Odalia Blight Replaces Lilith as Leader of the Emperor's Coven?! The Owl House Season 2 Theory!

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The Roundtable

10 күн мурун

Is it possible that the mother of Amity Blight will replace Lilith's title as leader of the Emperor's Coven in season 2 of The Owl House?
Now that the Clawthorne sisters have begun to reconcile at the end of Young Blood, Old Souls, Lilith is no longer the leader of Emperor's Coven, leaving a slot open for Emperor Belos to choose a replacement. Considering we still know little about the affairs of the coven system and its high ranking members, but it makes sense that Amity's parents, Odalia Blight and Alador Blight, would be around with their level of influence - considering Amity was benched from an injury in Wing it Like Witches that kept her uninvolved in Agony of a Witch, is it possible the show was delaying an Amity appearance at the castle, because her mom is already in the Emperor's Coven? Could Odalia be the one who replaces Lilith as the leader?! Let's talk about that!
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The Roundtable
The Roundtable 9 күн мурун
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Anthony champagne
Anthony champagne 8 күн мурун
Guys it's has been to long let's get these guys to 1m
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez 8 күн мурун
@ndavid248 gaming I'm autistic too.
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez 8 күн мурун
@Na Belos is not human. Luz can't naturally do magic.
UNDERTALE FAN26433671064
UNDERTALE FAN26433671064 8 күн мурун
I didn't think Amity's mom would be that controlling
Na 9 күн мурун
Luz’s dad is emperor belos
Will The brony
Will The brony 22 саат мурун
I feel like Odalia being in the oracle track was a hint that she is the owl spy person
cartoon fun
cartoon fun Күн мурун
do you know that Disney toy watching your videos right now just saying Disney is watching your videos and probably taking that idea
Shoto Toderoki
Shoto Toderoki 2 күн мурун
Do you think luz will be able to go back to school?
Aiden Montano
Aiden Montano 4 күн мурун
Did this happen to anyone else all the episodes of owl house on DisneyNOW are not there
David Mcloughlin
David Mcloughlin 5 күн мурун
These two monsters have a lot to answer for 😡
CX galaxy
CX galaxy 5 күн мурун
The potion coven person legit looks like shadow weaver, and if I remember correctly shadow weaver does all sorts of dark potions, coincidence?
𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖆 𝖙𝖎𝖒𝖊
𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖆 𝖙𝖎𝖒𝖊 4 күн мурун
Noelle's wife works on the owl house so idk
Crizelyn Vega
Crizelyn Vega 5 күн мурун
Oh boi I can't wait for season 2
Gelata Heart
Gelata Heart 5 күн мурун
Now I need to see a “Mother knows Best” animatic/animation featuring Amity and her mom. Including the Reprise.
Steven univese
Steven univese 5 күн мурун
We were all waiting for dis :))))
。》Lonely Sky《 。
。》Lonely Sky《 。 6 күн мурун
That mom don’t know best
Yevgeny Allen Kristoffe Alverio
Yevgeny Allen Kristoffe Alverio 6 күн мурун
odalia maybe amity's mother that gave birth to her,but lilith is her caring mommy.
Itz giovannia
Itz giovannia 6 күн мурун
Ngl alador looks like satan from those rick and morty episodes
NightMare Dark Angel
NightMare Dark Angel 6 күн мурун
Imagine a 3 way fight with Eda, Lilith and Amity mom.. Eda and Lilith are on the same side tho. But Eda's portal can't be the only way to go to earth and how come Eda seemingly the only one with a portable, why do i say this because in episode one Eda told Luz every myth you human have is from some of our world leaking into yours.
kaveri traylor
kaveri traylor 7 күн мурун
I'm not afraid,let see what odalia has packing 🧹😎😎😎😎😎
Wave Sparks
Wave Sparks 7 күн мурун
I feel like this theory could be true cause they would not put amity parents in a flash back while everyone else was blacked out so they hold some what if importance
Grey Albert
Grey Albert 7 күн мурун
Okay.....so when will you stop treating the owl house like a 70d chess game
blinded journeyman
blinded journeyman 6 күн мурун
Lol. Ya know the channel ur talking about right? When dont they try to figure out shows before they aired? Also um... Chekhov gun dude. Don't display an object and have it as a set piece without reason. The petrification device/beam/ray has been hinted at being used in future even if our main cast avoided it mostly unscathed. The writing is decent so it wouldnt surpise me.same goes for the healing hat and those other artifacts. At very least, its a possible glimpse into future potentials.
Red reaper
Red reaper 7 күн мурун
i think it could be cool that we can see wild witches who use same kind of magic as luz, and they escaped the rule of belos. Also maybe bounty hunters
•AnimalCurse• 7 күн мурун
Jose the beast
Jose the beast 7 күн мурун
I’d like to see the blight siblings health standard for amity
NOT Starscream
NOT Starscream 7 күн мурун
as a fellow theorist myself I fell like the people that are writing to Luz's mom are Mr and Mrs Blight hear let me explain Eda the owl lady has a portal to the human realm and would it be too crazy if there were more of them everything comes from something as said by Eda herself and maybe there is more where it came from. And where did Eda get hers. In the episode "young blood old souls" we see a flashback of Lilith cursing Eda and on Eda's door there is a star like symbol and this isn't the only time we see it after investigating for about 30 minutes I see that the star like symbol we see on Eda's door ties in with the one the only Blight family could it be that the Clawthorne sisters were sleeping at blight manor and I know it sounds like a stretch but hear me out. In the episode "wing it like witches" Eda is going threw her old Grudgeby pictures but in the bottom right corner there is a picture of Eda and an unknown Witch and after staring at the same shot for 40 minutes I gave up and decided to just look it up and after researching I am pretty sure this is Mrs. Blight and all tho I like that they could possibly be Azura I just think it's a bit of a stretch but other then that maybe since they were friends she invited them to a sleepover and when they were there Eda found this cool key and took it because she is still Eda after all friend or not and that would also explain why mr and mrs blight could be seen in the crowd watching Eda and Lilith in "young blood old souls" but why would they want to keep Luz in the Demon realm well after investigating they either want her for something or they want to use her. Threw season 1 it hints that Amity's parents see Amity as the runt of the family being the weakest and most vulnerable out of there three children and in "young blood old souls" Luz takes down pretty much all of the guards in the cunformatoriom like a Bada*s and even went against the emperor without being that badly injured probably just scrapes and cuts but why was she so strong because of her anger and determination to save Eda just imagine if she was trained by mr and mrs Blight to use her anger properly she could be strong enough to kill Belose if she wanted to which is probably what they want her for what if they knew she was capable of this before she entered the Demon realm in the first place what if they were spying on her for years and on that fatal summer they planed to kidnap her but Eda beat them there first but they have a new plan a plan to get rid of Amity and replace her with Luz a plan to make Luz THE ULTIMATE BLIGHT
Jet Son
Jet Son 7 күн мурун
why’d you make her look so good in the thumbnail tho 👁‍🗨👁‍🗨
m o x h a m e l on
m o x h a m e l on 8 күн мурун
✨💞Can you do an episode for Craig of the creek later,but 𝗶 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝘄𝗮𝘆 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗰𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘃𝗼𝗶𝗰𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝘃𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼𝘀,𝗸𝗲𝗲𝗽 𝗶𝘁 𝘂𝗽💞✨
egrol kimera
egrol kimera 8 күн мурун
odalia: odiala XD this one translate to hate her XD maybe or maybe we will not hate her
Painfulldarksoul 8 күн мурун
Odalias role will be mother in law.
Jerry Serrato
Jerry Serrato 8 күн мурун
oh no this is not okie dokie
cratch 8 күн мурун
I bet yall 800 bucks this gon happen: Empor below goes to overworld to destroy it, Luz and the other come then they have a epic battle and belos reveals he is actually luzs dad!😱😱😱 And then camille comes and she says lUz whAt arE yOu doIng. Then luz defeats belos then she has to leave the witch world and gives aminty a goodbye kiss. The end
JACKOLOUPE 8 күн мурун
I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled a Gravity Falls ending and have an all out war against Belos and then someone close to Luz dies, maybe Eda?
Greta Butler
Greta Butler 8 күн мурун
Could you talk about the new Lego Monkey Kid? Apparently the pilot is out on youtube but I don't know if it's legit or plagarized. I also didn't see any announcements for it anywhere
paidNfull 11
paidNfull 11 8 күн мурун
Hey awestruck I’m 12 and watch owl house and on reddit there is a post that says Dana gave us permission for the project of making fan made episodes for people having trouble with hiatus owl house.we have voice actors including me as a main character Gus. We have artist writers and idea makers we figure this stuff out in a discord called the animation coven and our KGpost. We are in the making of the first episode called sleep over with me gus willow amity and luz. But amity is having trouble. It is estimated to come out 2 months. And my character design is that Gus is wearing a demon onesie. Make sure to sub and join the discord for an act. See u later as the voice of Gus
Bojack1135 8 күн мурун
i'm guessing she was pardoned as belos may think her useful in case things go wrong rebuilding the portal.
Impish Grin
Impish Grin 8 күн мурун
Sorta unrelated but what if the new character was one of Eda’s boyfriends, like what if he wanted to join the Emperors coven with her but you know what she has against them. So they had a dispute resulting in them breaking up, he leaves with heavy heart but vows that she will join the coven.
Sammy Garing
Sammy Garing 8 күн мурун
Please do a theory of Code lyoko.
Katherine N.
Katherine N. 8 күн мурун
Amity gives me Pacifica Northwest (Gravity Falls) and Diamond Tiara (My Little Pony) vibes. Characters that start off as bullies because of their rich parents telling them how to live, and their parents don't care about their child's dreams, goals, and choices.
LummieWolf Gameing
LummieWolf Gameing 8 күн мурун
I want to drop kick Amity’s mother’s spine into oblivion
Skittlezz __
Skittlezz __ 8 күн мурун
I Really wanna see an episode where Luz tries to go back in time and prevent Eda’a curse, I would want to see how her and young Eda get along
Houlden Melville
Houlden Melville 8 күн мурун
I just hope they're not going to make this show another gloom and doom cartoon like what they did with Star vs the forces of evil or many of the Netflix shows out now. Or in other words, make it Avatar.
SK TCG 8 күн мурун
Hi 👋
FILIPE CANTO 8 күн мурун
Wow you got right some tings
nobody 8 күн мурун
Now I want someone to do an impression of her and sing mother knows best
Nick Hopson
Nick Hopson 8 күн мурун
When Luz was able to crack belos mask something told me that there is a connection between the two
Nick Hopson
Nick Hopson 5 күн мурун
@Laini Shields I think that like belos is like somehow connected to Luz but not like her father
Laini Shields
Laini Shields 5 күн мурун
What do you mean?
hyper studios
hyper studios 8 күн мурун
thats a point
Aidan Thomey
Aidan Thomey 8 күн мурун
so am I stupid, or did anybody else notice the groaning sound belos made when luz chipped his mask? HE FOR REAL SOUNDED LIKE A ZOMBIE!!!
Akiran Drake
Akiran Drake 9 күн мурун
I'm going to point out the trash slugs from the early episodes. How do they get between worlds? And if they're able to get between worlds then doesn't that mean there is another way to get back to Earth?
Earendilgrey 9 күн мурун
My first thought when we saw Belos send the spy off at the end that it was one of Amity's parents.
Eerie_Raider 9 күн мурун
I know this isn’t Steven universe but wouldn’t Steven’s kids have gems, I mean he is a diamond, and if he can make gems with a tear, imagine what his special sauce could do
Keiko E
Keiko E 8 күн мурун
Oh.... OH NO
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person
The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person 9 күн мурун
I'm going to keep pasting this theory in your videos until you make one about it: Belos is a Clawthorne. Please hear me out. 1. In the AMA, when asked if we'll ever see Lilith's "raven" house, Danna responded with "birds are a clawthorne thing." I think that was really interesting wording. Belos is clearly shown to have some kind of attachment to birds. His symbol, his mask, even the portal reconstruction. There are birds everywhere. 2. His mask. Creators wouldn't put characters in mask unless their appearance gives something about them away. If he took off his mask, I think we'd see he has resemblance to Eda and Lilith. 3. The timeline. If Belos came to power when he was around 30, and created covens 50 years ago, that makes him around 80. That could be old enough to either be Eda's father, or, grandfather, which might make more sense considering she's mentioned her parents before and doesn't recognize Belos as her father. 4. His power. He was said to be the most powerful witch ever. Wouldn't it make sense if he was related to the second and third most powerful witches we've seen? 5. If Belos really is Eda and Lilith's grandfather, him being so old would be an explanation for how weak he is. He's shown to be powerful, but he clearly relies on technology and other sources (like the palisman, the giant heart, ect.) for his power. I think he's weak because simply of how old he is, not because he's a human. Another explanation could be that he was cursed. (Maybe when we get more information on Eda's parents we'll find out that his child cursed him!) I'm just saying. 6. This point isn't as cool, but his blue eyes also match Lilith's. 7. In the episode "Agony of a Witch" Lilith says, "Edalyn is finally with her family. Her real family." If Lilith was just referring to herself in this line, why would she say "family"? it makes it sound like there's more than one person. I'm not saying Lilith would know, I'm just saying it could be a subtle hint. 8. There's a picture in the Owl House that's supposedly an "owl demon." However, it could represent Emperor Belos. It's beak looks just like his horns sideways, and if you look at it sideways you can see the shape of his cloak, and that top part of his cloak, and the shape of his figure in general. It also has that eye that seems to be associated with Belos, and feet just like Kikimora. I don't know why Eda would have a picture of the Emperor in her house, unless this is another subtle clue. 9. "Clawthorne" is perfect anagram (letters rearrange) for "the owl can" with an "r" left over. Perhaps "r" combines with "belos" to finish the anagram. I know Danna likes these word codes. 10. The acronym. Each name in this show has some kind of significance. I was trying to figure out what "Belos" meant, and I couldn't find anything. It occurred to me it might be an acronym, much like the first letters of each title from all the episodes in the show. If it is, then Belos would be a perfect acronym for all the Clawthornes we know. What I like about this one is that it's only possible if Belos is a Clawthorne himself. So in other words, you have to know Belos is a Cawthorne to figure it out. Belos Clawthorne Eda Clawthorne Lilith Clawthorne Obelo Clawthorne Salus Clawthorne B elos Clawthorne E da Clawthorne L ilith Clawthorne O belo Clawthorne S alus Clawthorne B.E.L.O.S. 11. I also realized that If his name is "Belos Clawthorne" that would make his initials BC, the same as Bill Cipher. That probably means nothing but it would be a hint that that's his last name if he has the same initials as the villain from the last show Danna worked on. 12. Also in the AMA, when asked what we will see from season 2, Danna responded with "parental conflict" as the first thing she listed. Perhaps she's referring to Eda and Lilith's parents as they would be a crucial part of season 2 if it is revealed that Belos is their grandfather. 13. In the episode "covention", Eda made a comment about her parents. This looks like a throw away line at first, but her parents would have a big part in this if her father is Belos's son. 14. And finally, the strongest piece of evidence I have. The last words in the rune code, when referring to Eda and Lilith, are, "Betrayed By Blood." If Eda and Lilith were both "betrayed by blood," and the Emperor is the one who betrayed them (which he did), then there you go. And obviously there's a big question if this theory is true: Does Belos know? Well, let me entertain both options. What if he knows? That means he most likely made Lilith the head of the coven because he knows she is powerful like him and wants to shape her in his image. And as for Eda, he knows she'll never conform to him and also knows how powerful she is, so he wants to destroy her. He's evil. Now, what if he doesn't know? This is actually really interesting. I have no idea what would have happened to lead to him never knowing his kids had kids, but it could lead to a super cool backstory episode about Eda's and Lilith's parents hiding them from Belos because they don't want them to get hurt. That would be cool. Anyways thanks for listening to my theory!
Jordan Oh
Jordan Oh 9 күн мурун
Me going up to the Blight house: *yeah...I just wanna talk* 👁👄👁🔪
Ustelisabeth 9 күн мурун
hellO there I love your theories and I saw others comment theirs, so I'd like to share my own one-- Do you remember the new character's concept? So, my theory is that Hooty may actually be that character. May sound crazy, but hear me out. At the stream, we had 2 lies, one truth. And one of the sentences was "Hooty leaving the house". What if that is the actual truth? He has ears EVERYWHERE. He's literally the house. I suggest that in his POV, no one respects him in that house, so he actually might leak the information to Lord Belos, giving him a reason to capture Eda and get the portal. Also, knowing about the portal, Luz and her mom, Hooty could actually send those letters. " -Lus- Luz" perfectly fits him lol. And we don't know if he even sleeps, so those bags under his eyes would be explained haha. Btw, if that golden-masked wraith IS a new character, his mask reminds me an owl face, which also leads to Hooty-
Wisteria Angelic
Wisteria Angelic 9 күн мурун
I like how the fandom just collectively agreeded amitys parents were jerks
EverythingDisney 9 күн мурун
I mean... it was showed in the show...
Bonnie _Moondust
Bonnie _Moondust 9 күн мурун
The mom's name is Odalia? Interesting
Bonnie _Moondust
Bonnie _Moondust 9 күн мурун
@EverythingDisney I just never knew her name
EverythingDisney 9 күн мурун
Emma Kimzey
Emma Kimzey 9 күн мурун
Since the photo was a flashback I couldnt really tell, sorry.. But it look like Amity's father is in the Abomination track and Odalia being either in the Abomination or the Oracle track. Maybe since Amity was the "perfect" child, her mother wanted Amity to do what she wanted... Possible theory?
Michael Andrei Palon
Michael Andrei Palon 9 күн мурун
Ah, the winds of change... coming right before the storm.
Punzzy 9 күн мурун
Whennnnnn i need season 2
Darlane Sa
Darlane Sa 9 күн мурун
I dont understand how amitys hair before is brown but now its green
aj erjavec
aj erjavec 9 күн мурун
for this to work they have be in emperor coven and we don't know that hell for all we know blight may rich that not mean they are a noble family or closest thing on the isles
Courtland848 9 күн мурун
Serious question, when the heck did we learn Amity's parents names? Ehen'd i miss that?
BirdIna Hoodie
BirdIna Hoodie 5 күн мурун
During one of Dana’s live streams
Monya 9 күн мурун
When will season 2 come cuzThis mama is ready for trauma.
Ultra Knightfall
Ultra Knightfall 9 күн мурун
Odalia is darker than we think alador on the other hand is a lot more nicer but is being used by odalia maybe from a spell or something worse even their marriage would be a lie alador must have been force to marry odalia because of some blackmail or threat
Lüna Møth Animations
Lüna Møth Animations 9 күн мурун
I was thinking of kikimora but yeah odalia could be the next emperor coven leader :D
Trailers and clips Stuff
Trailers and clips Stuff 9 күн мурун
Wow i just thought what if belos right hand man w yellow mask is the dad of amity and he the new character dana drew
michael saunders
michael saunders 9 күн мурун
I would love if the clawthrone sisters faught in an epic magic duel like lilith and eda had in season 1 with the clawthrone sisters vs the blight parents or lilith vs odalia if this theory is true in season 2 that would be epic and amazing
Kai Craft
Kai Craft 9 күн мурун
It’s just a theory
Kai Craft
Kai Craft 9 күн мурун
But what about the key if the portal has the work you need the key what is Emperor Belo is trying to find it
jáchym pantoflíček
jáchym pantoflíček 9 күн мурун
If amity wasn't on the branch she'd be useless. She'd stare at luz too mutch
jáchym pantoflíček
jáchym pantoflíček 8 күн мурун
@lemarcash press f for doubt
lemarcash 9 күн мурун
Crimson Black
Crimson Black 9 күн мурун
I was hoping her dad was in the abomination coven and maybe that is one of the reasons she's so harsh amity because she takes after her dad more
Brooke Houser
Brooke Houser 9 күн мурун
I've been waiting forever for this
AMV Ninja
AMV Ninja 9 күн мурун
Heys guys i dont have access to hbo max so can you at least tell me about distant lands and how far its gone
Zero 9 күн мурун
For now just the BMO episode is out. To my knowledge.
V_Rosie Galaxy
V_Rosie Galaxy 9 күн мурун
veronica Serna
veronica Serna 9 күн мурун
I think Amity is Eda daughter
Delan The monado yakuza
Delan The monado yakuza 9 күн мурун
I’m hoping they’ll do videos on Kipo season 3!
orran animates
orran animates 9 күн мурун
Lmao, that thumbnail is so g e y
BrontoSmilodon1 9 күн мурун
maybe Amity will be petrified
Adaku Darlington
Adaku Darlington 9 күн мурун
talk about the Ben 10 movie
Cyan second acc
Cyan second acc 9 күн мурун
She got that adora hair ✋😭
Alex Lo Giudice
Alex Lo Giudice 9 күн мурун
Hey Roundtable you gonna do a video on the End of an Era SU book at some point?
Lea Cruz
Lea Cruz 9 күн мурун
Istg if lilith gets pretified im gonna cry.. I know she done things thats bad but we don't really know much about how she feels.. Plus in season 2 they will have a sister bound.. I'm gonna cry bruhh
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING 9 күн мурун
Show with mysteries: **exists** Theorists: *I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK!*
Mike Jenkins
Mike Jenkins 9 күн мурун
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah true
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe 9 күн мурун
**grabs all the note books and pens and runs out of the store**
Braver Valkyrie
Braver Valkyrie 9 күн мурун
Yes chant kipo
Sweet Geek
Sweet Geek 9 күн мурун
Where can I watch this?
Sweet Geek
Sweet Geek 8 күн мурун
@Zero well it's cool it contains a lot of movies an I just saw it does have show
Sweet Geek
Sweet Geek 8 күн мурун
@Zero oh crap dang :/
Zero 8 күн мурун
@Sweet Geek And yes the owl house is on there. I use moviebox or zintevi myself but that's only when i absolutely can not watch it legally. And since I don't have Netflix hulu or Disney plus anymore that limits my intake on legal platforms. If i have access to something legally I'll use that first. Zintevi is technically ilegal and not at the same time since it's in beta to be put on the apple app store. They wouldn't have approved it if it wasn't legal.
Zero 8 күн мурун
@Sweet Geek I just googled it and i have it downloaded now it got originally shut down last year because of some legal issues and since it is an apk that makes some sense but I'm pretty sure unlike the other apk out there this one is legit or more legal than the others.
Sweet Geek
Sweet Geek 8 күн мурун
@Zero but then again I'm not sure it has that show or any shows
Kelli cruz cruz
Kelli cruz cruz 9 күн мурун
Here's why I think amitys parents diyed her hair what happen if the father died or divorced her maybe her mom wants to forget him
bragemaster 9 күн мурун
your mother has a job and is a respected member of the community thats lilith
Maricela Enriquez
Maricela Enriquez 9 күн мурун
0:03 everybody's scared of there mom's lol
Kent Kiefer
Kent Kiefer 9 күн мурун
I wonder if amity's parents know about Amity becoming grom queen and if they do I wonder what their reaction was and how they feel about her winning grom queen (I know this doesn't relate to the video much but I've been questioning this for awhile)
Rem Bowers
Rem Bowers 9 күн мурун
How do you know their names?
sorastitchi 9 күн мурун
makes you wonder about kikimora then...
Harley •
Harley • 9 күн мурун
What if the half face character is just alador blight, and odalia makes him bleach his hair.
White 6 күн мурун
Dana said that it wasn't Alador in the charity stream
Jackson Fox T’chakka
Jackson Fox T’chakka 9 күн мурун
I think Amity’s Parents might be the main Antagonist in season 2 because since Lilith is not the leader of the Emperor’s Coven anymore for betraying the Emperor for Eda, looks like Emperor Belos is going to have to find a new Leader for the Emperor’s Coven to replace Lilith. I think Odalia Blight might be the replacement for Lilith as the Leader of the Emperor’s Coven & might associate with Emperor Belos to help him with his disastrous plan with the Day of Unity and If Amity’s parents finds out that Amity is friends with Willow,Luz & Gus then they will expel them from Hexside or Worse
Rafael Giovanni Batista Duran
Rafael Giovanni Batista Duran 8 күн мурун
I don't think it possible that Amity's mother (Odalia) will become the new leader of the Emperor's Coven
The Introvert OddBall
The Introvert OddBall 9 күн мурун
Guys do a hilda season 2 opening breakdown
Neera Louisa Chandra
Neera Louisa Chandra 9 күн мурун
i reallyy want to know when is it going to be released.
Lars and the Off Colors
Lars and the Off Colors 9 күн мурун
Dana mentioned in the Reddit AMA that Parental Conflict is one of the expected plot lines for season 2, so it makes sense for Odalia becoming the new leader of the Emperor’s Coven. Also the parental conflict could also involve Luz’s mother Camilla since Emperor Belos and the Emperor’s Coven are trying to rebuild the portal to the human world so there’s a possibility of Camilla ending up in the Demon Realm and Luz having to explain everything to Camilla.
Rafael Giovanni Batista Duran
Rafael Giovanni Batista Duran 8 күн мурун
I dont think im very sure if Belos managed to open the portal, find Luz's mother and kidnap her to attract Luz and his friends.
Noah Dean
Noah Dean 9 күн мурун
She's going to be a strict and order any misbehavior will result in terrible punishment enemy she's basically that one boarding teacher who swams her ruler on the table and smash people across the head I have a feeling that her own daughter and her friends are going to rebel against her.
Julian Nonoguchi
Julian Nonoguchi 9 күн мурун
My favorite character from the owl house is Hooty. Hoot, hoot.
ten Mark
ten Mark 9 күн мурун
With what we think we know about the Blight parents, it's hard to see how the twins came out the way they are.
Rosebud 9 күн мурун
Imagine if Amity was kidnapped as a baby and the Blights took her...
Rosebud 9 күн мурун
@flying nunchucks o
flying nunchucks
flying nunchucks 9 күн мурун
Highly unlikely, Amity's a carbon copy of Odalia (in physical form at least)
KEVIN . EDIT 9 күн мурун
Hmmmm Amity’s mom **Claps my lips** Hey “MRS. BLIGHT” !!! **Getting my gun** IT’S YOUR TURN >:)
Renz adventure time fun
Renz adventure time fun 7 күн мурун
Archie Sonic Over Heaven
Archie Sonic Over Heaven 9 күн мурун
Why the heck is ths not a 1,000,000 sub channel! ITS SO GUUUD!!! >:C
Kaririguzo 0ra
Kaririguzo 0ra 9 күн мурун
As I think Alador might be the nicer parent. I also feel like he will be as bad as odalia. I see Al having blinded morals from having a high status, and being a enabler of Odalia, or even was an influencer of her morals. But wheb he meets Luz, he will see how good she is and maybe in great confliction between Odes morals, and his own.
Death Fury
Death Fury 9 күн мурун
Y’all are almost at that 1 million sub mark! I’ve been watching since the beginning!
Abigail Nunez
Abigail Nunez 9 күн мурун
Just saying this, but what if Beloses’ (sorry if I spelled it wrong) right hand man was Alador? He has a resemblance to the sketch that Dana made
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