo? 😳... no?.. okayy.. just me..
RVA Ай мурун
This was honestly one of my favorite episodes. I’m not even all that into Halloween specials but this one really did it for me.
Hey, i found someone called “Zona tiza” stealing one of your videos, making a copy paste, i sended more info on Twitter
Man of the USA Jones
Man of the USA Jones Ай мурун
They should've brought the Voice Actor of Oogie Boogie to be in this Episode.
brady tuke
brady tuke Ай мурун
I think the last one is very dark for disney, but I don't think it's the darkest disney halloween special.
J Bakker
J Bakker Ай мурун
Do Greg of the creek new season 3
Pookachu150 Ай мурун
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