Infinity Train Book 3's Tragic Ending EXPLAINED!

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Infinity Train Book 3 has concluded on HBO Max with Episodes 9 & 10, The Origami Car and The New Apex and we're here to dive into the insane ending! What's the future of Amelia and Hazel on the train? How can we recover from the tragic fates of the Apex? Did Simon and Grace's stories conclude on a good note? Let's break it all down!
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Jonathan Marquez
Jonathan Marquez 2 күн мурун
joker scene
tempest 2 күн мурун
Good thing it's not technically a Cartoon Network show anymore holy moly
Cole Bailey
Cole Bailey 3 күн мурун
Honestly that last bit with Simon as the leader of the Apex really reminded me of the last few chapters of The Lord of the Flies, with Jack and his Hunters
HotdogTurtle 3 күн мурун
Personally felt the plot was bad
Hey im weasel
Hey im weasel 4 күн мурун
Raquel Romo
Raquel Romo 7 күн мурун
Ooooooh Simon changed alright. He came from jerk to psychopathic murderer.
Latioswar R
Latioswar R 15 күн мурун
I think the train is meant to fix humanity morality cause the end of the world but at the end season 4 will deconstruct the train as actually a not so good context.
Latioswar R
Latioswar R 15 күн мурун
He developed narcisism as a cope mechanism honestly the creator is a a genius
Latioswar R
Latioswar R 15 күн мурун
Honestly that ending was dark but I dont fully like your analisis simon was a victim of grace cult mentality and the train yh at the end he became evil but honestly it makes sense after the whole world did him dirty and grace should have responded when she saved him you are my friend that would have saved his mentality but she told him I don't know giving him the sense she didnt really care about him so he tried to gain some semblance of reality and power so he tried to kill her, this season 3 was great I think season 4 will deconstruct the train as something that isn't really a good idea.
Obuma Eze
Obuma Eze 16 күн мурун
One One should really find a way to stop Ghomes from getting on the train so other passengers won’t die they the way Simón did
RevenEdits Queen
RevenEdits Queen 17 күн мурун
Yeah I think that Simon could have been redeemed if you know he actually tried to be a better person and learn things like grace did BUTTTTTT let’s just say you can’t have it all can you and grace isn’t responsible for his life choices so yeah I still feel kinda bad for Simon like if he tried he could have been a better person and that would be good okey but this is not a cartoon for babies and it can have a sad ending okey so the lesson is don’t be an ass like Simon was that’s all 😛 R.I.P Simon killed by his own self who was to stubborn to change
Directors Choice
Directors Choice 18 күн мурун
This was was real good!
Silvio Masterpalo
Silvio Masterpalo 18 күн мурун
He deserved it
SpeedyFM’s 22 күн мурун
Ok let be real for a sec his goal that Infinity Train be a great anime American
Sun Dew
Sun Dew 25 күн мурун
I don't appreciate the thumbnail being a massive spoiler
Dr. PIEMAN 25 күн мурун
I assumed the gohm's were there to keep passangers from trying to get around carts or get off. I also believe that no one is actually in danger until you hit a point of no return, like Simon did. He went insane, he wasn't a person capable of saving anymore. The others still have sanity and can be "fixed", he didn't so the train couldn't teach him or let him off.
SpeedyFM’s 29 күн мурун
Infinity Train Reboot Comfirned
Jonathan F
Jonathan F 29 күн мурун
I empathize with Simon, he was just a child when the train kidnapped him. He was subjected to torture he didn't ask for or deserve, and the Denizen he imprinted on left him for dead. His only source of guidance was another child. To me, this season reflects modern day society, how we have "lost generations" of children (not unlike the Apex children) who are victims of changes in government policy that failed to even acknowledge that they might be negatively affected by the transition. One-One didn't take any initiative to reach out to passengers affected by Amelia's reign, he just continued adding new passengers, as a robot would logically do what he was programmed to do. But Amelia on the other hand, who should've known better and is now working close with One-One, couldn't care less about the damage she did to these children. She only cared about the train itself. Helping it on its quest to kidnap people and force them to choose between bringing your social credit score down or stay in this mobile prison forever (an die on it). I'm serious, One-One and Amelia should go to jail for reckless endangerment of children, and also negligent homicide.
Jonathan F
Jonathan F 29 күн мурун
This season traumatized me to the core. I wanted Simon to be saved so much (because of what happened to him), but he died. I know he killed the Denizens, but I've literally never seen a human actually die in a cartoon before. At least in a way that didn't acknowledge an afterlife or vague demise.
gregory van Der werf
gregory van Der werf Ай мурун
The worse number in infinity train your body is covered in infinity symbols
Beenis Weenis III
Beenis Weenis III Ай мурун
Infinity train is the kind of show I never want to end, but I know it can't keep going forever without it's quality suffering.
Faithjjj10 YT
Faithjjj10 YT Ай мурун
“I feel like a child watching adult swim at night” That’s me fam
Moopheus Ай мурун
Here's something I been toying with for S4. *Local Boy Ruins Everything Theory* In this scenario some things shown at the end of S3 might have been a Chekov's Gun locking and loading. Before I go into that I will just bring up something in an old Star Trek game I used to play. Might be relevant! In this game you could use cheat codes to arm yourself in areas you were not normally armed. You could run up to and shoot important NPC characters. You'd kill them but since the game did not know what to do it would immediately crash to desktop. I think being a machine the train itself uses logic like this. It might be the most sophisticated machine ever built but it's still a slave to that particular 'Neanderthal logic' AI possesses. And let's ask what if no human was supposed to die on this train? Seemingly life and death scenarios were created but the in machine universe was completely in charge of causality. So you have a person was thrown off the train. Why, a convenient flock of origami birds fly down and save them! But we need to talk about Simon. Maybe it was his high numbers. Maybe it was Hazel. Maybe it was both. He was supposed to lay down there after being saved and that was it. Lesson learned. But the Machine made a mistake due to the randomness of human behavior. He lashed out. The Gohm 'asset', which should have been kept from reaching him was now without a script to guide it. So it attacked him and causality could not intervene. None of this was supposed to happen. After killing him gohm.exe crashed. Because while they had the basic kill routine programmed in there was nothing afterwards because that simply was not coded in. They were never supposed to kill ANYBODY because again, causality was supposed to intervene. The Gohm divided by zero by reaching and eliminating the subject. Simon was the first human to die on the train. And this is bad. As rotten as Simon was this has consequences. Because something divided by zero this could result in an entire cascade failure of the machine itself. Even Amelia's takeover was not random. The core merely guided itself back and everything followed the script. Simon somehow gained complete and total independence of the entire Deus Ex Machina of the train. At the cost of his own life. But now everything could unravel.
Patrick Morgan
Patrick Morgan Ай мурун
I think it looks different because what the pod video said about the tape car, that its the only car with the dimension projected on the outside
Ben Gm
Ben Gm Ай мурун
Every protagonist of each season appears in the episode 7 of the season before them but also the antagonist when lake/m.t appeared she appeared with her antagonists and when grace appeared guess who else did Simon it’s a weird thing to think about I’m not sure about season 4s villain but the protagonists will be Amelia and hazel most likely.
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez Ай мурун
The main characters of this season were my least favourites but the plot was great.
The_Ideaist Ай мурун
I lost my entire shit when Simon was fucking ***MELTED***
K Q Ай мурун
bro what you said about it triggering the feeling of catching adult swim as a kid is so real😭 i had to pause and collect myself when simon kicked grace off the train. the visual of her flying off is soo horrifying!
Owen Bridgers
Owen Bridgers Ай мурун
Train: made to "fix people" Also Train: *causes irreversible mental trauma*
Cadet Cat
Cadet Cat Ай мурун
Maybe I am wrong, but I feel like the moral of this season was to be open minded and take responsibility for your own actions. The series as a whole shows the consequences and rewards for treating people or denizens with respect. Yet I really do appreciate in the end the show had Grace try to change and become better even though it is hard. What happened with Simon was sad at first, but eventually even sadder was his own actions and choices that ended up hurting those around him even himself. He didn't have a good start, but he chose to get worse instead of reflecting and helping those who did care for him. While fighting Grace still cared enough to save Simon. Even after Grace did not understand she wanted to work with him. The thing is he did not want to work things out. Grace is not perfect, but in the end she started to care how she treated others and tried to lay off being controlling. Personally, I wanted Simon to work stuff out, but in real life people have the choice to also become better or worse. At the end Simon did not care who he hurt or what he did as long as he felt in control and could blame anyone for his own life problems.
Chaoticstorm Ай мурун
If I could of changed anything about his death is that instead of just dying he becomes a gohm himself. Like it’s some kind of punishment for getting his number completely consuming his body and the reason they chase other people around for their life force is because of a lingering desire to become human again by feeding off their life force to restore their own
Chan Ай мурун
This show really took the wrong route for the ending cuz I was loving the show before the ending. I mean think about how Catra literally tried to destroy the whole world and even betrayed one of her most loyal friends (Entrapta) and sent her to her death, but all she gets is a dumb haircut?! Whereas Simon gets his face melted off?!!! And that's after building up his character so much and showing so much reason of why it was not entirely his fault but due to the events and people around him who turned him into what he was which was the same for Catra being abused by Shadow Weaver and left by Adora. I mean, imagine if they killed off Catra! I doubt anybody would've called that a good ending smh
ssother Ай мурун
You know, most people say Simon is irredeemable, that he could never come back. Was it likely that he would keep doing bad things if left unchecked? Probably. But his number count is just a very large number. It's finite. Most people believe that once they have made so many mistakes that they are irredeemable or that they can never make up for what they have done. But this show is a reminder that you can come back no matter what. It's going to be hell to get back on the right track, but it is possible.
Nathan Meutcheho
Nathan Meutcheho Ай мурун
Literally, just watch all of season 3 episodes back to back because I didn't realize that there was a season three until 2 hours ago
-_Keraψn_- Ай мурун
CZN Yeet
CZN Yeet Ай мурун
Simon should take some advice from Tuba’s song “Just take it easy-peasy..”
Jukebox Jimmy
Jukebox Jimmy Ай мурун
Infinity train, one of the only "kid's shows" with a body count.
Bite 09
Bite 09 Ай мурун
I died watching the two last episodes! But I'm still proud of Grace accepting that she was wrong and tried to the right thing despite all things didn't end up well.😖
TheJFKWahoo Ай мурун
I only found out that infinity train got a third season from the title of this video. its a shame that the thumbnail is a spoiler :(
Sebastian Zhu
Sebastian Zhu Ай мурун
The thing is Simon is the only midture character. Grace is a total bi. This ending is worse then game of thrones everyone sucked like Simon should have lived bring Simon back to life
Chan Ай мурун
I'm not sure if I completely understand your comment but I agree that the ending was complete bullshit
Double Trouble
Double Trouble Ай мурун
each book gets darker and darker, but in a way that allows you to understand the problems that the characters are facing, thus giving the story more freedom to tell it's story which i think is awesome
Tad Dad
Tad Dad Ай мурун
I think you've msicharacterized the train. It is not an unfeeling machine. It is in fact an empathic machine, though ultimately still a machine. Its entire existence is towards empathy and to help individuals who are going on the wrong path. To keep them from self destruction at their lowest points. The train does all it can to keep people from dying but there are accidents. But i think that largely one one's 30 year removal caused a lot of glitches and issues. Its possible the gghom are not in fact a feature of the tarin and simply what lives here. Or are themselves glitches with no purpose, denizens gone rogue.
Agent 72
Agent 72 Ай мурун
John Schlosser
John Schlosser Ай мурун
6:40 - There is a scene in the classic Star Trek episode "Miri" where Kirk is being beaten by a group of grade school children. This was even more horrifying.
Barrett Birks
Barrett Birks Ай мурун
the diamonds couldn't be redeemed either but they did anyway, it's really hard to redeem a natzi
Virginie Pcht
Virginie Pcht Ай мурун
the color of the Ghome remind me of the deer... what if it was the deer, but after it dies? and it is trying to be back to normal by eating humain life force?
Gentle Stick Man
Gentle Stick Man Ай мурун
I feel like if we ever get a season 4, it'll be about Amelia and Hazel. They've already constructed a perfect scenario.
Gentle Stick Man
Gentle Stick Man Ай мурун
I didn't hate Simon at first. Until he killed Tuba, he was always a character who could have turned around. I was hoping he would have a redemption arc. But he changed so much that he lost his previous self and became a truly horrible meant to be hated person that kept getting worse until the moment he died.
Chan Ай мурун
Catra did the same thing but she got a redemption arc ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Tajae Stone
Tajae Stone Ай мурун
I think in the next season is gonna focus hazel’s story arc
Anson Hartzler
Anson Hartzler Ай мурун
This show has so many brutal deaths. I love it.
MR YEET Ай мурун
Will we have seen people die already how the dog in book 1 died then came back and book 2 where the mirror world cops died
Alison Harris
Alison Harris Ай мурун
This was si good oh my lord this show is the best thing Cartoon Network has rn
Clipamation Ай мурун
You are now my legend : finally someone Mentions Gundams
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis Ай мурун
Books 2 & 3 are what make Infinity Train up there with Avatar for me. Phenomenal show.
SixthFinger Ай мурун
nah i don't need to see one-one again. Bring back alan dracula.
Gwog Ай мурун
I think season one was the only good one
Chan Ай мурун
Season one was kinda bland for me. I really liked season 2. I also liked season 3 but the ending was garbage.
oussama play's
oussama play's Ай мурун
any one reading this comment plz go to film theory channel and ask hem to watch the infity I am pretty sure he will love it and if he made a vedio about it, it will really help the show
BlueEngland Ай мурун
This is super dark
Pipeblau Ай мурун
could you use a less spoilery thumbnail?
Virginia Cooper
Virginia Cooper Ай мурун
Alright fools buckle up imma write an essay. So first and foremost the lesson I took from Infinity Train Book 3 is that some people just flat out don't have your best interests in heart. And Simon didn't deserve to die. I'm not saying he wasn't messed up. I'm not saying he didn't deserve SOME form of punishment for his actions, but I am calling bs on Grace and how easily her actions were swept under the rug. Let's go back for a hot second. This innocent impressionable child gets abandoned by someone he knew for months. His number is low. He's close to resolving his issues and leaving the train. And then Grace walks in and tells him she's an "expert" on the train and higher numbers are better. She teaches him how to "improve" his numbers. The poor dude has a crush on her. He adores her. She saved his life, and took him under her wing. After being betrayed and abandoned by someone he cared about, someone new helps him and guides him down the wrong path. Even then we see some good in him that wasn't stomped out. He wrote a book and desperately wanted Grace to read it to get her approval. She ignored it for the foreword- or her own part. It seems like he wanted to write it with her and was just shoved to the side when she got bored of it. We constantly see Grace manipulate and use Simon throughout the season. Listen to her voice everytime she pulls Simon to the side and puts an arm around his shoulder. She uses the same sickly sweet voice on him that she uses on the kids and he eats it up because wow he gets some validation from his toxic friend and crush. Grace had EVERY CHANCE to comfort Simon or talk him through his issues about Samantha. She hears him out to fix things (between him and herself) and never once tries to help him. Then she's oh so horrified when he kills Tuba to get HER approval. I'm not saying him killing Tuba was right. It seemed a little out of character. That was definitely wrong. There's no sugar coating it. Let's dig a little deeper though. For one, Simon had no intention of killing Grace when he trapped her in her own memories. He knew it might harm her, but he was showing her his pain at that moment. He felt betrayed and he was scared of being abandoned by Grace because she changed as a person. So he lashed out irrationally. But he could have killed her, and chose not to. What happened after that is MAJORLY out of character and I feel was rushed, lazy writing. Killing a decent character JUST to kill him. It didn't let Grace grow as a character. If anything, they could have followed their own rules. "If a threat is too big or unavoidable, you incapacitate it." They could have imprisoned Simon so he could learn the error of his ways, or continued to be a foil for Grace and help her grow as a person. Killing him just flat out ruins alot of good opportunities to show what is a pretty impressionable audience that some friendships are extremely unhealthy, and that you can still fix yourself even if you don't think you can live up to your mistakes. Heck, even Simon and Amelia could have tried helping each other get their ridiculously high numbers down. I have more to say- about Simon and a theory about his possible backstory- as well as more frustration to vent about the writing and how they threw his character away, or literally anything else but this is getting really long so if anyone wants to debate about this or just hear more of my opinions I'll respond lol
Virginia Cooper
Virginia Cooper Ай мурун
@Chan I have watched She-Ra, and you're right. Grace, like Adora stumbled into something that caused them to change and abandon their best friend and life for something better. Leaving their best friends to feel abandoned and betrayed. Although Adora actually DID try to redeem Catra, eventually realizing if her friend was going to realize the truth, she had to do it on her own, but still treated Catra with trust and compassion. Grace, obviously, scorned Simon for the opinions SHE bred in him, and constantly manipulated him and his feelings for her, to the point of openly distrusting him and causing him to go off the deep end, so to say. The huge difference was purely in how Adora and Grace treated their best friend. Arguably Adora and Catra had a deeper bond, and obviously Adora isn't manipulative. I know the main argument for why Simon doesn't deserve redemption was because he didn't want to change, but even Catra had a moment when she refused to change as well. But Adora never fully gave up on her. So I still firmly believe Simon deserved redemption, and a chance to grow and help Grace face her own manipulative tendencies. Denying him that chance for shock factor and to prove people can die on the train was cold. I absolutely adored everything up to those final episodes. I even joked to my friend that those episodes didn't exist. It's just so silly to me how Catra pulled off things almost as bad as Simon and yet gets a free pass for those actions. I still love Catra, but damn Simon got horrible and unfair treatment
Chan Ай мурун
Nice! I read the entire thing and I must say that I agree :) Btw if you have seen She Ra, you could actually compare how Catra and Simon are very alike and if I'm being honest, I think Simon deserved a redemption arc even more so than Catra in my opinion. But besides that I actually loved season 3 of infinity train that is except for the last episode which like you said was completely rushed, unfair and out of character.
Gacha_lol:3 Studios
Gacha_lol:3 Studios Ай мурун
Welp imma have nightmares tonight
Riz Fad
Riz Fad Ай мурун
piBoy Gaming
piBoy Gaming Ай мурун
Zechs Merquise (Zex Mark-ee)
Brotherbeam Ай мурун
I wonder if Samatha will learn of Simon's demise, and how she'll react to knowing it.
king of games and anime
king of games and anime Ай мурун
I don’t think the Gohm exploded because Simon’s number was too high. The Cat shoots down Simon’s belief that “numbers are power”. She tells him “numbers are numbers” they’re purely symbolic, there’s no power or energy in them. I think it exploded because that’s what gohms do, that might seem strange because no species would evolve to seek out self destruction, but that’s because they’re not just wild monsters from the wasteland. If they were, the cannon Amelia had in book one wouldn’t have created them. They’re part of the train. If a passenger leaves the train, the gohms attack them, either chasing them back onto the train or catching them and exploding, but they don’t wander into the train unless they’re already chasing someone. What if the gohms aren’t killing passengers, but rather *capturing* them, if a passenger gives up or tries to escape via the wasteland, the gohms absorb them and they’re “reset” where they began? What if Simon is back in the car where he came in, as he was when the train first picked him up?
jennifervan75 Ай мурун
I still think Simon could've been redeemed if he wasn't killed. He felt guilty after thinking he killed Grace.
AceKirby678 Ай мурун
To be honest, Simons been a pretty stubborn, closed minded person. Even when the cat jumped through the box, his first thought wasn't "Where'd the cat go, I gotta find him!". He straight up never even came back for the cat. Even with Grace, when he saw her tape on not telling Simon ONE thing, he didn't think about what Grace might be going through, he only thought "ANOTHER person left me?!" When in reality, Grace didn't leave Simon, she just needed space. She needed time to think about herself, and Simon never reflected on himself (Besides maybe saying Au Revoir to the cat, or Samantha). That's why he went so far gone.
Molten Ice
Molten Ice Ай мурун
Who else was choking on their breakfast when Simon kicked Grace off the train?
Molten Ice
Molten Ice Ай мурун
1 like is 1 prayer for Tuba. You will be missed... 🦍📯😔
Chan Ай мурун
For Simon actually, he was definitely a missed opportunity as a character for the plot :(
Bro ur thumbnail spoiled it for me
Zach Gibson
Zach Gibson Ай мурун
Simons could have gotten a higher number, his entire body could be covered in 9s
MidasM8 Ай мурун
This show genuinely broke me. Words can't explain how sad, confused, angry, and in the end, SCARED I was. But, I'll try to explain it. Once Simon nearly killed grace, I was crying. I saw my favorite character in the whole show nearly die. And it made me think about how far us human go to reach pure insanity.
Ghost Boi
Ghost Boi Ай мурун
Gomes are dead nulls
Javon Mobley
Javon Mobley Ай мурун
Where is at cause I tried looking for it but can’t find it
Brandon Cyrus
Brandon Cyrus Ай мурун
So basically, Simon has abandoned and rejected his humanity receiving demise for what he did while in the train.
bryce tan
bryce tan Ай мурун
Did somebody saw apex????
Rodolfo Meza Alvarado
Rodolfo Meza Alvarado Ай мурун
Ik this might be hard but i think that one-one doesn't have emotions he's just programmed to be kind, that's why Amelia said he sees passengers just like number, not people and that also explains why he didn't care about Lake trying to be free
Rodolfo Meza Alvarado
Rodolfo Meza Alvarado Ай мурун
Simon starts laughing on somehow believeing that he finally got the ultimate number, then cries realizing he just killed his best friend. But final psicho laugh means he's lost, there's no coming back from that.
Rudyolf Schiermeister
Rudyolf Schiermeister Ай мурун
Fun fact. The trains chime was in an episode of Steven universe. It was in the gems dungeon. Pearls room was a music puzzle and the music was the infinity train chime
Sandra Prickett
Sandra Prickett Ай мурун
The hilarious recess references!
JShortForJay Ай мурун
I enjoyed this season a lot but I didn’t think it was as good as the others. A lot of things just felt like breaking the rules that the other 2 seasons established. The little things like the numbers going up and down just got on my nerves. It took a whole carriage to go down a few numbers but this season like one sentence made their numbers go down by hundreds. How did Simon get his number as high as Amelia in such a short time? Edit- As high as Amelia’s before Grace returned. Him killing effectively killing Grace is a totally justified reason for that major increase
Phúc La
Phúc La Ай мурун
Book 3 is too rushed
gene clark
gene clark Ай мурун
give me a hundred villians, and i can give you two hundred tragic backstories each more heartbreaking then the last. The idea that one's own pain can somehow negate the abuse they inflict is SO worn out that it was a regular punchline in Phines and Ferb. considering all the horrific things we see simon do ( and the years of context implied slaughter as one of the two heads of the apex), his end was deserved if nothing else.
BadboyDCX Ай мурун
I'm not an adult I'm a Man-Baby ·_·
Lasercop Gaming
Lasercop Gaming Ай мурун
The only thing Ive thought about the origami birds saving grace was that shes a disney princess
Jack rock
Jack rock Ай мурун
Grace and Simon or like the two version of catra like her eyes the blue represent Simon and did yellow represent Grace do you remember season 3 the finale how catra left side was corrupted by the portal like Simon how he was corrupted but season 5 of She-Ra shows catra she can be redeemed the same way Grace was redeem Grace and Simon are the two halves of catra
Leonardo Pecoraro
Leonardo Pecoraro Ай мурун
Me: introducing infinity train to my friend after watching book 3 Me and my friend watching book 1, seeing tulip almost getting killed by a golm (cockroach thing) Me: remembering Simon death in book 3 Me: :0
KingPopinLockin Ай мурун
I have a theory I haven't seen anywhere else about the goms... Golms? Idk... But anyway... The creatures seem to have been created by the train in one way or another. I don't believe they are natural to whatever dimension the train exists in. I believe this because we see Amelia directly create one by transforming a denizen (Atticus) into one. We know now that Amelia is an engineer and that she is the only one seen creating one of these nasty things. I think she used train tech to make the device to transform denizens that got in her way. Denizens she couldn't take down without some weapon, like or one of the gigantic creatures Lake passes by in a train car. If Amelia is not the one who invented the transformation device then 1:1 did. 1 cannot have his train running at anything below optimal so denizens that do not do their job or break the rules, maybe even some that have become violent, are transformed into a mindless creature that can serve the train's purpose. Without sentience they cannot become disruptive like they were before. Either way we know these things are created and not born. We also know they generally target passengers over denizens from the end of season one. What if these creatures can sniff out numbers? The higher the number, the stronger "scent." They hunt larger numbers and absorb a passenger's essence, all of it until nothing is left, before exploding. Notice that a gom comes out of nowhere. It could probably pick up Simon's astronomically large number from miles away and was the closest one to him. My theory in a nutshell is: Goms are created from denizens to hunt people who are getting worse and have rising numbers. They are mindless because they are made from disruptive denizens end are made this way as you only follow their one purpose. Because of this they'll hunt any close by number. Here's the kicker... Once a gom has accomplished its goal, absorb a passenger's essence, it explodes and the essence is released for the train/train dimension to recreate in the form they entered the train with. This would mean Simon is being "reborn" somewhere on the train. He's been reset and has another chance at working through his problems. Simon could still have a chance at redemption without the fact that he's killed many denizens and attempted murder on another person weighing that down for the viewer. It also makes the train seem less like a death trap but still mysterious, dangerous and unpredictable. Idk what happens to the exploded denizen/gom. Do they get a reset or do is that denizen gone?
Luminent Hero
Luminent Hero Ай мурун
I really liked Simon, and I truly wished he would’ve changed for the better- it was supper shocking to see what he became.
Chan Ай мурун
It was super shocking to see what the writers did to him.
Raven Angeline
Raven Angeline Ай мурун
I feel there are several paths the new season can go down if its continued, these are all assumptions, no confirmations about anything A. We're gonna find out you don't actually die on the train and more or less respawn as you were when you first started (IE story will follow simons restart) B. Amelia and Hazel learning what Hazel is and fixing the train, C. A new passenger who meets up with Amelia and Hazel, D. Continuation of graces story...possibly with a couple of the remaining apex
Jackaroo Dragon
Jackaroo Dragon Ай мурун
To be honest I thought that tuba would come back to life
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Ай мурун
I think if they do a 4th season, they should follow Hazle and Amelia. And somehow running into Grase again. So that they can make up and also well get to see how the Apex Changes and what they do now, how they act now.
Knockoff Mjolnir
Knockoff Mjolnir Ай мурун
I also found it intriguing how this is the first season to end without someone leaving the train.
Renata Pedroso
Renata Pedroso Ай мурун
Other shows seson endings: the main bad Guy is defetade a New evil apers Infinty train's seson ending: lets make the villan DIE IN PAIN O N C A M E R A yknow for the kids :)
Benjamin Benjamin
Benjamin Benjamin Ай мурун
Him: Simon died me: >:)
S1 Air
S1 Air Ай мурун
klystron2010 Ай мурун
Oh no, he's melting! My precious Simon, gone forever! URRRAAAAAH!
Youssef A.
Youssef A. Ай мурун
"So we have a brutal death scene here where someone disintegrates into ash" "Is it a human" "Yes but actually no" "Then go on ahead :)"
J H Ай мурун
Just the fact that what traumatized him all those years is what got him in the end is
Gamer101 Z
Gamer101 Z Ай мурун
My theory for the Gohm’s (I don’t know how it’s spelled) is that they do somehow “feed” of the numbers. The only times we saw one change color was when the corgi king turned into one and got reversed, and Simon’s death. In the first episode it seams that they are able to track the numbers. Also it seems that they go after the higher numbers, and finally it seems that the higher the number the faster it affects, since Simon died after like 2-3 seconds, and anyone else afectes lasted longer
NorthMountainFairy Ай мурун
I am absolutely traumatized in the most delightful way.
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