Infinity Train Book 3 Destroys Our Emotions

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The Roundtable

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We have arrived at the rest of our Infinity Train Book 3 reactions! How does the story of Grace and Simon conclude? How does Amelia switch things up? You know all of these if you watched the episodes of course, but still.
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The Roundtable
The Roundtable Ай мурун
Just for added context my reaction to The Big Death stemmed from a place of wanting to be entertaining, the obvious comeuppance for the character and being reminded of personal experiences. Once we finished recording and everything set in, it actually made me pretty sad. Some may not feel this comment necessary since it's fiction, or because the character is intended to be conflicting, but with the line being blurred between the value of entertainment, and the value of recognizing real human traits, flaws and personalities in characters, I'd be more comfortable putting it out there that it's not exactly a scenario worth celebrating. - Vox
Knockoff Mjolnir
Knockoff Mjolnir 29 күн мурун
@Leeman2006 I actually kinda covered that in my first comment when I mentioned that this isn't really something that should be celebrated. I'm just saying that his actions aren't defensible or excusable in the slightest and I know living with mental illness. My father is schizophrenic. As a result, I hardly know the man and the bit of time he has spent in my life, he has mostly spent causing trouble. For a long time I was pissed and wanted answers for all the crazy shit he's done, but I've come to accept the fact that he probably doesn't even have those answers. He probably doesn't really know why he did all the shit he did or even exactly what he did. He's in his 70's now! I'm getting off course though. The point I was getting to is that I can't completely blame my father for all his actions. I can be disappointed in him for quitting on his meds in the first place, bit he can't even be entirely blamed for that. The unfortunate truth of the matter is, with a professionally diagnosed, bonafide schizo like my dad, there's really nowhere for the blame to go. Simon is clearly losing it here, but also clearly had far more control over his mental faculties than my father. Which brings me right back to the fact that his actions are inexcusable. Maybe, just maybe, when he traps Grace in her own mind he has lost it to the point where he's no longer in control of his actions enough to take responsibility for them, but even then, you can't blame anyone else for his shenanigans.
Knockoff Mjolnir
Knockoff Mjolnir 29 күн мурун
@Peaches Green Agreed.
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon 29 күн мурун
@Peaches Green True.
Leeman2006 29 күн мурун
Cluckles and if I have hate take it elsewhere? Kevin made a mistake, and so I’m correcting him. As someone who has lost people in their life and understands the value of human life fully (unlike some), this ending goes deeper than just being a “cartoon”. This ending was trying to raise awareness to mental illness and the effect it can have on a person. You’re kinda shallow for thinking other wise tbh, ngl.
Leeman2006 29 күн мурун
Cluckles But his mental illness is something that slowly seized and just kept progressing on the train. Ofc Ik it’s fiction too; however, it was kind of disturbing to see Kevin’s reaction to the death of someone who clearly didn’t feel sane. It also obviously wasn’t graces fault, but that’s not the point. The point is that this kid was beyond being able to be helped and couldn’t come to correct reasoning. His demise was not meant to be a celebration or happy event. It was supposed to be sad how nothing grace could’ve done to “help” him would actually helping. Seeing someone’s mental state deteriorate until they finally die bc of it is not matter if he is the protagonist or antagonist.
Captain_Arrrcus •—•
Captain_Arrrcus •—• 16 күн мурун
Wait quick question when people get on the train what number do they start with?
Tsundere Trash
Tsundere Trash 22 күн мурун
Simon gone full r/niceguy
iiSwearTV 27 күн мурун
I think there will be a part 2 to this book or book 4 will be Grace and the apex redeeming themselves. And It will end with her looking for hazel before she get off the train
Mika Beck
Mika Beck Ай мурун
Food for thought: What if a passenger ends up giving birth on the train? What would the outcomb be for the baby? They wouldn't have a number and couldn't be subjected to the train's trials because they're obviously just an innocent baby who is too new to life to have any need for a number, but then would they be automatically get off or would that cause a problem because then they now have the problem of being separated from mom. Therefore in order to solve their issue they have to remain with their mother, but eventually the mother would be reaching 0 and would want her child to go home with her, but would her human child be considered a denizen of the train due to comming into the world on the train therefore stuck or would they be considered a packaged deal with Mom?(I could keep going in circles at this point). Any thoughts?
Erika Capanas
Erika Capanas Ай мурун
I love your reactions, you guys are weird, and hilarious!
TDAKT1974 •_•
TDAKT1974 •_• Ай мурун
I wonder what happens if a passenger has no arms
Adriana Ай мурун
"infinity train book 3 destroys our emotions" -tell me something i don't know😂 *Sobs*
SleonHikari Ай мурун
Think theres gonna be a Mirror Simon runnin around?
brody decesare
brody decesare Ай мурун
Am I the only one who doesn't like when the editor cuts the debunked theories out, I like to hear the think about the show, mabye it was really stupid , but this comes from a place of love, love the RoundTable, they keep me coming back to cartoons, i own hbo solely to binge cartoon network and adult swim shows
Yungandrekless Ай мурун
Him: "What if he just pushe-" Simon: "Yo I'm real happy for ya and imma let you finish, but..." *Simon pushes grace*
Julio I.
Julio I. Ай мурун
Maybe the murderers aren't on the train cause they get gohmed up
Julio I.
Julio I. Ай мурун
Lake leaving the train is proof to me that every denizen on the train is an actual sentient being. The fact that everyone on the train is real makes the things that the Apex did even worse in my eyes. I also wonder if Grace is going to have a harder time getting off the train because of Simon's death. I feel like she might hold herself responsible even though she really isn't.
Khaos Production
Khaos Production Ай мурун
I died when AweStruckVox screams: *”LETS FUCKING GOOOO”*
Hackie Puffs
Hackie Puffs Ай мурун
Jayton O'Brien
Jayton O'Brien Ай мурун
Let simon be the destructive force that he wants be... let him burn himself out... his death shall instill a certain fear in the apex's childern on the dangers of not leaving the train... reinforcing one-one's design like what happened to simon. Those kids that watched, followed, and believed him will tell the story of what happens when your number gets to high... and this would simply be another 'lesson' to learn. (I wish that was the case. That the train knew that simon was a lost cause and simply made it so that their soon-to-be biggest problem 'Grace' leader of the apex would learn something from simon. I like to think that the train knew what was going to happen or at the very least tried to make sure majority of what it does serve some sort of purpose.
Super Manny GAMER
Super Manny GAMER Ай мурун
I feel like they watched this drunk
dylan de guzman
dylan de guzman Ай мурун
8:12 he was already on the train for a few months like tulip, so its implied maybe his number was going down w/ the help of Samantha the Cat.
Luke Hourani
Luke Hourani Ай мурун
20 seasons, 5 movies, 8 spin offs and a religion thats what infinity train needs to have
Geep Freak
Geep Freak Ай мурун
Is it just me that wants more of them reacting to cartoons
Molten Ice
Molten Ice Ай мурун
What a time to be alive, am I right?
페리도트5XG Ай мурун
The _Quarentine car_ thing distracted me _so_ much LOL
Snake392 Ай мурун
"Where's the drywall?!" 😂😂
Lex G
Lex G Ай мурун
Loving that Emilia thirst bcs honestly.....same
Megan McDonald
Megan McDonald Ай мурун
Simon giving Hazel, this innocent girl who he traumatized by murdering her caretaker Tuba and smiled like he did something great, that hard stare like she wasn't human, continued to give that stare to Grace, and even trying to attack Amelia proves that what Amelia told him was the truth! He's a child in an 18 year old's body!
Arron Weston
Arron Weston Ай мурун
04:02 *supersaiyan transformation*
Rodrigo Fengg
Rodrigo Fengg Ай мурун
Infinity train doesn't destroy our emotions, Infinity train builds our emotions! it makes my emotions bigger
Andy Koh
Andy Koh Ай мурун
I have been rooting for simon to get better ever since episode 1 , but oh boy things surely didn't go as i thought
Knockoff Mjolnir
Knockoff Mjolnir Ай мурун
It just occurred to me. They've shown more than one gruesome deaths on screen. So why didn't they show Tuba?
Polly Starlight
Polly Starlight Ай мурун
simon messed with the wrong turtle
Ibrahim TEM
Ibrahim TEM Ай мурун
The voice of Amelia is the same as Morgana in Trollhunters
Spykid Gaming
Spykid Gaming Ай мурун
The train is in a dangerous place so it gives passangers a want to leave, like amelia said the train is for fixing problems not for living the rest of your life on it, thats why there are the ghoms and multiple cars where you can actually die in or get trapped in
Kayla Brownell
Kayla Brownell Ай мурун
Kevin yelling at Grace to kick Simon in the d made me roll
Seaboigium Ай мурун
Can't destroy my emotions if I never watch it!
im just chilling
im just chilling Ай мурун
"People die in real life but..." *"The deaths in the show are usually whimsical"*
Joshey Dubs
Joshey Dubs Ай мурун
14:58 French Revolution Car anyone?
Another Week
Another Week Ай мурун
I want more than anything to watch cartoons with these guys
Raziel Brito
Raziel Brito Ай мурун
"Kick her ass Jasper!"
Myanimefreak Ай мурун
Please guys. Watch this on hbo max using the free trail. We need a season 4
Leeman2006 Ай мурун
“Infinity Train Season 3 Destroys Our Emotions” Kevin: SIMON’S DE AD SIMON’S DE AD
Anna der Hirte
Anna der Hirte Ай мурун
I think it's kinda strange that Emilia called OneOne just "One" also we didn't see him in this book at all. I have the feeling that the fourth book will address this more
Guyjin Ай мурун
amelia swole
NOT DAYLE Ай мурун
"Ha 69" is sending me💀
Love Or Logic?
Love Or Logic? Ай мурун
BTW. Before you read this please note that this is nothing about hate or saying that their way of thinking is wrong. This is simply something that someone took their time to create to share their opinons on the matter, (In a nice/understanding way... or something like that)(basically my thoughts about simons arc) just know that there is no malice behind these words before you go and type some angry reply. thank you and good luck reading it all! I would just like to point out that basing the actions of simon only on what happened to him by the cat is what I believe to be, "inncorect." I qoute it because though it is not the soul reason, it is what backed up the thought process he has during his time in the apex. personally I think that simon was a monster of someone elses making as being abandoned would not lead to thinking nulls are toys, but instead just giving him major trust issues, (though I think he also has that too, but on a much bigger scale.) Now, I say he was a monster of someone elses making because first, the thought of needing to raise the numbers came from Grace, and though I have nothing to back this next claim, I come to think that grace came up with the null = toy/npc sorta thinking, giving this thought process to simon, backed up by his abandonment, I believe he didn't want to think a real person could do what the cat did, though soon that thinking became more fuzzy and warpped as the years went by. so throughout about seven years or more maybe? (I couldn't find his age.) either way, after growing up with this idea with his abandonment backing it up, now forced to believe that it is all wrong? I assume that would break him mentally a good bit, but not fully. now trying his best to believe that his thinking is still right, he finds that grace is slowly leaving him for tuba and hazel. the one person who made him believe all this null stuff, now going against him for a null. that would add on to the mental burden he is holding already. now he sees grace, ignorant to the hurt that is being put on to him well in the cabin with the cat, and though they talked it over, I doubt that stopped simon fron thinking about why is she so keen on the idea of not trying to find a way out, but instead stay inside with the cat. after that mess they go into the color clock car where grace ends up making simon work with tuba. now simon would be thinking, why would grace want me to get along with the null, just for the kid's feelings? Though he sucks it up for grace and the plan to get hazel back to the apex. after all that I believe simon comes to the idea that grace is being led down the wrong path due to her numbers going down and her distancing herself from him. because of this he ends up killing tuba, but not because he is some evil person but because he wishes to help grace back up to her former self. that and because the idea of killing a null is not a bad thing to do, nor is it wrong when it comes to the apex's thought process as the null are just things, "toys" for the passengers amusment. once the deed is done and he gets back to the two, though in his heartless way, he might feel like he did this to also make sure hazel didn't go through what he did, even if hazel went through a whole different kind of pain afterwards. so now simon thinking he did the right thing, thinking he would make grace proud considering it was her plan to "ditch" tuba to begin with, as simons plan was to only incapacitate her, (though that was before meeting her.) in the end, grace snaps at simon as if he did the wrong thing, as if she never killed a null in cold blood before. now frustrated, not know what he did wrong, he ends up taking it out on hazel, (though doing that was a bit too much.) next is the part where the group meets amelia and simon starts to put two and two together, wanting to know more about her, thinking that she was the conductor, for however short that thought was was grace had everyone run away from her claiming she was bad. once in the cave with numbers on his mind and still under the impression that higher is better, he tries to get grace to show her numbers as he is either worried for her, the apex, or both. though despite his concern he got yelled at and was labeled as selfishwhen really he just wanted to help, no matter how forcefull he seemed. well sitting outside the cave he made up his mind that he needed to help her but needed help knowing how to do so. because of that he went to the cat, sadly the cat couldn't give any worse help as she was the main reason simon snapped, because without her, he wouldn't have known he was lied to by grace, (and correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the both of them said they wouldn't keep things from eachother. ironically this whole season was grace keeping things from him.) so after seeing that he was lied too to protect a null, something that they both thought off as "things" for years, he felt like she thought that a "thing" was worth more then him. betrayed, he wanted to make sure grace understood what she had done, wanting her to feel bad for betraying him. the reason he did it using her own memories was because he most likely knew that she would deny him at every turn, which is true when she said she never lied to him but using the clip of her own actions caught her in her own lie, hence the huge sence of guilt overwhelming her before she yells "sorry! is that what you want me to say!?" (also I like to add that the reason for simons size in that scene is for matching graces guilt towards him. in any case it makes sense.) Then we come down to the part where he tries to wheel grace. (though personally I would've loved if he just tried to exile her instead and have them both live) At this point simons anger took hold of him, saying that she betrayed the apex like she did him, and from that point of view he wasn't wrong. she betrayed the whole idea of the apex therefor betraying them altogether. wanting to stop her way of thinking to spread throughout the apex he tries to get rid of her, which turns in to an all out fist fight. her saying she owes simon nothing obviously increased that anger as he feels like she owes him "everything." quoted because I feel like he only wants the truth and other emotional things like that. the moment he kicked grace off is because he was already set on killing grace, not wanting to stop, subconsciously knowing if he turned back he would most likely go through some type of mental issue. speaking of mental issues, I assume he has abandoment issues and a fear of changes. well had anyways. so this concludes this long explanation of what I believe to be the reason behind simons actions. I decided to type all this because I think it's much better then just summing up his actions to, "I was abandoned by the cat and now I go on a warpath because I'm not getting my way." This is the whole "monster of someone elses creation." theory. idk if it's theoory or something else but either way, I hope people see thing and are intrigued by what I had to say. so with that being said, that you for reading this very long comment!
Love Or Logic?
Love Or Logic? Ай мурун
if you read all that then congrats. also, if anyone from the roundtable see this, keep up the wonderful work. I love all your theories on all these different things. their fun, easy to understand, and feel like they're worth the watch. LOVE the great work you all are doing and I can't wait to see your channel grow and to see all the theories you all come up with!
gabriel maxwell
gabriel maxwell Ай мурун
Space Chase
Space Chase Ай мурун
"I got a girlfriend!" (infinity train pulls up)
Liz Lemon
Liz Lemon Ай мурун
if they are not real, how did MT/Lake go to the Real World? She escaped the Train and still Alive in Arizona. She became a literal Tulip doppelgänger.
Lemon Ай мурун
“Time to kill Simon” me, during the entire season
Tiny Chicken
Tiny Chicken Ай мурун
Kevin’s reactions at the end of the video was actually sooo funny and Tom just in his own place talking about the escalator 😂
SilverPunk1 Ай мурун
*Simon looks into the Ark of the Covenant* "YES, YES!!" 🙏🏼🤣
tejanospecial Ай мурун
Don’t be a worry baby No need to hurry baby When you’re with me
You see me Everywhere
You see me Everywhere Ай мурун
I never thought i would here kevin say the n word
Milly KKitty
Milly KKitty Ай мурун
It definitely wasn't Tuba, yeah. Since Atticus was shot by Amelia's orb gun, he turned into a Ghom. The mirror peps didn't turn into Ghom when they died because it was Amelias doing in the first place :0
Tim Tam
Tim Tam Ай мурун
Vox is really starting to lose it at: 16:06
Yusuf kurdi
Yusuf kurdi Ай мурун
Season 3 was really dark and I love it
Bethlee Swanson
Bethlee Swanson Ай мурун
I think Simon's fate is supposed to be horrifying and yet fitting. He had lost everything, including his sanity. He had nowhere lower left to go. Whether denizens and passengers stay dead or somehow become integrated into the train's matrix has yet to be seen. Hazel gives me hope that that's actually what happens. Anyway, back to Simon's was important for Grace to witness that, I think, because the one thing the train lacks is a human caretaker to make sure that the passengers and denizens are protected from the emotionless programming of the number system of the train. One-One first began learning about the humanity of the passengers through Tulip, and then learned about the "humanity" of the denizens through Lake.Grace can make him understand how fragile the human psyche is, especially with people like Simon who go through too much trauma, and make him understand how the train can hurt more than it helps.
Arsenic Arachnid
Arsenic Arachnid Ай мурун
I finally got over Simon and then I clicked this video smh 😪😪😪
Ken Beimer
Ken Beimer Ай мурун
I'm a little bit concerned you were rooting for someone that died. Even tho it's fiction and he was a horrible character... Rooting for people to die isn't healthy, ever!
emepherul Ай мурун
“he’s going full white boy rage” LMAO 💀
Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson Ай мурун
8:18 simon:adios
ccggenius12 Ай мурун
I was trying to figure out why a ~70 year old woman was coming across as so attractive, and I think I've reached a conclusion. Obviously the animation limiting the depiction of wrinkles is a big part of it, but with the jacket off she is exuding some SERIOUS Ellen Ripley vibes. I wouldn't be surprised if next season involves some combination of her torching things, and/or sinking a basketball from half-court without looking. I'm just sayin', the ghoms sure do act a lot like xenomorphs. Also wouldn't surprise me if they didn't exist before she started mucking around with things, and part of her reformation involves resolving that particular issue.
Giraffe Consumer
Giraffe Consumer Ай мурун
Simon did nothing wrong
ddbob 1
ddbob 1 Ай мурун
Lmao fucking Tom's commentary is the best I love it.
Quincy Iwuji
Quincy Iwuji Ай мурун
A11y Kat
A11y Kat Ай мурун
So many of these comments are so funny in hindsight 👀
Raffy Garnica
Raffy Garnica Ай мурун
16:09 "YES! YES! YESSSS! GO! GO! GO!"
The Seven Guy
The Seven Guy Ай мурун
16:10 the part everyone is here for
The Seven Guy
The Seven Guy Ай мурун
Quick question, what happened to Steven Universe Rewritten? You said 4K likes for a part 2, it’s 45k likes now
Martyna M
Martyna M Ай мурун
Am I the only one who cried because Simon got killed??!! I really liked him :'(((
Abrielle Elysee
Abrielle Elysee Ай мурун
13:43 I mean, anybody remember how badly Spinel reacted to being abandoned by Pink? Simon: "You know I only came here to take my anger out on a bunch of Nulls. But now that I know you, Grace... I wanna wheel you even more."
Fandom Godmother
Fandom Godmother Ай мурун
This is literally just pretty much it for cartoons and I love it
Pierre Habimana
Pierre Habimana Ай мурун
Fun fact: Grace is voiced by Kirby Howell-Baptiste. She acted in shows like Killing Eve, The Good Place and Why Women Kill. I found that out by looking at the Infinity Train credits on this video.
April Platt
April Platt Ай мурун
honestly that one guy talking about how he thought the story was going to be "simon's all along" really shocked me, like there is no framing that indicates that at all. i don't want to get too political here, but there's a certain reason that certain people look at simon and immediately identify with him rather than grace...
Brandon Erickson
Brandon Erickson Ай мурун
I fucking hate our morality system, that we view someone like Simon not as a poor, broken mentally ill sociopath put out of his misery, but as an evil person who simply chose to be like Satan or some shit and got what he deserved. Everything in this season crafted Simon. There's a reason Amelia's number isn't going down anytime soon. She basically brainwashed these kids by knowing what the train was for and purposefully denying it that for 30 years. Indirect, but that doesn't mean she gets no blame, she's clearly got all her mental faculties, unlike the 10 year old who was constantly abandoned and was totally fucking emotionally abused by the way worse psychopath that was Grace before her change arc, an arc by the way that completely uprooted everything Simon believed in and brought up shit in the journey that was way more tramautic for him than her. Not like there was a car where her parents show up and beat her, but he literally has a car that reminds him of his most traumatic memory with the Cat. The train does NOT get to wash it's hands clean of what happened to Simon. All of our choices are ABSOLUTELY impacted by what has happened to us. Plus him still basically being a child whose brain isn't even fullt developed yet. Are we just gonna start giving teenagers the death penalty when they commit murder now and say it's okay? Aren't teenagers and adults literally charged on different legal systems? What he did was morallly wrong, but to take even a bit of joy in his death, to say that in any way he was iredeemable and it's all his fault, is fucking disgusting. I think he probably should've died, or gone to a mental ward, because he was literally broken beyond repair in the end, but I believe that not because he is evil, but because he is sad. He is broken. It's deeply saddening. It hurts to see so many people watch these last episodes and take so much joy and spew so much vitriol at who was one of the saddest characters arcs I've ever seen.
Derek Jimenez
Derek Jimenez Ай мурун
“Stop being a furry.” -Tom 2020
Pinkbunnypeeps Y’all
Pinkbunnypeeps Y’all Ай мурун
I came to the comments section just for this
Rachel Dooling
Rachel Dooling Ай мурун
AwestruckVox: u cant wheel a human there'd be blood *four minutes later* WHEEL HIM WHEEL HIM
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith Ай мурун
I watched all three seasons yesterday
Toot Sparkle
Toot Sparkle Ай мурун
"Final form of Incel" XD
Ethop 65
Ethop 65 Ай мурун
Awestruckvox was a little too happy that Simon died 😂
Galaxyeyespd Ай мурун
What’s your favorite book so far. Personally I love book 2 a little better.
OceanZero Ай мурун
Guyss it’s Ghom not Goom 🤣
r_kinesis Ай мурун
how it feels to chew five gum...
sneep snop
sneep snop Ай мурун
im glad im not the only one who is completely weak for amelia ok
Chase the Master
Chase the Master Ай мурун
Splendid video😊🥰👍💯
fat lol
fat lol Ай мурун
Is normal video
KittenPyroNao Ай мурун
I'm calling him liquid simon
Rivan Ай мурун
Im sad theres no happy ending on book 3 :( :(
fat lol
fat lol Ай мурун
Is sux
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Ай мурун
When Tuba dies and when Simon dies, the Sky reacts. Please note that this is not an astethic choice, like when Mufasa dies and it rains - no, on Earth, Rain is natural, but in the Desert-Dimension, things are naturall unchanging. So this must mean something. I wished more people would talk about this, seriously. The Numbers are meant to react, they're directly linked to the holder, but the Sky is different. This purple lightning is interesting!
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Ай мурун
Amelias Personality is weird. She knows way too less about human emotions. That's stupid. Bad Writing there.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Ай мурун
Simons number was only 55 when he entered the Train - he had bad luck and made bad decisions, both, so that's why he became like he became. He's not evil, he's not a psycho, he was what he was. I'm not defending him, but you need to understand this fact: His Story was centered about his girly Friend. His world. His emotions. It was centered about her. Thats WHY he reacted so extreme to the Betrayal. Try to understand him, instead of being childish and just call him evil.
Brandon Erickson
Brandon Erickson Ай мурун
^ This. He was clearly psycologically damaged by several abandonments and also by the fact that Grace (as we saw a lot in the beginning) basically coddled, ridiculed and pulled him from thread to thread. Sociopathy isn't magic spooky satan evil juice. It's a mental disorder caused by trauma. Even if the only safe thing to do was kill him, no one should have gotten any joy out of it. Clearly Grace didn't. From start to finish this kid was given a bad hand, and it might sound icky to some people but yeah, people aren't solely to blame for their actions, get fucking used to it. It's like they think taking away even a fraction of blame from the killer somehow makes murder not wrong, it's stupid. Literally a million stimuli from all facets and all senses interact and shape us every day. The idea we hold some moral absolute for everything we do is about as stupid as thinking a toddler is completely mentally sound enough to go to war. Have some sympathy. It was so magically easy when Steven maniaclly murdered Jasper and bloodthirstily almost did the same to Whute Diamond.
Slevin Channel
Slevin Channel Ай мурун
When Tuba dies and when Simon dies, the Sky reacts. Please note that this is not an astethic choice, like when Mufasa dies and it rains - no, on Earth, Rain is natural, but in the Desert-Dimension, things are naturall unchanging. So this must mean something. I wished more people would talk about this, seriously. The Numbers are meant to react, they're directly linked to the holder, but the Sky is different. This purple lightning is interesting!
Мартин Йонков
Мартин Йонков Ай мурун
Oh yea black people can say niga but white people cant
swampwater dog
swampwater dog Ай мурун
AKAB?? I think u got a little ahead of yourself there LOL But yeah ACAB
Hasatanel Belial
Hasatanel Belial Ай мурун
Man, Vox's really hates Simon. I mean, it was Simon, but it was kind of funny.
Chris Diego Baines
Chris Diego Baines Ай мурун
the golms might be attracted to high numbers. It could be the train's way of punishing those who are too much in the wrong... Just a theory
Sebastián Jacob Heredia Enríquez
Sebastián Jacob Heredia Enríquez Ай мурун
"Who's Max? Max is just copying Owen's homework". Lmao, I died. 😂
Blocky Productions
Blocky Productions Ай мурун
Geez Vox, I know you hate him but dude. too extreme
lilmizz Krazie
lilmizz Krazie Ай мурун
I'm sorry, I hated Simon too but yelling happily at his death sits REALLY wrong with me. I can't say it wasn't deserved, I was calling for his blood early on, but... not like that, not to a Ghom. I mentioned this in a discord server I'm in but it felt a bit like what the execs wanted of the SU Movie; Spinel, who was also hurting really bad and lashing out because of it, to die.
Brandon Erickson
Brandon Erickson Ай мурун
Yeah everyone was like 'my poor baby' when Steven literally murders Jasper but then Simon is a deeply traumatized 10 year old who is consistenly abandoned and toyed with again and again and had his whole sense of life uprooted, literally crying and laughing from sheer mania at the end, but no he's literally evil spooky satan man he only deserves death he was clearly in control of all his mental faculties always and I'm gonna go into hysterical laughter at literally watching his eyes melt.
Ahmad Alaqib
Ahmad Alaqib Ай мурун
Im getting some domic vibes in the beginning
Adam Goff
Adam Goff Ай мурун
At one point Simon mentions funeral flowers. I think maybe one of his parents died, that could be why he’s on the train.
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