Is Amity and Willow's Rivalry Really Over? (The Owl House Season 2 Theory)

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The Roundtable

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Let's talk about Willow and Amity...
Willow and her immense strength in plant magic is one of the most interesting plot points in The Owl House, an ironic one considering that Amity's parents, Odalia and Alador Blight, forbade Amity from continuing her friendship with Willow, sparking a rivalry from there on out. Although we've seen the rivalry de-escalate over the course of episodes such as Understanding Willow, Enchanting Grom Fright and Wing It Like Witches, is it possible that the idea of Willow proving herself to the Blight family in season 2 could have good and bad consequences? Let's talk about it!
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The Roundtable
The Roundtable Ай мурун
Connor Donahue
Connor Donahue 21 күн мурун
Alberto Vargas good point
Alberto Vargas
Alberto Vargas 21 күн мурун
Honestly everything the father is the more fun-loving parent when compared to Amity's mother and the mother might be more of a villain
shaquille mccray
shaquille mccray Ай мурун
I don't think Willow & Amity's rivalry is over yet according to Dana in Reddit AMA.
Connor Donahue
Connor Donahue Ай мурун
MotherGoose27 your welcome
MotherGoose27 Ай мурун
Thank you guys!
poptart cat
poptart cat 4 күн мурун
I loved this episode. Usually people are like ‘oh yeah, you said sorry so we cool even tho you hurt me badly, yeah, it’s all good’ this one is different. It’s not rushed and seems really realistic.
Lucy Princess
Lucy Princess 19 күн мурун
Hey there I'm Lucy aka miss theory/ Predictions addict Now as I'm binge watching your videos I'm gonna drop my thoughts Prediction and theories Now I think Amity and Willow's rivalry is over but I don't think she is going to bring her to the blight manor here's why- 1 Her parents can kick Willow out of hexside which Amity doesn't want 2 Even if Willow is strong I don't think her parents will allow her and Willow hanging out or even talking Ok now finally I'm just gonna say that Maybe if we get a season 3 Amity and Willow might become friends disobeying Alador and Odalia
QueenOfAce 26 күн мурун
Not gonna lie this theory would make so much sense! I hope you are wrong though but it’s a really good theory!
PLG 27 күн мурун
Who wants the second season to be on October 30, 2020 or January or February on early 2021?
That Randome Artist No One Cares About
That Randome Artist No One Cares About 27 күн мурун
Amity: I'm in love with Liz Luz: 👁👄👁 Mrs.Blight:👁👄👁 Mr.Blight: 👁👄👁 Gus: 👁👄👁 Willow: I KNEW IT
Dawn Harrison
Dawn Harrison 29 күн мурун
I could just be over thinking but in the episode with willows memory's I think the two men in the picture were her parents
Dawn Harrison
Dawn Harrison Ай мурун
Is it just me or does amity' s family remind you of the zoyldics
Deedle Gaming & Music
Deedle Gaming & Music Ай мурун
Hey what Amity was saying "teacher called a Mom" that Amity's real mother is Eda (6:42)
Deadly Trouble
Deadly Trouble Ай мурун
I bet a decent amount of people who watched this didn’t check out mothergoose27 lol XD
LiamMakesStuff Ай мурун
I think amities mom is gonna be a mega Karen
LiamMakesStuff Ай мурун
Quick theory- at the end of the series, a lot of the main characters will become the new leaders of the tracks. Like willow will become the head of the plant track, amity abomination, Gus illusion, more new characters becoming the other heads. Luz will be the new “principle” and add a bad girl coven where people can choose multiple tracks. Idk but I’m thinking this cuz all of the main characters seem to be stronger than normal people, Gus is ahead for his age, willow is really powerful, luz found the glyphs, amity just seems to be strong, etc.
The_Toast Queen
The_Toast Queen Ай мурун
I keep wondering who eda and lilith's parents are?
KeJonP Ай мурун
my question is: willow, how can you be born?
#savetheiceburgs Ü Kaitlin Ü
#savetheiceburgs Ü Kaitlin Ü Ай мурун
Imagine Dana terrance having a KGpost channel or account and started commenting on your owl house videos
Nyxterious Ай мурун
Unrelated but i love how these people said “i dont think our views will go down since the end of steven universe” after ppl said they’ll die down since all their videos were su related. Ehhhhh
Artoons Ай мурун
Willow has sooooooo many awesome and interesting possible plot points for episodes. I hope she gets a lot more attention next season
Errantspace Wolf
Errantspace Wolf Ай мурун
Could it possibly play out like Spy Kids 2? Like Amity's father deciding he doesn't like the disciplining or decision making they have been making for Amity, and decides enough is enough. And makes an executive decision to be different parents?
Noah Vandenbush
Noah Vandenbush Ай мурун
6:56 little miss perfect intensifies
sEideN ツ
sEideN ツ Ай мурун
Apparently a lot of people are saying that Amity is popular because shes white idk
Crimson Black
Crimson Black Ай мурун
I somehow get that her mom might be the more controlling one from the info we have I doubt her dad cares oh hey one finally took after me and got my hair color
shaquille mccray
shaquille mccray Ай мурун
I hope get to see Amity's parents on screen.
꧁Moon꧂ Ай мурун
Is it just me or has everyone accidentally called there teacher mom...? I mean it’s not just me right?
Rainbow Quartz TV
Rainbow Quartz TV Ай мурун
I dont speak inglish pls what name of the Cartoon
Samurai Forever91
Samurai Forever91 Ай мурун
What if they are in league with emperor belos where odalaia and adalara they think willow might be too interesting and want to absorb her magic. So that emperor belos could use willow and other powerful witches to power the portal
Samurai Forever91
Samurai Forever91 Ай мурун
I have weird feeling that blight is amity mother maternal name in nod star and some cultures where the husband takes the wife's last name.
Jos-Jos Radvanjí
Jos-Jos Radvanjí Ай мурун
I don't get why the title says "rivalry"..they were never rivals to begin with. they used to be friends and then they weren't but they were never competing in anything against each other and therefor rivals.
Princess Cove
Princess Cove Ай мурун
oh no, what if after seeing how powerful willow is amity's parents start to favor her, like, above their own daughter 0-0 idk why but i could see them doing that, giving willow extra opportunities and using her to make them look better since i guess they're disappointed with amity, someone please tell me if this makes any sense at all edit: wait crap they literally said this in the video XD
Princess Cove
Princess Cove Ай мурун
the three dislikes are amity's parents and Boscha
Polyoctopus1 Ай мурун
I think Luz is going to gain more popularity because she you know....fought and survived a fight with the emperor
Renato E
Renato E Ай мурун
i'd imagine the parents looing down on plant magic as a lesser form of magic and insisting she stay away specially since he also asociates with ahuman and the owl lady wich would go against the pretige and social advancement they value If anything they could see her new friends as a threat and try to sabotage them forcing Amity to comfront her parents
Maleeka Abbas
Maleeka Abbas Ай мурун
Hey Guys do you think Amity and Pacifica would get along?
Funtime Foxy - Gacha
Funtime Foxy - Gacha Ай мурун
When Is The Owl House Season 2 Coming Out?
N.O.X evo1
N.O.X evo1 Ай мурун
Can you tall us the best pleca to watch the owl house
Shadow Ways
Shadow Ways Ай мурун
What if star vs the forces of evil and the owl house are in the same au because Ludos hat looks a bit like Kong’s head
hyper kid
hyper kid Ай мурун
I think I found something the calamity box and the there gems the eyes glowed for the gems Marcus gem is green that means smarts blue means caring and the red means strangest
Saleheh Vahaji
Saleheh Vahaji Ай мурун
8:17 look in the background
CoffeeTeaッ Ай мурун
Honestly, the blight parents reminds me of the dursleys and lucius malfoy. By personalities i mean, like how lucius cares about his position and how superior he is. While the dursleys never cared for potter and abuse him. Like how it is shown for Amity, her parents would do anything to stay to their position. And like we see from favoritism like the dursleys showed many times in the harry potter series. Plus there are some quite few subtle references that reminded me of harry potter ngl, it was so subtle I didn't realize it. Until the grudgby ep came and like reminded me off the quidditch especially the snitch- but like i said it was subtle unlike the gravity falls references it can be seen a LOT. You would only know what i meant if you watched the movies or books. :') And I'm just pointing this things out. :D
ThornsAndRoses Ай мурун
Theory: Amity does the rebellious teen move and dyes her hair a different color
Comrade Doofensmirtz
Comrade Doofensmirtz Ай мурун
cmon, continue it: dame da ne
Em Jay
Em Jay Ай мурун
Am I the only one wanting a Skara plot line...
SarcasticEverything Ай мурун
Wonder if the fact that Luz managed to battle and damaged the mask of emperor Bellos will have an effect on any of the characters and their perceptions of Luz. Maybe even the Blight Parents.
Radio Frequency
Radio Frequency Ай мурун
my day. be so fine then boom.this
Delan The monado yakuza
Delan The monado yakuza Ай мурун
I see Mr blight being a nice but “what a drag” kind of dad and Mrs Blight controlling him a lot. I kinda see him being nice but mrs blight making him go with whatever she says
Capricorn Ай мурун
I wanna see Mrs Blight challenge Willow to a Witches duel and get her ass beat.
Rita Galvão
Rita Galvão Ай мурун
I'm so afraid, if that happens I will suffer a lot😔✌️
SweaterWeather Aka_UwU_Master
SweaterWeather Aka_UwU_Master Ай мурун
SweaterWeather Aka_UwU_Master
SweaterWeather Aka_UwU_Master Ай мурун
SweaterWeather Aka_UwU_Master
SweaterWeather Aka_UwU_Master Ай мурун
ShadowoftheMask Ай мурун
I'd think it'd be more likely that Blight parents both consider Willow to be worthy of being Amity's friend AND pushes Amity to surpass Willow because how dare her friend be stronger at magic than Blight family member :p
aj erjavec
aj erjavec Ай мурун
I really hope he goes back to who wrote the letters to luz mom on the ground I think his last video on the subject was just after the grom episode came out and a lot of more information and the flaw I think he forgot to talk about
LucyRoseLuna Ай мурун
soooo...... the blights are basically the illuminati of the boiling isles
randy pelow
randy pelow Ай мурун
This video of yours made me think that we have seen wild magic as the moonlight Conjuring due to Gus and Willow noticeably being on different magic tracks at hexside on top of the fact amity and her friends at the time here also of different tracks as well but all believed it was possible for them to do it and in the same episode their was a little foreshadowing of Willow being a very powerful witch in what Eda said about making a house move.
Chris Wilkinson
Chris Wilkinson Ай мурун
Nice scene
Crisp Ай мурун
anyone know the background music to this vid?
megan prajogo
megan prajogo Ай мурун
Owl house is coming 2021 10 january and amity dad and mom are abusing because willow looks nerd and amity dont wanna be friend with her anymore :( owl lady and lillith dont have power to destroy or battle the emperor if emperor already made the majic door he will teleport to earth to destroy or belongs to.Alador and Oladia were there when eda and lilith fights battle and eda say no i wont battle my sister then turn to monster because of lilith?!i hope u know
Nathan April
Nathan April Ай мурун
Hope ur fine the roundtable
AnnaBelle Dolfo
AnnaBelle Dolfo Ай мурун
l;askdfj "they stressed her out so much she called her teacher mom" bro I also have a shaky relationship with my mom, but I think calling your teacher "mom" is really common and not limited to kids with mother issues
Ron Markovich
Ron Markovich Ай мурун
Amphibia season 2 ended and ti is reveald that there are 3 gems, brain=marcy, heart=ann and strength=Sasha and means that your theory was correct
Ethan Kidwell
Ethan Kidwell Ай мурун
I feel like the Blights won’t care some much about Amity liking girls as her liking a human more specifically the human who: 1:broke the most wanted witch on the boiling isles out of prison 2: inspired her friends to start a revolution 3: assaulted the Emperor 4: attempted to steal from the Emperor with her friends 5: inspired the head of the Emperors Coven to betray the coven And all that was just in the last two episodes of the season also she’s human which is icky.
Xion flame N.Cipher
Xion flame N.Cipher Ай мурун
Did you just swear at 8:32 ?
King Rabbit
King Rabbit Ай мурун
Amity's Mom might be a plant track student and ends up being impressed by Willow because of that.
Firash Akbariansyah
Firash Akbariansyah Ай мурун
No subtitle ;-;
Alanzo 9900
Alanzo 9900 Ай мурун
And I really want to see Amity and Luz gonna be *togheter* .
Emminet Ай мурун
"everyone's heartbroken and everyone loses except for these two" I mean, I don't hear much on what would be so bad for Gus at least!
Peanut butter
Peanut butter Ай мурун
what is the background music for this, I've heard it before, but idk?
A P Ай мурун
I definitely want more interaction between Willow and Amity. It feels like their rekindled friendship was sidelined a little by the Lumity ship.
Whimsical Nessa
Whimsical Nessa Ай мурун
Oh, my god, yeah! Also, at first, I don’t think they would take too kindly to Luz being a human, especially if they sense Amity crushing on Luz.
ravenpascal Ай мурун
The music at 1:01 hurt
Eden Mayuga
Eden Mayuga Ай мурун
Pls tell what kind of shade is amity's hair
Captain_Arrrcus •—•
Captain_Arrrcus •—• Ай мурун
5:04 haha cut xD
Marion McDaniel
Marion McDaniel Ай мурун
I’m not sure if anyone will think this theory makes sense but I think Amity’s parents are gonna become like secondary antagonists to Luz for two reasons 1. Because they’re probably going to feel that Luz is trying to destroy their way of life. 2. Because they feel that Luz turned Amity and possibly her siblings against them.
diamond stingwray
diamond stingwray Ай мурун
I feel like amity's dad will actually be nice he just does whatever amity's mom tells him to do he doesn't try to talk back to her because he doesn't want to get on her bad side
Ultra Animation
Ultra Animation Ай мурун
It’s sad, but you have to replace Steven with King from the Owl House for the spoiler warning thing
Orange Manatees
Orange Manatees Ай мурун
I would laugh the fuck out if "Blight" is actually Odalia's last name and because her family was so powerful Alador was forced to take the last name.
Kavi Dhan
Kavi Dhan Ай мурун
If I want to make cartoon commentary videos like this, where do you download the episodes so that you can edit them? I really want to make videos but this is the only thing I’m stuck on and I have no idea how to do it
Master_Infinity Ай мурун
You can make your endless theory videos 8:01mins long now, YT changed it some time ago!
UniFox G
UniFox G Ай мурун
Ok so amity’s actions are really related to Pasifaca from gravity falls i mean come on befriending having people just like her but not really wanting to be friends with them just because of there parents and not knowing what there names are
Häagen Dazs: the ice cream brand
Häagen Dazs: the ice cream brand Ай мурун
Waiting for season 2 makes me want to eat a chromebook
Timothy Estrada
Timothy Estrada Ай мурун
The music is to loud
The Otaku Dragon Slayer
The Otaku Dragon Slayer Ай мурун
Personally it feels MUCH less like a rivalry and more like a mostly dead friendship. One that I don’t think should be revived EASILY.
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia Ай мурун
Personally I think odalia is the blight by blood judging how she seems to have more control over Amity and her sibling and alador just married into the family as why odalia's wishes seem to take precedence
rodrigo rodriguez
rodrigo rodriguez Ай мурун
It will be interesting if they did like a episode where the students parents go to school to see how they are doing like how our schools do it
Beat'em Ай мурун
It get s louder at 1:00
Moonlit Mortician
Moonlit Mortician Ай мурун
God I hope they don't become friends yet. After all that's happened between them, it would be so much more interesting to see Amity have to deal with the effects of who she was, work to gain back that trust, and even grapple with the idea that even though she's changed, she has to take responsibility for the things the person she was did.
wilnelia burns
wilnelia burns Ай мурун
please could you watch Milos Murphy's law on Disney plus I would like it if you guys could review about Milo's Murphy's law having a season 3 because I hope they do have a season 3 so I would appreciate it if you guys did it
Navi Fairy
Navi Fairy Ай мурун
I never noticed before, but the emperor's coven logo is on the back for that Magic 101 book Amity was reading when she first showed up.
ALL MIGHT Ай мурун
I'm so happy for mother goose I was one of his first subs so I'm a long term fan
Blood _Rose
Blood _Rose Ай мурун
...You know what's sad? I kept seeing posts about how bad Amity's fans are because it's "white washing" and they're "Not focusing on Luz" and stuff like that. I didn't think much of it sense I love Amity so much for her PERSONALITY and CHARACTER. But now, two hours later, I'm watching this video, and 55 seconds in, I feel INCREDIBLY guilty every time I hear Amity's name. Thanks people of the owl house fandom who are jerks and told us that we can't like Amity because that's "white washing" Whatever that means! You just made me, and I'm sure a lot of other people feel horrible about loving Amity so much! Now I'm gonna try to finish this video before the guilt forces me to leave. And I've got to tell you, if you were thinking about posting something like this, about how liking Amity is bad, please don't. I think I've had enough questioning if I'm a bad person because my favorite character is Amity Blight moments today. (And yes. I am both Blightsexual AND a luzbian. Come at me, people who say we favor Amity too much because I love Luz just as much, maybe even more! I just relate more to Amity.)
Yvan Gutierrez
Yvan Gutierrez Ай мурун
Of course there rivalry is over because i watch the episode
Bradyn Kerr
Bradyn Kerr Ай мурун
Ur theory video actually makes a lot of sense to me, I mean I personally speculated(before the tweet) that Amity’s rents would be happy about Amity being pals with a human who discovered a new/old way of magic
They might let Luz get close to get to Eda, like they say Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
@Justin Holland Yeah her too!
Justin Holland
Justin Holland Ай мурун
erven Ай мурун
Justin Holland that maybe true
@erven I think Alador and Odalia are in the eporors coven and want to saw what happened during young blood old souls and decided to look more into on Eda and Lilith
Justin Holland
Justin Holland Ай мурун
@erven Maybe it's more about Luz, and the owl house residents just in case
Hh H
Hh H Ай мурун
MrMC Gold
MrMC Gold Ай мурун
F the dogs
Haztac Ай мурун
This is depressing. Mr. Blights name is Alador, just like our baby from Wolf Song (ThunderKathryn) Wolf Song Alador was such a Gud Boi
Darryn Blair
Darryn Blair Ай мурун
I hope the main character is the like button it will make me hit it
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person Ай мурун
I posted this in your last video as well, but PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THIS: Hear me out- Belos is a Clawthorne. I know you've done a video on why he could be a human, but just let me explain. 1. In the AMA, when asked if we'll ever see Lilith's "raven" house, Danna responded with "birds are a clawthorne thing." I think that was really interesting wording. Belos is clearly shown to have some kind of attachment to birds. His symbol, his mask, even the portal reconstruction. There are birds everywhere. 2. His mask. As you mentioned, creators wouldn't put characters in mask unless their appearance gives something about them away. If he took off his mask, I think we'd see he has resemblance to Eda and Lilith. 3. The timeline. If Belos came to power when he was around 30, and created covens 50 years ago, that makes him around 80. That could be old enough to either be Eda's father, or, grandfather, which might make more sense considering she's mentioned her parents before and doesn't recognize Belos as her father. 4. His power. He was said to be the most powerful witch ever. Wouldn't it make sense if he was related to the second and third most powerful witches we've seen? 5. If Belos really is Eda and Lilith's grandfather, him being so old would be an explanation for how weak he is. He's shown to be powerful, but he clearly relies on technology and other sources (like the palisman, the giant heart, ect.) for his power. I think he's weak because simply of how old he is, not because he's a human. Another explanation could be that he was cursed. (Maybe when we get more information on Eda's parents we'll find out that his child cursed him!) I'm just saying. 6. This point isn't as cool, but his blue eyes also match Lilith's. And obviously there's a big question if this theory is true: Does Belos know? Well, let me entertain both options. What if he knows? That means he most likely made Lilith the head of the coven because he knows she is powerful like him and wants to shape her in his image. And as for Eda, he knows she'll never conform to him and also knows how powerful she is, so he wants to destroy her. He's evil. Now, what if he doesn't know? This is actually really interesting. I have no idea what would have happened to lead to him never knowing his kids had kids, but it could lead to a super cool backstory episode about Eda's and Lilith's parents hiding them from Belos because they don't want them to get hurt. That would be cool. Anyways please consider this theory!
Haylea Addison
Haylea Addison Ай мурун
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person Ай мурун
@otter with a dark side That's why I sad it's not as cool.
otter with a dark side
otter with a dark side Ай мурун
Lilith's eyes are green tho
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person Ай мурун
I also realized that all the clawthornes we know spell out Belos's name, if Belos is a clawthorne. B.E.L.O.S. Belos Eda Lilith Obelo Salus
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person Ай мурун
Ok I just figured out that "clawthorne" is an anagram for "the owl can" with an "r" left over. Perhaps "r" combines with "belos" to finish the anagram! I know Danna likes these word code things. I also realized that If his name is "Belos Clawthorne" that would make his initials BC, same as Bill Cipher. That's probably nothing but it would be a hint that that's his last name if he has the same initials as the villain from the last show Danna worked on.
SK TCG Ай мурун
Hi 👋
Jesse Saldivar
Jesse Saldivar Ай мурун
just realized amity’s name is an oxymoron. “Amity” means friendly/nice, while Blight means death and destruction. There’s no such thing as an amicable blight, which supports the idea amity is going to have a sort of identity crisis
V0rgan Ай мурун
Love the name Nice Death or Friendly Destruction XD
Dennis Daley
Dennis Daley Ай мурун
This fandom is so fucking creative and I love it
Jesse Saldivar
Jesse Saldivar Ай мурун
Ames Starline YESS love these minds at work
Ames Starline
Ames Starline Ай мурун
Don't forget her nickname, Mittens. Mittens are like gloves for the cold, covering the hands. What do witches use for magic? Their hands. Hiding her potential? Or hiding her true self?
randy pelow
randy pelow Ай мурун
Think about Covid 19 hitting anti maskers that would be a nice death for all of the people who wear masks.
Sage Gagnon
Sage Gagnon Ай мурун
6:57: A "Picture Perfect" Daughter Me: *Little Miss Perfect Flashbacks*
Luna's World
Luna's World 7 күн мурун
Straight A's
sofia urdiales
sofia urdiales Ай мурун
*straight hair...*
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