The New Disney TVA Renaissance

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The Roundtable

4 ай мурун

Disney Animation entered a Renaissance decades ago with a successful run of animated films - and now the television realm of things has finally stepped up as well! Here's how Amphibia, The Owl House, DuckTales, Big Hero 6: the Series, Big City Greens and other series make up a NEW renaissance for the Mouse!
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Hosted by: Kevin Williams
Edited by: Joshua Criger
Graphics by CabooseJr
Artwork by Kaitrin Snodgrass, Nikki Thompson & Kitsune Zakuro!
This video, including all pictures and clips used is a critique and is covered under "fair use" under section 107 of the US Copyright Act 1976. If you would like to see the shows and episodes in full. Purchase them online or the DVD sets by their respective owners.

BA M 28 күн мурун
The round table-5:20 Me- wat
shiichan32 Ай мурун
now we iust need a new one in the movie department
Alauna Rawlings
Alauna Rawlings Ай мурун
Loud house and the casagrandes are great
Zuviya Alikhan
Zuviya Alikhan Ай мурун
I love your videos!!! It's so true that Disney is really rising above other companies in terms of making amazing animated television. I wish you guys would talk a bit about TTS as well!! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it overall, even though it's over now
Jenny Liebowitz
Jenny Liebowitz 2 ай мурун
The 2010s made cartoons cool again. After the classic era of the 90s/early 2000s cartoons ended, there was a bit of a dry spell in the late 2000s until Phineas & Ferb came out. Then we had shows like adventure time, which officially kicked off the cartoon renaissance. Animation will either get better or have another dry spell in the future. I love how animation is getting more appreciation because I think it’s an under appreciated art form.
RobProb X
RobProb X 2 ай мурун
play beyblade for a video also pin this for no reason
prince trunks
prince trunks 2 ай мурун
Big city greens is so underrated
Adrian Emanuel
Adrian Emanuel 2 ай мурун
Oh this is 1000% a Disney tv Renaissance. I love practically every currently airing animation on the channel right now, and that hasn't happened since CN's golden years. Bizarrely enough, Disney was always last place of the three kid channels for me growing up, in terms of animation 🤣, now it's completely flipped the script. I've been thinking for about 2 years now (and even moreso recently with how amazing owl house is) how Disney tv animation has been absolutely winning with their new shows back-to-back kinda starting with Phineas and Ferb, but especially since Gravity Falls in 2012. I'd say Nick had the 90s, Cartoon Network had the 00s, and Disney took over the 10s and soon to be 20s (with CN going toe-to-toe in the 10s but now seem a bit in a stable but lax state cuz as mentioned in vid, its heavy-hitting shows didn't all get a heavy-hitting replacement after ending, except Infinity Train). I love how even I was thinking too that the only really iconic, lasting 00s Disney shows that people will still mention and most know, are kim possible, proud family, and phineas and ferb. Amazing breakdown 👏🏾👍🏾. I had my thoughts at the right time. Ecstatic I wasn't the only one realizing it
Jin Loon Ooi
Jin Loon Ooi 2 ай мурун
I'm pretty sure crag of the creek is gonna replace adventure time
Flores Mendoza
Flores Mendoza 2 ай мурун
I miss old Disney channel
Fortnite Note 2
Fortnite Note 2 2 ай мурун
These shows are just way to quirky for my likes
Usman Chughtai
Usman Chughtai 2 ай мурун
Too many shows and not enough time
kyle lang
kyle lang 2 ай мурун
I don't really know what could happen but anything like gravity falls/svtfoe/amphibia/owl house/ big here 6/duck make.ok anything like this is some great story and cartoon series i hope they last a good long time that is my only wish
Alba Saenz
Alba Saenz 3 ай мурун
Lol he try to Nickelodeon show that are good
Khafleim 3 ай мурун
Animation in general in 2010s is amazing. Being a 90s kid looking at it, despite loving the 90s animation, man 2010s is just wow. 2020s are on track to not be as good only in the sense that it prefers to reinvent old properties or sequelify everything. But it is nonetheless pretty good. It's pretty good being an animation fan these days.
Dim-J 3 ай мурун
Owl house doesn't air in my country 😑
Dim-J 2 ай мурун
@Blue Martian gah, i mean on tv lol
Blue Martian
Blue Martian 2 ай мурун
Time to get a VPN
EEE EEE 789 3 ай мурун
Journeying_ Soul
Journeying_ Soul 3 ай мурун
Okay okay okay, but, at 10:38, is that character a reference to Irwin from Billy and Mandy????
Tomas Roberts
Tomas Roberts 3 ай мурун
I see the main characters Big City Greens easiky comparible to the Simpsons due to being yellow. Not that they’re ripping it off, it is just a councidence.
AggieGal711 3 ай мурун
Finally someone gets it.
Flores Mendoza
Flores Mendoza 3 ай мурун
icecream hero
icecream hero 3 ай мурун
No its the worst its ever been the only show that doesn't make me want to smash the tv is Big City Greens. Amphibia is ok but its way too formulaic.
AggieGal711 3 ай мурун
You don't like the Ducktales reboot?
Chloe Koreny
Chloe Koreny 3 ай мурун
Uroš Gajic
Uroš Gajic 3 ай мурун
What's up with Victor and Valentino?
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 4 ай мурун
What ever happened to clone wars!!
XtraMedium 77
XtraMedium 77 4 ай мурун
The beast’s name is Adam
Bardia Golbad
Bardia Golbad 4 ай мурун
I love the channels but all they show is player select😩
Jason Long
Jason Long 4 ай мурун
They wouldn't recognize Kim Possible, The Proud family, Phineas and Ferb, and Gravity Falls. Internet: Remembers and ships the Gravity Falls characters and Saying Phineas and Ferb is one of the most perfect shows ever.
Bendy BoiZ
Bendy BoiZ 4 ай мурун
The Roundtable : The Lion Ki- *wait, isnt the lion king stolen*
Kmob 4.0
Kmob 4.0 4 ай мурун
All of these shows I love and are awesome shows so if you don't watch them I will find u and I will make u watch all of those shows
blueberry coffee the dutchy
blueberry coffee the dutchy 4 ай мурун
Watch KIPO On Netflix
Rafep 4 ай мурун
Well I guess Disney isn't a horrifying money obsessed rat that much anymore
Saturn Star Studios
Saturn Star Studios 4 ай мурун
It would be amazing if you guys talked/mentioned Ducktales more.
Andrew Mannson
Andrew Mannson 4 ай мурун
When I see that baby artistic style of amphibia I grab the remote and change the channel faster then the flash can blink
SwitzDog 4 ай мурун
Big City Greens does actually have an overarching storyline. It's not a major one but it does come around every few episodes.
SwitzDog 4 ай мурун
@TIWAA BAFFOUR You mean Chip Whistler? lol
TIWAA BAFFOUR 4 ай мурун
Like that whole Jim guy ark.
NinDexcion 4 ай мурун
Being a big-time Star fan and recently being introduced to and finishing the series, every time I see Star in any of Disney's between-show skits makes me ecstatic, since it means both Disney and it's watchers still care about the show! And with how Star in recent times has begun gaining popularity again, a year after the show ended, I can't help hoping for another season/movie. But Star aside, I'm really excited to see more and more Disney animated shows become higher quality and priority for the company, as it could mean less shows becoming rushed to finish and Disney starting to become lenient about the strict "Only up to Season 4" policy, which I think is stupid because more seasons on a good show often means more watchers and more profitable customers, which is what Disney often has to focus on. Hooray for a new and improved Disney TVA!
Gina Kelly
Gina Kelly 4 ай мурун
i really hope the roundtable does more vids on big hero 6 the series
Mathieu Leblanc
Mathieu Leblanc 4 ай мурун
You should have mentioned Milo Murphy's Law and how it morphed from a episodic comedy to a story driven show with plot arcs and it did this change so well while keeping its comedic charm
Jose Gayo, Jr.
Jose Gayo, Jr. 4 ай мурун
The owl house has only 5 or 6 episode
Fire Monkey
Fire Monkey 4 ай мурун
Hopefully in the 2020s and 2030s we can se a huge comeback with animation of these shows are great
Mk Chicken
Mk Chicken 4 ай мурун
These shows are all bad and I have watched each and everyone including multiple episodes these just aren’t worth anyone’s time
The Russell Reyes Show
The Russell Reyes Show 4 ай мурун
gotta remember to watch these shows
Joshuca 4 ай мурун
For the Record, We Bare Bears is massively popular, especially in Japan. We Bare Bears is one of the network's most successful current shows.
ConekillerConfuzor 4 ай мурун
More DuckTales content please.
Vincetagram 4 ай мурун
that's definitely a water molecule
Kuro Kun
Kuro Kun 4 ай мурун
Disney has been on top of the animation games since 2017.
Marsella Ramírez
Marsella Ramírez 4 ай мурун
Big hero 6 is just filled with role models, I've always been looking forward to attending University to study chemistry just like Honey Lemon and when the movie came out I was like.... 9 or 10? I was just geeking out at the fact that there are people that genuinely enjoy learning ! Also The Owl House and Luz I started freaking out when she started speaking Spanish for a bit :)
OOlatunji X
OOlatunji X 4 ай мурун
But I love Craig of the Creek...
Slitheringpeanut 4 ай мурун
We're still waiting, but there has been no evidence that it's coming.
First Watch Z Gameplay
First Watch Z Gameplay 4 ай мурун
If you people still haven’t catch up yet, we are in a TVA Renaissance with all the networks actually lining up for once, but animation in cinemas is still struggling. I am glad that animation has started become treated as a medium instead as a genre with the newer cartoons. And it was over a decade ago around 2007-09 when it was the modern dark age of cartoons and the 70s and 80s pretty much being the dark age where animation was a joke. While the 90s were excellent but I honestly think 2010s despite the whole infection of SJWs and political correctness, the medium has kept us afloat for many years and will always evolve and revolutionize and it would most likely make the 2020s the best decade for cartoons, but that is just my opinion.
Kuuan 4 ай мурун
They should bring back gravity falls with a crossover like the milo and phinenas and ferb crossover!
Samantha MacLean
Samantha MacLean 4 ай мурун
I love all the Disney shows The Owl House, Amphibia, Big City Greens, and Ducktales are my favorite Disney shows it may be the only shows out right now since Steven Universe ended and the only Nickelodeon show that I like is the Loud House and spinoff
Edgardo Gabriel Francisco
Edgardo Gabriel Francisco 4 ай мурун
I remember watching Kim Possible when I was like 6 or 5
Kellen Me Softly
Kellen Me Softly 4 ай мурун
Disney should stop doing live action sit coms
Rachel Bighead
Rachel Bighead 2 ай мурун
Yes i agree. They are at there best when they are doing animated programing.
Theyn Kan
Theyn Kan 4 ай мурун
Disney is doing great with tv animation at this moment but I really miss shows like the suite life of Zack and Cody or Zeke and Luther.
Aztec 4 ай мурун
Doesn't really matter, though I thought I would point it out anyway, 1:22 water
Joshua Atkeson
Joshua Atkeson 4 ай мурун
Are we all just gonna forget about Wander over Yonder?
Joe4 4 ай мурун
1:21 Uh... you realize that is a water molecule, right?
Jason Lee KY
Jason Lee KY 4 ай мурун
So good to see Disney going back to 2D animation
FlameFlamedramon VA
FlameFlamedramon VA 4 ай мурун
1:24 that was a water molecule not an air molecule
m o x h a m e l on
m o x h a m e l on 4 ай мурун
Tbh I kind of wish Disney had a mixed race charecter in an animated show cause I haven’t seen one yet and it would be some good representation for younger audiences. Also Disney is doing an AMAZING job of cultural representation in there characters!!!
AggieGal711 4 ай мурун
Marco Diaz was mixed race.
Bryce Trent
Bryce Trent 4 ай мурун
Disney is going to have the top 2 shows of 2020 no doubt. They will be The Owl House and Amphibia unless Disney makes something better because nobody is standing up to their power
Tyrone Wesley
Tyrone Wesley 4 ай мурун
Amphbia season 2 where u at
Tristan Wilder
Tristan Wilder 4 ай мурун
It took them surely some time to realize what they had and to take the step. I just think about Motor City on XD which was way ahead and something else ... but who ever was in charger didn't see it and they sabotaged it so that they didn't have to order a 2nd season. Till today you can't find it anywhere and it would be cool if it came back via Disney plus with the one season and perhaps a 2nd.
GothicBlueEyes 4 ай мурун
I thought of Buzz on Maggie the other day ♥
Maldon 365
Maldon 365 4 ай мурун
What Happened to Milo Murphy's Law by the way? Is it cancelled, did it reach it's natural conclusion or is it getting a season 3?
Foshio1 *
Foshio1 * 4 ай мурун
Right now it is litterally in a place where the show isn’t technically cancelled but the chance of having a new season is low. The creator Dan Povenmire, has said that he would love to create season 3 but ratings and Disney just aren’t pointing that direction. So basically it’s a possibility but unlikely
Keandre Green
Keandre Green 4 ай мурун
There’s only about 3 good shows on Disney that’s not a Renaissance 😂😂
TheJlee1943 4 ай мурун
3:17 What's the name of that animation?
Jomar Rodriguez
Jomar Rodriguez 4 ай мурун
Who gave big city greens the right to be so over rated
SleepyScribbles 4 ай мурун
To me big hero six floped. why? The show is far from perfect and out of the selection that we have for cartoons big hero six is probably on the lower end of the stick. They constantly use stupid hero clichès and while that might be ok the show is just drowned out with them. I find characters and ideas for them really creative though. The show handled it's loss narrative pretty well and I like the overall chemistry of the characters but not really enough for me to care for them that much. Anne as a character doesn't really do it for me she's not relateable because somehow she is made in a way where it feels like her primary focus as a character is to be ""relatable"" and ""quiky"" but these trait just seemingly become over saturated to the point where I just don't like her. Idk that just might be me though 🤔 Edit: it might be cause I've seen season 1 to much
wassup__ people__
wassup__ people__ 4 ай мурун
Idk if anyone has commented this already, but Disney+ added a setting to make it so that you can watch the Simpsons in the original format.
Foshio1 *
Foshio1 * 4 ай мурун
I didn’t even know this thank you
Christian Boustani
Christian Boustani 4 ай мурун
Amphibia is so good. Its very rare for me to like a show aimed towards children right from the start, before it grows the beard but I was on board since the first episode. The last that happened was with Phineas and Ferb, almost two decades ago. On the other side of the spectrum, Big City Greens is so infuriatingly obnoxious. I can't understand how this became so popular when most of its characters are just absolutely insufferable.
Codex Prime
Codex Prime 4 ай мурун
Me: roundtable and Disney whatever I'm bored enough star: hello friends me: oh no here comes the onions
lime pie
lime pie 4 ай мурун
It's pretty amazing how suddenly Disney surpassed Cartoon Network, who was the absolute king for almost all of the 2010s. When CN lost Regular Show, Adventure Time, Gumball, and Steven Universe, Disney gained Ducktales, Milo Murphy, Big City Greens, Big Hero 6, Amphibia, The Owl House, etc. Meanwhile Nickelodeon is still just... there. Hopefully they can reclaim themselves with more good revivals like Rocko's Modern Life and Invader Zim, and great new IPs like GlitchTechs.
TIWAA BAFFOUR 4 ай мурун
The really only thing Disney can work on is their hiatuses.
The Mining Phantom
The Mining Phantom 4 ай мурун
Yo Bluey is hella lit. Give a like if you also like it.
Nichimoon 4 ай мурун
You know you're in a rough patch when the worst channel is popping out WAY better shows in a considerably shorter time span.
Reynell Freeman
Reynell Freeman 4 ай мурун
mao mao heros of pure heart is the prefect replacement for adventure time mao mao is the anti-finn
Sans 4 ай мурун
And cars
MineKid 0242
MineKid 0242 4 ай мурун
MineKid 0242
MineKid 0242 4 ай мурун
Simple Person
Simple Person 4 ай мурун
Do the Cartoon Network renaissance next time
Z. Connoisseur Mopolodo
Z. Connoisseur Mopolodo 4 ай мурун
How Nickelodeon’s and Disney’s real life shows that people will never forget have great story and characters and popular
Dabalo, Just A Lemon with Lemon Needs
Dabalo, Just A Lemon with Lemon Needs 4 ай мурун
Fox Pokémon Forever
Fox Pokémon Forever 4 ай мурун
Bruh, that’s H2O...
Mr. Awesomess Guy
Mr. Awesomess Guy 4 ай мурун
Did any other science nerds get triggered when he said air at 1:22
niributh 4 ай мурун
If you have to say it's a renaissance, then it probably isn't. Love the owl house though.
jalen gee
jalen gee 4 ай мурун
They failed to animate a Thai descended girl in amphibia I swear
Misfit Sidney
Misfit Sidney 4 ай мурун
How so?I don't like amphibia but can you elaborate?
MM Snyder
MM Snyder 4 ай мурун
this is a off topic but i wanted it off my chest. amphibia is way better then the owl house. Why? well the plot! there are so many new questions! like: - whats up with marcy - how will anne leave - is sasha okay? - THE CALAMITY BOX its more unique! like anthro frogs? the furry fandom should be on this asap!! anne is more flawed than luz (anne can be rude naive and impulsive while luz is just "quirky") THE PLOT HGVHGVTFCHGHBNBTRFHGHDTG-- most people like the owl house more be cause of luz and amity hey remember polly and anne dont have love interests yet! also maddie her, shes very misunderstood and maybe gay~ (i have a headcanon) "amphibias just a filler" if you think its a filler honey.. just wait till the finale.. amphibia is so much more funny!! sashas and annes friendship it could be a catra adora friend ship! :) if you disagree thats okay! your opinion matters!
MM Snyder
MM Snyder 4 ай мурун
actually yeah just i would like to come across a amphibia fan account other than "amphibia everyday"
Dabalo, Just A Lemon with Lemon Needs
Dabalo, Just A Lemon with Lemon Needs 4 ай мурун
Tbf amphibia has an entire season under its belt and owl house only has 10 episodes. Amphibia has had more time to establish plot and stuff.
J 4 ай мурун
“Now it feels like Cartoon Network just has Craig of the creek and Mao Mao”,, Infinity Train and Summer Camp island didn’t like that
Superluke27 4 ай мурун
Wait, Adventure Time was replaced by Infinity Train. Regular show is gonna get replaced by Close Enough. Steven Universe is getting replaced soon.
The Golden Penguin
The Golden Penguin 4 ай мурун
The only thing I find appealing about rise of the tmnt is the animation during fight scenes. The predecessor did everything else better
Hasatanel Belial
Hasatanel Belial 4 ай мурун
Seriously, videos like this one just seem more appropriate for an "animation drought" than right now.
Insanity 64
Insanity 64 4 ай мурун
I can’t wait for more Amphibia and more Owl House. I honestly can’t get into the Big hero 6 show it just doesn’t click like the movie did
Fartlicker Support Group
Fartlicker Support Group 4 ай мурун
Bruh, don’t do Dave dirty like that 😤
Alex Matthews
Alex Matthews 4 ай мурун
I live in the UK and I payed £50 for a year of Disney+, and Amphibia and The Owl House simply aren't available. oh well, back to illegal downloads
Carlos Correia
Carlos Correia 4 ай мурун
Disney channel is in crise dude
DEEPFOXJUDE 4 ай мурун
Why do you say that? If you don't mind me asking.
Otar 3000
Otar 3000 4 ай мурун
*Reinessance Era 2.0 is on it's way now*
Lorenzo Flores
Lorenzo Flores 4 ай мурун
Did this man at 0:54 say Ariel was P R O B L A M A T I C
Kuromori 6262
Kuromori 6262 4 ай мурун
What is problematic about Ariel? 0:50
zeyphrBW sd
zeyphrBW sd 4 ай мурун
I hear Disney is going down
StarBot 4 ай мурун
I'm still mad Penn Zero never got the attention it deserved
Raul Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez 4 ай мурун
Yeah they are making another Star Wars series of a summit same animation called sours rubbles he did not review it for starters and they're going to continuing what is doing might be a good idea can believe you don't talk about Star Wars of a series they got.
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