Is Book 3 AS GOOD As We Remember? (Avatar: the Last Airbender Analysis)

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4 ай мурун

Book 3 serves as an amazing conclusion to Avatar: the Last Airbender. However, after revisiting the series and taking a look at the highs of Book 2, it's time to really take a look at Book 3 and propose the question: is it AS good compared to the previous season? Let's discuss the highs AND lows found in events of Book 3 such as The Boiling Rock and Sozin's Comet!
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Isaiah Tizazu
Isaiah Tizazu 24 күн мурун
Make book 4 lengend of korra
To be determined
To be determined 26 күн мурун
Im glad this is one of the last times they had terrible tom cover the best cartoon.
syra 2 ай мурун
so many filler episodes thoughhh
Carmen B
Carmen B 3 ай мурун
Tbh, my favorite is book 2 because we meet Toph, Iroh works in the tea shop, Zuko goes through many changes and I always cry when watching The Crossroads of Destiny
PacePython 4 ай мурун
No it is not as good as we thought... It was way better than we thought
Olga Garcia
Olga Garcia 4 ай мурун
Book 3 always felt like a mixture of book 1 and 2 for me, it’s has its intense/dark/emotional moments like book two (obviously it would since it’s the last season) but it also goes back to its roots at being light hearted at time like book one but this time it’s in the fire nation which makes for interesting adventures for the gang I think it makes sense that it didn’t go full on dark like book 2 since the show would’ve been weirdly inconsistent, book one being a little more light hearted then having the last two seasons be dark... I think that would’ve ruin the show just a tiny bit if they did that, if it would’ve taken itself too seriously for two more season But I agree that the “painted lady” “runaway” and the “footloose” episode could’ve been better but at least the footloose episodes expanded on zukos arch and showed use how messed up the fire nation is with its propaganda, but what made book 3 great is that it’s very satisfying, it wraps up everything that we ever wanted to see from the show, unlike book 2 where it punched us in the gut countless of times lol
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 4 ай мурун
In short: Book 3 has some semi-fillers
roee burla
roee burla 4 ай мурун
Title: it's good,but... Me who saw all the asdf movies:
mjtubeme 4 ай мурун
Not every episode has to further the plot. Sometimes just have fun with it!
Radin hajipour
Radin hajipour 4 ай мурун
But it is a cartoon so shouldn’t be a little like a breaktime episode or something
Filip Omerovic
Filip Omerovic 4 ай мурун
I won't ever say anything bad about ATLA. I can't
Edward Gil
Edward Gil 4 ай мурун
Eh, book 2 is still my favorite. Not only is it more consistently good, it had a lot of my favorite episodes and moments. And the best character drama.
Macaroni Men
Macaroni Men 4 ай мурун
Yes. Stop clickbaiting.
Romario Rodrigues
Romario Rodrigues 4 ай мурун
So in summary: How dare book 3 delve deeper into the world and its characters where is plot
A.J Johnson
A.J Johnson 4 ай мурун
Not every episode has to further the plot. Just like in real life.
A.J Johnson
A.J Johnson 4 ай мурун
The pqinted lady also shows us that even people in the fire nation were victim to the firelords ambition
wariolandgoldpiramid 4 ай мурун
The Headband - showed how the Fire Nation uses discipline and propaganda to prepare the kids for war The Painted Lady - shows how even the Fire Nation citizens are negatively affected by the war. Nightmares and Daydreams - it was a very much needed Calm Before the Storm. While I'm not a big fan of the structure of this season, every episode had it's place, and "filler" was much better than book 1 filler.
dog boi yee
dog boi yee 4 ай мурун
In my opinion book 3 is the best
Sodden Suzuki
Sodden Suzuki 4 ай мурун
Book 3, it's still a that good season?! From *filler episodes* to that good episodes!
savvas yolo
savvas yolo 4 ай мурун
book 3>book 2
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien 4 ай мурун
Everyone including me and you prefer the dubs more than the subs
Romario Rodrigues
Romario Rodrigues 4 ай мурун
With all due respect, what flawed reasoning. Since when is an episode only good when it "contributes to the plot". You explained yourself why episodes like the puppetmaster or southern raiders or , the beach or the avatar and the firenation had different kind of world/character building contributions. But you're telling me every book 2 episode for example the cave of 2 lovers are better because they all "contribute to the plot"? Or because they get the characters from point A to B? What about Avatar day how does that contribute to the plot? Or what about the fact that one of the best episodes Tales of Ba sing Se is nothing but filler. What a weird way to determine the quality of an episode or season
Romario Rodrigues
Romario Rodrigues 4 ай мурун
Yes tf
Whoops ies
Whoops ies 4 ай мурун
I disagree with the seed planting point, I feel it flowed fairly nicely and didn’t spell stuff out like the audience can’t think for them selves. I personally like book 3 the best also, and in my opinion it was executed quite well. Each to their own though :) that’s the great part about opinions we can each have our own!
Whoops ies
Whoops ies 4 ай мурун
I agree that there was a lot of filler though... which kinda sucked.... I wish they found another air bender or something that could train the air bender even more, could have been a great plot point. They could have suggested he wasn’t a monk and had completely different opinions which could have brought in a whole aspect of different people that come from the same culture
Emily Lee
Emily Lee 4 ай мурун
I cannot overstate how much I disagree with the idea that the plot of Southern Raiders should have been a b plot to some random strategic goal. It would not be giving it the weight and care it should have(and thankfully did) get. I've never understood why people think every single episode of a show needs to involve the main plot of the story as the main plot of the episode.
TheSydnick 4 ай мурун
not everything has to further plot. sometimes an episode can just be a well-told story on its own, and thats not a bad thing. the painted lady might not have been necessary but it was still interesting, beautifully animated and sweet.
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen 4 ай мурун
Did Aang really put in that much work to find another way to stop Ozai? Seems like it was just handed to him on a platter by that lion turtle. And what led Aang to meet that lion turtle in the first place? He slept walked to him seemingly by accident.
Matt Juve
Matt Juve 4 ай мурун
I think that painted lady was mostly about developing the citizens of the fire nation. Through the first two seasons we see the fire nation almost entirely as an occupying military. The society itself is mostly a mystery to the characters. In painted lady we see a fire nation village being oppressed by the military all the same and a people that just want to go about their lives. This is pretty important to the conclusion of the show since it meant that a change in leadership was enough to end the war.
Jared 19
Jared 19 4 ай мурун
Yes, it was. In my opinion, your opinions are wrong.
PrettyMuchEverything 4 ай мурун
Azula and Zuko’s final fight is so good is makes me cry and smile at the same time. It’s like a beautiful goodbye to the series
PrettyMuchEverything 4 ай мурун
Season 2 is more serialized where season 3 is more episodic. But it tied everything together in the final “arc”
Slow Internet
Slow Internet 4 ай мурун
My fave was book 2 to be honest
Ska Tune Network
Ska Tune Network 4 ай мурун
I think what book 3 really does well, that is often overlooked is it offers a massive perspective of the fire nation, and how they arent just mindless killers the way books 1 and 2 paint. The story really develops for zuko in the front, but i think the side with team avatar really shows a depth of the people of the fire nation that makes the ending more impactful. The painted lady seems like a useless episode until you realize that its the fire nation not giving a fuck about the poor/small villages in their own nation, yet they want to spread their "prosperity" across the world? It also shows a nation of people who are very much brainwashed. Like aang going to school to meet regular kids who are like him, but they believe its not ok to express yourself artistically, and they believe propaganda like "the air nation had a military". Between that and the development going into both zuko and azula's psychology and why they're both the way they are, it adds a depth to the show that i think makes it memorable. It used "filler" to build the world above and beyond what most shows would do as far as building an "enemy nation" it turns the idea of "fire is bad, everyone is good" on its head when you see the different lifestyles and dynamics and how the war even impacts their own nation. SO when you get to the firebending masters, you realize how big of a deal that nation being lost really is. I think had the show not taken the time to explore the fire nation, it wouldn't have hit as hard because the audience wouldn't have had empathy or really any care for anyone in the fire nation, and zuko's redemption arc wouldn't have been as impactful. I will admit the front half of this season feels less plot driven and epic as the back half, HOWEVER i think that contrast is needed. If it was intense after the back half of season 2 and into the back half of season 3, it would just feel like too much. the lower pace breathing room that heavily develops the world and characters during the "quiet before the storm" to me, is extremely needed
Emon Williams
Emon Williams 3 ай мурун
it's a shame this comment was completely overlooked
Adi V
Adi V 4 ай мурун
I really love book 3, there are definitely some filler episodes but book 3 had the most amazing moments. Seeing zuko as being a part of the gaang, bloodbening, seeing the final fights, the Dragons, the backstory of Roku, I could honestly go on!
Quilo Sky
Quilo Sky 4 ай мурун
Yes. book three is just as good as Everyone remembers. It was great. Any standalone episodes that weren’t main story were very valuable for world building and character development. And the pacing was good too. And even if it wasn’t that is entirely Nickelodeon’s fault. Plus there were tons of great episodes and moments too. So yeah. Just as good as book 2. Story, character, ending, awesome moments? It’s all just as good.
QAISAR BEGUM 4 ай мурун
Opinion after watching the show for the first time :
QAISAR BEGUM 4 ай мурун
It's not a movie it is a series. If you don't know your characters well then what was the point of watching it. Also if they had just increase the number of episodes they would have made the other comics into series as well. 😑😑😑😑😑
Funny Nut Baby Meme
Funny Nut Baby Meme 4 ай мурун
“Not a signal episodic episode in book 2” *Looks at Tales in Ba Sing Se* Yeah...
Romario Rodrigues
Romario Rodrigues 4 ай мурун
*stares at Avatar Day*
datcomment 4 ай мурун
Why trashing on Avatar?? I fucking loved every chapter!
Night Rise
Night Rise 4 ай мурун
I think my only complaints are Toph should’ve been with Zuko when he faced Azula, and Zuko should’ve been the one to defeat her
Rae Coc
Rae Coc 4 ай мурун
Idk man, Katara nearly got shot by lightning. You think a BLIND girl would fair better? She can sense things yes, but lightning is super fast and travels in the air so would be hard for her to 'see' it coming right at her.
Ky Yo
Ky Yo 4 ай мурун
Had to stop watching at 2 minutes because you keep saying “book free” like damn you can’t say the word THREE
A. A.
A. A. 4 ай мурун
The painted lady was a good epsoide, accept the fact that Katara was basically poisoning Appa, I felt so cringe for the poor thing, other than that it was fun
Jyscros 4 ай мурун
If you look at the episode again, you'll see that Katara only gave Appa berries to stain his tongue, it didn't mention that it made Appa sick. Or else Aang wouldn't have gone along with her plans I imagine.
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon 4 ай мурун
I only know 13 animated shows that ended "perfectly" (so far): Batman: The Animated Series (also counting The New Batman Adventures), Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League (also counting Justice League Unlimited), Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Beast Wars: Transformers, Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003), Courage the Cowardly Dog, Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe (not sure about Future yet since I haven't watched it yet), Dragon Ball Z Abridged (I know it's an Abridged anime series but still), and this.
Inazuma Sensei
Inazuma Sensei 4 ай мурун
Are you really putting Steven Universe between the ones who "ended perfectly"?
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon 4 ай мурун
We can all agree on one thing: The Great Divide NEVER HAPPENED! Thank the Ember Island Players for their great insight on the REAL events that happened.
Cierra Blair
Cierra Blair 4 ай мурун
Tbh I’m rewatching and I don’t like book 3 and I don’t feel bad about it😂 I’m SOOOOO sick of how they were trynna push a romance with ang and kitara like if you don’t let them just be friends but whatever I’ll stick by my opinion
Quilo Sky
Quilo Sky 4 ай мурун
I have to disagree. Book three was just as good as the rest. I don’t pay much attention to the romance
Sadcmo 4 ай мурун
Me love avatar. avatar best
ben10gamer 123
ben10gamer 123 4 ай мурун
Iroh is best character I would say change my mind but you know it's true.
XLRO8 F8 4 ай мурун
I feel that there’s a stigma towards episodic story telling; I mean as long as it’s quality it’s not like serialized television is definitively better, it’s like what Stan Lee says “you never know which issue will be someone’s first; further more, imagine some rando watching your story from the beginning only to find that it’s 100 more chapters before they find how it ends so they quit while they could have watched a little bit and enjoyed a complete story that stays with them.
SadTransHedgehogs 4 ай мурун
XLRO8 F8 episodic storytelling is great! My least favorite book is book 2 because you never got a chance to just breathe and appreciate the characters just dicking around and working off each other. The best shows have both.
Jakob Darrow
Jakob Darrow 4 ай мурун
I agree, the episodes were for world building and they did a good job
Aeve Nova
Aeve Nova 4 ай мурун
For those of you in the comments, the answer is YES. Book three is as good as we remember.🧡
big gay
big gay 4 ай мурун
If any artists who are fans of this show wanna make a group chat for this drop your instagram @'s I JUST binged this show and I just know all i'm gonna draw now is doodles of this series lmao
big gay
big gay 4 ай мурун
I JUST binged it for 3 days and godddd I loved this series more than any i've ever watched!!!
Joshey Dubs
Joshey Dubs 4 ай мурун
Nobody: Katara: My mother was killed by the fire nation.
Super Vegito
Super Vegito 4 ай мурун
Craig of the creek videos plz
potato french fries
potato french fries 4 ай мурун
Part 3 was the best
Jad Busby
Jad Busby 4 ай мурун
"Book Free"
PatrickCervantez 4 ай мурун
The Painter and The Runaway, and the Combination Man arc were probably the only filler episodes.
Savataric 2004
Savataric 2004 4 ай мурун
That is true
DWAkhaten1995 4 ай мурун
Book 3 was a pretty fantastic conclusion to the series, and I like it a bit more than Book 2. However, I've always kind of wished the first half of it (when the Gaang is chilling in the Fire Nation, waiting for the day of the eclipse) was a bit shorter so the second half could have been a bit longer, because that season became a lot more fun once Zuko joined the group.
Montyistic 4 ай мурун
My problem with book 3 is that it took away the struggle and progress to f learning a new element. Both Toph and Katara had multiple training sessions with Aang and moments where they worked together with a specific element and yet book 3 is basically “let’s have separate journeys with Zuko!!”. It’s great to have them bond with him but you don’t see anyone else do this in the previous seasons, group conflict and character development always happened as a team but the team wasn’t a part of it.
Ares Dominguez Castillo
Ares Dominguez Castillo 4 ай мурун
Idk, when I was a kid I was very frustrated with the desert episodes and ba sing se in general. I don't know why. I love all of it it's just those parts are my least favorite.
Ralyn Parkhill
Ralyn Parkhill 4 ай мурун
"Book Free?"
Lord Dragonskin
Lord Dragonskin 4 ай мурун
I think Ember Island Players was pretty cool. You don't see an official parody of a show very often.
saintzeroinfinity 4 ай мурун
Should have done a redux for korra
*HellRay* 4 ай мурун
Still better than most of Korras Books.
Adam Connolly
Adam Connolly 4 ай мурун
Book 2 is better consistently, but book 3 has some of the best moments In the entire series with some not so interesting moments.
RedWillow 4 ай мурун
Y'all should talk about how Zuko and Katara were supposed to be Endgame Couple. (Their Voice Actor's Shipped it and thought it was going to be the outcome!) But Aang ended up with Katara like some sort of 'Prize' for saving the world.. (I'm sorry to whoever likes that pairing. But an 11 year old kid who constantly makes advances on and kisses a 14 year old girl after she tells him repeatedly that she is unsure and DOES NOT give him consent to kiss her is CREEPY AF!)
Zac 77
Zac 77 4 ай мурун
Zuko and katara were never meant to be an endgame couple, it’s clear they were setting up aang and katara from the beginning. Also i don’t see how it is creepy for two people who have feelings for eachother to make advances?
Timothy Laviola
Timothy Laviola 4 ай мурун
3 = C = Angel of the bottomless pit. OVID means Sheep in Latin. 19 means slaughter.
Jessica Gallagher
Jessica Gallagher 4 ай мурун
Okay but y'all book 2 had Appas last days...*insert tears here*
SpeltCaster 4 ай мурун
I couldn't finish the video. As many times as he says three like (phree) bothered my too much
overlord cringe
overlord cringe 4 ай мурун
KaijuRizard 4 ай мурун
Episodes like The Boiling Rock and The Southern Raiders are IMO needed to happen in order to further solidify Zuko's character arc, it allowed the Gaang to fully trust Zuko. Deeming them as just "being there" is kind of an insult.
Soham Roy
Soham Roy Ай мурун
Accio Sharpie true, but to be fair at that point the plot was moved forward as much as it could. All that was left after Aang learned fire bending was for him to come to terms with himself with the final battle
Accio Sharpie
Accio Sharpie 2 ай мурун
@Soham Roy Y'all don't need to defend Book 3, the maker of this video clearly stated that Book 3 is his favorite. He's just saying that compared to Book 2, a lot of the episodes in Book 3 doesn't move the big plot points forward.
Soham Roy
Soham Roy 2 ай мурун
Many people don’t understand how the later half of book 3 is zuko’s real redemption and dynamic with the crew as well as some great character development for the whole gang
Mr. Mint
Mr. Mint 3 ай мурун
Right even the Painted Lady showed character development
Shar McD
Shar McD 4 ай мурун
Boiling rock was always my fav growing up but southern raiders is always my second fav
Bagel God
Bagel God 4 ай мурун
From your point of view the presence of episodes that don’t add anything to the plot is a flaw. From my point of view, to be able to create interesting and compelling episodes that don’t need to follow the overarching story is a gift.
Fifi Lauren
Fifi Lauren 4 ай мурун
So true. The boiling rock is probably one of my favorite episodes even though I don’t think it needed to be a two parter
CreeperTheKing Creeper
CreeperTheKing Creeper 4 ай мурун
Man. I remember wating to watch this,and literally checking 5he clock to watch it. I loved it.
Chase the Master
Chase the Master 4 ай мурун
I watched this show when it came out I barely remembered it so I’m going to go to Netflix after I watch some videos
Sketchy Skies
Sketchy Skies 4 ай мурун
I'm on season 2 still,but I'll come back when I've finished the series. It's my first time watching
Sketchy Skies
Sketchy Skies 4 ай мурун
@Funny Nut Baby Meme I was 2 when it premiered
Funny Nut Baby Meme
Funny Nut Baby Meme 4 ай мурун
First time? Y’all must of been sleeping on the series before Netflix.
Not_arealp_ erson
Not_arealp_ erson 4 ай мурун
Video: starts with unskippable ad Me: clicks off video and then clicks on it again Video: has no ad anymore Me: >:) *hacker voice* I’m in
Edward Sanchez Productions
Edward Sanchez Productions 4 ай мурун
book 3 is really good
Ryan Pursel
Ryan Pursel 4 ай мурун
I actually enjoyed season 3 more than the other 2.
sebastian guerrero
sebastian guerrero 4 ай мурун
It was rushed
Aman Smith-martin
Aman Smith-martin 4 ай мурун
I don't think the show is as good as it is chalked up to be. It's still good, but I've seen *much* better. And I was seriously underwhelmed by it overall after being yelled at for years to watch the show. I think my biggest issue is that for most of the show, it doesn't feel like a war story. Sure, you hear a hell of a lot about this century war, which makes the show feel like one of those "Oh, you just missed it" situations. The first episode where I honestly thought that it felt like a war was "The Drill". Also, (And yes, this is just a nitpick) Aang's design is far better with hair, and I was bummed when he shaved it.
Aman Smith-martin
Aman Smith-martin 4 ай мурун
@Quilo Sky Not being apart of my childhood, eh? When you put it like that I can see where your mind is. My perspective is gonna differ from most fans since it didn't have a strong influence over what I found to be quality television.
Quilo Sky
Quilo Sky 4 ай мурун
Aman Smith-martin the live action adaptation can probably fix the pacing. The pacing certainly wasn’t bad at all. But because it was a show on Nickelodeon I think that is why it was a bit faster paced. With the adaptation being on Netflix I think the pacing could be fixed. Things could take their time a bit more. And I’m sure there are things that could get fixed up a bit. I don’t think it needs that much of an improvement. Nothing huge. But some small things here and there. I personally hope the live action show is longer. And adds more story and lore and events into it. Maybe they could even adapt the comics. Which are canon.
Quilo Sky
Quilo Sky 4 ай мурун
Aman Smith-martin I can understand your issues with the show. Even if I don’t agree. And I can respect your opinion that you don’t really like it that much. But I think it being a kids show and especially it not being a part of your childhood is a bigger reason than you think
Quilo Sky
Quilo Sky 4 ай мурун
Aman Smith-martin I don’t like people comparing avatar and legend of Korra. Because personally I love both shows. Yes I think that korra is very flawed. I acknowledge that it is far from perfect. But it’s nowhere near as bad as people say.
Quilo Sky
Quilo Sky 4 ай мурун
Either way it’s an unpopular opinion you have there. But I think the live action adaptation on Netflix can do a lot that the original could not. In that way it can be even better. Even if some wouldn’t admit that.
Aslam Bakar
Aslam Bakar 4 ай мурун
AVatar the Last Airbender theory;Zuko is the True Protagonist of the story...................
Eric Tortora Pato
Eric Tortora Pato 4 ай мурун
I disagree heavily with your appraisal of the southern raiders, and to a lesser degree about the boiling rock (though I think there’s a decent argument to be made about it not needing to be a two parter). Let’s start with boiling rock, though. I think you’re underselling the importance of what it does for the fire nation lead players, and how effectively and efficiently it does it, but besides the personal investment in his Hakoda’s life, Sokka is looking to make amends for his perceived failures as a military and strategic leader, and believes he needs someone better than him to take over that-his father. As for the southern raiders, though, I think it’d extremely damage the episode to make chasing them at all relevant in a practical sense to the series goal. It undercuts Katara’s rage and desire for vengeance, Zuko’s emerging but at times misguided empathy, and Aang’s beliefs, to make it something that could have an unarguable military use. It also would undercut the reestablishing of Aang’s commitment to pacifism waying heavier on his mind than either revenger or practicality.
Trill Mixin
Trill Mixin 4 ай мурун
well there WAS supposed to be a book 4. good series manage to get cut short for some reason
Trill Mixin
Trill Mixin 4 ай мурун
book three was just a rush to end the series
Jeff 4 ай мурун
The only thing’s I didn’t like about book 3 is the lion turtle a being only mentioned 1 other time showed up and just gave Aang the ability of energy bending, and that Ozai literally had about 20 lines through the whole series
Soham Roy
Soham Roy 2 ай мурун
For the lion turtle part I think it’d be cool if in the library episode when they saw that book Aang was like “hey cool look they were the first creatures to possess energy”
StopJerkingOff 4 ай мурун
They needed ozai to stay alive in order to get information about zukos mother, also the lion turtles where mentioned in the library episode.
Iman Mohamed
Iman Mohamed 4 ай мурун
AxPogger Sprigz Star: prevents genocide by committing genocide
Jeff 4 ай мурун
Yam B on the episode when Aang see’s Rokus story Aang says how everyone even the fire lord could be capable of great good or evil but them it was just left there
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon 4 ай мурун
Vader only appeared for 12 minutes in "Episode IV: A New Hope" and he was still scary awesome despite that though.
DarkcIoud1111 4 ай мурун
From a story perspective, it isn't as good. At least half the episodes focus on one or two characters going on a side mission for some reason, which results in the flow of the overall plot becoming disjointed. However each one of those side episodes usually resulted in the character gaining some level of development. As a result, Book 3 has a bunch of really good stand-alone episodes and an amazing finale while Book 2 has a more cohesive overall story.
Lia 4 ай мурун
The pacing got really weird in book 3 in my opinion. Like it was hard to grasp that the whole story took place in one summer. What bothered me is that in book 1 and 2 I felt we were following the main characters more or less through their day to day lives and I thought this series would cover more of a year, ya know? Then book 3 happened and it felt kinda rushed. I wish there was 4 books in total, and honestly it would make more sense, one book for each element and you could smooth out the pacing issues. But Avatar is still in my top 5 favorite series to this day, I love it so much.
Quilo Sky
Quilo Sky 4 ай мурун
It didn’t feel rushed or off pace at all to me. But even if it was it was probably Nickelodeon’s fault. Either way I’m sure the live action series will probably handle it much better. The pacing I mean.
Trill Mixin
Trill Mixin 4 ай мурун
there was supposed to be a book 4 so book 3 was just a rush to end the series
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 4 ай мурун
I can also release a sonic wave from my mouth
Aslam Bakar
Aslam Bakar 4 ай мурун
wow i have been bingewatching Avatar the Last Airbender series ever since i ersonally loved Season 2 in my opinion...................
JVP Productions
JVP Productions 4 ай мурун
"Is Book 3 as good as we remember?" From the boys who think Steven Universe is at all a good show
Quilo Sky
Quilo Sky 4 ай мурун
JVP Productions the show is incredibly flawed. And it can be a mess a lot. But overall I think it was a good show. It wasn’t bad at all. Just quite imperfect.
John Doe
John Doe 4 ай мурун
@JVP Productionsalright fair point they should. but your opinion on a completely different show doesn't invalidate you to try and look deeper into another one
JVP Productions
JVP Productions 4 ай мурун
@John Doe shoot I want THEM to look deeper into SU and really see the nonsense that goes into that mess
*HellRay* 4 ай мурун
Shots fired. Avatar >>>>> Steven U
Alex_ jcd 0127
Alex_ jcd 0127 4 ай мурун
@Nolen-Lynn Boyd it's just an opinion if that's they think then oh well you can't really change what they think
Gamer PB
Gamer PB 4 ай мурун
Anyone remember that avatar game that happen in nick where aang had to go threw different elements to get to the fire nation . First element was air,water , earth and then fire
MonkeyKing Mo-Ri
MonkeyKing Mo-Ri 4 ай мурун
Renamon 565
Renamon 565 4 ай мурун
The last airbender tv series is made of ledgends
Slappy 4 ай мурун
When I was a kid I loved it. And before it came on Netflix I had these vage memerios of Avatar scenes then I watched it and all the memories just came together.
Anri Koridze
Anri Koridze 4 ай мурун
Oh my god ATLA was HUGE HUGE part of my childhood - and I used to rewatch it on a yearly basis, and seeing it now getting all this attention over it makes me so happy like you wouldn't believe it!
Dreamshade 4 ай мурун
I am starting to have less and less hope this channel will cover Ninjago
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American 4 ай мурун
Of course it is, it has the legendary Aang Ozai battle and you can't forget about the iconic Ember Island Players. What an amazing troupe. *Avatar state, yipyip*
Pokege123omg 4 ай мурун
I was watching the show once per year anyway and now it’s relevant again
datcomment 4 ай мурун
JOHN KWIGWASA 4 ай мурун
the person above me is gay
• chamomile •
• chamomile • 4 ай мурун
I never watched ATLA until it was on netflix and I’m so frustrated that I only started watching it now.
Santos Chavez
Santos Chavez 4 ай мурун
Better late than never! Welcome to the fandom! :)
Sam Patterson
Sam Patterson 4 ай мурун
@big gay Don't worry, we still all exist, you just have to look in the right places. Also it used to on netflix, they just made the bad choice of taking it off. I'm so glad they put it back on
big gay
big gay 4 ай мурун
Siriusly Orion
Siriusly Orion 4 ай мурун
I'd say it has some of the best overall moments and episodes from the series, bloodbending, Yon-Rah, the agni-kai, the day of black sun - the list goes on - but I think book 2 has a better average quality of episodes, like if you were to assign to score to each episode and get the average of each season, it'd go 1: 2 2: 3 3: 1.
l Am a troll • 13 years ago
l Am a troll • 13 years ago 4 ай мурун
Lets be honest avatar the last airbender is good in general.
*HellRay* 4 ай мурун
An understatement
Chase the Master
Chase the Master 4 ай мурун
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