Every Infinity Train Death DEEPER MEANING Explained! (Books 1-3)

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Infinity Train is one of the most brutal shows produced by Cartoon Network and frankly hosted on HBO Max! The show has no qualms with putting characters on the chopping block, going all the way with an irreversible death. However, these deaths are more than just shock value, they all tend to have a deeper meaning or narrative purpose in each Book! So going through all 3 books, we're touching on every death, and all the heart breaking moments with characters such as Tulip, One One, Atticus, Amelia, MT, Jesse, Grace, Simon, Hazel and Tuba!
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Jace D.
Jace D. 21 саат мурун
we love the LGBT representation here
Kyra Wilson
Kyra Wilson Күн мурун
Me: Simon is a clinical narcissist who is a full on murderer and tried to kill his best friend in the world. He is the epitome of blaming your actions on your trauma and if I met a person like him in real life I would hate him. Also Me: .... He's kind of hot tho
EntityFox Күн мурун
he blew up and his face fell on the floor :) ... funny
h-roid blues
h-roid blues 3 күн мурун
I honestly loved the mirror police dynamic. I wanted the best for them but I guess he had to go
J00T J00T
J00T J00T 4 күн мурун
I just remember that Simon's eyeballs melt, that is the most anxiety I've had
Татьяна Ситникова
Татьяна Ситникова 5 күн мурун
The shows getting darker with every season... Book 3 destroyed me mentally. Im in agony guys 😫😫😫
Feliciano Mazoio
Feliciano Mazoio 6 күн мурун
Tuba's Funeral was the most sentimental for me!
MewMew27 7 күн мурун
The Infinity Train is like "The Polar Express" and "Snowpiercer" combined.
Collin Lewis
Collin Lewis 7 күн мурун
Everytime i hear ashley johnsons voice all i think about is ellie from tlou
Charlie Broadway
Charlie Broadway 8 күн мурун
3 book what
LummieWolf Gameing
LummieWolf Gameing 8 күн мурун
Yeah yeah but my favorite character is still Allan Dracula so
charlotte the great
charlotte the great 9 күн мурун
Tuba's death *broke* me. I wanted Simon to die, but then his death broke me too.
皮安娜 9 күн мурун
i remember sobbing and choking when atticus died. i was in the car while we were camping and i think my parents thought i was insane
lian worthy
lian worthy 10 күн мурун
Season 3 was the best season for me. Tubas death had me in tears. Especially as they sang her song. Ugh!! I didn’t celebrate Simons death either. I didn’t like him but I wanted him to get better cause I knew he wasn’t just bad cause he was a bad person but because he was ignorant. I prefer people to suffer when they are aware their doing something wrong and still do it but not when they don’t. I feel like that’s the saddest way to go
ERroR 453
ERroR 453 10 күн мурун
Whe any one is dead in a show I am like "I've felt worse"
dingo rat
dingo rat 13 күн мурун
I was rlly dumb and i thought Atticus was ameila's husband who turnt into a dog. And that's why he said he was a good man.
hooty 14 күн мурун
*the kids watching Simon getting turned into ashes: 🧍‍♀️🧍‍♂️🧍*
Scorbunny Star Alicia
Scorbunny Star Alicia 16 күн мурун
Can I just say I freaking Love this show
Cortez Films
Cortez Films 17 күн мурун
Simons death had the highest impact on me. His death made me feel petty for him, and when it’s was stated he had narcissistic personality disorder. It all just clicked.
Gabe PL
Gabe PL 18 күн мурун
2-lip's gotta tip toe through between the tuliped garden locomotive coaches, vans and trucks !!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha👄👄🌷🌷👧🚆🚅🚄🚇🚃🚶Ⓜ🚈🚇🚏
Gabe PL
Gabe PL 18 күн мурун
Yeah yeah, nothing but pathetic humor
Sterben1942 19 күн мурун
For me the most relatable death was the lizard, mostly because it’s the most realistic buy I somehow feel a connection to my uncles death
Verdant 22 күн мурун
Is that nick valentine?
Dovley Hutchinson
Dovley Hutchinson 22 күн мурун
To add to this anyone ever realised the Adventure Time episode Dungeon Train shares allot of similarities with Infinity Train
MythicalCrystal 22 күн мурун
For Simon-- I was SO SAD when he died! I shipped him with Grace *HARD* but I did notice it seemed like they were growing apart and he seemed like a nagging background character- But I was so upset
Demonte Clair
Demonte Clair 22 күн мурун
Tbf the mirror police where just doing a job while being pretty fucked yeah but you can't blame them
Connor Prince
Connor Prince 23 күн мурун
960k dude not bad
megan prajogo
megan prajogo 24 күн мурун
Wow they met and then met again then i feel there will be s4 because some one still on the infinity train
Chelsea xoxo
Chelsea xoxo 24 күн мурун
I've been watching clips and this seems epic. Where the hell can I watch it????!
Mayra Valero
Mayra Valero 25 күн мурун
MRGLASS _phantom
MRGLASS _phantom 26 күн мурун
Mr x
Moira McEvoy
Moira McEvoy 26 күн мурун
I thought Tuba's death was depressing.But what made it more depressing was watching Hazel being super depressed."I'll be Tuba." 😭😭😭
Artlyssa72000 G
Artlyssa72000 G 27 күн мурун
Honestly, Simon’s death hit hard. Not in like he was my favorite character, but the fact it was so brutal and he was so broken it was just like “Woah they did that and I think that’s that” it just made me go quiet and think about his character a lot which is probably what the writers were going for but dang. He was a really well written character and that’s nothing to sneeze at, usually when a character death doesn’t initiate either a super sad reaction or satisfied cheer afterwords it’s usually like “Oh well the character didn’t do much for the plot and didn’t have a story or personality” but that wasn’t the case and I found that really interesting. Idk man it was just intense lol
Crazy Foxy
Crazy Foxy 27 күн мурун
simon é o tipo de personagem que eu quero dar um murro mas depois um abraço ele é um fudido e coitado.
OOF_your_dead 28 күн мурун
Your a good boy, IM A GOOD MAN
Sam Barham
Sam Barham 28 күн мурун
Some kid: I killed my pet Lizard... Lake: That’s cute. Simon: That’s cute. Amelia: That’s cute. Alan Dracula: That’s cute.
Āçxę Trāçę
Āçxę Trāçę 28 күн мурун
Hol up, TUBA WAS A GIRL?!?!
Āçxę Trāçę
Āçxę Trāçę 27 күн мурун
blueberry coffee the dutchy damn
blueberry coffee the dutchy
blueberry coffee the dutchy 27 күн мурун
Yeah they call her she/her in the show-
LowTier 369
LowTier 369 28 күн мурун
Simon's death had me shaking when I saw it. I was even spoiled on it and it still hit me in the ass
Desepted62w⸻RUisn 29 күн мурун
Petition for Infinity train to air on toonami at 1 :15-1 :45
Shelli Upshaw
Shelli Upshaw 29 күн мурун
I just finished all the seasons today. OK someone lied to me. This is not a kids show. I was so 😲 when Simon was killed off. Season 3 make me call the most. I hope this show is not cancelled
Anne Lamberton
Anne Lamberton Ай мурун
*infinty train gives me chills*
Travis Ай мурун
"We all hated Mace" Some people disagree
Chamunda TheBad
Chamunda TheBad Ай мурун
in a world entirely subjective what does it mean to be justified?
Shade Thedra
Shade Thedra Ай мурун
What you call psychological torture seems more like harsh truths to me. The train cars and all the denizens are there to help humans with their emotional baggage. Lake abandoned her job and tried to leave the one person she was meant to help imprisoned in the Chrome Car. Mace also had a point when he brings up what would happen if she actually made it to the human world. As a metal person, she can't possibly hope to have a normal life. It's more likely that the government would take her and cut her open on a lab table. She only had a goal of reaching the human world, but she gave no thought as to how she could get there or the consequences of actually achieving that goal. That determination that drove her to kill in cold blood is blind determination. Lake has done untold damage to herself and the worlds around her all so she could chase fantasy after fantasy.
Percival Ай мурун
ngl, quite frankly, the writers are kinda. ableist to people with actual NPD in their tweets tbh. also, conflating empathy with compassion is a no-go, compassion is the thing you need. some people have conditions that make empathy a little bit fucky, burnout exists, several things like that. empathy is not required to be a decent human being. compassion, however, is.
R Clark
R Clark Ай мурун
While I think Simon's death was portrayed excellently, I kind of wished he hadn't died so quickly after he reached his lowest point. It was like killing off the villain once they reached their final form. This by no means ruined anything. I just wished we got to see this truly evil Simon longer, and to see him have to live with the consequences of his actions before he died. But what we got was spectacularly done as well
Rebecca the art girl 1
Rebecca the art girl 1 Ай мурун
I cried for Tuba
BloodyPocky15 Ай мурун
Simon is the metaphor for an abusive person. Not all people are worthy of forgiveness, and not all people are worthy of redemption. Kipo also touches on this topic. Simon is the idea of becomes an evil person. A person the world is better off with. The idea of human empathy is the understanding the Narcisstic Personality Disorder is a Mental Health Disorder, but some would say the world would be better off from a world of evil people, but often when we are around evil people we learn amazing things. Grace learned a lot through being around both Hazel and Simon. Which allows Grace to question her narrative to wonder if her decisions are right or wrong. Instead of making a Villian of Simon, since this is a kids show. You're taught humanity when you see Simon pyche break in a negative way. Instead of Grace or another hero standing up to him. Fate does. Often teaching the lesson of many philoshpers and prophets who may have stated that fate will be judge, jury and executioner. You then learn what happens to people like Simon on the train. The train has a metaphysical system in place to gauarentee the safety of the passengers from someone such as Simon. This was the audience isn't taught revenge, but is taught not everyone wants to be saved or wants to change. It seems like a lot of children shows are touching on these very adult topics in very nuances ways. If you haven't seen Kipo. I'd most definately recommened it. It really touches on this new age trope. That allows use to understand not everyone is worthy of saving and not everyone wants to change. Sometimes an enemy is just an enemy not a friend you haven't made yet.
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING Ай мурун
Amelia reminds me of SCP-682. It looks like a robotic 682.
Josefina Hirschfeld
Josefina Hirschfeld 25 күн мурун
I thought the same thing too lol
Sans vi Brittania
Sans vi Brittania Ай мурун
Fan theory: What if Ulrich is a passenger ?? JK
Sebastian Zhu
Sebastian Zhu Ай мурун
Simon killing tuba is acceptable I get him
RambleAnimations Ай мурун
Is this a good cartoon network show that ISNT Steven Universe?
riddler Willison
riddler Willison 13 күн мурун
Yes, Many actually
Rebecca the art girl 1
Rebecca the art girl 1 Ай мурун
Y e s i t i s
AngryAnimeFan - The Despair Reviewer
AngryAnimeFan - The Despair Reviewer Ай мурун
Who woudl have thought that the villain fo Season 3 actually could be so detailed. A train fo Deperssion, and we all do fear it. I fear confroting myself. maybe cause I do not udnerstand of when one knows. But I agree with what they say, in the end Simons tragic situation is what caused his end. Could he have been redeemed? Proabably not, but not all are Complete Monsters. Some are just tragic villians that cannot be reasoned with.
Amanda Shepard
Amanda Shepard Ай мурун
Never seen infinity train but oml
Notorious D.I.G.
Notorious D.I.G. Ай мурун
I was shocked that apparently the mirror cops were romantic with each other. While I don't discourage such relationships, I thought it would be more convincing that the 2 were brothers-at-arms and that explained their connection. Mostly because their connection seems a more professional and line-of-duty like. Either way, you still get the "You killed my PARTNER" moment so I guess it really doesn't matter.
K C Moon
K C Moon Ай мурун
I'll be honest, I am a little disappointed with how Simon got away with it. I mean don't get me wrong but he kinda deserves it, but I thought it ended too quickly and he deserves worse. Its like when a criminal got away with a crime by committing suicide. Hes dead but he still got away with it.
Dragonbro91 Ай мурун
the deeper meaning is politics the * mirror * creatures is just an excuse for white guys,then the mirror chick becomes a skin head meh bad, then finally the writers force the white guy to go bat shit crazy against all common sense and relationships and tries to kill the diversity chick witch WAS THE LEADER by default the worst one let alone the one that started it all.
Brilchan Ай мурун
I think that it's canonical that Atticus died trying to get back to his cart after his adventure with Tulip, so he did die just not on screen.
FlyingSchweenies Ай мурун
Nah I don’t think so because the corgis in the turtle car in season 3 suggests that he both got to the corgis and got back to the turtle cart.
Blake Bushnell
Blake Bushnell Ай мурун
Aw man ghoms not train police....
TheCaliMack Ай мурун
When Simon dies, you can see yhose tear streaks running down his eyes as he dissolves.
Skylar Harpy
Skylar Harpy Ай мурун
Mace’s death hit the hardest for me since it was the first, and was visually BRUTAL. Tuba is a close second. The lizard messed me up something fierce because THAT WASN’T A FICTIONAL DENIZEN, THATS A REAL LIZARD IN A VERY REAL SCENARIO and with a little lizard of my own it got me so freaked out. Sieve is next bc it was animated so beautifully. Sadly, Simon is last for me. It was so quick and I was already reeling from Grace being pushed off the train, the visually stunning scene of Simon losing it, and the reveal that Grace SURVIVED (thru a deus ex machina that i’m a teeny bit peeved over) so there was no time to breathe and digest what had happened and so it lost any emotional response it could’ve gotten if it was spaced out a bit more. Anyways I believe in infinity train supremacy.
Ari Graal
Ari Graal Ай мурун
Where can i watch infinity train for free?
Nerdiestyt Ай мурун
Finally an infinity train discusser you earned a subscriber
Lion catsu
Lion catsu Ай мурун
“I thought this was a kids sHow” Su, infinity train, gravity falls and she-ra: ****Ha you thought****
mew SP_on23567
mew SP_on23567 Ай мурун
so it is ok to graphically kill a mirror humanoid and show the whole death, twice. but showing a gorilla dying on screen is crossing the line?
Zerda Quil
Zerda Quil Ай мурун
This show is way too underrated
HappyThumbs Gaming
HappyThumbs Gaming Ай мурун
Because cartoon network don't advise this show good.
NoirRaven Ай мурун
"without it necessarily being anyone's direct fault," *immediately shows the cat* Are you trying to be purposefully ironic? If it wasn't for Samantha, Simon wouldn't have met Grace and he wouldn't have been influenced by her. Yes, Simon took things too literally and became a zealot but that doesn't erase either Samantha or Grace's responsibility.
Sovereign of Sabers
Sovereign of Sabers Ай мурун
When I was a kid, I had a pet iguana who was sick when we got her. One day she just died. It was horrible traumatic to me for years, I couldn't understand how and why it happened. I didn't even fully understand death. So that scene really got to me. I remembered hugging my mom and sobbing, the funeral I made for the lizard, how I'd wake up crying in the morning after having dreamed about her all night. It was one of my first experiences with grief, and being exposed to the fact that every single one of us, even animals, can die.
Latioswar R
Latioswar R 14 күн мурун
Yh killing animals by accident makes you feel guilty
A Gilroy
A Gilroy Ай мурун
I do hope they explore more of Grace's story in the next season. What happens to a person who's been on the train for literal years? Do they get sent back to their original age before they boarded the train? Or do they come back to a world where they've been missing? Which fate is worse/more complicated? Going back in the body of a child and having the adult mindset, trying to pretend you're not a 20 year old in a ten year old body? Or going back as is, and dealing with a world that has moved on without you?
Cyrus Bates
Cyrus Bates Ай мурун
One thing I kind of want to find out is what would happen to a child born on the train I don't mean how Hazel is, I mean like two adults having a child together and being born on the train. Like what would the rules for that be? Would they stay on the train, be considered a denasen, or just a normal child without a number? What would happen if one or both parents finally left throuh their own door, would/could the child follow or would they be left on the train?
Mix and Match
Mix and Match 25 күн мурун
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels Ай мурун
Trinston was here. .
Levan Giorgadze
Levan Giorgadze Ай мурун
Tbh it simon who put in her had the idea that you're supposed to have a high number when he asked her how she got her number so high. We actually don't whether or nor she was trying to get it down or if she had her own denizen but from that point her number alongside his only went up.
Mei Mei Andersen
Mei Mei Andersen Ай мурун
Something I really liked about Simon’s character was that despite the fact that he hated the cat, he still went to her for guidance and consolidation. Even if his motivations were led by wanting something from the cat, it’s obvious that he still thought of her as someone who would be there for him when Grace was drifting away. Also the fact that he noted that the cat was “collecting again” with that tired, yet concerned tone, indicates that he still worried about her. At least enough to know her sensibilities and habits throughout his time in the train. I think his relationship with the cat says so much about him as a person, because the cat was the subject of his denizen-trauma. But also someone who acted as his guardian, which we also see from her. She lets Grace, Hazel and Simon stay in her car because she still has a soft spot for Simon, and she sighs and helps him when he seeks her out. Despite only being able to offer her, as she is, with her flaws. Their relationship reminds me a lot of a parent/child, with a parent who has let down their child, despite good intentions. And the child, now an adult, can’t accept in their mind that their parent acted with love because the outcome was devastating for the child. But the child also acknowledges the parent as someone who they can lean on in hard times, despite not trusting them or getting along. It’s really such a shame that the two couldn’t figure out a way to work through the trauma together. Now they’re two grown ups who think it’s tough to see each other at the grocery store. It’s a very good portrait of the distanced relationship between parent and child, I think and honestly very relatable to me, at least.
Just corn
Just corn Ай мурун
Pls doni call me out like that.........
Lo_ Nami
Lo_ Nami Ай мурун
I feel like they'll top Simon's death somehow.....
TwitchyTopHat Ай мурун
I think I know why Simon was on the train in the first place that might also add to the abandonment issues. Perhaps a parent or other close family member died. There's a moment in the campfire car where Simon describes a funeral as saying a bunch of stuff and the "a bunch if annoying neighbors brining casseroles over" which is such an oddly specific details to use to describe a funeral unless you've been to one.
BarkTheCards Gacha life
BarkTheCards Gacha life Ай мурун
One I’m happy a bad guy can actually die for once, two why tf is the only gay characters bad guy and die? That ain’t gonna fly
Koocl Gaming
Koocl Gaming Ай мурун
I mean in all fairness it is a kid horror
Atrius Ай мурун
I'd like to point out that I think we've seen the purple lightning that occurs just prior to Simon's death somewhere else: When you get an exit door, there's a storm. The gomes exist for a reason, and one flying onto the train right there by pure chance is a bit strange; I think the train gave him his exit.
SpiritusC Ай мурун
I think the Gomes were a mistake, we do see that they have their own orb. However I don't think we actually see them get pulled towards the car when lake and mace were making their escape. So they aren't bound to it like the denizens. Maybe there are two versions of the gomes. The one that was made by the train, and the passengers that were turned into gomes. Them eating, could also be how they multiply. So simon might be a gome now.
Mavi Olhagaray
Mavi Olhagaray Ай мурун
We all have to admit, yeah we were completely shocked with simon's death but we were also very happy that he died 😌😌
Mylex G
Mylex G Ай мурун
so this is like tower of god?
Brian's Thought
Brian's Thought Ай мурун
I don't owe anyone anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
peter van dijk
peter van dijk Ай мурун
spongeson uwu
spongeson uwu Ай мурун
Tuba’s death fucked me up so baddddd 😭😭😭😭 I was numb when Simon died but looking bad I feel sad for him 8/ still hate his guts tho
Zachary Yamashita
Zachary Yamashita Ай мурун
SIMOM’s death 💀 was well deserved after what he did to Tuba, best death ever 😈👹
First name Last name
First name Last name Ай мурун
Ugh the third season would have been amazing like the first two seasons if it wasn’t for the inclusion of Hazel as a character and her excruciating voice. She ruined every scene she was in and the story with Tuba could have been way better without her.
Resting Well
Resting Well Ай мурун
All in all, Simon’s death got to me the most, but less only because of the darker content we see and the brutal delivery of it, but specifically his number at the end, when he pushes Grace off the train. He goes through all the stages of grief but slips and seems to fall into some form of near-insanity near the end. He thinks that he’s unstoppable, that he’s all powerful now, but all he is is consumed by the number on his body, and then by the Gohm that does him in. Frankly, it’s terrifying
Reina Amaturi
Reina Amaturi Ай мурун
I wonder how Samantha the cat is gonna react to Simon's death? Maybe she blames Grace?
SpiritusC Ай мурун
She might blame herself, I think her character is that she regrets what happened in the boxcar. She regrets abandoning Simon, so she spent her time under Amelia's rule trying to find Simon. However after so long she completely gave up hope of ever seeing him again. Yet seeing him again with grace, who was part of a group that terrorizes the rest of the train. Just crushed her, and when he came back again for help. She saw how lost he's became and she knows for sure how the numbers work.
Zachary Yamashita
Zachary Yamashita Ай мурун
Samantha probably wouldn’t care less, Simon brought all that negativity on himself.
Vevencio Torres (124vevtorr)
Vevencio Torres (124vevtorr) Ай мурун
Infinity train? More like DEATH Train. No? Ok... I'll leave...
Archie Robinson
Archie Robinson Ай мурун
Off-screen death Death that gets reversed Bad guy denizen death(s) Good guy denizen death Bad guy passenger death ...good guy passenger death?
jake Melendez
jake Melendez Ай мурун
Ooof i never watched that cartoon
Marc Blankenstein
Marc Blankenstein Ай мурун
Was i only one Who got realy sad about the lizard
VestersAlley Ай мурун
the iguana died for our sins
Throw a Chair
Throw a Chair Ай мурун
I’d also like to point out when Simon is talking about funerals that he said “there’s no annoying neighbors with casseroles.” This implies he knows firsthand what funeral aftermaths are like, and has experienced loss outside of the train-In other words, he was on the train to deal with that loss, which may have manifested in losing Samantha
???? Ай мурун
If there's a Book Four, wouldn't it be cool if it revolved around the train rejectjng One-One and sending out robots or something to reset or replace him, since in the interview on the Infinity Train Book One DVD for The Unfinished Car it is said that One-One used to just be a single cold, logical robot called One, but when Amelia ripped him out of the control panel and he lost his memories he split his personality to help with the loneliness of The Snow Car. Would Amelia and Hazel try to save him? Due to Amelia's actions One-One is permanently damaged and Hazel lives a disturbed life without a place in the world, but all of that is because Amelia is damaged too, and the real lesson that will get her off the train will be making sure One-One learns to live with and grow from his damage instead of resetting back to the status quo like she tried to do, which left One-One and Hazel as they are. I think the train will want to delete Hazel too, since she's like a virus, spreading a glitch in the train's code, causing phone booths, college campuses, and turtles to appear in every car she passes through. Even if the turtle transformations are untreatable, I have a feeling Amelia would at least be able to reencode her enough to stop her from spreading a glitch. Hazel and Amelia both see themselves as mistakes, and I have a feeling One-One does too (at least, Sad-One does), but as they traverse the train they could learn that you can't always fix your problems, but you can always learn from them. And if Amelia exits the train, Hazel could stay with One-One, or maybe even Grace, whatever she's up to. Unless, of course, One-One actually does get reset, and technically dies, which would be particularly upsetting since we've known him since the first episode. But I wouldn't put it past them.
Pampered Aliens
Pampered Aliens Ай мурун
I thought this show was new when I found a post about it on Instagram....wow there's so much going on
Bob Kane
Bob Kane Ай мурун
Buddy this not extreme. Read Gantz. Not the anime or movie, but the whole original book run. It will rip you out of your sheltered life and blow your mind.
Dethbool Ай мурун
Tuba needs a come back.
Damien Sheets
Damien Sheets Ай мурун
It took 3 rewatches but i finally realized that the musical number from the beginning of book three was jessie's song from book two and it said jessie's name on the sign in front of the stage.
SpiritusC Ай мурун
I felt so bad for the musical car. It would be nice if they do in book four, having Grace with the help of the rest of her group. Going back to some of the cars they wrecked and patching things up with the Denizens they terrorized.
MUBARK Qhtan Ай мурун
Simon of course
Ali Darwish
Ali Darwish Ай мурун
Simon is like azula. They both became crazy
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The Roundtable
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My Massive iPhone 12 Pro Unboxing!
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GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest
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Jimmy Kimmel on Trump and Biden’s Final Debate
Jimmy Kimmel Live
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