How to Do a She Ra Netflix Movie

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The Roundtable

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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power completed its overarching story and series as a whole on Netflix last month, but recently fans have been stirring up awareness for their demands of a She-Ra movie! With the initial story complete, what would be the best way to reintroduce Adora, Catra, Bow, Glimmer and the Princesses of Power back into the world?
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charles townsend
charles townsend 4 саат мурун
A simple film plot could be finding glimmers mother and/or meeting this universe's he-man and the remaining first ones and looking at a universe with magic could all be possible plot points that would be interesting enough to justify a movie, we know that they go back out into space after the finale so just set it on that adventure, if you bring in he-man you could even have the return of magic somehow revive skelitor (yeah i don't know how you spell it) which would also work to explain why he has a skull for a face (this could easily either be a one off or set up a new show). To me the post finale adventure just seems like the easiest and obvious story to make a film out of, especially as there is so much that could be done with it. Plus you can have that post show relationship exploration in that story, maybe set it a year after the show (they did have a lot to sort out on their own world still) and have some longer term issues begin to appear (like maybe glimmer and now aren't doing so well now that they aren't going on adventures every 5 minutes and adora and catra are having issues due to she-ra getting all the attention or something and that triggers her abandonment issues). Maybe a time jump would be interesting but the big issue with that is the huge world building required, like what happens with all the horde clones and hordak (well that one's obvious, he's with his wife entrapta) and what happened to all of the kingdoms or the princesses still even in power? All these questions would need answering in fulfilling and interesting ways.
S M 20 саат мурун
Please don’t have lightweaver wear an Arab face veil... did anyone else notice that? She’s the only character with a middle eastern inspired outfit? and she’s pretty much the least nuanced, and most unanimously hated character in the show 😒
xKalphax 23 саат мурун
Maureen Johnston
Maureen Johnston 2 күн мурун
I want to see season 6 I don't want to fight I don't want to remake I want to see season 6 but I still don't get why they had to get rid of it the whole show I can't describe it I'll post a video on KGpost about what's going on right now bye
Mia the Taco
Mia the Taco 2 күн мурун
yeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wee dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Đýĺãñ Ğřãý
Đýĺãñ Ğřãý 2 күн мурун
I want a movie because I think it would be cool to see the dramas going on in some of the ships like how are catra and adora doing? Did bow and glimmer possibly get married? Are entrapta and hordak together? Lol a movie would be nice to see some of the ships in action, like u said. Maybe it would fill in the hole of me wondering if ships are actually happening ioi thank u for this video lol
Hannavosart Vlog
Hannavosart Vlog 3 күн мурун
If we get a He Man, I’d want She Ra cameos for sure
Robert Bemis
Robert Bemis 5 күн мурун
I think a he-man tie in would work She-ra and co have to travel to eternia and save He-man and discover Adria’s Origin
Rutendo Mutasa
Rutendo Mutasa 5 күн мурун
Ok still I WANT A SHE RA MOVIE because adora said “lets restore the magic to all the other planets” so that means maybe Noelle will make it or shes might surprise us with a movie.
yin yang
yin yang 4 күн мурун
Kipo could be related to she ra.
Jabomba 6 күн мурун
I would love a movie or one off season on Mara.
Corina ana
Corina ana 6 күн мурун
Steven Rogers
Steven Rogers 6 күн мурун
Don’t hold your breath
Brooke Ostrander
Brooke Ostrander 6 күн мурун
If we do get a She Ra movie I'd like to see He Man added to the mix. It would be so fun to see new Adora with a twin.
Mauricio Mesa
Mauricio Mesa 7 күн мурун
i think we super do need a she-ra movie me and a lot of fans are super hopping for other awesome things like too rescue queen angela from the dimensional void so that glimmer and her father can be truly have a true super happy ending and adora never got the answers too her questions like what's grayskull and do i have a family and can i go home and in the end of season 5 she seed lets bring magic back to the universe that is a good time for adora and her friends to go too planet eternia and meet her true family and so he-man can meet his long lost sister i know he-man was not too be in the new she-ra series but alot of fans are hopping for a crossover i seen alot of fan art of that idea and alot of youtubers are hopping for it and a youtuber called richard the imaginator made 3 cool fan combinations videos of the 2002 he-man and this new she-ra transforming together and one were adam tells adora that she is his sister and he hugs her i think that be super too make a movie like that or atlis a special in 2019 i herd on youtuber syfy wire roelle stevenson and the cast seed that they are planning a crossover christmas special with the help of kevin smith ho is planning a new he-man series me and alot of fans hope they will do it one day soon but i still think a movie is a good idea after all the original he-man and she-ra started out on the big screen he-man's was the greatest adventures of all in the mann's chinese theater in hollywood made with 3 episodes pot together diamond ray of disappearance. teela's quest. colossor awakens and she-ra's was the secret of the sword mad of the first 5 episodes of she-ra and the 2002 he-man series started as a movie on cartoon network made of the first 3 episodes of the series so i think its a tradition for he-man and she-ra shows too have a movie but i think for the 2018 she-ra and the princesses of power instead of the beginning of the adventures it be the final super biggest adventure of all too give it a true right happy ending and for the villain maybe skeletor or maybe a surprise horde prime left behand in the original 80's she-ra series horde prime had a son name princes zed so why not have zed as the new horde prime and the villain that's what i think i do hope for a movie and the crossover special they are planning
Raffaele Del Sal
Raffaele Del Sal 8 күн мурун
It's the film the fans want, but not the one the series need right now
Christine Huang
Christine Huang 9 күн мурун
I'd kind of want Adora to reunite with the family she was taken from because she was pretty bothered by that fact when she found out she was stolen and I'd kind of like to see a He-Man and She-Ra team from this show just once.
Mauricio Mesa
Mauricio Mesa 6 күн мурун
@Christine Huang i herd that kevin smith is planning to make make a mini series anime style of castlevania and its too conclude the original he-man adventures where he left in the last episode the problem with power and after that a second he-man series made with cg animation with a new biginin and new adventures and for the crossover i told you of i herd of it on the video of a youtuber syfy wire noelle stevenson and cast seed that they are planning too make a he-man and she-ra crossover christmas special with the help of kevin smith i super do hope they will do it
Christine Huang
Christine Huang 7 күн мурун
@Mauricio Mesa How do you think they would create the new version of He-Man?
Mauricio Mesa
Mauricio Mesa 7 күн мурун
me too and we may get one i herd that they are planning a crossover special
NighttimeScloud •
NighttimeScloud • 11 күн мурун
Ngl I kinda just want more seasons cause we technically get more
Gracie Brisbin
Gracie Brisbin 12 күн мурун
Umm yes it dose more villans I mean there is a whole lot of other world and how they are going to save the galaxy or even a whole other show still she-ra just a different name after the word shera
melody comics
melody comics 12 күн мурун
Potato Pete
Potato Pete 12 күн мурун
Three months later, and I’m still rewatching the W H O L E show .-. I want a movie so bad! We need more CATRADORA and ENTRAPDAK !!! But if the movie screws up, I will blame nobody but the whole fan base constantly asking for one.(yes, me included)
Bhavyaa Srivastava
Bhavyaa Srivastava 14 күн мурун
she ra new season should be launched
Carol Amabel
Carol Amabel 16 күн мурун
I would love to see the movie :3 Maybe it can do a story about who is grayskull or maybe meeting Bow's older brother.🔥
Mauricio Mesa
Mauricio Mesa 6 күн мурун
@Carol Amabel i like the one too know what is grayskull
Carol Amabel
Carol Amabel 6 күн мурун
@Mauricio Mesa Thanks
Mauricio Mesa
Mauricio Mesa 6 күн мурун
i super like that idea
gaming clown
gaming clown 16 күн мурун
I would love to see a movie with Seahawks turning evil by a crystal he found but you didn't hear from me😌😌
Party two 1.O
Party two 1.O 16 күн мурун
No I really don’t want a she ra moive unless they all die
Zia Chung
Zia Chung 19 күн мурун
I don't know if i should say i'm disappointed or i completley understand that more she ra protests aren't such a big deal as they used to be 4 months ago I do want more she ra but it's like the flame is flickering to death. Tho i really want to complain about how netflix is handling the shows' releases i mean a whole season in a day? What do they not want people to hype the show even higher and i don't know keep the interests more alive? They don't give proper time gaps for the fandom to make theories and analyze every episode before the next comes out like do you think only doing that between seasons is enogh? *nO* Who would think that's a good idea? That makes the show seem very expendable and makes US feel hollow, it left an empty space where she ra came and went zooming in my heart Why did a show this good only air for 2 frikkin years yeah that's too short *SAME GOES FOR KIPO* comon kipo is sooo good but 3 seasons in just one year and the third is the final what the hell whatis wrong with you neTflixx Jeez they really should've taken a page from steven universe I'm CrYiNG Please don't make masterpieces go to waste
Peanut Panda
Peanut Panda 21 күн мурун
To be honest I will miss that film :( I really want a she-ra movie so bad
Mauricio Mesa
Mauricio Mesa 6 күн мурун
me too
gaming clown
gaming clown 16 күн мурун
It would be a shame if Seahawk found a crystal that made him evil but you didn't hear from me😌😌
Pearl G
Pearl G 21 күн мурун
Like if we need a she ra movie and reply if we don’t
Pearl G
Pearl G 21 күн мурун
Do we need a she ra movie yes
Mauricio Mesa
Mauricio Mesa 4 күн мурун
yes we do
Shylah Tolley
Shylah Tolley 24 күн мурун
We need the future
gaming clown
gaming clown 16 күн мурун
Because if there is no future we can't reflect on our pasts
ROBERTO MONTINI 24 күн мурун
The Roundtable the new villain and skeletor!
Ava Schroeder
Ava Schroeder 25 күн мурун
Dragon Quin
Dragon Quin 26 күн мурун
Entraptak???? Hordak and Entrapta? REEEEE
Ana TheIdiot
Ana TheIdiot 28 күн мурун
Dez 29 күн мурун
I will fawking raid to get more shera seasons
marley rose
marley rose Ай мурун
Mister Martin
Mister Martin Ай мурун
What about He-Man? Is my question. She-ra could some how plant the seeds of that series.
Brooke Danskin
Brooke Danskin Ай мурун
Jacob Gamble
Jacob Gamble Ай мурун
I would personally like there to be a crossover with the CGI he man reboot
Mauricio Mesa
Mauricio Mesa 6 күн мурун
i herd in 2019 that is what noelle stevenson is planning too make with the help of kevin smith i hope they do it
Anchy Ай мурун
Here's why I do need a movie: 1. Is Adora an official princess? And when I say official I mean does my girl get her kingdom or not?! If not, does that mean that Catra and Adora will forever live with Glimmer in her kingdom? 2. What's their next adventure? Adora mentioned that they will go to other planets to restore magic but what if some people are more hostile than others? The planets could've been explored a bit more!! 3. What's up with Scorpia? She accepted being a princess but now that the Horde's gone, will she rebuild her kingdom where the Frightzone used to be? 4. Speaking of the Frightzone, is it gone when Adora did the magical poof and made everything pretty? Or is it replaced by more empty green space? 5. What about the other Horde soldiers? Or at least the trio: Lonnie, Kyle and Rohelio? Do they just disregard the fact that they were enemies with the princesess and hope they will accept them in their villages? 6. Is Adora's future dream or whatever true or not? Do we establish it as canon, that it will happen? 7. And for the love of God, what's up with Scorpia's ball?! What's the occassion?! Does she make annual balls on the day the war ended? 8. In episode where the... I forgot her name, the hologram lady, showed Adora the princesess, there are more than the ones we saw. Did they die? Did some of them ran hiding? Were they "brainwashed" and joined the Horde, like Scorpia? 9. I can't stress this enough, CATRA IS A MISSING FIRE PRINCESS HEADCANON, I will forever love this one!!
Mery Carolina Zelaya
Mery Carolina Zelaya Ай мурун
Catra Meowmeow
Catra Meowmeow Ай мурун
beRK bas
beRK bas Ай мурун
Lets Home Netflix does not screw it up
gaming clown
gaming clown 16 күн мурун
Why do you think they would do that I mean they didn't do it for the series
dude stop
dude stop Ай мурун
You have no idea how much love i have for this series. I, fellow wlw, was fed. I NEED MORE
skeletor kills catra in movie💀🔪🐱
Mecyla Gerber
Mecyla Gerber Ай мурун
Jes move!!!!!!!!
Valen Rodriguez
Valen Rodriguez Ай мурун
star vr the force of evil update
gaming clown
gaming clown 16 күн мурун
Bro Wrong video
mr. prince
mr. prince Ай мурун
the movie needs skeletor it will not be right with out him as he was in the 1985 she ra princess of power
Overwatch Trends
Overwatch Trends Ай мурун
Wdym, she ra could literally never spoil. It’s my favorite shoe by far.
gaming clown
gaming clown 16 күн мурун
It would be a shame if Seahawk found a crystal that gave him powers and made him evil but you didn't hear from me😌😌
Alex Bamberger
Alex Bamberger Ай мурун
Honestly I would be happy with just a one episode epilogue, just watching the characters adjust to peace and seeing where they go from here.
Chaotic Cload
Chaotic Cload Ай мурун
This show is amazing. Definitely a lot better then me attempting to make friends.. *awkward dumb shy nerd she-ra fan intensifies*
Cam Damelio
Cam Damelio Ай мурун
Why not just make a new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series set in the same continuity as She-Ra and the Princesses of Power? That way you can explore this universe more and actually delve into Eternia and Grayskull and Adora's heritage and she and the other characters can even make special guest appearances just like they did in the original series. Have Adora meet her twin brother Adam she can learn about her family and She-Ra and He-Man can even team up, I think it's the perfect way to go.
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight Ай мурун
I really want to see a She Ra movie to see how turn out
Isaiah Rivera
Isaiah Rivera Ай мурун
I liked the netflix series of it but I still like the original She-Ra more, I always loved classic cartoons. My parents used to watch their childhood cartoons with me and my siblings all the time. Kind of like the Transfromers G1 series. Classic cartoons, I feel always had more adventure and creativity than all the remakes. That's just My opinion so I don't care what people say.
Luz Noceda
Luz Noceda Ай мурун
I want one :)
Paolo Dazo
Paolo Dazo Ай мурун
I feel like that possibly a certain someone who has the power could make a cameo. If it happens
T Ай мурун
Pull the plug
T Nugget T
T Nugget T Ай мурун
I would love a She-ra movie and more Seaons! I hope it happens in the future!
gaming clown
gaming clown 16 күн мурун
It would be a shame if Seahawk found a crystal and it made him evil but you didn't hear from me😌😌
Whedon's top notch CGI Steppenwolf
Whedon's top notch CGI Steppenwolf Ай мурун
Tbh, if it gets a snyder cut level following, it could happen I bet if the trailer gets released, the music will be hallelujah by Leonard cohen
Tyson Jones
Tyson Jones Ай мурун
I just think you don’t like the show
Hey_Adora Ай мурун
Wade Briggs
Wade Briggs Ай мурун
I would love a movie
Foolio Angie
Foolio Angie Ай мурун
I don't care if we don't have more but, WE NEED A MOVIE!!
gaming clown
gaming clown 16 күн мурун
It would be a shame if Seahawk found a crystal that made him evil but you didn't hear from me😌😌
buddered egg
buddered egg Ай мурун
We WaNt A mOvIe
JayPlays everything
JayPlays everything Ай мурун
The more time passes the more I need it
Everest_Roy Ай мурун
I think She-Ra had a fantastic and complete story but in terms of the time it was out and the time to watch it, it felt like it was gone so suddenly. Like, for how amazing the show was it just didn't last long enough. That said, continuing the show would prbly be a mistake. I think y'all put it perfectly, having a movie where we're in the future and we see how these characters overcome the last few loose ends and personal demons before moving on. I would love to see that.
Joe Crazy
Joe Crazy Ай мурун
The correct answer is don't do a She-Ra movie
Hat8 Ай мурун
I wanna know what happens on the best friend squad road trip
Claudia_ Anai15
Claudia_ Anai15 Ай мурун
Noelle could make a few movies like Catra and Adoras past life and bow and glimmers. Another movie could be them now making their life's, I just want more catradora moments! I have a huge crush on Catra
Madalyn Bogdanski
Madalyn Bogdanski Ай мурун
She-ra and the princesses of power is the best!!!😍
『Siddie Kitty』
『Siddie Kitty』 Ай мурун
We need to see what happens to Hordak and Entrapta! As Mermista said, ARE they okay with him staying? And what about those unsolved issues with Catradora, also are we going to address Shadow Weaver’s death? Like, everybody was partying, and yes, it’s great Prime is gone, but like, I know she was drunk…But like, it seemed to have worn off...the slur in her voice was gone by the time she made her sacrifice...I repeat, SACRAFICE…I know not everybody liked her…but she did die!! for Catra and Adora to get to the heart and it’s just like-I know, I know, manipulation, but you can’t deny me there is some sort of care for Micah, at least from Shadow Weaver. Plus, I will never ignore the blushing Tusndere Casta in the woods with her, plus Adora, maybe Catra, Hordak, maybe? Nobody asked where she was…give me a funeral! Also, I need to see what happens to Lonnie, Kyle, and Rogelio! WE WANNA MOVIE!! ;w;
LilDerpCake Ай мурун
I really want to know more about catra and adoras background and the other other characters. But yeah a movie would be amazing and I need it!
Catra Ай мурун
It would be good if we got a proper reaction from the other princesses to catra and adoras relationship. But I am down for a princess prom 2
Catra Ай мурун
ok ok, we dont NEED a movie. We WANT one.
Catra 6 күн мурун
@Mauricio Mesa exactly
Mauricio Mesa
Mauricio Mesa 6 күн мурун
i want and need one
Batman3217 Ай мурун
xx Nelly xx
xx Nelly xx Ай мурун
if this movie becomes a reality, 2020 is going to be WAY better
Bean Boi
Bean Boi Ай мурун
I kind of want a movie with time travel and to also see what would have happened if Catra stayed with Hored Prime
Alliyah Brown
Alliyah Brown Ай мурун
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin Ай мурун
She-ra needs to pull a steven universe and SHOW US WHAT HAPPNEDS IN THE FUTURE
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Ай мурун
Yes! Just yes!
PaPa G
PaPa G Ай мурун
Elena Monfils
Elena Monfils Ай мурун
No disrespect to Roundtable or Noelle Stevenson, but I disagree wholeheartedly with the "There are no loose-ends and everyone is happy ever after" mentality. Like yes Horde Prime is defeated and we have our ships. But what does that mean for Etheria? How does Etheria heal? How do our main character's heal? What happens After the War? Because like, sure, Catra and Adora are together but you can't tell me there isn't going to be some hang-ups from the 3 years of brutal fighting the two had. And yeah Horde Prime is gone but it's not like the Horde were Prequel Star Wars Droids and they all just died. The Horde is still on Etheria and the Fright Zone is still under their control. Is Hordak just going to hand it over to the Princesses and if he does how will the citizens of the Fright Zone respond? Because if the real world has taught us anything it's that even when there's a tyrannical psychopath leading your country via martial law you'll still have naive cult followers who will defend them and exalt them as a wonderful leader even in the face of a slew of facts that state otherwise. And this isn't even touching on Adora's extra-planetary origins or Angella being stuck between dimensions. What I'm saying is that there is still a lot of loose ends to tie up and, honestly, I don't think a movie would really cut it. I think, personally, to do She-Ra right we need one last season. One season to answer and tie up those loose ends. Because for me, right now, She-Ra is a wonderful gift that is only half-wrapped and missing a bow. I think it deserves that little bit of extra flair.
Hopebringer Ай мурун
I wanna see Scorpia and Catra get an actual reunion. It would be nice if Scorpia wasn’t able to forgive her. Also, Hordak being redeemed was rushed
Polina Dincheva
Polina Dincheva Ай мурун
Am i the only one who just wants more seasons..?
Tiki Draws
Tiki Draws Ай мурун
I honestly think a good theme for a movie would be rescuing Angella from the fake reality. But then again I would love to see more if the ships. Specially Seamista for some reason. So A She-Ra movie is indeed really wanted from my side. Ive watched the livestreams on twich and Im pretty hurt. But never giving up❤
It's V e n u s
It's V e n u s Ай мурун
Rach Dave
Rach Dave Ай мурун
All I can say is... more she-ra! We don’t need it but we want it so give to us!
Keiro Ty
Keiro Ty Ай мурун
This I need
zKJ 315
zKJ 315 Ай мурун
Personally I think that if they made a new season or movie it would probably be a more realistic more in depth version of like simba's pride or something.
Tessa Burmaster
Tessa Burmaster 2 ай мурун
Someone send this to Netflix
Potsherd 2 ай мурун
I want to see Wrong Hordak creating support groups for his fellow brothers who still are in the shadow of Prime.
Catalina Of Aragon
Catalina Of Aragon 2 ай мурун
What if he man is in the movie?
Aishling Ní Faoláin
Aishling Ní Faoláin 2 ай мурун
Adora's parentage is another thing I would love to see explored. As much as I would love to see a full movie on ships, it's probably not gonna happen.
Mrs.IDK! 192673
Mrs.IDK! 192673 2 ай мурун
Sara Strejan
Sara Strejan 2 ай мурун
YES, I think we have mad it clear WE REALLY WANT A SHERA MOVIE🥺🥺🥺
RavTokomi 2 ай мурун
Something like a 3x 40 min episode special might make more sense. I kinda feel like this is one of those 'be happy it was there, not sad it is gone' situation though.
The Roundtable is catra's daughter and adora Finn will be in the sequel movie?
KAMILA 2 ай мурун
We need to know what happens when they *bring magic back to the universe*
Sevn 2 ай мурун
I think the movie could be set around adora’s trauma. I think it would be interesting to see adora have some small worries pop up throughout the movie, and then the scene she imagined in season 5 comes up and it goes the same until catra says “you coming” at which point adora has some extreme panic not being able to get over her trauma. After that I don’t know where it would go but I would LOVE to see that or something like it.
SaraAson 2 ай мурун
Yeah I definetly don't want another season. Anymore of that and the show will overstay it's welcome. Movies or something like a "TV special" absolutely there's TONS of small things and moment throughout the show that could make for a good self contained story. What you suggested in the video even things that the show didn't touch on like where Adora is from do they ever find it? That would work as a movie plot set after the show you can even do a prequel either with Scorpia's family (I'm super curious about how that went down) or how the rebellion failed and Micah got caprtured, although that one might be rather depressing unless set in the premise of King Micah retelling it after the show. Or even just small "TV specials" and I'm not strictly talking about the Western idea of those (one extra long episode or 2 episodes slammed into one), a lot of anime will often have single episodes focusing on just 1 or 2 characters and their day to day. Just imagine seeing what life in Brightmoon was like from the perspective of that one Guard Captain or Mermista's butler/guard/whatever is needed in the moment dude from her first episode or just Double Trouble wrecking havoc for an episode. There's tons of little stories that could be told and I'd love it if any off them would be but I don't want any more seasons. The story had a great start, middle and end it's clearly a story written before the show started airing, another season wouldn't have such a cohesive story and would quickly water down into endless content for the sake of content. You can pretty endlessly tack on small self contained stories but if it's a season you risk it ending abruptly as fans loose intrest or the writers write themself into a hole.
Mike MacLean
Mike MacLean 2 ай мурун
I neeed to know where Katra and adora’s relationship went
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