Emperor Belos DESTROYS The Bat Queen! (The Owl House Theory)

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As The Owl House heads into its first season finale, Luz charges blindly into a fight with Emperor Belos and Lilith! With tragedy being a recurring element in the series, (Such as the truth behind Amity and Willow falling out as revealed in Understanding Willow, or Lilith being the one who cursed Eda as revealed in Agony of a Witch,) could we eventually see the beloved Bat Queen face an untimely demise at the hands of Belos? How did episodes such as Escape from the Palisman potentially setup this storyline? Let's squeeze in one last theory before Young Blood, Old Souls!
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GamerGirl_2000 23 саат мурун
It could make sense that the Bat Queen could be the fallen Titan's Palisman. She said in the episode "Escape of the Palisman", that she was made for a giant, so that giant could be none other than the fallen Titan itself! The Titan could have broken her by accident or intentionally, and because of that, he disgarded her to be forgotten forever. Thousands of years later, the Titan is dead, and the Bat Queen forgot her owner because her memory of him is vague, and she has made her home in the forest to care for broken and forgotten Palisman that have been broken by their owners. So potentially, she could have been the Fallen Titan's Palisman, but that is my theory for it.
Sushi Noodles
Sushi Noodles 8 күн мурун
Theory: emperor balois is a illusion of the giant think about he need magic to keep him alive and also how he can control everything in the palace
other titles
other titles 8 күн мурун
I have a theory that the emperor is a human, that's why he drinks the green juice, and for some reason she can transform into a similar owl beast like Eda
Tomas Alexander
Tomas Alexander 9 күн мурун
Belos is using the Titans powers against its will . Why is he’s chair / kings throne right over the heart ? He’s keeping some part of its magic alive . And using he’s futuristic staff to siphon off the Titans power which is likely already weak . And somehow is also linked to King . Something hints into the titan being put into a state where it’s been separated from it’s own source . Making him smaller and weaker .... (the collar has something to do with reawakening the titan ) With king having the same horns length wise and broken off . Points to the titan maybe splitting a part of himself off . So he won’t be awakened; and used by Belos (Lich) . And seems to point to something along that Belos is trying to reawaken the titan/bat queen is he’s original staff etc with the babies this also points too . And how did Eda get the portal ? She couldn’t of stole it . She likely was entrusted with it - :)
Ioan Vrayden Bagnes
Ioan Vrayden Bagnes 18 күн мурун
Nah the bat queen bealive it or not is too small to be a titans palisman albert is about the hight of edas feet bat quenns is toosmall
Lucy Princess
Lucy Princess 19 күн мурун
Now this theory isn't answered too but I'm gonna drop my prediction I think no he's not gonna destroy the bat queen because 1 The bat queen is super stronger than Emperor Belos we saw he was deafeted by Luz so He can be swept by the bat queen 2 The bat queen has her children, the other palismans, owlbert, Edalyn and king so it's impossible for Emperor Belos to deafeat all of them
Khalif Dargan
Khalif Dargan 21 күн мурун
PLG 26 күн мурун
The owl house season 2 episode 1 will come out on early 2021 on January, February, April or May
Kai Craft
Kai Craft 26 күн мурун
I’m meant live
Kai Craft
Kai Craft 26 күн мурун
Don’t forget the brain that’s important part of the body two let’s have any animal can still life
Gwendolyn Nowlan
Gwendolyn Nowlan 26 күн мурун
I think belos is from another world that's more advanced. he ended up on the boiling isles and he used his science to manipulate the remains of the titan so he can use its magic. i think he is dying or due to being away from home or the titan could be trying to repel him from their world. so the great unity i think is the people from his dimension coming to him. I don't think he actually speaks to the titan i think the titan speaks to the people of the isle through the glyphs. i say this because belos destroyed any witch with wild magic. eda says she doesn't know how old witches did magic. I think the reason no one knows of this or the glyphs is because it's old world magic. Also belos putrefied anyone who knew wild magic. Id consider it a old magic to be the wildest magic because it comes from their nature. . I think season 2 is gonna be alot of fun.
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 27 күн мурун
Belos is the only one that has a palessmen that looks machinic
BooperLooper 27 күн мурун
The Owl House x Attack on Titan conformed lol
Happymasks 28 күн мурун
bat queen is way too influencal in the boiling isle killing her would create turmoil and possibly a small scale war
NoxWyvern Ай мурун
I'm celebrating if my theory of Belos once being a human became true. Why else would he need the magic of the staffs/pala-- I can't spell it, but it might be why he needs supplement magic sources.
Kai Craft
Kai Craft Ай мурун
What did you get a painting with a chessboard with the owl house in it
Aawishkar Sunuwar
Aawishkar Sunuwar Ай мурун
the thing has a broken thingy so i feel liek its suposed to be a staff
Made of Milo
Made of Milo Ай мурун
If Belos kills the Bat Queen, ima kill him!!!
Pete Strong
Pete Strong Ай мурун
The Titan is walking around right here 😂 the emperor is the Titan most likely he is using a puppet curse living in a false hollow body his spirit most likely is fading what I know the puppet curse needs rich RICH life mana that relic he crush most likely held ichor stuff is potent the God of forges used it to make his titan, the color however I have seen in two times either it's old elf magic or licht blood yea licht can bleed it's toxic but it's said it can sustain anyone...for a large price, madness, rage, hate, etc.
Alverant Ай мурун
The Bat Queen is too small to be the talisman of the Titan. Owlbert is barely bigger than Eda's fist. Keeping the same proportion size, a Titan-sized talisman would be bigger than a city block. Also, the talisman consumed was still attached to a (broken) staff and there is none for BQ. Unless Belos finds it.
Del Bryant
Del Bryant Ай мурун
3:44 of it is sans
xRed Firex
xRed Firex Ай мурун
;w; I dont think that bat queen is titan palacment beacuse : look at whole dead titan and look at woods whare bat queen lives- she is a bit to small for being that kind of palacment- look at edas palacment it is size that can sit on her knee- so if bat queen can be some kind of that size of giant- she cant even be size of titan eye- so I dont think that she is titans palacment ( sorry for my english btw- and that is only my opinion )_
Raccoon Gaming
Raccoon Gaming Ай мурун
Hmm so what Im hearing is that the emperor kills palise men and bat queen is a palise men maby the emperor when he takes bat queens essence maby the owner would appear when she does die by the emperor and my guess is the titan that everybody lives on will turn out to be bat queens owner [ not an original comment ]
Max Silvernail
Max Silvernail Ай мурун
where can i wacth this
Titanium Wyvern
Titanium Wyvern Ай мурун
Does ANYONE else find it disturbing that both Belos and Willow Park are the ONLY two witches on the boiling isles we see that can cast magic without a circle? When willow was mad from amity teasing her when we first met those characters, magical thorns just emerged from the ground as her eyes flared green. Seems like magic responds to her emotions. Belos, even though he is very different, also is in tune with might be the titan’s heart, and he can cast magic from out of thin air without using a circle. Maybe also from his emotions?
NOTJOKER 28 Ай мурун
This show reminds me of The novel series "Amulet"
Galaxy Dust
Galaxy Dust Ай мурун
Where do everyone watch there's cuz I haven't seen 0:22 or 0:19? The KGpost series pack didn't show it.
DeadKy Ай мурун
4:26 *The colossal titan* Aot fans : ⊙.☉
Another Week
Another Week Ай мурун
I’m wondering if Belos is actually keeping the titan alive for some reason
Điền Lam
Điền Lam Ай мурун
I hope Belos will win or at the very least achieved his goal
SoggyCookiz Ай мурун
4:26 Ahh yes, the colossal titan
Digi Shade
Digi Shade Ай мурун
2:20 I believe this first part is just something Belos said to gain power after all he condemns the old way witches did magic (the runes Lus uses) along with the non coven witches as wild magic when runes are literally given to those that take the time to find by nature which seems more like the will of the titan than artificially sealing magic so that witches can only use one kind of spell casting
ahmad khairi
ahmad khairi Ай мурун
here is a theory for the bat queen theory:bat queen is the vampire king wife from adventure time just a theory
khile Games
khile Games Ай мурун
If you say colosal titan its abit like attack on titan
Dylan Fletcher
Dylan Fletcher Ай мурун
also I really really reallyyyyy hope the owl house is also somewhat targeted towards more than kids with like a good plot in season 2 as well
Dylan Fletcher
Dylan Fletcher Ай мурун
okay but like the Lilith eda fight was 10/10
BobaTobba Ай мурун
Ok this video has the same idea where the bat queen is a palisman for the titan ;-; Edit: That i also commented on one of thir vids ;-;
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson Ай мурун
While I would love for them to go with the idea that the titan has been talking with the Emperor I don’t think they will go with the idea of the titan being the villain instead having the Emperor being just a lying trickster. As for the titan bat queen idea while I love it do we really need more Disney Orphans.
Gaming With Fire
Gaming With Fire Ай мурун
My question: why does Lilith curse eda
gummy drops
gummy drops Ай мурун
colossal titan, heh.
Crown Penguin
Crown Penguin Ай мурун
The bat queen is my favourite character
tim myers
tim myers Ай мурун
What about Augustus is he ther just to be the black friend or is he more l hope they dont do hem like Disney did finn in star wars
animal jam nightmarefox5
animal jam nightmarefox5 Ай мурун
Bat queen is hideous. She is just nightmare fuel
Amir-ite ?
Amir-ite ? Ай мурун
2:50 Emperor Belos reminds me of Belafu from Made in Abyss here...
The One Eye Triangle
The One Eye Triangle Ай мурун
Well..... Stanford Pines was in another dimension for years and no history was told of that dimension in gravity falls it could be demon dimension.
Kirby Star
Kirby Star Ай мурун
LadyDragoncat Ай мурун
I am surprised that Emperor Belos did not destroy Owlbert when he had the chance. He seems to feed on wild magic, or he could have kept Owlbert handy for constructing the portal somehow.
that one owl house nerd
that one owl house nerd Ай мурун
1:07 look at the door handle :I
Luis Mata
Luis Mata Ай мурун
Let's be honest the 2 titans will meet and only one can remain (doomslayer)
Kirsty Shadowdancer
Kirsty Shadowdancer Ай мурун
I don't know about killing the bat queen. I do Expect at some point Luz and co will be asked by the bat queen to help Re-locate the palismen. To protect them. And that during this time one of the palismen will imprint on Luz, bring out it's old staff and adopt her. Literally like adopting a rescue pup or kitten her first staff will be one of the formerly abused staffs that comes to trust her, but will still have ptsd they'll have to work through..
Fruit Freak
Fruit Freak Ай мурун
i mean like the bat queen is like the size of a couple of full grown trees wouldnt she be to small and maybe its not even the heart of the titan in the emperors throne room cuz i still think that it would be to small to be the titans heart may be the palace they live in was built on the remains of the giant that owned the bat queen i mean the bat queen is around the same size as that heart so its more likely than her being for the titan
Dawn Rosemore
Dawn Rosemore Ай мурун
Am I the only one who thinks that King kinda looks like the titan? And he might have a connection to the titan in some way??
Nazokat Rixsiboeva
Nazokat Rixsiboeva Ай мурун
0:21 "unknown reasons" really there was a reason , she wanted to win the witches dull so she cursed her sister bc she knew that her sister will beat her
데니쇼 Ай мурун
bill cipher on the door 1:07
Mr. LightDash
Mr. LightDash Ай мурун
he kinda sounds like sans if you play it back over over and over again when the video starts
Edwin Dellinger
Edwin Dellinger Ай мурун
Below could be human
Angel. Moon
Angel. Moon Ай мурун
We’d love to see see if we have any questions tomorrow tomorrow morning I I have a time tomorrow morning I have a time
Makyis Smith
Makyis Smith Ай мурун
Hmm when eda attacked Lilith I would call that power O w l. O v e r d r I v e
Night Reverse
Night Reverse Ай мурун
What if he was actually also human? And that’s why he wants the portal?? Idk
Sharon Melter
Sharon Melter Ай мурун
can we take a moment to appreciate how literaly every character is so unique?
Otterax Ай мурун
Honestly in my opinion, the emperor could be the Titans sort of metamorphosis or how certain villains can split into power percents like in Pokémon with zygard? The rest of him could have been split into tiny pieces and mostly destroyed so bellos is all that’s left, idk this is just a theory
lord of bubbles and robots
lord of bubbles and robots Ай мурун
Ok. But what if the bat queen knew the whole time. Like. She knows she'll lose and thus other palisman would. So she protects them. And, even more tragically, despite her knowing that she'll lose, she still fights the good fight (in the future)
SaltStop Ай мурун
If he got bat queens special magic juice imagine how hard he would crash though
Olive Parmesan
Olive Parmesan Ай мурун
Is it just me or is the heart thing and the bat queen both too small for the titan. If anything, the green heart thing is a very deflated bile sack of the titan and the bay Queen is a palisman for a regular old giant.
gabrielrynard Ай мурун
Does anyone think that the emperor is a giraffe and is trying to bring his people back?
Muhammad Soleh
Muhammad Soleh Ай мурун
"Wait, Sans defeated Toriel that has wings in this timeline? Wierd..." -Frisk
Raymond Madden
Raymond Madden Ай мурун
why did the season end off at 19 eps
Fronnie x_plays
Fronnie x_plays Ай мурун
What episode was that 0:05
Nevertoleave Ай мурун
I definitely think the bat queen was the talisman for the titan. I would be surprised if she wasn’t. But this show does keep surprising me. Stories don’t go the way I always expect them which is definitely interesting
Sir Ditmar Dunkel
Sir Ditmar Dunkel Ай мурун
Interesting theory. But I think Belos can only use the weird liquid inside the palismans when they´re still srewed on the staff. As we see he cuts open a palisman where the staff was broken off. So I think he won´t be able to use the liquid of palismans that are still alive hence the bat queen is useless to him. Yet...
Ninjay 204
Ninjay 204 Ай мурун
The bat queen is big, but i don't think she is big enough to be on the giant's staff, probably something like Emperor Belos' original staff if the one he used isn't his original staff
Oh there was a reason why Edas sister cursed her Because she wanted to be in the coven and knew she would stand no chance against Eda so she cursed her to win but thought it would be for a day
MAX CREED Ай мурун
The thing just i dont like is to much worshiping No offense huh
❤︎ ᴘɪɴᴋɪᴇ ❤︎
❤︎ ᴘɪɴᴋɪᴇ ❤︎ Ай мурун
What if Belos is just the Titan or something?
Koocl Gaming
Koocl Gaming Ай мурун
Koocl Gaming
Koocl Gaming Ай мурун
He could be an illusion because he can never be hit he just melts
Nola Barie
Nola Barie Ай мурун
I agree with you.
Danielle Heberling
Danielle Heberling Ай мурун
I think once the bat queen remembers what became of her owner aka the Titan, the emperor will be called out on his bs, a full on anarchy from the citizens of the isles will break out and the gang with the bat queen will knock him off his perch. I for one am not convinced he can talk to a giant pile of bones anymore than I can 😜
Boobrie Ай мурун
I dont really think the emperor can talk to the island or that he is lying about what it says.
Midnight Darkness
Midnight Darkness Ай мурун
If we look at the palisman that Belos crushes in AOAW, we can see that it looks like the palisman was just broken off the staff whilst is was dormant. Assuming that that palisman belonged to one of the captive covenless witches, that would imply that Belos needs palismans that belong to witches, instead of just any palisman. That would mean that the bat queen would be useless to him as technically, she is no longer a palisman/belongs to a witch anymore.
The Galaxy Avatar
The Galaxy Avatar Ай мурун
I have a theory emperor belos uses covens to take other witch’s and wizards powers to make him more powerful to use the portal to use his powers to take over the human realm
Ryan Hernandez
Ryan Hernandez Ай мурун
I believe belos doesn't use magic, but instead developed tools/tech( like his helmet/ staff for example) to use multiple magics without breaking his own single coven rule. Still don't know for sure why he was filling his eyes with palism fluid, but he's ethier cursed, and is using it to negate the effects, or is using it to extend his life. Might even be using it to heal himself of a perminant injury inflicted on him if he indeed killed the titan
Artastic_ Friend
Artastic_ Friend Ай мурун
I’m so shook after the finale
Team Explorers
Team Explorers Ай мурун
Finally someone said it
Andraž Kobler
Andraž Kobler Ай мурун
the bat queen isn't big enough to have belonged to the titan
Shoto Toderoki
Shoto Toderoki Ай мурун
:The bat queen was the palisman for non other than the COLOSSAL TITAN! :sageyo wo sageyo shinso wo sageyo Attack on titan fans get the joke
GC Abraham Bagas
GC Abraham Bagas Ай мурун
The Titan is Bill Cipher or Emperer Bellows, just saying... -RLFilms
Samuel Arce
Samuel Arce Ай мурун
Baba yaga a witch with a house that have leges of chikens
Thadboy Ай мурун
I think the Bat Queen is definitely the Titan’s old palisman, and if that’s the case, I think Belos probably wouldn’t kill her because he claims to speak to the Titan, BUT if he does kill her, it would be the thing that finally turned the Titan against him, and might even bring the Titan fully back to life.
Kiernan Fay
Kiernan Fay Ай мурун
I don't think the bat queen is big enough to be the talisman of the boiling titan
N.J. Ruby
N.J. Ruby Ай мурун
I feel like we have a The Speaker from Destiny moment that may happen with Belos. “I speak for the Titan. I never said it spoke to me."
Gloria Alba
Gloria Alba Ай мурун
SPOILER WARNING IF YOU NOT SEEN EP 19 In ep 19 we see belos wanting the door that leads to the human realm and he made the door and in the end of the ep we see him trying to make another one My theory is he wants revenge on humans why because he use to like wild magic when he was younger like in his 20s and he wanted to teach magic to other realms so he made the door and went to the human realm he showed his magic but the humans were freaked out and said it's weird and not only that tried to kill belos he went back to his realm and thought for a minute should he stop magic then he made covens thanks to the humans traumatizing him now he wants revenge on humans for making him forbid wild magic
gloria Tenorio
gloria Tenorio Ай мурун
And yes all that is English ⬇️
gloria Tenorio
gloria Tenorio Ай мурун
Yu-gi-oh duel between me and emperor belos coming soon.stay toon it’s gonna get Brutal lots of destruction between duel monsters and a whole lot of fast heart beat Racing it will be epic and we will all see who’s stronger me or emperor belos🐉🐉🐉⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥🔥🔥🔥🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪🖤🖤🖤🖤⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️🖤🖤🖤🖤
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING Ай мурун
Roundtable: batqueen might be killed Diseny about to suggest that focefully: well now I don't wanna
Katrina Streety
Katrina Streety Ай мурун
Yoooo remember when hooty had his head in one of the emperors coven goons..... and then there was a owl person behind the emperor thats.... hooty
BashyJames Ай мурун
I have a theory that the emperor is human and I have proof in ep 18 you see the emperor drinking or eating something the was green and in ep 4 era shows luz what the witch heart looks like and there a green sack called the magic bile sack I think the emperor stays a witch by drinking or eating what Evers inside of the bile sack also in ep 18 emperor belos is weak until he eats or drinks the green stuff Pls read this and give me a shoutout
Jacob Dupree
Jacob Dupree Ай мурун
I feel like King is going to die
Harry To
Harry To Ай мурун
Luz’s cape has wind indoors.
Hope Gentry
Hope Gentry Ай мурун
I love the idea of him gaining certain magic after eating certain palsmans , I think belos is a human who came to the boiling isle but didn’t discover glyphs like luz, but instead learned magic through consuming it somehow, but it’s only temporary so he began to do more and more evil things to gain magic, including eating palsmans of real witches, but so he wouldnt be persecuted for it, THATS why he made covens in the first place, so he could eat the magic from “wild witches” who he made seem dangerous and criminal so no one would oppose him.
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