Infinity Train's DARKEST SCENE Yet! Hazel Identity Mystery & More! (Book 3 Premiere Explained)

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The Roundtable

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Infinity Train's Book 3 premiere on HBO Max has left us all absolutely speechless with the show's DARKEST scene yet! As Grace and Simon find themselves separated from the Apex and on their own, they encounter the denizen Tuba and the lost passenger Hazel, who has a big mystery pertaining to her identity. Let's run through these first 5 episodes for details you may have missed and predictions for next week - Infinity Train Book 3, Week 1 explained!
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Lord Telperion
Lord Telperion Саат мурун
Kill em all.
Bobby Parker
Bobby Parker 14 күн мурун
fortnite montage
Eva López
Eva López Ай мурун
Tsba 😭😭😭 you samen 💩
SCGamer 56
SCGamer 56 Ай мурун
Yeah tubas cool and all but we can’t forget the amazing Dracula!!!
Antonis73 Ай мурун
Will there be s4?
Aaron Edwards
Aaron Edwards Ай мурун
Um not dumb🤬😡😢
The Mango Boy
The Mango Boy Ай мурун
The fact that Tuba is a GIRL
I expected his numbers to go all nines covering him
Rafael Suprayogi
Rafael Suprayogi Ай мурун
Hazel is the second animated character that turns into a turtle
SUPERALEX2623 Ай мурун
I was not surprised when Simon kill Tuba, they do not convince me that he change just with that little moment that they share. Is Still really sad to see Tuba die in that horrible way...
Maverick Ball
Maverick Ball Ай мурун
I'm gonna say this Simmon is a poison to anyone and everyone
Talia Alexis Sharaf
Talia Alexis Sharaf Ай мурун
That Tuba death scene makes me laugh compared to GRACE ALMOST FUCKING GETTING WHEELED LIKE FJDBDJSJSJSJAJ
Hercules D Marks
Hercules D Marks Ай мурун
Darkest season, Simon fuckin dies
Luca Casola
Luca Casola Ай мурун
WOW! good predictions man, you even guessed how Simon became unredeemable
samuel weathersby
samuel weathersby Ай мурун
As a low brass player seeing Tuba fall hit me harder than seeing Mufasa fall as a child 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Aizawa Shota
Aizawa Shota Ай мурун
KingAzxoll9 Ай мурун
Ha, having seen the final episode Tuba's death seems like a cakewalk. Anyone else agree?
Moon Ай мурун
so.... i made my own infinit train book...
Alexander Hart
Alexander Hart Ай мурун
I love the pancake bear
Dragoonsoul7878 Ай мурун
You can see this in real mental illness, where there is treatments and some people survive... but those treatments don't work on everyone and at times drive people to taking their own lives or killing others. Medication becomes an addiction which becomes a destructive force against other lives. Medication can in rare cases even cause insanity or extreme mental damage. This is what the train was to Simon, medication that drove him to insanity. If you view the train as medication and therapy... you see that he views the medication prescribed and the therapist responses as fake. So since these responses are fake it slowly builds a concept these responses are fake and should be distrusted... which slowly bleeds into other people trying to help him... but these people are fake. Maybe they are the train or you were wrong or worse they aren't even human after all. His mind is being destroyed... and when he asks Grace why she saved him... she didn't know. There was no human emotion. Humans were just as fake as the train or the train was now as real as humans. His mind snapped. The line between train and human was so blurred there was no right action anymore. He could trust no one and everyone and keep in mind he felt betrayed when he attacked Grace before this. The entire situation was caused because the train was less then human. It wasn't human... and because of the therapist not being human but a job the advice became poison to keep you alive but not that they care or want you well. The medication which is suppose to help you causes swings back and forth. The entire thing I've got from viewing Simon is something I've known for a long time... If you prescribe one medication, one therapist, one treatment for EVERYTHING it will fail. It will kill people. There is no question.
Latioswar R
Latioswar R 15 күн мурун
But bruh he killed a monkey therefore he doesn't deserve a redemption arc because uh uhh duhh bruh he was too evil to be redeemed uh uhhh I love steven universe and that show showed me how mature I can be because I am an strong indepedent woman gaining a psychology degree while in my free time I enjoy drawing lesbian prn on tumblr :3
DumbLittleLucas Ай мурун
I watched Infinity Train Book 3 on my friend's HBO Max account cause he owns me once lol. It's really good tho.
The Inshane
The Inshane Ай мурун
I like how it says "Darkest scene yet". This needs a change after that last episode.
pokyman 712
pokyman 712 Ай мурун
Same Simons death give me nightmares
Daniel Sonora
Daniel Sonora Ай мурун
Simons hair reminds me of link from botw
Lostknight5 Ай мурун
Daniel Sonora now that you say it
bigspike11 Ай мурун
I don’t have sympathy for any of them tbh after Wht happen to tuba like if he dies I won’t feel bad for it
Clewl Tetsui
Clewl Tetsui Ай мурун
I mean, it could be centuries in like train time or something, idk.
Town m.c money
Town m.c money Ай мурун
yes boi yes wii sports
Natasha Raynes
Natasha Raynes Ай мурун
0:59 Mat pat
Devin McComb
Devin McComb Ай мурун
I think The cat aka Samantha said the Hipster Pancake Bear's name is Frank, I could be remembering incorrectly but I agree that he is a very important character.
Lisa Faber
Lisa Faber Ай мурун
10:14 HE DIDN'T EVEN SUGGR-COAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. What was you reaction to the final episode ☺? I would like to know ☺.
PonyPlays2014 Ай мурун
Not gonna lie, when I saw who the 3rd season was about I was not thrilled. I disliked both of them because of season 2. I gotta admit they *both* got a bit better at first but also WAY worse in the end. The season was, storywise, my second favorite but the main lead, except for Tuba and Hazel, were not really enjoyable for me. Many people say Grace got so much better because of her change of mind regarding Nulls but the way she treated Simon was not really enjoyable. He trusted her his entire time on the train but suddenly she pushes him away, has secrets and completely changes who she was before so I got why he was so frustrated and scared. That does NOT excuse his behavior towards her, Hazel and *especially* Tuba but that was also because of his long history and their way of looking at the train. They both had the same idology so, in his eyes, he did nothing wrong which is twisted as hell but, remember that Grace most likely did the same to other Nulls before. Simon is still one of the worst passengers we've seen so far but Grace is still not a good person to me. She is better than Simon in many regards but in no way good.
Jon Lee
Jon Lee Ай мурун
The ending of ... a certain character ... is SO messed up..... What the actual *@^$? A character with potentially the most severe 'issues' we have yet seen on this show straight up dies. I'd argue they was downright murdered (by the writers). They CLEARLY had a mental breakdown, and yet the one who needed the most help BY FAR is the ultimate villain of the show?!? I'm SORELY disappointed by the writing here.
Enviro Ай мурун
Episode 4 had me like: “Wait, it’s ALL Randall?!” Randall: “Always has been”
David Mathis
David Mathis Ай мурун
can we talk about how a CHILDREN'S SHOW KILLED A CHARACTER ON SCREEN TWICE. i watched all three seasons and omg i need more. it was sad it was exciting it was like watching jojo for the first time again
pokyman 712
pokyman 712 Ай мурун
Actually there are 4 Do you get the meme
AlyssaB Ай мурун
Some of these kids are really young. Tulips age and older would understand to an extent what they're suppose to do on the train but no wonder the really young kids joined the Apex, they literally need a parent or guardian to help them understand what's happening. How many toddlers have died on the train? How many kids have been gone for years from their families? Will a new season show that the train is flawed, Amelia may have been responsible for the concept of the train falling apart, maybe that's why there's so many wayward kids now.
The train itself is not the danger it’s the people who don’t move on with a new being
Armani Sumter
Armani Sumter Ай мурун
I’m gonna say it. I was waiting since episode 2 for Simon to go full on white man. I said it.
VLP infinity
VLP infinity Ай мурун
I agree that the show being scientific instead of magical is cooler.
TheRestlessView Ай мурун
I mean didn't scroll down far enough but I imagine denizens of the train are old passengers. Their numbers fade when they lose their ability to leave the train. You know and thus later on in the season they realize they've been perpetuating violence against people that were there. And that light's emotions were real.
RJTMonkey Ай мурун
it was
Phantomd8 Ай мурун
.........Man, if you think simon is to far gone, you are NOT going to like what's coming in let's say....three to four years.
NilaJane Miranda
NilaJane Miranda Ай мурун
2 things, 1 the gome is probably the one that Atticus came out of in the 1st season, and 2 I am very happy and surprised that the aired such a dark show on cartoon network!
Payton Macasieb
Payton Macasieb Ай мурун
I would love to watch Book 3 but me and my family can’t afford HBO Max so sad life for me
Ghost Dragon
Ghost Dragon Ай мурун
I want to watch this but I don’t have hbo max
Gem Nut
Gem Nut Ай мурун
I simply enjoyed watching the guy die and wished that it lasted longer 🤤🤣
I think this is a good teachable moment No matter how much you believe that people can change, there are some who refuse to change and become irredeemable. Then there will be grave consequences.
RandomRows Ай мурун
"Infinity Train's DARKEST SCENE Yet!" hooh boy
Kenny Plop
Kenny Plop Ай мурун
weird they went the kappa way for the mystery girl
caballero yahel
caballero yahel Ай мурун
Simón became a sociopath cuz he grew on the train and his past dosent just justifies his actions
nightlypiano41 Ай мурун
My theory about hazel would've been that she died in a cart, and the train somehow revived her.
CosmicTornado Ай мурун
Well, he's definitely irredeemable now
Leonardo EatsCarrots
Leonardo EatsCarrots Ай мурун
8:47 we need more of the bear!!!!
Douglas Peters
Douglas Peters Ай мурун
Wait what happened to the red head?
DragoNugget _
DragoNugget _ Ай мурун
@Douglas Peters yeah Book 2 was about Mirror Tulip and Jesse (hes a new character)
Douglas Peters
Douglas Peters Ай мурун
@DragoNugget _ oh so each book is about diffrent people?
DragoNugget _
DragoNugget _ Ай мурун
Tulip? Watch book 1 This is about book 3.
GoldPrince2468 Ай мурун
Hazel looks like a kappa.
More Zackernetts
More Zackernetts Ай мурун
Oh you think that’s a dark moment hahaha HAHAHAHAHHAHheeheheAAAAHHHHH WHY
Glip Glop
Glip Glop Ай мурун
“Tuba’s death is one of the darkest scenes in Cartoon history” *Laughs maniacally*
Benja Osorio
Benja Osorio Ай мурун
Considering the last episode, the "yet" in the title turned out to be true
Sly Fox
Sly Fox Ай мурун
I knew hazel was a null.
Chandelurechan Ай мурун
Man this did not age well
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な Ай мурун
Simon and Tuba: *gets along* [Everyone liked that.] Simon: Betrays and kills Tuba right after. [Everyone... Wait, holy shi-] Everyone: “Hey! He killed Tuba!” Valiskibum: “YOU BASTARD!”
crisisASP Ай мурун
darkest scene yet *laughs nervously*
Michael Richards
Michael Richards Ай мурун
The new episode has wayyyy darker scene
Seek's Animations and Stuff
Seek's Animations and Stuff Ай мурун
"Tuba's death is the darkest scene in the show" *Simon's death:* Hah, pathetic.
Rainbow Six Siege Lover
Rainbow Six Siege Lover Ай мурун
Please keep promoting Infinity Train, I can't stand to see it go 😔
jalen greene
jalen greene Ай мурун
i'm here to read comments after watching episode 10
Random Heroes
Random Heroes Ай мурун
It got darker
s.renz Ай мурун
Round table: “darkest episode” Me: laughs psychotically in episode 10
Shallow God
Shallow God Ай мурун
Simon didn't deserve it: The show admits that Grace played a big part in how Simon turned out; and while Simon of course has his own agency, Grace getting Salvation because the type of therapy she needed found her and Simon dying in a way he probably feared the most was shitty. They should've both be able to atone and be saved or they should've both burned. Probably my least favorite of the books. Simon didn't reject the chance to change but it was more that what it took to change Grace found her-the train obviously gave them trials before and this was what got to Grace, thinking it Simon, whose issues were different, should've followed suit in the same instance is ludicrous and killing him like that because he couldn't miraculously shake off the decade of brainwashing in ill placed trust is even more so.
Narwhao Ай мурун
@Shallow God Simon being irredeemable was foreshadowed since the first episode, and I think the train failing to truly help him is like half the point of book 3; the train system is flawed and not everyone is helped by being trapped there, like Amelia. And the origin of Simon having trust issues is relevant when he was the one doing abusive stuff and overstepping boundaries multiple times; grabbing her arm to see her number, creating a tape to dissect her memories, etc. Those were all choices he made regardless of his mental health, and pretending he wasn't at fault for those actions robs him of his agency as a character. His trust issues were his downfall and he latched onto his arbitrary understanding of numbers instead of trusting Grace and letting her explain herself, so he deserved what happened to him by the end of the show.
Shallow God
Shallow God Ай мурун
​@Narwhao I believe if Grace hadn't figured out how to leave the snow car Simon would've grown. As we know the train works in that it lines up scenario that will help a passenger grow(Grace got the dance car). Like I said, the tools for change are different for everyone and just telling someone their way is wrong isn't enough-how many times do you think people told Grace what the apex were doing was wrong-the chance to change was given to Grace through hazel, unfortunately the tools Simon needed didn't manifest themselves in great enough profundity. Most of those weren't real chances, to him at least. If the positions were swapped and Grace didn't get the therapy and was suddenly told "what you're doing is wrong" and that all of her beliefs are wrong, she wouldn't take it. Other than kicking Grace off the bridge(which was just straight up character assassination because the writers wrote themselves into a corner) you need to view it from Simon's perspective. Do you really think this is the first time Grace or Simon have heard someone tell them that nulls are people and that numbers should go down? Why does Grace believe it now? Because she got Hazel, a tool to help her grow. From Grace's or an audience perspective, it's easy to go "Nulls are people and number should go down, duh." But Simon has been taught by the person he trusts the most the opposite and now that person is shutting him out telling him something so different to what he knows. He didn't get to gradually digest it like Grace, it was just dropped on him by people he didn't trust like Samatha and Amelia and then by Grace who had betrayed his trust and repeatedly lied to him.
Narwhao Ай мурун
Simon had like a dozen chances to redeem himself, but he just didn't want to. Grace even offered to make peace with him despite him trapping her in a hell of her own memories... I think trying to kill her THREE times after that showed he deserved what he got. Grace did everything she could, including straight-up saving him from his fall, but Simon actively made the choice not to trust her despite that. He may have been influenced by people, but he ultimately has agency as a character and nobody else is responsible for the choices he made but him. Imo sometimes people are just irredeemable, and it's interesting that the show went so far as to portray someone like that.
The sandwich
The sandwich Ай мурун
Who's back after episode 10?
jalen greene
jalen greene Ай мурун
S23Charlie Ай мурун
well the title of this video didn’t age well
Cardcreature120 Ай мурун
Plus tuba could have fallen under the train since it’s moving forward and tuba is falling backwards
Cardcreature120 Ай мурун
Just wait. Simons death is worse
Derpiocy Ай мурун
Darkest scene yet? umm.......I think you were too early with naming the title....
Freya Grant
Freya Grant Ай мурун
Rainfire Ай мурун
Wait - From what I've seen here in how a key theme of the season being that Simon needs to change in tandem with some other theories surrounding the gohms and Simon's (spoilers) death at the end of the season, I get the feeling that Simon could return for a season four? I mean, I hope they don't pull a White Diamond with him, but maybe an arc about change from his perspective?
Prronce11 _
Prronce11 _ Ай мурун
Oh Simon TOTALLY changes... Rest. In. Millions of pieces.
Michael Friedman
Michael Friedman Ай мурун
Spoiler alert....... Simon got hit by some fearful payback
Brosurd Ай мурун
Gabe Donlon
Gabe Donlon Ай мурун
(Edit to remove spoilers) HOLY SHIT. MAGNUM OPUS LEVEL SHIT
vvsvlogs Ай мурун
Well, the title of this video aged poorly.
vanessa07 Ай мурун
First & last Name
First & last Name Ай мурун
Simon death scene: Well yes but actually *yes.*
OctoReality Ай мурун
haha episode 10 would like to enter the ring holy fuck that death was brutal
Butterthecalico Ай мурун
I'm like actually scarred for life like wth I really hated Simon and wanted him gone but like that was scary and I'm probably gonna have nightmares forever like I just got HBO MAX but I might never use it again....Unless Infinity train gets a book 4
Lucas J Lehmann
Lucas J Lehmann Ай мурун
It's basically Lord of the Flies meets Peter Pan with a bit of Nazi ideology.
hellon okay
hellon okay Ай мурун
Ethan Georgia
Ethan Georgia Ай мурун
"Infinity Train's darkest scene yet" Episode 9: Lmao
Awesome Nyanchu
Awesome Nyanchu Ай мурун
So anyone wanna tell him to update this?
Oscar 2.0
Oscar 2.0 Ай мурун
The horrific turtle creature is called a kapa it’s a yokai (japenise for spirit ghost demon etc) it’s a water demon
Mewanimates Ай мурун
He’s dead now :)
Gamethebunny Ай мурун
K3ynan Ай мурун
He is irredeemable, especially now.
Toffeefeathers Ай мурун
“Darkest scene yet” yeah uh…emphasis on the “yet”
I was looking for this comment
Nobody #567
Nobody #567 Ай мурун
On a slightly unrelated note I think the color clock was making a reference to fire emblem.
Michael Mayor
Michael Mayor Ай мурун
I just noticed every season there is a animal that’s a big character in the show
THE CORN Ай мурун
What if Hazel was the same as the others but she stayed on the train for too long turning her into a turtle?
Craig Webb
Craig Webb Ай мурун
Where can I watch all of Infinity Train
Spring Ай мурун
HBO max
Ethan Topasna
Ethan Topasna Ай мурун
so the pattern of the next seasons character always appearing on episode 7 might actually confirm next season(if it comes) amelia comes in on episode 7 so maybe we could get more info on the train with amelia what it was like while she was conductor or what she did while one one was conductor maybe well get 4 new protagonist that we dont know at all but i think amelia will be involved somehow
ESRIC1O1 Ай мурун
If That one mirror officer bled mirror blood wouldn’t that mean Tuba had blood and....guts?
Squirley 2 ай мурун
I’m gonna disagree that is not the darkest death it is the chrome police death cause you literally see him die
John Cena
John Cena 2 ай мурун
Simon makes my blood boil 🤬
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