Infinity Train Will Be CANCELLED if We Don't Do This

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The Roundtable

2 ай мурун

Cartoon Network's Infinity Train is in danger of not being renewed by HBO Max - aka CANCELLED, if we don't support the show and get more people to support this beautiful series! Don't let our adventures with One One end with just the story of Grace and Simon, when there's potential for more! So, we'll explain everything you need to know, and our advice on boosting the show's popularity and how you can officially support it!
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Walter Huang
Walter Huang 16 күн мурун
i NEED a hazel and amelia season
الدخس ؟
الدخس ؟ 28 күн мурун
I waited for this for years, I love it!, it must not end up like this.
Miles Thomas
Miles Thomas 29 күн мурун
Kiss cartoon has it for free
ygrenlel Ай мурун
No pls don't cancell this show is so good
Komik Ай мурун
In Germany we don’t have a Cartoon Network app. I don’t know how to watch it :(
fakeo Ай мурун
i've seen it & i wud rather not leave it unfinished
Adam Tusk
Adam Tusk Ай мурун
I missed both seasons of Infinity train when they aired on Cartoon Network so I was hoping they were available on demand to watch. They weren’t :/. Luckily my parents had already had an hbo account and I was able to binge all 3 seasons in like a day. (Season 2 is my favorite lol) Wouldn’t it be better tho if the episodes were available on demand so people could watch them, get interested in the first 2 seasons, and then decide if they want to watch it on hbo max?? The way this show was set up feels like it was meant to be an inconvenience for people so that they can’t watch it at all. But it’s a really good show. I hope more people are able to find ways to watch it
dante miles
dante miles Ай мурун
I have heard that there probably won't be a season 4 because 1.) Not many people are watching it on HBO max 2.) Producers think the show is too mature for younger audiences and the messages will just go over there heads. Infinity train is something special that I think can teach alot of people something about themselves. I really hope with all my soul that they carry on but sadly it's just not in the demand it should be and with hundreds of platforms like Amazon, Netflix, showmax etc it's getting harder and harder to fork up money for these platforms for one show. That said I really really hope we get more infinity train. But it's looking unlikely
Wj11jam Ай мурун
Shame I can't use HBO max because I'm in Australia.
Micxie 2.0
Micxie 2.0 Ай мурун
I wish this show was available in my country I've only watched 1 episode of this and I'm already hooked I'm so sick of none stop thunder cats roar and TTG and the PPG reboot -_-
Pampered Aliens
Pampered Aliens Ай мурун
This show is so popular that I haven't even watched it yet I know all of the characters their stories like wow.....where can I watch this even tho I kind of already watched it? Thanks social media 🤔😂
E-0n [file.exe]
E-0n [file.exe] Ай мурун
I CANT WATCH IT on HBO max because im stuck in ireland and its not allowed in ireland I REALLY Want to be able to watch it just because of that AWESOME music called Running away
Gates of Avalon
Gates of Avalon Ай мурун
I watched it twice on HBO Go, but now I feel I am the only one : (
i have to wait 90 days to change my name
i have to wait 90 days to change my name Ай мурун
:( more like (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)
Paola GossipS
Paola GossipS Ай мурун
Necesitamos más de la serie es una de las grandes porfavor no la dejen morir :"(
EUnicorn Ай мурун
maybe make hbo max available globally
Emilia Diaz
Emilia Diaz Ай мурун
I hate missing cool series like this because of living in another country
Micxie 2.0
Micxie 2.0 Ай мурун
I feel you
Christopher Aguilar
Christopher Aguilar Ай мурун
Whenever I study I put it on season 1 episode 1 and usually when I’m done studying it’s already on season 3 and I just end up watching the season again. When I’m ready to go to sleep I put it on season 1 and let it run for the night. I think I’ve technically watched it 15 times over. Hopefully that’ll boost the numbers
Christopher Aguilar
Christopher Aguilar 12 күн мурун
The Peridoritos I’ve successfully watched the show 100 times over!
The Peridoritos
The Peridoritos Ай мурун
You are a legend
Jordan Cambridge
Jordan Cambridge Ай мурун
Sorry but you are incredibly wrong about a few facts. The show is great but its not new it got released in 2016 and season 2 was released in 2018 and season 3 in 2020 the show is far too short to be called a true season. First of all it only has a grand max total of around 30 episodes combined in 3 seasons and each episode is only 10 minutes long and when you break it down each episode has 2 minutes in beginning for opening credits and 2 minutes at end for end credits leaving only 6 minutes of actual show basically causing it to be a really short film is combined. Hell all 30 episodes combined only make 3 hours of actual show. To put it bluntly the reason its a dead show on little viewership is because people want to want a bit longer of shows. Yes the show is great but it could have been one of the best of all time if it was not too skimpy and too short. Seriously with all that could have been done this show is like a dick slap to the face with stupidity because its far too short. It took 4 years to release enough content that every single other show would have released in 6 months so no its not in purgatory its dead. HBO got tired of the shortness and waist of space the show created and how just nothing was actually released so yea that's is what really happened. The show had potential but because of the lack luster support by its creators to create a longer show its dead and its another failed potential good show. It could have been 1 of the top 10 best shows to ever exist but because of its failures its going to be forgotten in a few years and almost 0 people will ever watch it again sorry. But that is the truth and truth hurts.
Dot Dot Dot
Dot Dot Dot Ай мурун
I just finished season 2 and I really want to watch Season 3, but it’s so hard to get because IT IS ONLY ON HBO MAX!!!! GRRRRRR. I love Infinity Train so much and I can’t watch the third season! 😤😡
The Peridoritos
The Peridoritos Ай мурун
Dot Dot Dot yepp :)
Dot Dot Dot
Dot Dot Dot Ай мурун
The Peridoritos Really!? 🤩 Yay!
The Peridoritos
The Peridoritos Ай мурун
The Peridoritos
The Peridoritos Ай мурун
Dot Dot Dot you can, on Kim cartoon
Opal A.
Opal A. Ай мурун
Pokemonfeak1 Ай мурун
Even if you get hbo max, how do you guarantee the money will go to infinity train and not any other show?
gamer Jacky
gamer Jacky Ай мурун
Oh you really don't know at all HBO? Oh yeah its not like your service being in one country has to do with it
John G
John G Ай мурун
This looks cringe
Grin Reaper Of Trolls
Grin Reaper Of Trolls Ай мурун
I literally just found out about this show today (or technically yesterday because it’s past midnight) and I binged all of it. The show is pretty short, but it really is one of the best cartoons. It’s got some dark f***ing s***. Now I find out it’s about to be canceled. F***
The Peridoritos
The Peridoritos Ай мурун
Grin Reaper Of Trolls not if we all work together
Mello Ай мурун
I can’t afford HBO max because my family is tight on money and when he said split it with friends I was like well I don’t have freinds
Mac Ай мурун
They do have the official shirt on the CN Shop for merch, while kinda obscure to see, it is there! I also resubscribed to HBO Max, and bought 2 shirts for both my girlfriend and I. We absolutely love the show.
HypnoticRobot Gaming
HypnoticRobot Gaming Ай мурун
maybe dont put it on a fucking subscription service that noone wants to buy to just watch one thing. dumb ass choices kill shows, they made a dumb choice so now they have to deal with the consequences
PA Campbell
PA Campbell Ай мурун
I really want to watch it in Canada but they have made no effort to put it on Crave TV (Canada’s HBO MAX) or sell it on iTunes or google play. So most people I know who bought book 1 and 2 just pirated it because they were tired of seeing spoilers on all the social networks.
milking cow suprise
milking cow suprise Ай мурун
That's on them.. other countries like to watch shows other than America... we can't watch this or doom patrol legally if we want to
Rowan Ай мурун
None of us can because HBO max is only in America, and on only a few platforms. Get it across the world, and onto roku, and the views will skyrocket.
Anon archist
Anon archist Ай мурун
The worst place a show can be: *Hiatus*
MakeTheInternet GreatAgain
MakeTheInternet GreatAgain Ай мурун
I don’t know a soul who uses HBO max that’s why it’s dying
MadMax Ай мурун
HBO max is only available in the USA unfortunately so really it’s their own damn fault that the show is failing because they unintentionally cut out all countries which aren’t in the America’s. I’m in the uk and I would love to support this show; but I’m unable to unless I buy a VPN.
RadioactiveSoda Ай мурун
Hahah. It defiantly went out with a bang 😅
Madlee 110
Madlee 110 Ай мурун
Only if they streamed it on Hulu or Netflix
Nuno Antunes
Nuno Antunes Ай мурун
Season 3 ending was kinda of a flop.. Felt sorta rushed. Am I alone here?
Drogone Ай мурун
It's available on youtube, imma buy it
Diego Alfredo
Diego Alfredo Ай мурун
Eyal Shalev
Eyal Shalev Ай мурун
Another problem with HBO max is it's (un) availability outside of the US.
Tro:lmaso Ай мурун
“It’s expensive” Me who got it for free: *laughs in special offer*
madestmadhatter Ай мурун
If a free trial requires a credit card I don't do it, chances are I'll fuck up and miss the cut off date, or they'll add a secret charge in the fine print, but probably both.
Raffy Garnica
Raffy Garnica Ай мурун
never lose hope, It took Samurai Jack eleven years. ELEVEN YEARS. but it still happened. Young Justice, Invader Zim. All because of the people that loved it and remembered it through the years. With all the support Infinity Train has...someday, hopefully, we'll get the other books.
entityrbx Ай мурун
season 1-2 is my fave lol, and personally i dont know how they would continue it
Duo Mask
Duo Mask Ай мурун
I would love to get HBO max but, here in Brasil, this service isn't available...
Martín Garcia
Martín Garcia Ай мурун
Wow, I only watched season 1 and now it has a season 3 😍😍
darkespeon64 Ай мурун
im sorry i cant support infinity train i would if it aired on tv but nope just not possible for me rn
Malik Lendell
Malik Lendell Ай мурун
If it was on Netflix or Hulu, I'd be watching it...
V_Rosie Galaxy
V_Rosie Galaxy Ай мурун
They should continue it on Cartoon Network then more people could watch it, I COULD WATCH IT 😢😭
C L Ай мурун
Just finished the season finale. This show is amazing and we need a book 4. Wish HBO Max was available in more countries. Binged all of third season in a day.
Dark Grim
Dark Grim Ай мурун
“Don’t be a worry baby, no need to hurry baby, when you’re with me” 😢
Fuck This
Fuck This Ай мурун
I’m never forgiving Lake for what she did to Mace 😖😭😭♾ I understand why she did but I’m never forging her & she deserves the pain she felt after that point.
sweet caroline
sweet caroline Ай мурун
Why'd she do it
Fuck This
Fuck This Ай мурун
But not everyone can afford $60 HBO Max every month 😓 Lucky for those who have a family tho & can afford it // Is there a petition or something to raise money?
Yu Me
Yu Me Ай мурун
that's so stupid, they're trying to use the popularity that infinity train had since the very beginning to boost their new platform. but since it's not well thought trough and the platform isn't even available to everyone who has the needed amount of money they're just ruining the show.....
Tech Link
Tech Link Ай мурун
It's not Fan's fault if they are streaming it only in America... They can't expect world wide success and Incredibles numbers while only making it available for a small portion of the fan base
Chaddly Ай мурун
For those who want to watch the show in Australia without having to get HBO Max it's available on another streaming platiform called Stan and it's only $10 a month. If your wondering what Stan is it's our version of Hulu since we don't get it here in Australia. I just looked it up and it says you can use a VPN in order to get the app in another country. Hope this helps people out.
willinton06 Ай мурун
Netflix needs to save the show, or maybe HULU, how can the show get the views of it’s only in 1 country?
Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton
Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton Ай мурун
I want to support this series but literally can’t because hbo max isn’t available in Brazil.
Pedro Miguel
Pedro Miguel Ай мурун
É foda né cara :(
Bulldog 2003
Bulldog 2003 Ай мурун
I can only catch clips on KGpost.I hope episodes flood onto KGpost,go to CN or Boomerang
Damien's random videos
Damien's random videos Ай мурун
bro why is everyone writing whole paragraphs
Damien's random videos
Damien's random videos Ай мурун
Just a piece Of bread
Just a piece Of bread Ай мурун
Save the train! Save the train!
kyra arnold
kyra arnold Ай мурун
Infinity train is like the replacement of adventure time
Games And Movies Entertainment
Games And Movies Entertainment Ай мурун
Everyone Spread The Word This Show is Amazing❗️❗️ºoº ºoº ºoº ºoº ºoº ºoº
Ella Day
Ella Day Ай мурун
People saying it's not in there country but I'm American and can't afford HBO MAX 👀
Nichole Tiglao
Nichole Tiglao Ай мурун
Man, agent mace's death was brutal.... simmon: *melts*
tejanospecial Ай мурун
Don’t be a worry baby, No need to hurry baby when you’re with me. Don’t run way up ahead, Take the long way instead, There’s lots to see.
elpezdeferia :v
elpezdeferia :v Ай мурун
haha i remember total drama season 2 when they need 500.000$ to continue the show when i saw this, men poor infinity train is a excellent cartoon :c
Yukosan13 Ай мурун
Honestly, if you watched season 3... I feel like they definitely left the ending very open for more seasons.. and a possible return of a certain child could make book4 the most interesting?! (Especially since book 2 showed us that train people can leave, if their clever enough?) Honestly, the ending of season 3 left me pretty sour because the ending wasn't satisfying so I definitely need more.. hope they get it!
Jake Wisdom
Jake Wisdom Ай мурун
I tried to pitch stuff to people and they say no for a year then say yes :(
Slahmo mago
Slahmo mago Ай мурун
I never even realized that if you already have HBO on cable then you automatically get MAX for free. Put this out there cause it’s need to know info.
Lauren Ай мурун
I like the show I finished it in 2 weeks but I think it’s unfair HBO max is only available just in the US. HBOmax has had a ton of issues, the content is great but the accessibility is ass. I’ve had it since early access early May and it’s now august and it’s still not on my fire stick, they need to get it together.
Comiccort Ай мурун
book 1 and 2 of infinity train : oh man that was a good ride Book 3 : im gonna...just sit in the corner for a while...yeah...
Space War
Space War Ай мурун
I literally can't! It's not available in my country!
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な
K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な Ай мурун
This show needs to live on!
wortex Ай мурун
It's exactly like the other comments say, they released it on a platform that's available only in the USA, that's the problem. What I don't understand, because I don't know how HBO works, is why is HBOMAX separated from HBO GO, which is, wow, available in Europe! To my logic, both these services belong to HBO and I don't see why was there a decision made to be it hbo max release only.
Telly the Owl
Telly the Owl Ай мурун
HBO Max is litty tiddy!!! I cancelled Disney in favor of it!
GiftOfKnowledge 0001
GiftOfKnowledge 0001 Ай мурун
God damn Streaming Wars; everyone wanting a piece of Netfix's money pie by screwing over consumers & shows alike and they're surprised when it doesn't work out. And the logical conclusion; they then take it out on their exclusives by cancelling them, like that will help. I really hope Infinity Train doesn't end up a victim of this stupid cycle, especially because everyone is showing such concern and getting the word out. There's hope, people trying to do their part; I just hope it's enough.
Sparxyz Ай мурун
HBO Max: Why the viewer count is so damn low? Also HBO Max: Decides to air it in a paid service that is only accessible in one region with a lot of fans worldwide not able to watch it.
Gabe Donlon
Gabe Donlon Ай мурун
I don’t see that being an issue. It took me WAAAY too long to realize that season 3 only finished in the last week, based on the amount of videos, art, ect online
Sammy13Nation Ай мурун
I really want HBO max but I cant afford that monthly cost right now. I really want to see season 3
Refresh Azure
Refresh Azure Ай мурун
HBO max also host summer camp island don't let that die as well. it has got anime Ghibli movies and all of south park a long with more stuff.
Pragya Bawa
Pragya Bawa Ай мурун
I am so thankful to this channel to introduce me to so many amazing animated shows including infinity train
Jack Chase
Jack Chase Ай мурун
Did anyone else come here to see if they made a new video?
scruffles 383
scruffles 383 Ай мурун
Great show, but it's sadly stuck on a streaming service nobody wants to use so it's popularity is unfortunately limited
Brcien Partin
Brcien Partin Ай мурун
bengemations Ай мурун
i sadly dont have hbo i want to watch the show but i cant
A Random Animator
A Random Animator Ай мурун
Maybe this is because HBO Max doesn’t advertise the fact that some people already have access. I bet that half the people in the U.S. who don’t have the service has access. I didn’t even know that I had access until Distant Lands came out and when I found out I thought I was on a sketchy website full of scams.
Planet_Dawsey Ай мурун
I did the free trial, does that help? The season 3 ending BLEW MY MIND and I NEED a season 4!!!
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing Ай мурун
Just get HBO max, how I am supposed to that, when I create an account it says that they require a us bank account associated with my card, so basically it's impossible for foreigners to support it by legal means
Gato Chan
Gato Chan Ай мурун
I love this show sooo much and if this gets cancelled then I have a plan but I’m gonna need help
OneCardShort Ай мурун
After the end of season three I hope to god this show is cancelled. What a toxic, poorly written piece of trash. I haven’t had a single season ruin a whole show for me like this since GOT. Just as awful.
OneCardShort Ай мурун
Adam K Are you illiterate? I just said I’ve watched the entire show....What a douchebag 🙄
OneCardShort Ай мурун
Adam K yup. You’re point kid?
OneCardShort Ай мурун
Adam K I don’t have a problem with redemption when the characters deserved it. No problems at all with the first two season. But when a show tells it viewers that it’s okay to murder and torture innocent living sentient creatures as long as you’re “sorry” then it becomes garbage. It’s clear to me that you have no fundamental understanding of basic morality. Thus our discussion is over. Good day.
OneCardShort Ай мурун
Adam K They completely redeemed a Tortuous, murdering sociopath for plot convenience....garbage writing for a garbage show.
The Professor
The Professor Ай мурун
Maybe also mention the people that don't live in the U.S, we CAN'T watch it from the source
Adam K
Adam K Ай мурун
thats why you should try our sponser nord vpn
Bella_Daze! ベラデイズ!
Bella_Daze! ベラデイズ! Ай мурун
I want more infinity trainnnn and I want Hazel to be the focus of next seasonnnnnnn plzzzzz
Kami Sama
Kami Sama Ай мурун
if they put it on netflix problem solved
jazzwolf Ай мурун
HBO is where people go for big adult shows like curb or got or for a high quality selection of movies. If they have any intention to get in the animation game they're going to have to keep funding great shows like infinity train and be willing to swallow lower numbers while they build the demographic following. I think Infinity train is also in a wired place where it's sort of a kids show but appeals more to younger adults. A lot of cartoon network shows have some of this aspect but especially infinity train with it's super dark tone. What other kids show is this dark? I love it so much! But I don't think kids love it as much as me and I don't know how many people in there 20s are going to be turned off by the fact it's a kids show. Not sure if this is actually a problem for cartoon network or if they've found that these types of shows work best for them. I teach kids and I've asked a lot of them in my classes if they've seen or heard of Infinity train and I have yet to hear a yes. I don't think they watch cartoon network. But I know a lot of people my age who watch. Small sample size but those are my observations.
Alzro Ай мурун
In Europe is downright impossible to watch it legally (at least in my country). Cartoon Network died years ago here, they struck a deal with some of their shows with a regional TV channel to air their shows and have sections where only CN shows would air (and even so it airs nonstop Teen Titans Go and Gumball). They never aired Infinity Train. And using VPN + free trial to watch it in HBO Max is also impossible because you need an American credit card just for the free trial.
tom Mor
tom Mor Ай мурун
someone should let sugar watch the last season of infinity train
Mitsy Luna
Mitsy Luna Ай мурун
Simon Dies. Xddddd
Ace Cerclif
Ace Cerclif Ай мурун
I love infinity train. But the switch from being able to watch on TV and on demand if i miss it to a streaming service I can't afford and wont use really made turned me off. I don't like HBO max in general out of all the streaming sites and none of the few friends I have do either. I cant pay for that and no one else is gonna split with me. And I can tell you right now that if I lived outside of the states I wouldn't be able to afford a good VPN and I wouldn't be able to trust a free one. This is literally the worst possible thing infinity train could do to the fans. I am dying to watch Book 3 but i will not be paying for HBO max for nothing even if i could.
ToontownAndCpenguin Ай мурун
It's hard adding on another streaming service, I had room to do so & I did but now I know I can cancel my HBO Max subscription because I have AT&T, I think? I gotta backtrack on that video a bit because I think I might be dishing out money I don't need to but yeah, it is so hard to ask of someone to subscribe to yet another streaming service & hell, I might stay subscribed to HBO Max so I can share with some close friends (it has Whose Line which is one of my favorite shows, I love rewatching the reruns so I have more uses for this service) because I do have friends who want to see the third season of Infinity Train but can't. I umm kind of got a few of them into it before the first season even aired & others once the first season wrapped up since I invited them over for a viewing party (like the day after the last episode of the first season aired, cool your jets, obviously before the pandemic) because I had seen the entire first season & needed a reason to watch it again. I can't invite them over to see the third season because of the pandemic but if I can share my account with friends then that would be great. I know too many people that just can't pay to add on another streaming service, even if it's shared & they split the bill, being on a new one when most people are either subbed to their max number or can't afford one at all, it's going to hurt, most people are going to go illegal ways to obtain it, you know that. I'm all for supporting the original release which is why I'll rewatch stuff I've seen or invite over friends to watch it with me so I can feed off their reactions to it, man it sucks that I can't invite over people right now! Most people can't afford or find room for it & those who can make the room or happened to be in a situation where they can support it, great, but sadly I'm positive most of the fanbase do not have access to the third season at this moment. I wish it were possible for everyone who wants to see it be able to support it but that's not the world we're living in, all these streaming services existing & only certain things on certain ones hurts a lot & I feel like most series exclusive to the smaller or newer ones can not survive. There does need to be a change, it's getting ridiculous, I hope they come to a solution eventually that makes these things more accessible. Even if that is *grumbles* ugh, packaged deals which yeah, we hate to see it because you want Netflix but you don't want like half of what that package offers & this other package has Hulu & HBO Max but you're like, I need my Netflix & Disney+ which is on the other package but that package has whatever sports streaming service that is & I hate that when this one with Hulu & HBO Max offers VRV which is cool, I like some stuff on there but then I'm without Netflix & Disney+ what do I do? That's just an example but at least you can have more affordable access to shows you want to see. It's all frustrating & Infinity Train is caught in a situation that it can't be rescued from unless there's a change, asking people to find a way to sub to HBO Max is asking too much, especially with today & how many people are probably struggling & dropped their subs to all their streaming services. I have friends who are essential workers & have been working very hard but they aren't even able to afford their part in rent, as much as I want to see Infinity Train succeed & get another season which yes, I want to so very much, this is too big of an ask, it's a great series but can't thrive on HBO Max without a change in the way streaming services are offered.
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Nicole Tv
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