How Space Beth Will CONTROL Rick & Morty Season 5!

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4 ай мурун

Rick and Morty Season 4 concluded with the introduction of Space Beth, but entering season 5, how will this alternate, possible clone Beth make a meaningful difference on the world and atmosphere of the series? Although most imagine we may not get a serialized overarching season, there's plenty of ways Space Beth can be utilized in an episodic format!
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I_KILL_PHILL 64 2 ай мурун
Hello internet welcome to rick and morty theorists. Were we have rick and morty theorys. MMM only real people understand that not so Subtle reference.
Raven Zombie
Raven Zombie 3 ай мурун
Spoiler... space Beth is evil mortys mom...
Henk Schultz
Henk Schultz 3 ай мурун
i Hate them adding her no more rick and morty adventures
uniraffesaur 3 ай мурун
Space Beth was one of the best things they did. I LOVE her.
Abel Rivera
Abel Rivera 3 ай мурун
I'm just gonna say it, it wasn't a good season
Arasuning.Diamond B3auty
Arasuning.Diamond B3auty 3 ай мурун
Space Beth is OBVIOUSLY the real Beth ✨
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien 4 ай мурун
I really hope Beth or even gets To have another child which would be female to make Morty and older brother because I really want him to be also I would like and have an older sister and younger sister to be good
Stephen C
Stephen C 4 ай мурун
I want to see a space Jerry spinoff
Riley Ostrander
Riley Ostrander 4 ай мурун
That's not C-137 Beth
CocaColaCausesEbola 4 ай мурун
Am I the only one sad about there not being Mr. Poopy Butthole at the end of the finale 😭😭😭
Raheem Zawolo
Raheem Zawolo 4 ай мурун
No she won't
Stick world Animated
Stick world Animated 4 ай мурун
I think its cringe
Ovy B.
Ovy B. 4 ай мурун
She can’t stay. She will die. I don’t want her to but she will.
Tim Adams
Tim Adams 4 ай мурун
We can know that if Rick is C137 Rick, the planet they use now is not C137
Tim Adams
Tim Adams 4 ай мурун
This Beth is not C137 Beth, C137 was abandoned
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien 4 ай мурун
Have morty have a younger sister
v2_ 4 ай мурун
don't bring back the vindicators. they fucking sucked.
Dy Hong Siong Carlos Miguel S.
Dy Hong Siong Carlos Miguel S. 4 ай мурун
Imagine Space Jerry exist.....
Hirini Stewart
Hirini Stewart 4 ай мурун
Fan theories don't matter anymore Rick and Morty destroyed them
Iordanne 4 ай мурун
i bet we never see her again, season 5 will follow a brand new rick and morty.
Stephen Baldwin
Stephen Baldwin 4 ай мурун
this made me think so this is going to be rambling and only tangentally connected to the video. you have been warned ;) so Rick started season one as a being in his own power. smartest guy in the galaxy, technomancer wizard and wot-not. and the rest of the family was basically some average joes. the first 3 seasons focused on Morty learning from rick and becoming both Jaded and smart, a competent sidekick that by the 4th season goes off on his own adventures, defies rick and is basically been there, done that with scifi adventures. so at the fourth series Morty is becoming separate to rick, we've seen him grow and become powerful. the rest of the family has grown over seasons 1-3 but they have not had the spotlight as much as Morty has. lets talk about Beth. season three started the Beth clone era, and that really rocketed her into the forefront of our minds. as fans we thought about, theorised and tried to work out the riddle and the pay off for it was Space Beth. and holy moly there was a lot of development for beth when this arc came up, it highlighted her duality, where her doubts came from and deepened our understanding of who she is, but it also effected the family dynamic profoundly. the end of season 3 and throughout season 4 we see how a settled and happy domestic wife Beth acts and thinks, and we find a good hearted caring badass was always bubbling under the surface, and the wine drinking sadness of earlier seasons and the bitterness towards her children she used to have is gone. this is great character writing as it confirms that it was her fear and uncertainty about her decision to stay. this made housewife beth a happier, more rounded person and lets her be her best self. meanwhile the other half of the coin, space beth dissapeared until the end of season four. which was an excellent decision. it gave us, the viewer the time to get used to and attached to Housekeeper beth as the shows only mom, and at the same time gave Space beth the time to diverge from who she was significantly, so she is definitely her own character we will have to get to know over seasons 5+ so, this is all pretty much in line with the video, but i wanted to pull up Summer and Jerry in the light of the way first Morty and then Beth got spotlit character arcs and grew as people. what changes has summer gone through since season 1? they made a joke about it this season. She got a toothpick. a freaking toothpick! thats it. Jerry is in a similar light, we knew he was an inneffective little turd from season one, we have seen that he wants respect but never earns it and we know that he just fucking hates rick being defacto patriarch because he feels that he should be. what changed? nothing. we've had his character confirmed and confirmed over the seasons, occasionally he tries to help, but its really just luck if its effective rather than him actually improving himself.... so what i want to see next season is a focus on the new dynamic of an extra family member. have like 4 episodes with each beth, three classic rick and morty standalone's and one off the wall out of nowhere side character episode. and really focus at least the B plot in half the episodes to be about how Space Beth effects the other members of the family. the episode where Space beth needs to break her crew out of Space prison but Rick is not home so Morty steps up and helps with his own first set of Scifi gear. The episode where HouseBeth helps Summer get a boyfriend and then Spacebeth pulls a Rick and manipulates the boyfriend into showing how much of an asshole he is and leaving Summer hurt, but not trapped. the episode where Jerry meets Kronenburgworld Jerry and realises he could be something better than he is... and gets Spacebeth to help him do it. and then SpaceBeth does a Rick and just cheats by giving Jerry and Intersect like in Chuck. the episode where it turns out Morty has actually been an agent of Evil morty encouraging the family to avoid, dismiss and basically be a dick to rick all season, and our morty is captive in the Citadel of Ricks. basically i think this is a great catalyst for jumpstarting the currently less developed characters in the show.
Oscar .M
Oscar .M 4 ай мурун
you made me lose brain cells go re watch season 1
Drew Thompson
Drew Thompson 4 ай мурун
Evil morty makes sense now. Evil morty is a morty that experienced the natural outcome of a anarchist lifestyle, twice. Seeing how little his mother and grandfather did to help others morty would try to make the universe a better place if it likes it or not, by any means necessary.
MARKUS CRAIG 4 ай мурун
Got a bad feeling that rick is gonna redeem himself. But then have to sacrifice himself for his family. And for once he didn't just run away.
Gene Leung
Gene Leung 4 ай мурун
C137 beth is stuck on the mutant planet.
Bill Gates Aladdin
Bill Gates Aladdin 4 ай мурун
Dang i really must be the only person that understands why Rick didn't want to know which Beth was which?! I dont think its a matter of "he didn't even care enough to know which Beth is the clone" even if thats what the writers themselves say, I think its the exact opposite actually. I think he cares TOO much to want to know which Beth is the clone. Think about it, we've seen Rick interact with the clones or androids he's created. He treats them like lower lifeforms, because they're something he created. I think he didn't want to know because he knew he would've teeated the clone differently. Even on a subconscious level maybe. I think Beth chose on her own to go discover the universe and the reason Rick lies about that to the Beths with the "but then i thought it'd be cooler to have a space daughter." line is because he doesn't even want BETH to know that she chose to leave her family. Deciding for her that it's better she doesn't know and making himself the bad guy in the process. He knew he was going to take the memory out of his head, and knew that he would look back at it when an event like this happened. Which is why, even in the memory, he doesn't know who it is. Now even Rick believes he's the asshole in the situation by 'not caring enough' which Beth is the clone.
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 4 ай мурун
I tend to agree. I think he COULDN'T choose, but still wanted to fulfil her request.
xrelik 4 ай мурун
Let's be real for a second, space Beth is only a thing now because the last season was garbage and the show was starting to lose some viewers. The reality of the situation is that the show had a straight forward plot with rick getting captured in the second season, the team noticed that the fan base already predicted the plot of the show, panicked and changed the narrative in order to subvert people's expectations. The issue is that by trying to be original, there show is now a jumbled up mess with only 1 huge plot reveal looming (which is evil morty) that has to be dragged out for at least 1 or two more seasons. Sure, people don't watch Rick and Morty for the plot, they watch it for the jokes. However, for a show like this the plot is the delivery system in which those jokes are delivered. Mess with that and that's how you get dragons having a butt fuck orgy that made almost everyone cringe except the degenerates (I see you are a man of culture). Subversion for subversion sake doesn't necessarily make you original especially when it doesn't serve the plot which in turn serve the punchlines. If anything, subversions only worsen the integrity of any given show/narrative/movie and can even downright ruin it, just look at game of thrones (you are my queen). That's not to say that the show is bad however, I do get the sense that the creators behind it are slowly being consumed by their own egos thinking that they great comedic intellectuals when the reality of their job is to entertain the audience. I just hope they can distinguish the two because no one likes an attention whore.
Kyle Ferguson
Kyle Ferguson 4 ай мурун
Jesus christ these r the stupidest theories iv heard yet.. Dont quit ur day job bud
Probablya Gamer?
Probablya Gamer? 4 ай мурун
I like peanut man
Bingo Berra
Bingo Berra 4 ай мурун
Why do you want Rick to be portrayed as a dossile little pet to his awesome Mary Space-Beth Sue daughter? If she becomes a regular and they keep pushing for Rick to ask permission and treat him like dirt he better fucking rebel. They are not even his own family, other than Morty. Time to kill them off and start fresh in a new dimension.
demon King
demon King 4 ай мурун
I'm confused before Rick was it an unkillable God who had his family wrapped around his finger now he's getting his ass beat and gets treated like shit by his family someone please tell me how this happened
6RingzDaLacKing 4 ай мурун
Space Beth is the real Beth not the clone. You got it backwards Rick created the family Beth we all know because she's not as crazy as the original Space Beth.
Janelle Niles
Janelle Niles 4 ай мурун
Isn't C137 cronenberg world?
Cristian R. G.
Cristian R. G. 4 ай мурун
I miss the old original Rick and Morty adventures. Now it's always with Summer or Beth or Jerry and I can't stand Summer tbh
Dhong Kui
Dhong Kui 4 ай мурун
Bro the real beth is in cronenburg dimension this isnt c137 beth
supanerd reviews
supanerd reviews 4 ай мурун
Also technically he has one wife. Beth. There’s just two beths now. Still the same person
supanerd reviews
supanerd reviews 4 ай мурун
Space Beth is the strong role model character the kids are lacking Looking at you Jerry
Smoggy 4 ай мурун
i dont even bother predicting anymore. we all know were gonna get it wrong
Maxim Bogdanovic
Maxim Bogdanovic 4 ай мурун
I hope not, show is called Rick & Morty
FloatingOer 4 ай мурун
Neither of the Beth's are Morty's real mom since he is from a different dimension
FloatingOer 4 ай мурун
Best potential B-plot: Shared custody battle over Jerry...
Darren Kitchin
Darren Kitchin 4 ай мурун
Take notice how as the seasons/show go on, Rick becomes more and more the person the family doesn't want to deal with. Tbh I think after the creators seeing things like "sezchuan sauce" and fans reactions when McDonald's brought it back (and the fans outrage when supply didn't meet demand) that the writers figured - he was already the anti-hero and they love him....... Let's have him kicked down many pegs. So if my theory is correct, I'm an Aussie btw so didn't experience the sauce in new age, and the theory if correct - brings me...... fuck you, you piece of lump, you ruined something awesome. But I will keep watching, just know I blame those derpers who thought they were superior because they "BELIEVED" they thought like rick.... fuck those people so much.
Michael Onwuegbu
Michael Onwuegbu 4 ай мурун
Technically neither is really the C1-37 Beth because she’s still in the Cronenberg dimension
Marko Tasevski
Marko Tasevski 4 ай мурун
Hopefully your prediction wont come true.
Life Sage
Life Sage 4 ай мурун
Um, C-137 Beth got left to die in the world Rick messed up and never bothered to fix. The Beth that Rick’s been developing a bond with is not the original.
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 4 ай мурун
The thing is Space Beth May be more dangerous but rick will always be the smartest man
Gezno 4 ай мурун
I just hope Earth Beth doesn't get jealous of her and asks Rick to get rid of her all in one episode, cause that'd be a waste.
Martin Maré
Martin Maré 4 ай мурун
Need I remind you that beth c-137 is still in the original cronenburg world and that the beth from this reality (not c-137) that we saw since after s1e6 is NOT his "biological real" daughter.
krzyszwojciech 4 ай мурун
Both of these realities are probably labelled c-137. And the way Rick abandoned the Cronenberg'ed world seems to indicate that the Beth there wasn't his original one either.
DJ Howard
DJ Howard 4 ай мурун
I think the writers make it very clear they like episodic adventures more than serialized stuff. There’s no way in hell they even mention space Beth for, maybe the whole next season.
Andy Dorannuu
Andy Dorannuu 4 ай мурун
Space Beth needs to make Jerry her morty
Andy Dorannuu
Andy Dorannuu 4 ай мурун
Under a bunk bed or on the bottom bunk...there's a big difference
Popinmo 4 ай мурун
isn't it kinda dumb though since he can control anybody?
Douglas Young
Douglas Young 4 ай мурун
18 months from now if we're lucky we'll get 9 inconsequent episodes followed by a finale that sorta ties in to an overarching story. Fan theory is a waste of time.
Joel Anttila
Joel Anttila 4 ай мурун
Rick does not do sequel, it's called integrity
furonwarrior 4 ай мурун
Rick left his wife right before she died. He cannot handle seeing his wife in other dimensions, so he got rid of her across all dimensions which is why he drinks and constantly feel depressed. He sees Beth as a reflection of his wife so he tried to push her away... only to feel weak where he returns to the original dimension where he left Beth and his wife... Rick is toxic and causes the people who he love to die like his friends and family because of the enemies he creates or find across the Universe. Once Rick created concentrated dark matter to create portals across dimensions, he became a target and found out that he needs to defend himself by going deeper down the rabbit hole... Rick used to care more, love more, show more compassion, but having to raise the bar for yourself to survive in an infinite universe turns you into a monster... a sad lonely monster...
krzyszwojciech 4 ай мурун
I don't think Rick got rid of his wife either. He would have no good reason to. If he's to be believed he said in the Potion episode that his marriage didn't work out (rise above Morty, focus on science). And in the Wedding episode that he tried to make it work and couldn't (even though he can turn a black hole into a sun). As for the reasons, I think it's because of what we've learned in ABC's of Beth. Beth was a little sociopath and Rick induldged her every whim up to a point, then he decided to isolate her. That must have put a strain on their relationship and given how Beth grew up in the end to be a relatively well rounded individual, that's likely because Rick left them and since then only Diane raised Beth. Btw, I don't think the portal fluid is the concentrated dark matter. Rick used that for faster travel with a ship, through space, not to use as a portal. The portal fluid is something that actually the Galactic Federation has. But the fluid, whatever it is - some nano-tech probably - seems to be programmable. You need certain mathematical formula to make it open portals to other universes. We've seen that in the very first episode, when Rick and Morty went through the Customs. We've also seen Rick creating his origins story in s03e01 and he also mentioned math formula there. We also have seen some bum Rick at the citadel, whose "math was off" paying for his mistake with his life.
Ovy B.
Ovy B. 4 ай мурун
Mmmm I don’t think he got rid of his wife. He’s not that cold. He’s sacrificed himself for Morty on occasion so he would probably do the same for his daughter. What I think seems more plausible is that his fabricated flashback has some truth to it. I don’t think he deliberately killed his wife but it could represent how he feels. I believe that the creation of the portal gun caused an accident that killed his original Beth and Dianne and that he traveled the infinite multiverse trying to find them. In season 1 so 8 I think... the one with the inter dimensional cable, Summer was having a hard time finding alternate versions through the device Rick made to look through the eyes of your alternate self and whenever she did it was the same old boring life. Whenever she exists seems to be a world where her grandmother is not present and Rick left Beth whereas other timelines where she doesn’t exist is because Diane and Beth are dead. Rick was also quick to point out that Beth was not his own daughter in the ABC’s of Beth and my spider senses say it’s because she’s dead and he can’t find a world where both Beth and Dianne exists. It’s either one or the other and he chooses to frequent the ones with his daughter.
Trens Gemini
Trens Gemini 4 ай мурун
At some point Space Beth or Earth Beth will be mortally wounded and Rick would finally do what he promised to do transfer memories from one Beth to another.
Jens Boettiger
Jens Boettiger 4 ай мурун
They may divide the children with morty joining rick to compete with a summer and beth team.
Joseph F
Joseph F 4 ай мурун
Haven’t people figured out by now that Rick & Morty doesn’t set up for their next season? They just do whatever they want whenever they feel like it. They still haven’t paid off the Evil Morty story that they started back in season 1. We might not see Space Beth again for another two seasons. We might never see her again.
Kevin Asante
Kevin Asante 4 ай мурун
0:47 The blue streak in her hair could be a parody of Evil Britta, another Dan Harmon Character from the show Community.
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 4 ай мурун
I never noticed that and I love community space Beth is just evil Britta from another parallel universe
ⰎⰋⰕⰜⰑⰓⰡⰁ225 4 ай мурун
Whatever it is, it will be prison of Dan's own making. Pretty sure he's been trying to tank the show since Pickle Rick took off but the poor guy is too damn popular
ZabrakChronicle 4 ай мурун
I can genially see rick leaving at the start of the season what does the guy have with his family any more Morty resents him summer thinks he’s sucks and both Beth’s hate him he truly is lonely cause no one will love him like they used to so he will do what he does best leave and just Focus on other Stuff rather than feeling remorse for what he has done he knows nothing matters so he will think what’s the point getting upset over this it’s happening over thousands of time lines we will truly see the depressed lonely side of rick and it will break him and cause him to leave cause the lack of love from anyone means he doesn’t belong in that family.
Tariq Garmony
Tariq Garmony 4 ай мурун
Something tells me that Clone Beth will die off in the Season 5 premiere. And then after that the rest of Season 5 will be an Evil Morty arc.
Adam StrangeLove
Adam StrangeLove 4 ай мурун
Honestly for season 5 u wouldn't be surprised if Space Beth and Rick have some sort of competition to see who can have the better adventure. They could have Summer pair with Rick and Morty with Beth. It'd be nice
Kai Craft
Kai Craft 4 ай мурун
Well not exactly evil Morty is The villain trying to end Rick and Morty
LgnD2k3 4 ай мурун
"Cooler and newer gadgets" yeah but that's because rick makes his stuff out of literal garbage and beth doesn't even necessarily make her own stuff, that alien that told her about the neck bomb could be her tech guy. She certainly seemed charismatic and smart, but not supergenius level. I doubt she's got microverse tech or interdimensional travel.
Texan 4 ай мурун
Unlikely. Most premises set up in major arcs or finales in the show have been completely ignored in the following seasons. They only address it when you least expect it and super far down the road.
a the slayer
a the slayer 4 ай мурун
Am I the only one who who REALLY hates Jerry.
Austin Shelton
Austin Shelton 4 ай мурун
I’ll bet episode one will start with the family at the dinner table with space Beth back in space
JKayser 4 ай мурун
I think the whole thing with even Rick not knowing which Beth is the original is the writers saying that it doesn’t matter. Technically neither one of them is Rick’s original Beth whom he heartlessly abandoned, and abandoned again after he and Marty Kroneberged earth C-137.
krzyszwojciech 4 ай мурун
Even that Beth is probaly not his original given the ease in how he abandoned her.
Elyssa Caouette
Elyssa Caouette 4 ай мурун
I used to wait each day to watch roundtable Steven Universe videos every day, I'm so sad the shows over cause roundtable can't really make videos about it anymore and I understand, I haven't been watching the channel anymore. I miss the steven univers content 😭
Zmac 9906
Zmac 9906 4 ай мурун
A nitpicky thing I noticed in this video that bothered me a little: The Beths, Jerry, and Summer we know aren't c-137. C-137 Beth, Jerry, and Summer are in that original universe with the Kronenbergs (however you spell it). The Rick and Morty we know are from the Kronenberg universe, which is c-137.
krzyszwojciech 4 ай мурун
I think all of realities in which main character Rick resides in are in fact c-137. I also suspect that given the ease with which Rick left the Cronenberg world, it's probably not even his original reality.
Hasatanel Belial
Hasatanel Belial 4 ай мурун
I can see her going with them and Rick having to tell her where he wants to go.
Asasinul 2000
Asasinul 2000 4 ай мурун
I smell Evil Morty arc in season 5 .
ENDERCIBORG263 4 ай мурун
Space beth is more like that cool aunt you may have
Bedinsis 4 ай мурун
My main takeaway (which is not based on the episode which I have not seen but read the description of) is: When Rick offered Beth the opportunity to explore the galaxy or stay home, her choice, she chose to ask him how he wanted her to be. Afterwards he told both that "This is the way I want you". In other words, when the choice to live a completely different life came up she was still looking to Rick for guidance, and afterwards both were reassured that it was the way to go forwards. With this in mind, is there any wonder Earth-Beth would go back to Jerry? She had been literally told that "I'd prefer you stay here on earth." which probably drove her to her spaces of safety and normalcy, which encompasses Jerry. Meanwhile, Space-Beth had been told "I prefer you exploring the galaxy" and no wonder she'd give into her impulses and become the Rickiest Beth. What I am getting at is that her choices post cloning can in large part have been driven by her father stating what he'd prefer she choose. What the last episode highlighted was that both versions of Beth have to some extent looked beyond their need for Rick's approval, so it's possible they'll start to re-evaluate their choices post-cloning. What this entails I don't know.
David Hall
David Hall 4 ай мурун
Make me not want to watch the show anymore
J man
J man 4 ай мурун
You guys really should review metalocalypse since you guys reviewed how adult swim revolutionized adult animation and completely forgot about possibly the most adult show they ever made.
richer atilano
richer atilano 4 ай мурун
And then space beth and home beth becomes one and the family dynamic returned back to its original state.
Jordan Howell
Jordan Howell 4 ай мурун
adding Space Beth is a great thing for my favourite cartoon ever
vincephil dapin
vincephil dapin 4 ай мурун
the real beth is at cronenbirg dimention
Quinten De Bruin
Quinten De Bruin 4 ай мурун
Space Beth is gonna get captured by evil morty
Brandon Kunkel
Brandon Kunkel 4 ай мурун
WHERE IS YOUR SOLAR OPPOSITES VIDEOS ??? Roundtable is the only channel I care about talking about the series
private user
private user 4 ай мурун
Remember at the end of the day, the only C137 family members are Morty and Rick. Both Beth's are still not the original C137 neither is Summer or Jerry.
krzyszwojciech 4 ай мурун
Both realities might be C-137. Everything happens infinitely many times.
Aries McIntyre
Aries McIntyre 4 ай мурун
That's because she's the real Beth
Tristian_ Niel
Tristian_ Niel 4 ай мурун
Fun fact without rick morty would’ve become the smartest person in the universe.
Lochie Griffiths
Lochie Griffiths 4 ай мурун
**Stares into the bottom of the top bunk while thinking about Rick and Morty**
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 4 ай мурун
It's gonna be a Beth and Mortyyyy ADVENTUREEEE!
Egy Bolhácska
Egy Bolhácska 4 ай мурун
1:17 u know that c-137 beth is in an apocalypse world rn, right? (when most ppl turned into a morty fanatic monster)
candy bunny
candy bunny 4 ай мурун
I want them to drop jerry. He only harms the family
Egy Bolhácska
Egy Bolhácska 4 ай мурун
i thought.. we'll barely see space beth in the future.
CJ Drewlan
CJ Drewlan 4 ай мурун
Seems like rick and morty for Beth to leave Jerry for herself
Brent Groen
Brent Groen 4 ай мурун
Is it me or is every one overlooking this THERE IS NO RICK WITHOUT A MORTY OR BETH EVERY RICK HAD A CHILD soooo maby rick became smart after he lost his wife And somthing els space beth demaged the time travel box but in the end it is not
Mario Mario
Mario Mario 4 ай мурун
Its saying cant be played in background and copyright I cant watch it?
Epi_boi 4 ай мурун
i know its off topic but can someone tell me the CN Africa schedule pls
Mo7emed ragab
Mo7emed ragab 4 ай мурун
You didn't talk about bird person
Kristaps Sprūdžs
Kristaps Sprūdžs 4 ай мурун
A 2% dislike ratio is pretty good
raydawg vlogs
raydawg vlogs 4 ай мурун
I think in the season 5 finale space beth joins evil Morty in the cinidell and trys to get Morty to join her but in the end Morty almost kills her and joins Rick again
snakefish18 4 ай мурун
1:18 He’s not attached to C-137 Beth he abandoned her in Dimension C-137/Cronenberg Dimension, the one your talking about is Replacement Dimension Beth
Mac West
Mac West 4 ай мурун
I am losing interest in this show
111roach 4 ай мурун
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Marques Brownlee
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100 Thieves
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Dangie Bros
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Dueling Town Halls Cold Open - SNL
Saturday Night Live
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I Attempted a Speedrun (and got a world record)
Jaiden Animations
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The Eerie Vanishing Of The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
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Learning What Love Is
Drew Gooden
Көрүүлөр 884 миӊ.