How Spongebob Radicalized a Generation

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The Roundtable

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Mr. Krabs is one of the biggest cheapskates in animation, and his antics throughout SpongeBob may have left an interesting impression on viewers...
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V 8 күн мурун
Honestly, I never hated Mr.Krab, the cartoon never had an impact on my political views. Even because he often would get his karma payback for acting dirty.
Joe Crazy
Joe Crazy 8 күн мурун
But Spongebob destroyed the Krusty Krab so that Mr. Krabs put them to work to pay off the damages.
James 13 күн мурун
Big Spongebob fan here and can confirm I'm not a socialist/communist, video debunked.
To be determined
To be determined 27 күн мурун
Ah, tom, the worst person on this channel
Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisie
Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisie Ай мурун
That concervative : ranting about capitalists making communist propaganda Me(as a communist) : interesting
Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisie
Commie that Bashes the bourgeoisie Ай мурун
Having no political stance is just like having no soul. -Mao Zedong
Tezla Kavach
Tezla Kavach Ай мурун
*sees the thumbnail* “Well don’t mind if I do.”
John Mraz
John Mraz Ай мурун
Socialism isn't the radical end, communism. The current system failing is making people socialist. If you want to go here, kids are already socialist outside of influence if you raise them to receive what they need and don't throw them on the street for not working. This is a nonsense video from the start.
MAH Ай мурун
I was hoping the costumers from the Papa Louie games do not represent costumers in real life but yeah they do
MAH Ай мурун
You look like Max Payne from the third game the one Rockstar made
swampykeane Ай мурун
This vid could have been three minutes long and still more substantive. Please do better and avoid monotonous ramblings.
Mr crabs is a juden
Fantastical doodles
Fantastical doodles Ай мурун
*when your dad’s favourite character is mr. Krabs*
Walgrim Bareblade
Walgrim Bareblade Ай мурун
Maybe it's just a cartoon.
Serena Emerald
Serena Emerald Ай мурун
Lol vibe
Cody Williams
Cody Williams Ай мурун
I wouldn't say my generation was radicalized by SpongeBob or anything else, really. 52% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 currently live with their parents. That's over half the population of that demographic. That beats the percentage during the Great Depression. Why? Because this is the reality the Boomers have caused. They caused the subprime mortgage crisis. They caused the Great Recession with their trickle down economics failed ideology. 78% of Americans live pay check to pay check. If kept up with inflation starting in the 1960s, minimum wage would be around $22/hr in 2020. Our current minimum wage is less than half that. We're the only major modern country that doesn't offer healthcare as a human right free at the point of service. We're the only major modern nation that does not require corporations to provide paid vacation time by law. I've never been comfortable identifying as a socialist, a communist, or a marxist because I understand political theory and what those words mean. I'm a lefty, clearly, but that's not the same thing. I also don't consider myself to be radical. Really, I'm a centrist and I'm more than reasonable. The current world we live in is radical. It's the Boomer generation that has been radicalized by greed and plain old selfishness. In a reality where the current Democratic Party is essentially a conservative nightmare and Republican Party is full narcissists and crazy people, I'd say THEY'RE the ones who are radicalized. WE only seem radical because the Overton window has shifted so far to the right.
Zen Ай мурун
WooptyDo Ай мурун
We are all spongebod and squidward at heart
elliestars Ай мурун
never did i think that i’d be watching a video breaking down about how spongebob squarepants made an entire generation anti-capitalist yet here we are
worship the comedy god seo eunkwang or else
worship the comedy god seo eunkwang or else Ай мурун
No one should settle for less than their worth. Capitalism relies on fixed hierarchy, it is intended to function on exploitation of labor for profit. It is intended to ravage at all corners of humanity to extract the only value it has. The irony is that it is also intended to avoid exploitation of the exploiters, yet somehow asking to not be exploited from the laborers is "unrefutably unrealistic" and "not good for anyone". Capitalist reform will not do anything because there is nothing wrong with how it works, right? It works. We cant drink our can of coca cola and then complain about how we are suffering under an unjust system, because we would be hypocrites. The exploited NEED to be exploited, because then it wont work. So what should we do? No one should or would, if they are in the right mind, settle for any less than their worth. That is just a human reality. The problem is that people see their reality as the absolute and total reality. They are brainwashed into believing that if they succeeded unscathed, then capitalism works! Hey guys, I moved up! Look at me! Why cant you do the same???? But thats the entire point. It works. It works and people are taken advantage of, abused, manipulated, dehumanized, and exploited, but hey, at least youre not ACTUALLY dying!!!!!! the only way to stop this exploitation is to dismantle the system. Communism is not the only alternative. The irony is that antiMarxists hate Marxism, yet argue the very same as he did. That political systems change linearally. But its not all that simple. European nations are evidence of that. At the intersection of politics and economics, there is nuanced complexity. Dismantling the systems that exploit people is the only way to bridge that intersection. If we havent tried any alternatives though, how do we know what will work? Squidward hated living in the squid neighborhood just as he hated working at the Krusty Krab. But that doesnt mean he should have to be content with just picking which one is less worse.
Jeffer Ddk
Jeffer Ddk Ай мурун
I think the show also makes a commentary about Squidward being so grumpy because, truly, inside he identifies as an artist, with his clarinet and all, but like so many living today in our late-stage capitalist system he has to suppress the artists in him in order to make money/survive by working at a low level corporate job. Good job on the conceptualization of this video. Like!
Iwan Lloyd Roberts
Iwan Lloyd Roberts Ай мурун
I identify as a spongebob super fan, probably one of the most important shows to my development. I can quote the spongebob movie start to finish i’m pretty sure. I was so big a spongebob fan that my nickname in school was literally “Iwan spongebob” And i ain’t no damn commie I’m an art student who can empathise a lot with squidward. But i know from listening to interviews by Tom Kenny, that being Squidward which is to let yourself be consumed by negative feelings and manifest them outwardly to other people as a consequence is a choice, you don’t have to let your inner child die like he has. And be resentful and secretly jealous like he is. Hating the world for mistreating you, not recognising you as being a special little cog in a huge world. Don’t take it all so serious, be like spongebob. Keep what’s good and fun inside of you alive. When bad days come, take it one day at a time, surround yourself with friends and always try to make the best out of everything and be kind to others. If you don’t do that, you’ll be consumed by your “inner rot” as the voice actor of sponge-bob said.
double-your-beths Ай мурун
Y’all remember the squirrel jokes episode? Spongebob really said “jokes that make fun of minorities end up negatively affecting their daily lives and how they are perceived by the general populous” when I was SIX. And it worked! Every time someone at school made a joke about racial stereotypes it made me feel gross because spongebob told me the consequences of jokes like that! For real, spongebob probs made me a better person
Alexis McCoy
Alexis McCoy Ай мурун
When I got to my first shift at my first job and asked about how the breaks work and the manager looked at me like I was crazy lol
Aria Ferranew
Aria Ferranew Ай мурун
It's a cartoon. Everything is Exaggerated, so exaggerated in fact, when you try to apply real world logic to it. Chaos ensues. Cartoons are ment to open a persons "imagination", and not much else. Do they show how real life is Chaotic? Of course, but it's not to be taken seriously.
Aria Ferranew
Aria Ferranew Ай мурун
Wearing a mask, washing your hands etc, isnt a political anything. It's about Survival. Plain and Simple
Chase Parker
Chase Parker Ай мурун
not super relevant but I recently watched an episode of futurama where Bender and his frat bro’s go on a panty raid
Stephen Daly
Stephen Daly Ай мурун
I have watched almost every episode of SpongeBob and I don't think that way, I literally didn't learn anything from SpongeBob, because I didn't take the show that seriously
Chief Ай мурун
I was serving a guy and his wife yesterday who had gift cards from the restaurant that USED to be in the same building as us. They closed a year and a half ago and we took over the spot with new owners, new management, a new menu, new employees, etc. We’re a completely different restaurant. So I tell the guy that his gift cards aren’t valid here because we’re a new restaurant and he starts FLIPPING out on me! He asks to speak to my manager so I go get him and the guy ended up getting his entire meal for free and the manager comes back in super pissed and sends me home. Then he took me off the schedule for the next two days... because I didn’t accept a gift card from another restaurant... guess I just won’t eat anything for the next couple of days...
Chief Ай мурун
I would for sure go on a panty raid if I was ever invited
Lady Seshiiria
Lady Seshiiria Ай мурун
Pain is comedy and comedy is pain. Idk if anyone is familiar with that. Essentially it's funny because it's not happening to you, or currently happening to you. We can all relate. Me with food industry expiriences. I still laugh. Because it's funny watching someone else. And if you say no it's not your lying. We all had those moments where we've laughed at someone else's pain. Kid/friend ditches it in the dirt and we laugh. It happens to us, our friends laugh. It's life.
Lady Seshiiria
Lady Seshiiria Ай мурун
I feel like spongebob is a great reflection of what it's like to work in the food industry having worked mcdonald's. I just laughed about it. I just had fun with the show. I'm not a radical.... Moderate leaning conservative... If you take things too literally you'll miss out on the fun and the humor of real life. Panty raid was a joke on 70s and 80s Culture. Because it's the boys will be boys thing. Obviously it's not okay but your killing the humor of it... Why not just have fun and see if you can figure out the Pop Cultural references even if there dated? Most this shit is over kids heads anyway. Having watched it as a kid and and adult there were things I didn't obviously pick up on. Like the oh gary flip the station to sports... A joke on getting caught watching porn. It was meant for all audience's for all ages and it's actually pretty well grounded as a show in the world. But like everything in the world if you take to it too literally it's on you and the parents. This is were people need to exercise common sense and intelligence. Exaggeration is part of story telling.
Pwn3r Ай мурун
Oh Spongebob.. when Squidward said " We'll saw the foundation of big business in half!" he didn't mean literally.
the1lordawesomness Ай мурун
Free pounds.
mgm1o1 Ай мурун
This goes for any piece of media. If people cannot separate reality from TV. Thats an underlying issue with them, however its videos like this that jump to conclusions that are the reason as to why media is being censored left and right.
HelloHumans Ай мурун
Imagine overthinking a kids show to the point of calling it communist propaganda
Angelo Saracco
Angelo Saracco Ай мурун
A lot of people still listen to drake and kids too
Asinine Pirate
Asinine Pirate Ай мурун
I swore out of the workplace altogether and decided to start my own business where I am my own boss and the sole employee, like a real man! Spongebob is great and all, but it didn't take a dumb cartoon for me to make that call XD
Asinine Pirate
Asinine Pirate Ай мурун
In conclusion, Spongebob radicalized a generation by creating a parody of the precise kind of conditions average people were experiencing in the workplace. They didn't have to exaggerate anything, the inspiration was right out in the open for everybody to experience and relate to. In other words, people radicalized themselves, and Spongebob was just a catalyst for real enlightenment.
Drag Boy
Drag Boy Ай мурун
Hi please tell me where do you seee all cartoon like Craig at the creek, Steven universe, etc please tell me I really wanna see Craig at the creek and Steven Universe
Ragunito Ай мурун
If anything Krabbs is more of a stereotype of a certain 12 tribes
Allen Ай мурун
Shoe brought me here
Adri Void
Adri Void Ай мурун
The way they get paid- Bikini Bottom has free housing (perhaps seeing as Patrick has an address and he doesn’t do a single thing) and also the city has no minimum wage and no workers rights at all. But god working in customers service really made me realize its too close to reality- its more extreme but the feeling is there
Blake Underwood
Blake Underwood Ай мурун
Lmaoooo people listen to Drake in 2020 maybe not you though. Dislike.
RM J 10 күн мурун
So you're going to dislike the video just for one comment about Drake rather than if the video was entertaining or the point held any validity? I'd dislike it more for him rambling rather than how he feels about a basic overblown pop culture icon.
J P Ай мурун
Nah, the secret is that Spongebob is really just a hilarious and highly entertaining dark comedy, and that kids in recent decades enjoy grown-up genres more than Disney led everyone to believe. Mr. Rodgers made it very clear that kids have complex feelings, so it’s no surprise that they’d love the hell out of a complex kids show. The entire premise of Spongebob is as absurd as the TV show Barry or Bojack Horseman, just more kid-friendly. So I don’t think it “radicalized” anyone; kids were already thinking that way beforehand.
Pee Pee
Pee Pee Ай мурун
In all fairness, mr. krabs does cook and work the cash register when spongebob and squidward have days off
Dracowolfie Ай мурун
this is the take I have been looking for; perfect yes
Ana Paula Pedro
Ana Paula Pedro Ай мурун
Still 5 minutes in but I hope he explores the fact that in one episode, they briefly explored the Marxist concept of Alienation
Dale Lee
Dale Lee Ай мурун
Yo HR called me in the middle of this video to tell me I had to do training tomorrow....
Adam Conway
Adam Conway Ай мурун
I have a very similar theory based on the Simpsons. More and more lefties sound like Lisa Simpson, battling depression despite a good life, saying that eating meat is wrong, talking down to their elders, lacking empathy; I mean 3 times in the early season Bart uses money he somehow gains to make Lisa feel better and she constantly berates him and treats him like an idiot. She has views on every major issue and whereas originally it was funny it has now become the very same voice of the far left movement
Kpop Cheeto
Kpop Cheeto Ай мурун
spongebob taught us well
可愛い開心果Gabe Ай мурун
I'm here from shoe0nhead
Cakey X
Cakey X Ай мурун
Funny enough, now that I think about it, Mr Krabs is really no different from characters alike Scrooge McDuck and Richie Rich in terms of how they celebrate their wealth. Well that and also the fact that they have two or more sidekicks/assistants to assist them on different Endeavors and Adventures. You could probably see a Three Stooges way of looking at SpongeBob, which was the same message of "Eat the Rich" in a lot of their shorts. Not in the way of a allegory saying that the rich are evil and should be punished for their crimes (I.E. Animal Farm). But, more in the way of showing unworthy characters who are considered to be social outcasts taking on a job that is based around their own goals and screwing it up enough to add repercussions to their more wealthier bosses. There are even times in the Donald Duck comics where Donald would often bump heads with Scrooge on the ethics of hard work and capitalism, which points are things into perspective for both characters and go back to bickering with each other. The Carl Barks Comics made this a lot more evident between the two characters on their Adventures. You might see a little bit of hints of this in DuckTales as well with how the boys often shared their younger uncle's view of Scrooge without automatically bumping heads with him too much. Well unless you count the Shadow War storyline. I have a lot more things to think about now.
ItzSandman Ай мурун
In one of the early episodes Patrick gets a job at the Krusty Krab and Spongebob says something along the lines of "Wow Patrick! $50 an hour! That's great! When i started working here i had to pay Mr. Krabs $100 an hour!" Mr. Krabs is basically a slave owner.
Brittnay S
Brittnay S Ай мурун
I’m 28 and I’ve always worked in restaurants (until now thank god) and I’ve experienced sooo much fucked up much wage theft, I’ve seen someone break their arm while working off the clock and then they were forced to come back in the next day or get fired...girls arm was visibly swelling the longer she worked. I worked at a place where they stopped paying us so I nicely put my two weeks notice in...the owners gf fired me in front of a full restaurant and then kept all of my tips lol, fuuuuck restaurants.
Cakey X
Cakey X Ай мурун
Actually, the video does have a good point on how often we automatically see politics are different kinds in the media especially in kids animation. We have actually been doing it for years considering that the Looney Tunes, MGM cartoons, and even Disney have been known to do it especially during World War II. Cartoons and animation alike has been reflecting certain aspects of culture throughout generations and has been song to have voiced the opinions of many of the writers and people behind unconsciously. SpongeBob was considerably influence the from comics and cartoons from the golden era of animation where characters will take a lot more influence from Vaudeville in order to create slapstick comedy. In other words, SpongeBob has been influenced by The Works of Looney Tunes, Tex Avery, Hanna-Barbera, and many others alike from that time. So I wouldn't say that it's far-fetched that the show would focus on some aspects of political ideals but in a more separated and independent way that wouldn't really spell out until you see the big picture. Plus, there is a lot of adult and somewhat more unsavory innuendo in the show that would reflect the classic Warner Brothers or Disney cartoons from back in the day. Ren and Stimpy along with Rocko's Modern Life did also have a similar flow and theme with their cartoons, which actually help them staple their Mark in kids animation on Nickelodeon. Along with all three shows being influenced from squash and stretch animation. I always considered SpongeBob to be our generation's answer to those cartoons and has been a Everlasting part of that even when anime and action oriented shows took over the cable for a short bit. Even in a age of Steven Universe and Adventure Time, SpongeBob still proves to be a slapstick classic. That's not to say that those shows are bad or anything. But, a lot of cable channels borrow a lot more influence from both of those shows along with the Eastern anime style as a place map to tell a bit more deeper or fun stories for younger audiences. SpongeBob still remains to be one of those big influences and both artists and critical thinkers alike in our new time as much as it was back when we were kids.
Emperor_Elkcip Ай мурун
its funny cuz my dad blamed the "liberal education system" im like bruh my school was pretty conservative. and its like if you really think your child's education is impurifying them then do something about it? or just complain and then continue to be absent in my life lmao. yeah this was pretty personal for a youtube comment but you know what whatever.
ChakiaMan93 Ай мурун
You didn’t do a panty raid back in the day!? 🤦🏼‍♂️
Alexander K
Alexander K Ай мурун
Nickelodeon may be a corporate leech but it just keeps pumping out shows with leftist themes and social commentary lol. Spongebob, ATLA, gumball, etc etc. They know what kids need!!
Dragontron20 Ай мурун
Satirical kids cartoons don't justify an ideology that killed 100 million people. Change my mind.
Joan Ай мурун
Mr.Krabs literally sold spongebobs soul for a penny
You got some real issues with them dreams bro, it ain't the meat shops fault
John Paul Sylvester
John Paul Sylvester Ай мурун
Chris Chapin
Chris Chapin Ай мурун
Is Mr. Krab like Scrouge McDuck? Being greedy yet caring?
Carlie Tucker
Carlie Tucker Ай мурун
Yeah, his conditions in the deli are no joke. I pull 30-40 hour work weeks, six to nine hours a day, and I don't get a break unless my labor is too high. Bonus to high labor, all your help leaves, and you're down to two people to pull a night shift. These laws and codes don't mean shit to the bottom line.
Ethan Wright
Ethan Wright Ай мурун
For us here in Chile it was this shows called 31 minutos and other very good and interesting shows
Deplorabology Ай мурун
More like radicalized us into nautical nonsense be you wish.
TheLeah2344 Ай мурун
When I was a kid, I wanted to be Spongebob, now as an adult I realized I am Squidward.
SquidCultist0 02
SquidCultist0 02 Ай мурун
Communism is everything that's slightly inconvenient for the ultra rich
Ragunito Ай мурун
Communism in reality is a System to centralise all wealth and power for the true rich people.
tony lu
tony lu Ай мурун
Mr. Krabs is a cheapskate and spongebob doesn't need to pay rent. Remember the nematode episode? They drank his house leaving a pebble the grew into a new house complete with furniture. Also squidward is lazy.
Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis Ай мурун
The lesson I learned from seeing Mr Krabs in SpongeBob is to not treat my employees like shit if I ever became a business owner
My life makes so much sense now
gamagoori Ай мурун
lol mr krabs is not a bootlicker, he's literally the one wearing the boot
E C Ай мурун
That dream you had is perfect. It reminds me of Charlie Chaplin 's cog in the machine
fiesta salsa quincenera
fiesta salsa quincenera Ай мурун
ℰ𝒶𝓉 𝓉𝒽ℯ 𝓇𝒾𝒸𝒽 ✨🌸💖👸🏻🤩🥰👑🥺🧚🏻‍♀️
hannah is tired
hannah is tired Ай мурун
well i watched all these supposedly "political" cartoons growing up and i ended up right wing so 😗 also if ur a communist reading this i hope u get some help ❤️
Fay Anne Aura Arts
Fay Anne Aura Arts Ай мурун
Hey the Krusty Krab is a crab trap. And the only crabs we ever see on the show are him and his mother. Where are the other crabs? "SOYLENT KRABS IS MADE OF PEEEEOPPPPLLLLEEE!"
SquidCultist0 02
SquidCultist0 02 Ай мурун
Is there anything more Capitalist than a businessman selling you his kind as food?
Fay Anne Aura Arts
Fay Anne Aura Arts Ай мурун
I personally was radicalized by Star Trek.
Grateful Deadmau5
Grateful Deadmau5 Ай мурун
Wealth equality is not 0 sum. Just because Bezos is making more money doesnt mean his workers are making less that's a retarded idea.
MezzaTheHyena Ай мурун
If a business wants a job done right then they should pay more for better workers. If you think you're worth more than you're getting paid, tell your boss and if they say no raise then find another job that pays more.
Nick Torius
Nick Torius Ай мурун
How are you gonna say who listens to drake in 2020?
Apryl M.
Apryl M. Ай мурун
I would rather die than go back to food service. My mental health is too fragile for that shit.
Zaxaroplastis Ай мурун
Wow,this video is really the proof that you can stretch anything to what you want to deliver.90% of the stuff mentioned are taken out of context,for real i can think of criminal acts done by SpongeBob rather than Krubs.Front start to finish every statement is highly doubtable, even by a seven year old fan of the show.
Netlad P
Netlad P Ай мурун
Gotta deal with customers who won't wear masks or even show human decency in an hour. I'm not ready.
Carl Hamilton
Carl Hamilton Ай мурун
Personally I would say I still disagree! It for sure makes fun of the modern state of our world, but going as far as comparing it to the smurfs is not even close. The characters all are independent. Larry the Lobster is big and strong, then you have nerds. If Spongebob was inspiring socialism then everyone would be equal. I think our generation is wanting to change what the baby boomers fucked us over with. Making it impossible to retire. We wanna provide people a safe haven and make America truly great.
goose goose
goose goose Ай мурун
when you realize, its a kids show....
SquidCultist0 02
SquidCultist0 02 Ай мурун
Cause no kids show ever had any depth or ideas
Kenneth M.
Kenneth M. Ай мурун
Funny thing about this example is this isn't even radical left ideas.
SquidCultist0 02
SquidCultist0 02 Ай мурун
Sad that basic infrastructure and human rights are considered "radical"
Hush Taylor
Hush Taylor Ай мурун
Thumbs down for the Drake slander
RM J 10 күн мурун
Bridget Bondsteel
Bridget Bondsteel Ай мурун
almost our whole staff is teenagers. we fucking run that place and it has given me so much stress. we deserve living wages anyways. have you ever been screamed at and insulted by a grown ass adult and you can't do anything about it because if you lose your job you lose your freedom and quite a few necessities? it definitely does not put you in a good mindset; it's mentally exhausting. on top of that it's usually super hot in the kitchen because we have a 200 degree oven going at all times and we have no air conditioning. if we're busy, you're screwed, because we don't have time to get a drink or use the bathroom. tonight i didn't even get home until 11.
Grant Lauzon
Grant Lauzon Ай мурун
The Krusty Krab (normally) closes at 6pm. I would assume it opens at 9-10am.
Spencer Ай мурун
I think that the show teaches another lesson that work is what you make of it, if you are miserable you’ll be squidward If you’re happy you’ll be spongebob
SquidCultist0 02
SquidCultist0 02 Ай мурун
Matt Llanes
Matt Llanes Ай мурун
Well I certainly love Spongebob and always will, but my political beliefs have not been radicalized (in my opinion). Spongebob taught me many things, but one thing I learned in boating school is
Anthony LaBarbera
Anthony LaBarbera Ай мурун
Mrjarvisful Ай мурун
He's so right about the panty raid
Wigga Niggle
Wigga Niggle Ай мурун
Yum delicious rich people
Lala Land
Lala Land Ай мурун
Dude, the reason teens are the way they are now is because they read Tumblr posts from 2011-2016 that were radical too. Everyone is just getting their ideas and info from the internet and mainly Tumblr and twitter. EDIT: the radical posts from Tumblr were also made by late teens and young adults🤷🏽‍♀️
SquidCultist0 02
SquidCultist0 02 Ай мурун
Nah, those posts are not a cause, but an effect. Reality is not the dream they were promised, and when push comes to shove, radicalization was inevitable
Rose Bellx
Rose Bellx Ай мурун
Chipped ham was always the worst in the deli...
Yinyin Ай мурун
Man that show was my childhood but I’m not a socialist Man
Shrederman Ай мурун
It's funny how anything that criticizes capitalism is communist and radical
SquidCultist0 02
SquidCultist0 02 Ай мурун
Cause our society is so far to the right, that human rights are 'radical'
Lawrence- Not-A-Gerbil
Lawrence- Not-A-Gerbil Ай мурун
Tried to follow Tom on instragram and couldn't find him .. :/ Bummer
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Jack Harlow
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iPhone 12 + 12 Pro Color Comparison! UNBOXING EVERY COLOR!
Karl Conrad
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13 Types of Among Us Players
JianHao Tan
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trolling zoom classes... but im a deepweb hacker
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AMONG US IN REAL LIFE but 13 Year Old Impostor Goes 900 IQ!
We Got Paid To Call Out These Brands - UNFILTERED #51
Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED
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Brent Rivera
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