The Lumity Timeline Explained! The Owl House Season 1 Luz Noceda & Amity Blight Character Study

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The Roundtable

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Lumity is a pairing that has taken the internet by storm throughout season 1 of The Owl House! Luz Noceda and Amity Blight lead interesting lives on their own, but together they've brought a new spin to the good ol' enemies to lovers trope! For those who need a refresher during the hiatus or just searching for everything to be explained, preparing for season 2, this is a complete season 1 Lumity timeline! Covering the major Amity and Luz moments from I Was a Teenage Abomination to Lost in Language, Understanding Willow, the iconic Enchanting Grom Fright and Wing it Like Witches! And while you're reading this, shoutout to Edric and Emira Blight for becoming fan favorites as well.
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Weeping Shrimp
Weeping Shrimp Күн мурун
Nobody: Literally nobody: Not a single soul: Luz at the start of the video: HELLO EVERYONE
Mr. Gaster
Mr. Gaster 2 күн мурун
Because the Azura books have been Luz’s guide, especially with her relationship with Amity, I think an Azura book should see Azura and Hecate have implied romantic feelings at the start of a lumity focused episode
Johnnie Ellis
Johnnie Ellis 5 күн мурун
nah i'm straight
Lost Lemon
Lost Lemon 5 күн мурун
Wait conspiracy theory! The slither beast hates people who's names have an e in them! Maybe people who have an e in their name taste better? I dunno
luz noceda
luz noceda 6 күн мурун
From wanting to kill me to in love with me
Raisa Saleh25
Raisa Saleh25 6 күн мурун
I cant wait for seson 2
Shadow Vulpria
Shadow Vulpria 7 күн мурун
"Anyone with a name starting with 'e' in the vasinaty" that killed me.
abrady0 7 күн мурун
11:22 OH WoW sPOrTS
Sunshine Solace
Sunshine Solace 7 күн мурун
I've said it three times before but I'll say it again: Diakko walked so Lumity could run.
EmberTheatre 8 күн мурун
One taught me love: Lumity One taught me patience: Catradora, Bubbline And oNE TAUGHT ME PAIN: Klance
simpingforamity 8 күн мурун
wait no actually talking about amity's insecurities makes me sad
Animal lover 518
Animal lover 518 11 күн мурун
I’m just happy I’m not the only one that is only here for the gay agenda
i kill children
i kill children 12 күн мурун
70% of the shows on Cartoon network are gay and tbh im not complaining
HeadHunter 549
HeadHunter 549 13 күн мурун
I think you did miss something important about the bad first impression Amity got of Luz, and that is that by disguising herself as a abomination Luz was helping Willow cheat, which might of been part of the reason Amity was so upset since latter on we see Amity have a rather negative reaction to cheating.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 13 күн мурун
I hate that kids are going to be exposed to gay people 🤢
Anaiyah Ramjattan
Anaiyah Ramjattan 14 күн мурун
Amazing show, I can't image what to do or watch when the entire series has finished.
Asahi朝日武 Dragoniteカイリュー
Asahi朝日武 Dragoniteカイリュー 10 күн мурун
@Anaiyah Ramjattan :0
Anaiyah Ramjattan
Anaiyah Ramjattan 10 күн мурун
@Asahi朝日武 Dragoniteカイリュー already have.
Asahi朝日武 Dragoniteカイリュー
Asahi朝日武 Dragoniteカイリュー 10 күн мурун
Watch gravity falls
PLG 15 күн мурун
Who is ready for season 2 episode 1 of The Owl House on January 10, 2021. I will give you a shout out on KGpost.
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien 15 күн мурун
Riley Fisher
Riley Fisher 16 күн мурун
They get together
Jose the beast
Jose the beast 13 күн мурун
They better
To be determined
To be determined 16 күн мурун
Why is terrible tom covering this? His awful monotone voice is better suited for the shows no one cares about. Like tom! (I hate you tom)
Weeb of Legends
Weeb of Legends 17 күн мурун
As a fan of Miraculous, imo they better not make it a "will they/won't they" because I have suffered enough.
To be determined
To be determined 20 күн мурун
*heavy eye roll* oh look, its terrible tom
William Fleming
William Fleming 20 күн мурун
I personally didn't like the gay part at first but the way they portray it in such a way I kinda really like it this is a awesome cartoon and I hope to wach it to THE VERY END
YnwJuice_ 21 күн мурун
Lovers? How old is deez kids???
MOF 137925
MOF 137925 16 күн мурун
Jose Enrique campos
Jose Enrique campos 21 күн мурун
ocean eyes
Nameoof Oof
Nameoof Oof 23 күн мурун
so theres fanfic
the unmarkable
the unmarkable 24 күн мурун
Just imagine if at the very end it was all just a dream....
I like to draw
I like to draw 25 күн мурун
Let Lumity become a thing
B. Team Expansion
B. Team Expansion 25 күн мурун
We got isekai cartoons now, this is amazing
Ebay 25 күн мурун
*i just hope to god that the fandom doesn’t treat lumity like Starco*
Amity Simp
Amity Simp 17 күн мурун
Ik starco was really rushed
The Kids
The Kids 25 күн мурун
I think they won't considering how the creator herself said the romance growing between these 2 won't be the main focus.some episodes about it here and there but never like the main focus.
Danise Semerano
Danise Semerano 27 күн мурун
Do you think luz’s mom was the girl with glasses next to teenage eda Agony of a witch
Danise Semerano
Danise Semerano 27 күн мурун
The girl looked Mexican and has glasses
Beginners! 27 күн мурун
I, for one, am not a fan of romantic relationships in cartoons as it feels rather distracting and misplaced. Despite that and disregarding the "no shipping stuff"-rule this is a solid video.
Zero Glow
Zero Glow 27 күн мурун
Aww 🥰
Billy Sans
Billy Sans 28 күн мурун
Among us meme: everybody gangsta until luz starts acting sus
Kodibop 28 күн мурун
love lumity
- Socks -
- Socks - 28 күн мурун
Please, PLEASE don’t let it be a “will they, won’t they”
JackIsWack YT
JackIsWack YT 28 күн мурун
Amity is such a well written character and Luz is an absolute treat. I adore them both so much
Aaron Ogawa
Aaron Ogawa 29 күн мурун
Luz and amity are just good friends. Only freaks think any different
MOF 137925
MOF 137925 16 күн мурун
@Büg oops, didn't mean to respond to you. I was talking to OP, I must have misclicked. Apologies
Büg 16 күн мурун
@MOF 137925 ..that's what i said?
MOF 137925
MOF 137925 16 күн мурун
Anti-Social Club
Anti-Social Club 26 күн мурун
Omg I think we traveled back to the 60's 😂😂
What Is Life
What Is Life 28 күн мурун
This is just sarcasm, right?
The Punisher
The Punisher 29 күн мурун
Stanley Pines: my brother is a big nerd Eda: yeah my sister's a cop
Mlpanimecutie 29 күн мурун
Amity is a tsundere!!! 😜👏
Maria Caceres
Maria Caceres 29 күн мурун
wait so luz is gay nooooooooooooooooooo
Maria Caceres
Maria Caceres 16 күн мурун
pheww then
MOF 137925
MOF 137925 16 күн мурун
@Maria Caceres Luz is bi, don't worry
Maria Caceres
Maria Caceres 26 күн мурун
i forgot how to spell her name
Anti-Social Club
Anti-Social Club 26 күн мурун
@Maria Caceres *Amity
Anti-Social Club
Anti-Social Club 26 күн мурун
@Maria Caceres she's still a girl y'know....unless she was born with a penis or there is some magical spell that can give them a baby with both of their DNA. 😕
Aran HSM
Aran HSM 29 күн мурун
their relationship feels healthy, it feels like they bring out the best in each other
Sam The man
Sam The man 29 күн мурун
I wish they were still enemies Owl house episodes 1-11: perfect Owl house episode 12-19 LuMiTy Man I miss 1-11 😭😭
Anti-Social Club
Anti-Social Club 26 күн мурун
Well.....good for you, but I like 12-19 😂
Büg 28 күн мурун
Amity wasn't even in episode 18 and 19, wtf are you talking about
Sam Russell
Sam Russell 29 күн мурун
Why this is a good arc
BenEmre 29 күн мурун
Headcanon: Amity bought Good witch Azura series from Eda when they didn't know each other that much or she bought them from someone else like Eda: Selling human stuff. or i missed some info and i started making stuff up lol
BenEmre 29 күн мурун
Amity: "Conjuring night! No dorks allowed!" *a few episodes later, amity is revealed to have a secret hideout in A LIBRARY, she is a nerd and a dork* me: bruh
Erik Olson
Erik Olson 29 күн мурун
Holding out hope that Luz ends up having feelings for Amity, too, and that they become a couple throughout the rest of the series 🙏🤞.
James JN
James JN 29 күн мурун
Damn Tom your an amazing artist 👌🏾🔥 I can’t draw to save my life 😂
The Hardcore Proyect
The Hardcore Proyect 29 күн мурун
I want to see a brief moment on s2 that recalls how Amity treated Luz at the beginning of S1 and how that attitude changed. That would be funny to see. Like seeing another character ask what Motivated Amity to change her rude attitude to Luz
JonZie Artz
JonZie Artz 29 күн мурун
It’s not enemies to lovers id be enemies to lovers if amity was an actual enemy or rival but she was a rival for like two episodes and then amity realized how immature she was and then she grew up and got a crush on luz they weren’t enemies long enough to be enemies to lovers
JonZie Artz
JonZie Artz 28 күн мурун
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe but it isn’t
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe 28 күн мурун
It was set up as the enemies to lover's trope
maame essilfua buckman
maame essilfua buckman 29 күн мурун
they arnt even lovers luz does not know that amity likes her i feel like people like the show because of the crush but the show is more than that but this little crush is what people think about
julzandwacks padul
julzandwacks padul 29 күн мурун
Another gay couple in a kid show like really in CN there's already a gay couple
Sam Russell
Sam Russell 29 күн мурун
And that's really good kids need to know about representation and such
Electric Weapon
Electric Weapon 29 күн мурун
My guest is it luz turn to develop feeling for amity
꧁Moon꧂ 29 күн мурун
I think Amity, Ed, Em, and Eda are related- hear me out~ Amity, Ed, and Em all have the same eye color~Guss and his dad both have the same eye color~there is a pattern here~The Blights all have pretty yellow eyes similar if not the same as Eda’s~ So ya
Reese the golden
Reese the golden 29 күн мурун
amity and those white vans thoe
Ravenmations YT
Ravenmations YT 29 күн мурун
Mortal Yoshi
Mortal Yoshi 29 күн мурун
She gay
I always found it creepy, grown people try to ship two characters together in a kids TV show and the two characters are children people need help
MOF 137925
MOF 137925 16 күн мурун
Teenagers crushing on eachother isn't anything new???
What Is Life
What Is Life 28 күн мурун
Why? They aren’t sexualizing them, they’re just a cute ship
james foster
james foster Ай мурун
1124 and I hope that they do not phone it in and do it rite because this is the first show that really is an lgbq show on it and I like it so far
Kirito Angle
Kirito Angle Ай мурун
I love the gay agenda 🏳️‍🌈
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill Ай мурун
Why was Amity sidelined
Sam Russell
Sam Russell 29 күн мурун
Because she wasn't all that important to the finally of season one but she will probably be back in season 2
Amaya’z :D
Amaya’z :D Ай мурун
but we all have to wait until next year :')
Amaya’z :D
Amaya’z :D Ай мурун
if i was willow and i saw that amity wanted her badge and doing all these dangerous things to get it back i wouldve been like B**** TAKE UR BADGE IT AINT WORTH DYING FOR
shaquille mccray
shaquille mccray Ай мурун
Disney, you better not ruined this.
shaquille mccray
shaquille mccray Ай мурун
As long it doesn't end up like Starco
Abby Tysowski
Abby Tysowski Ай мурун
deni kehi
deni kehi Ай мурун
"- kidnaps everyone in the vicinity with a name that starts with E." that made me laugh xD
Sage Gagnon
Sage Gagnon Ай мурун
Who else noticed that Luz in that twin reval ep she was comfired bisexaul
Zachary Eckard
Zachary Eckard Ай мурун
I love it when to arrivals become lovers a story and honestly I love story is actually the best kind and says this is like Adventure Fancy Love Story this is actually a good combo makes me look forward to season 2
Adler Sanon
Adler Sanon Ай мурун
Tom is my favorite of the three, Nemo and Vox are cool too
Rabid The Weird
Rabid The Weird Ай мурун
Only amity is lesbian, luz said they should go as grom as friends lol
What Is Life
What Is Life 28 күн мурун
Luz is bisexual and amity is gay lol
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill Ай мурун
Luz is bi. Maybe Amity is as well
Miss. Write
Miss. Write Ай мурун
The creators fr said Enemies to Lovers 300k high school au 😔👊
Turbo Brony
Turbo Brony Ай мурун
Really enjoyed how the relationship between Luz and Amity was done so well, all in one Season! Can't wait for more of this in Season 2!
TheGame 7
TheGame 7 Ай мурун
oxXPink LacesXxo
oxXPink LacesXxo Ай мурун
*cop sister go bye bye*
Jakub Mielniczek
Jakub Mielniczek Ай мурун
I think it's amazing how Amity made so much progress in 1 season but it's kinda rushed because what we learned was that Emperor Belos sent order imprisonment of Eda that he's been waiting a month. So what I can see is that Luz is been 1 entire month on the boiling isles with the progress of Amity’s character development which seemed kinda rushed but also had a good pass.
General man
General man Ай мурун
The owl house in real life: There is a Mexican girl who stumbles upon some lsd and is trapped in a coma, in her coma she meets a mentally unstabled woman with her drug abused dog and the woman will teach luz how to become a witch. Luz meets a girls named willow,a girl with autism, then she meets Gus, a member of the west side gang, then she meets amity blight, a girl with an abusive mother and her alcoholic dad, and together they can defeat a mentally insane man
Bobby Burgess
Bobby Burgess Ай мурун
I'll be honest. Starting this up, I didn't think it would be a Tom video
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Ай мурун
its kinda disappointing to me that yet another show has gone down the gay main love interest route, but thats not to say that this one was done poorly
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 28 күн мурун
@What Is Life what i mean is that love stories are over done and uninteresting, they have existed for hundreds of years and will continue to do so. but now that gay relationships are being normalized, it gives an excuse to give a love story. its not that i dislike gays, but i dislike love stories
Sam Russell
Sam Russell 28 күн мурун
@What Is Life no I think he's talking about love storys in general not just gay ones
What Is Life
What Is Life 28 күн мурун
I don’t understand? You act as if every show does this. Just because it’s becoming normalized for there to be gay characters doesn’t mean it’s overused. It’s actually pretty rare for there to be a confirmed lgbtq+ main character, usually it’s side characters
Sam Russell
Sam Russell 29 күн мурун
@Bill Cipher ok sorry carry on
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 29 күн мурун
@Sam Russell its not, just gets tiresome. love stories in general just aren't that interesting for me
Superior customer 2.0
Superior customer 2.0 Ай мурун
Her lip design is gross
What Is Life
What Is Life 28 күн мурун
bloodraven432 Ай мурун
I find it really curious that there is all this magic that can shape and mold the world around them but don’t have a spell/potion to fix Amity’s leg.
Leonardo Pecoraro
Leonardo Pecoraro Ай мурун
I love this show so much! Its sooooooooo good!!! I can't wait for season 2, characters, Lumity, and other goody's!
Kamon K
Kamon K Ай мурун
“We’re just here for the gay agenda” 😂😂😂
Jeremiah Dobes
Jeremiah Dobes Ай мурун
"Who cares about the main plot? We're here for the gay agenda"
This show made me realize how oblivious I am, I’ve had two people crushing and flirting with me for the past 2 years.... I had no idea they were fielding with me and I friendzoned them. Yes, I am a bloody idiot
Mac West
Mac West Ай мурун
I don't want shipping in my children's cartoons damnit. Just give me dragons or some shit
I needed this, this really helps with the hiatus. Thank you.
Gloomcat Ай мурун
Its always nice to hear you analyze things
100 subs with no video's challenge
100 subs with no video's challenge Ай мурун
Wait did he draw on his wall
Mono Norn
Mono Norn Ай мурун
What I think is the end of the series Amity and Luz will hold hand and they both going to the human world to have a vacation By my guess
tara citron
tara citron Ай мурун
It’s to cute “I can't I just can’t” She-ra perfumer toh 2020
Michael Ай мурун
I'm always impressed how people can see stuff like this when it's not completely obvious I cant unless its obvious so good job on the vid
Maleeka Abbas
Maleeka Abbas Ай мурун
I feel kinda sad cause the The Owl House is an amazing show, but the only reason why people are really talking about it is because of the LGBTQ+ representation/relationship aspects. I know fandoms have this whole obsession with shipping, and it’s great to see such diversity in a DISNEY SHOW; but there are so many other incredible things about TOH that are being overshadowed by romance romance ROMANCE! Don’t get me wrong, Lumity is a great ship, but I guess what I’m tryna say is that if we want to normalise this kind of diversity in Animation; we need to stop treating it as something “abnormal” or fandom-freak-out worthy.
Sam Russell
Sam Russell 29 күн мурун
@Felix the cat well it being confirmed as probably going to happen soon did happen fast but Luz still has no idea so it'll take time before they start dating probably
Felix the cat
Felix the cat 29 күн мурун
@Maleeka Abbas ikr honestly lumity in this show happened way too quickly in my opinion, this is something that if it was more properly built up as them starting of as friends and understanding each other better, than it would have had a bit of a bigger impact if in season two it was hinted at that point
the banana beast
the banana beast Ай мурун
my favorite character is that kid amity was reading to with the huge mouth and deep voice
A N A UnU Ай мурун
That' what friends do!
Shmallow Ай мурун
Its feels like zuko's redemption but you can actually ship them.
Belend's Channel
Belend's Channel Ай мурун
man Tom is so cool, I hope we see more of you, Tom!
An Extremly obbise hoovy
An Extremly obbise hoovy Ай мурун
An LGBT couple that isn’t forced down your throat and doesn’t define the entire characters WHAT SORCERY IS THIS
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe 17 күн мурун
@An Extremly obbise hoovy thanks
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe 17 күн мурун
@Sam4gaming well not in The Owl House, Steven Universe or She Ra 2018
Sam4gaming 17 күн мурун
Most lgbt couples are hidden in shows
An Extremly obbise hoovy
An Extremly obbise hoovy 28 күн мурун
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe I see (Btw nice name)
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe
Gravity Vs The Forces Of Universe 28 күн мурун
@An Extremly obbise hoovy arguments
miguel soriano
miguel soriano Ай мурун
Is that gay or lesbian or normal
Ayie Toek
Ayie Toek Ай мурун
Marie Ай мурун
all lumity moments! (season 1)
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