King Andrias: Amphibia's BIG Villain Arrives! (Scavenger Hunt/The Plantars Check In Analysis)

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The Roundtable

2 ай мурун

Amphibia Season 2 Episode 7 "Scavenger Hunt/The Plantars Check In" introduced us to who we suspect is the BIG villain of the Newtopia story, King Andrias and his interest in the Calamity Box! Is he using Anne and Marcy for his own gain, as implied by the end of Marcy at the Gates? Is he fond of the Plantar family, Sprig, Polly and Hop Pop? What could his role be in future episodes? Let's run through our thoughts on this grand introduction!
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akshath sri
akshath sri 7 күн мурун
i never really watch series that much because i had tons of work to do in school until lockdown who else
Daniel Murillo
Daniel Murillo 16 күн мурун
He reminds me of Asgore from Undertale (IF) he’s not really evil
BrontoSmilodon1 19 күн мурун
You never know, Lady Olivia could also be a potential threat and betray King Andreas
WackyChan 25 күн мурун
I’m not sure why but I still haven’t gotten hooked to season 2. I still think season 1 was better
Owen Clark
Owen Clark 29 күн мурун
Sasha=Kinda like king/queen Marcy=upper class Ann=Lower class In the cities that there a part of.
Katie Kepka
Katie Kepka 29 күн мурун
For Anna + Marcy & Sasha, at (3:29) {SP} Are almost the same Girls that are not only On the stone wall & are Either fighting off the Giant Frog 🐸 or the (G-F) is Some how giving Them (By means the 3 Girl 👧) some source of Power of some kind- That Is my own Theory.
Hunter Elder
Hunter Elder Ай мурун
Just had an idea; the toad-creature on the mural in the theme song is the main overarching antagonist and Sasha, Marcy, Anne, the toads, newts, and frogs all have to band together to defeat it. Anyone else seeing that as a possibility?
Turte73 Ай мурун
But what about Sasha’s red sword in the last episode of season 1 Amphibia
Karl Hye traveler of worlds, lights priest
Karl Hye traveler of worlds, lights priest Ай мурун
I really don't think king andrias is the bad guy but at the same time he's clearly putting on a facade for Ann and marcy I think he has a plan and that plan is to help the girls discover how to use their power
Terry G. Shaw
Terry G. Shaw Ай мурун
Keith David
Antanas Želvys
Antanas Želvys Ай мурун
Hhhhhh king andrais was in a war with the touds soo meybee king andrais wants to use the music box to destroy the touds i think that
Errantspace Wolf
Errantspace Wolf Ай мурун
I luv how each girl becomes close with the amphibian family that takes them in. Showing hidden skills that each, themselves, bring out of the girls. Like the planters are a friendly, social, family being close with neighbors and friends. King Andreas with the puzzle quest and being focused warriors. Really help the girls grow into themselves.
Troy Ross
Troy Ross Ай мурун
It could be possible if the glowing pinkish light could lead to sprig going into the the human world Just a theroy
MillerWireless Ай мурун
I think Andrias is the bad guy here.
Littlefox Ай мурун
Olivia is the fake out villain and at 3:25 i think that’s Andreas and that they have to fight him
Littlefox Ай мурун
I know he is evil I know he is evil I know he is evil I know he is evil I know he is evil I know he is evil I know he is evil
Whitney Sommerfeldt
Whitney Sommerfeldt Ай мурун
First impression... I LOVED the newt king! Which can only mean two things, he's evil or he's gonna die
The ZachSinister
The ZachSinister Ай мурун
You think king Andreas wishes to go to the real world perhaps the SAME world Emperor Belios may wish to return to they would be amazing
Flo Ай мурун
The true villian is Hop pop why would he hide the music box why doesnt he want anne to leave??? Something is wrong with him
Richvonnmatthew Staines
Richvonnmatthew Staines Ай мурун
will the robot frog save anyone
Richvonnmatthew Staines
Richvonnmatthew Staines Ай мурун
what happened to the robot
Android Number16
Android Number16 Ай мурун
When I saw king andrias and how big he is. Because I was watching one piece alot at the time. He reminds me of whitebeard with his size comparison to everyone else. Who knows. He could be a villian or it's a fake out. Hopefully we get a good reveal on the truth. He does give off suspicion on how he somehow already had a wood carved chess piece of Anne. Like how could he know of her? How could he make that in such short notice and why did he say "game"? I look forward to the huge reveal on what the calamity box is and what about it is dangerous?
Matthew Guerrero
Matthew Guerrero Ай мурун
its obviously cpt grime, the monster in the prophecy is obv a toad w/ a diamond-ish eye, sound familiar. the fact that he's huge is either a final boss type thing, or symbolism.
ComputerDefeated Ай мурун
Why does King Andreas look like Ice King lmao
Doge Man
Doge Man Ай мурун
Almost 1M
The Shöcker Pit
The Shöcker Pit Ай мурун
Huff huff how dare you do that to the new
Sara Brown
Sara Brown Ай мурун
Hey dude work at the last episode of season 1 and her sword is glowing red
shiichan32 Ай мурун
maybe the king is testing them for something but i just dont think he evil. he could be in his own way training them or to see what they are capable. i just cant picture him as evil
KanaHyoshi Ай мурун
I don't get major villain vibes, though I do feel some kind of antagonist role down the road.
Padparadscha Ай мурун
I hope Andreus is being genuine regardless of if he's actually an antagonist or not. I just love that kind of dynamic
xhaterkillerx Ай мурун
So what you’re saying is King Andreas is the new King Asgore
DemiTrusdale3 Ай мурун
I liken Andreas to Neptune or Asgore.
Emminet Ай мурун
Maybe he has like DID or something? Like maybe he has multiple hims that have different motives and knowledge of the situation?
Idkwonder 8s
Idkwonder 8s Ай мурун
King kong...
Altereca Mcdonald
Altereca Mcdonald Ай мурун
Not saying completely but theory like Sasha equals white diamond Marcy equals blue and yellow and Ann equals pink maybe. Then we have the Owl House giving us the same vibes as well with some mini designs similarities.
phoenix digifrost
phoenix digifrost Ай мурун
What if he wants anne|marcy|sasha to defeat that beast...
Mustache Ham
Mustache Ham Ай мурун
Bloak might be keeping it away from another terrible force he knows of (the cause of the armor slashes perhaps). ooh! that be quite the wicked twist. >3> Not sure if king fellow is in kahoots or not with em'.
Ze Cat
Ze Cat Ай мурун
Everyone keeps talking about the possibility that King Andias is either the new bad guy OR a red herring for Olivia who may be the *real* baddy, but I keep coming back to Marcy. Now, I'm not saying she is another Sasha, but there have been a number of hints to suggest there is possibly a hidden part of her that may not be so nice. For example, Sprig doesn't like her at first, and Sprig likes *everyone*. Also, how did Marcy work her way up to head Ranger in the Newtopian army in 2 months when she is a complete stumblebum? Looking forward to more of Season 2!
Jodi Young
Jodi Young Ай мурун
Did you guys ever notice Anne, who is fun loving somewhat clumsy, went to the frogs fun loving and loyal. Sasha, who is manipulating and a fighter, went to the toads who are conniving warriors. Sasha, who is intelligent, went to the intelligent and fearless newts. Each girls gem on the box matches their characters and they went to their respectful places in amphibia. Just saying.
Boomer Ай мурун
Not sure if it’s been said, but is the King based on a Giant Salamander?
friedpinnapple Ай мурун
Oh there isn’t as much of this show as i were can i find those missing episodes.....
Rivr 23
Rivr 23 Ай мурун
I feel that this show is planning the ultimate shift in expectations by it turning out that king adrias was never lying and that someone else is the villan
Bludog Gaming
Bludog Gaming Ай мурун
I'm not sure guys he might be a fake out let's not forget this is Disney were talking about the master of trolling we all expected Eclipsa and Globgore to be big Baddies so you must be ready in case Disney is tricking us again
PuppycakeBear Ай мурун
i think hop pops the bad guy because he hid the box or not beca u no wat im to lzy to finish
Jurassic Lion
Jurassic Lion Ай мурун
What makes me suspicious of King Andrias most is the casting of Keith David. He’s almost a shakespearian actor - very good in plenty of roles. The most notable Id day being Goliath in Gargoyles. You dont cast a great actor like Keith David for nothing.
Beginners! Ай мурун
Noice analysis
flauntyknave 006
flauntyknave 006 Ай мурун
A leviathan is a sea monster in Christianity it is a symbol for the devil
magagne gueye
magagne gueye Ай мурун
I feel sapichis about King moregres
AGO-Studios Ай мурун
The King gives me BIG asgore vibes you cant deny this. i do feel like he might be hiding something, but i just cant seem to feel like any of these quirky things are him trying to hide some villinous side. i honestly think he's just a jovial guy who likes puzzles and challenges
tijera1234 Ай мурун
is the frog gal that welcomes to the city, not the king. the previous episode he was unaware of a secret passage in his library
Quantum Proton
Quantum Proton Ай мурун
I suspect there's a prophecy thing, the three humans are here in order to defeat an ultimate evil or something. The king and Hop Pop may know some stuff, but hardly any real details.
WolfSavior the first
WolfSavior the first Ай мурун
maybe the gems of the calamity box represent intellect, kindness, and strength and where anne and the frog most represent kindness, marcy and newt most represent intellect, sasha and toads most represent strength that my theory
07mineking :MINECRAFT
07mineking :MINECRAFT Ай мурун
If king Andrias is the villain then those chess pieces were life size
{PFG} Professor Frankly Gaming
{PFG} Professor Frankly Gaming Ай мурун
He not sooo super evil to me Dosent me he good
Caleb Prescott
Caleb Prescott Ай мурун
I feel like bill is going to appear in amphibia
ziad lftisi
ziad lftisi Ай мурун
Could it be possible the box gave each one of them a different power like for sasha she can control other and marcy can be brave focused and anne going powerful and imtimdiading
Leon Shadowblood
Leon Shadowblood Ай мурун
I would say Andreas is going to be betrayed by Olivia since it kinda happens a lot in some leaderships
LennytheKitty Ай мурун
Quick Question did anyone else notice that Anne blue eyes first revealed was in episode 1 or was it just me?
Trigger BladeX
Trigger BladeX Ай мурун
Andreas's attitude towards things threw me off. If it was an act, I don't think Olivia would have reacted like this was a normal thing he did.
Milf Hunter kakyoin
Milf Hunter kakyoin Ай мурун
Im calling it sasha has conqueror haki
DeathLava2138 Ай мурун
I actually really want the writers to make him an actual good guy, not an antagonist
SpiritusC Ай мурун
I kinda want the writers to put the main villain as a character that has been lurking in the shadows. Because it's something that the Marcy and the others accidently brought back to this world when they opened the box.
Bryne Loteria
Bryne Loteria Ай мурун
I read people I feel like King Andrias is the antagonist and he will turn good just a thought
The Winter Wolf Boi
The Winter Wolf Boi Ай мурун
What if the season finale is that the past people Anne befriended teamed up and took down the real villain Lady Olivia because I’m seeing a Vader/palpatine relationship Andreas being the strong Vader type,and Lady Olivia is the palpatine type.
Mr. Multiverse
Mr. Multiverse Ай мурун
Olivia is gonna pull a Bellwether
Zephyrus_anim8 Ай мурун
The entire mall episode was a red herring, did anyone else think it was really weird that the king gave them a Credit Card of all things?! And from the same dude, who is asking about a box that sent 3 girls into a world of amphibians no less. If I had to guess, I'd think the box (maybe there were 2 at first) was originally used by the newts to teleport items from one world to another, hence why there are human artifacts in Amphibia near the newt region. The newts are inherently a species that are based upon academia, so they must have researched earth a few times in order to learn about things like malls and credit cards, something that is not seen anywhere else. It probably got to the point where the access to all this knowledge made the newts, or something else far too powerful (This is where the explanation of the mech frogs come in) and the box was permanently sealed away on earth. It would make sense if the king were trying to reclaim the box for the sake of knowledge and/or to strengthen his kingdom. Perhaps to fight something that was sealed away that was a direct cause of the box being sealed away in the first place.
Evan Raynolds
Evan Raynolds Ай мурун
honestly, i dont want andrias to be a bad guy. i like him.
Skeleborg Mcalcium
Skeleborg Mcalcium Ай мурун
i like him but im sceptical about if he'll be/stay a good guy or if it's like you say.
Drakromdemon Ай мурун
I think the king is another piece in the board, rember which is the most powerfull piece, never the king
Random Guy
Random Guy Ай мурун
Plot twist the people who open the chest are the bad guy or the bad guy is the main character
MatchMaker Amethyst
MatchMaker Amethyst Ай мурун
King Andrias is like the Big Daddy of Amphibia; literally.
TopSkul Ай мурун
just gonna say now, I don't think he's really a villain because... 1. He's acting like a really nice dude, and we don't know for sure if that's a charade 2. He apparently doesn't follow castle edicate 3. Anyone Marcy trusts, I trust
paidNfull 11
paidNfull 11 Ай мурун
Thought he was gonna talk about Mabel newt.
Clayton Davis
Clayton Davis Ай мурун
You know what would be funny? If the king really was a good guy and this was to fake us all out
ashley kent cuenca
ashley kent cuenca Ай мурун
I just notice marcy had green eyes and anne had blue eyes dont you think its a coinsidence maybe and with the calamity box color gems turned grey dont you think anne and marcy and sasha absorb the calamity box gems powers?
seardax Ай мурун
did anyone else catch the game of thrones ref with her saying she overhauled the sewers just like teryon did
Jonathan Casiano Jr
Jonathan Casiano Jr Ай мурун
Three chosen ones where they have to kill the monster
Jonathan Casiano Jr
Jonathan Casiano Jr Ай мурун
Well I think about shasha probably grime took some of her power so that no one could recognize her as one of the
Jonathan Casiano Jr
Jonathan Casiano Jr Ай мурун
You are right
Jaime Martinez
Jaime Martinez Ай мурун
What if king Andrias is both good and evil meaning he have multiple personalities akin to Gemini saga from saint seiya? Probably not but everyone says the king is a villain but he can still be good
Wacky Times
Wacky Times Ай мурун
The Virgin Emperor Belos: -Is very clearly evil -Is cruel to his minions -Eats palismans yum yum -Just watches The chad King Andrias -Big lad -Is highly manipulative -Is highly enjoyable already -The voice (k this is actually a point for both) -His plan is unknown
Jovan Pajic
Jovan Pajic Ай мурун
Hmm idk i like belos
Mix and Match
Mix and Match Ай мурун
I do t think he’s evil. Hiding something yes, but not evil.
Dariush Asadi
Dariush Asadi Ай мурун
Looking forward to see who's going to be the BILL CIPHER of the show!
MoonGaming Ай мурун
I knew king andrias would play a LARGE role in amphibia..
Luke769 Animations
Luke769 Animations Ай мурун
Is it just me or does Andreas kinda look like Ice King?
Cody Gold
Cody Gold Ай мурун
So I have a feeling ann is going to split from the planter family, and here is why. first I like seeing Olivia is the true villain good move, for this is how Marcy gets the music box we seen in the intro she is holding it, while ann and sasha fight, I think marcy will go on a secret mission to find it, when she returns with the box in hand, explaining the box was buried in the yard, ann will go against hop pop for lying and the other planters for betraying her breaking off her found family friendship with them.
Bored Sugar Glider
Bored Sugar Glider Ай мурун
I feel like hop pop knows to some extent because he buried the box. What if it was for their safety?
ashe bennett
ashe bennett Ай мурун
It’s a shame he might be a villain, I like his character. So far.
Nash Canuto
Nash Canuto Ай мурун
I thing King Andreas is always bin friendly, proof lady Olivia asked him "for once you should follow proper edicates"
lord exohunter
lord exohunter Ай мурун
King Andrias seems like asgore from undertale, both were built up as a big threat but then shown to be just really chill.
MiAmorDeSiempre Ай мурун
Idc ima simp for Andrias he gives off asgore and reinhardt vibes😤🥺
Anonomius0 Ай мурун
of course the ruler of a so called utopia is the antagonist.
Bread jr.
Bread jr. Ай мурун
Doesnt that piece look like sasha(the one on the right)? 1:09
vodi minecraft
vodi minecraft Ай мурун
Theary:this hole thing is a game by a king
Kurt Flor
Kurt Flor Ай мурун
was that goku hair
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon Ай мурун
If Grime, Sasha, and their comrades will say "BRING IT ON!!!" on their "invasion", they will surely lose.
Exam Mole
Exam Mole Ай мурун
Lady Olivia is obviously the villain imo. If not then she’s equal or slightly lower to Andries.
Grandma G
Grandma G Ай мурун
Who else saw when sprig got a haircut there was a goku haircut
Green Gazer
Green Gazer Ай мурун
Who is the real bad guy ? also you guys are almost to 1m
steelhound duncan
steelhound duncan Ай мурун
This is somewhat of an act. I mean giving them the royal credit card and setting them up in a posh hotel will make it harder for them to question Andrias's motives. I'm curious how Marcy end up with the box like in the intro.
Reinhart Jeep
Reinhart Jeep Ай мурун
michaeloptv Ай мурун
I feel as if King Andreas WILL help the girls get back home. As everyone is stating...I feel like lady Olivia is the one playing the bigger sabotage.
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