The Powerpuff Girls' WEIRD Riverdale Reboot

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The Powerpuff Girls is getting a weird, edgy Riverdale style live-action reboot on the CW...but why? And more importantly...why could it be an entertaining Cartoon Network reboot? Will we see crossovers with the DC characters like The Flash and Supergirl? Will we see villains like Him, Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins and the Gangreen Gang? Would Ace mean a Gorillaz cameo??
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Guy Smiley
Guy Smiley 2 күн мурун
Good news and bad news. The good news is PPGs are getting a reboot. The bad news is, it’s live action.
Alexander Neville
Alexander Neville 3 күн мурун
So bad its good. I would watch.
Corey Ponder
Corey Ponder 7 күн мурун
You have to admit the idea for the show is interesting People just don't like the fact it's live action But if the execution range from average to great people will love it
CD 2021
CD 2021 12 күн мурун
Can we just get a Total Drama Island Reboot?
Revenant the Adventurer
Revenant the Adventurer 14 күн мурун
Don't the Girls canonically have no Noses and fingers?
rxtrospxct 14 күн мурун
An animated version of this concept would probably work out way better honestly.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 16 күн мурун
I'm low key excited for it ngl
Sad Lapis
Sad Lapis 25 күн мурун
I hope Tom Kenny shows up at some point
kingjuniorgaming Ай мурун
This is what i feel like the show's plotline and how the girls are like now: 1. Blossom will be, like the video said, a girl more focused on her ( im thinking judge, lawyer, or saleswoman). 2. Buttercup will probably be a lgbtq character( either lesbian, bisexual, or asexual) if bi that will bring one of my theories up. 3. Bubbles will probably be the one to try to get them together as she is the sweetest and loves her sisters. 4.the doctor and mojo jojo would probably work together as both being the mentors. 5.Mojo jojo may have gotten wind of a brand new evil and he went to warn the powerpuff girls only reaching bubbles.(he also probably been rehabilitated to being a functional member of society) 6. Rowdyruff boys would show probably as love interests and/or part of the team. 7. Mojo jojo might betray the girls. 8. Old villians might show up as three things 1) members of society 2)prison 3)low life criminals or a little bit of all three. 9. Blossom and Buttercup don't get along with each having bubbles being around as the glue even after their crime fighting days.( Bubbles probably always invite them over for dinner or something but it always ends in them arguing.) 10. Blossom and Buttercup hate the Doctor and blames him for their powers and them not letting them live normal lives. I feel like it would be great character arc for the Doctor to try and gain their trust back(trying to be a father figure) 11. The mayor might be the governor or the president with his assistant being the vice president. If governor the story will stay in the same city like what they did in Riverdale. If president that means the story would probably starts with the girls separated all around the country meaning they could have them being national heroes (after they reunite) with them saving multiple cities and Townsville being where their headquarters could be located. 12.(Before the girls reunite) The girls would probably be recognized on a daily basis(having used to be superheroes) with fans coming and asking for autographs and asking where have they been. 13. They have PTSD. 14. Either blossom or buttercup or both become an alcoholic or drown out their past. 15. Either blossom or bubbles would have a kid.(could've had the child in their teens is up to speculation.) 16. If the rowdyruff boys don't become love interests. Then blossom would probably be married or engaged. 17.The doctor would probably finish his forgiveness arc with his death leaving mojo JoJo to mentor the girls. Later betraying them while reopening the somewhat fresh wound of the doctor's death. 18. There will be a season or arc where they lose their powers and they have to learn how to still save the world without their powers and later getting their powers back. If any of these happen in the show please come back to this and @ me
Autum Breeze
Autum Breeze Ай мурун
"The Rainbow Dash" 😏😉
Directors Choice
Directors Choice Ай мурун
Can't beat the OG's
Mythical wolf Games
Mythical wolf Games Ай мурун
Yea ok
william field
william field Ай мурун
When he started going what is this ?! What are they doing to the girls to people’s baby? Making them old ?! Anywho that’s How I felt about the Nancy Drew reboot reboot where your girl was getting freaky 🙈😂😬
Laughing Boi
Laughing Boi Ай мурун
*ahem* rupaul as him and aubrey plaza as buttercup i am done
JESSEM19987 Ай мурун
live actions are just water down versions of animated shows. If the show is a cartoon or set up to be that way where it would not make sense in the real world, don't make it in live action. It rarely works and CW is a terrible platform for this. Supergirl, batwoman, 50% of the flash, Titans, these are examples of how this makes it bad. With their bad cgi and storys, it just makes it more worse.Just make a reboot (which rarely works as well) and make it good (not in live action).
Vydta Ай мурун bad
LordDemitel Ай мурун
I give it a 75% chance that live action Him will be entirely tonedeaf and jawdroppingly bad.
Sean Elder
Sean Elder Ай мурун
theyre def gonna make buttercup trans cuz they dont understand her charecter
Aaron Medina
Aaron Medina Ай мурун
CW what have you done you created a monster
GucciGoo Ай мурун
Believe it or not if this work they will one day make a live action Gorillaz show
Nxbx Bshdhd
Nxbx Bshdhd Ай мурун
ICECONE Ай мурун
just wait till they ruin Steven Universe with a dark gritty reboot that’s about Steven living with all his hot moms and Connie doesn’t want to have sex with him so he asks the gems for advice and there’s no fighting and no plot besides relationship drama 😳😂
joey luckey
joey luckey Ай мурун
It's going to start off with them working in a cheap strip club in Manhattan it's the deepest most sleaziest strip club in New York the beginning of the pilot the screen is black in the Fade Into the strip club the first thing you hear is the DJ coming to the stage sugar spice and everything nice💙❤💛❤💔💜💗💙🗣💖💗💓💗💖💕
Andrew Kind
Andrew Kind Ай мурун
Next a live action steven universe
Ambyykitty Ай мурун
im so excited tbh
courtney ex
courtney ex Ай мурун
I kinda like at
Giovanni Jacobs
Giovanni Jacobs Ай мурун
buttercup is alesbian
BinaryBitz Ай мурун
The rest may be trashy to some extent but I personally adore legends of tomorrow, it's just pure unadulterated fun and it's amazing.
Pinkie kitty Gacha life12!!! Pink qenne
Pinkie kitty Gacha life12!!! Pink qenne Ай мурун
Me: um I love can cuz it Beautiful💙💜❤️
Rayhaan Williams
Rayhaan Williams Ай мурун
Isn't this exactly like the parody of that powerguirls sex in thr city's skit?
Femme Ninja
Femme Ninja Ай мурун
I hat power girls reboot
Kiki Fleure
Kiki Fleure Ай мурун
As long as they stay true to the original, bring back the old villains and THE ROWDYRUFF BOYS MOST OF ALL, I will keep an open mind
Lucas Loud
Lucas Loud Ай мурун
😂 cw was live action because it used to a cartoon channel with kids ab and jetix or vortex but it not anymore it was a long time ago
҉ ҉
҉ ҉ Ай мурун
Bro y is there a power puff girls anime like What
Heather Mayhew
Heather Mayhew Ай мурун
There was a teen titans go powerpuff girls crossover. Maybe they are in the same world. I'm not sure what this will be like but I'll watch it. I loved the show as a little girl because it was so cute a sweet and funny, so seeing them grown up will be weird, but interesting. On the ither hand I hate riverdale and titans because I feel like as good as the comics were adding the new drama did not win me over. Honestly im just gonna wait and see.
Da snow or runts
Da snow or runts Ай мурун
XD yes to anger since they're making it like what if HBO made it if anyone remembers that vid
Flubble Ай мурун
I just want them to re-air the original serie...
regulation crash
regulation crash Ай мурун
The 2016 series was great
oval head
oval head Ай мурун
I want it all to end
punkisdead Ай мурун
my issue is this : this could be an interesting show. we've grown out of powerpuff girls as adults , this is them at our age now , going through the effects of their childhoods. it could make for fantastic commentary. my issue is that the cw has a serious track record of sexualizing the kids in their shows and going very downhill in their writing and it kinda sucks.
syoma fukasaku
syoma fukasaku Ай мурун
This might actually be a continuation of the original. Ace of Gangreen gang is now a member of Gorillaz
Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Ай мурун
I don't like this, I don't like this I don't like this man. Aging of the Powerpuff girls to their twenties doesn't seem the best idea. if they're going to do a live-action version I honestly prefer they still make them as kids or at least pre-teenagers it would make it a little bit better and not them as freaking young adults. I love the Powerpuff girls series but after all the reboot's failed I honestly do not know how to fully feel about a live-action of the Powerpuff girls in their 20s. I even have a few questions about this, if they're going to be in our twenties or at least in a young age is it still going to be a kid show or more of a adult show??
Dark Spyro
Dark Spyro Ай мурун
live actions are terrible! there's only a few live actions that are good but 99% of them are awful,it's no wonder I love cartoons and anime more
Warrior mlg dx100
Warrior mlg dx100 Ай мурун
This is f****** stupid like I said before I hate this stupid real life thing Powerpuff Girls is Barking Dog why the Powerpuff girl she came back from the animated movie like Scooby-Doo did like seriously they should have thought out with that selfish piece of s*** this is going to work it should it work f*** it
TooColdJamez Ай мурун
I’m kinda interested in seeing it
Walter O'Brien
Walter O'Brien Ай мурун
If it were animated it would give me samurai jack reboot vibes.
Mauricio Merida
Mauricio Merida Ай мурун
I wouldn't mind if they use some of the ideas from the Powerpuff girls Doujinshi.
Kiki Fleure
Kiki Fleure Ай мурун
Fr! That comic is honestly the best thing closest to a “reboot” we’ve gotten.
savage dude
savage dude Ай мурун
Power puff girls z is the best adaptation of power puff girls except for the original
Thomas Ай мурун
wouldn't this be more or less the plot for umbrella academy. Disillusioned adults who hatted their superhero childhoods
DarkcIoud1111 Ай мурун
So did all the villains just stop attacking Townsville during this time-gap that they broke up?
sanji vinsmoke
sanji vinsmoke Ай мурун
Dude I love the flash but it's such a cw show also once was such a good show
{PFG} Professor Frankly Gaming
{PFG} Professor Frankly Gaming Ай мурун
Cat_Thighs Ай мурун
Idk man if they turn it into a campy fun dramedy and go hard the way the CW only can I’m kinda pumped for it
pearl ramos
pearl ramos Ай мурун
There’s this comic au from l.hellrud on Instagram where the powerpuff girls are teenagers who “retired” from being superheroes it’s sort of like a coming to age type comic that is very interesting. But oh well the cw just had to make a more gritty teen drama 🤷🏻‍♀️
What’s it Called
What’s it Called Ай мурун
I mean what did you expect? It’s the CW they make the most stupid cringy shows, I mean they ruined the flash after season 3 so yeah
CWDTrixie Ай мурун
This just screams of sheer laziness on all levels. Its basically just PPG crossed with Charmed and just like Charmed, it will take what ever sounds good and either completely ruins it or drops it completely. Besides, when you consider how badly The CW has done with DC adaptions, do expect a poorly acted dumpster fire like Batwoman. Personally, just like with ATLA, just leave these older series alone. Create something actually new and worth watching. Although considering its The CW, they will take the cheapest and laziest path possible.
Cartoons 404
Cartoons 404 Ай мурун
I think this is going to be terrible, but I’m still planning to watch, but please leave foster’s home for imaginary friend out of this!
fruitmonsterfly1 Ай мурун
Will this reboot probably be bad? Yes Will I check it out anyways? Also yes
Michael Phipps
Michael Phipps Ай мурун
My question is when have we ever as adults wanted a dirty fan fiction of any cartoons we watched as kids to be live action on screen? NEVER. Because just like Riverdale, Sabrina, and many fanfics, they’re almost always poorly written. Sure they’re “popular”, among fanatic preteens who don’t have good taste and instead like to just surround themselves with what is “edgy.” And these shows thrive off of the cartoon animated format. Most of the humor is dependent on the cartoonish and unrealistic. If they decided to try to replicate the She-Ra route, it would make more sense for the series and you can put in more adult themes while still being true to their cartoonish origins and feel. Just because something is live action, doesn’t mean that it’s for adults.
Lindiwe k
Lindiwe k Ай мурун
Actually I would prefer they do a totally spies drama live action that would kinda work, but I don't want them to butcher my childhood.
Tiffany Dang
Tiffany Dang Ай мурун
They need to put Dextar laboratory in power puff girls live action
Chelsea xoxo
Chelsea xoxo Ай мурун
Oh My Gosh. I thought this was clickbait.
Canaan_Crystal wing
Canaan_Crystal wing Ай мурун
The problem isn't that it's a thing. It's because it's cw with three main female characters and they're strong females. They can easily ruin it like bat woman with feminist agenda
Canaan_Crystal wing
Canaan_Crystal wing Ай мурун
Drug dealer Mac???
sabrina panico
sabrina panico Ай мурун
I’m both scared and low key intrigued for how this turns out to be but all I’m sayin is the most iconic villains and the rowdy rough boys better make some sort of appearance in it
Kevin Dolan
Kevin Dolan Ай мурун
I swear to god if they have a grown up Bliss in this too... but seriously who Trusts CW nowadays? Did CN just allow this so their reboot would be amazing by comparison or did they get the rights from them somehow?
switch Ай мурун
Well there is going to be a lot of cringe lol
EO 18
EO 18 Ай мурун
Are they going to be apart of the Arrowverse
Trigger BladeX
Trigger BladeX Ай мурун
While I am very skeptical of this going well, if Ace is in there and at some point mentions being in the Gorillaz I might give it a chance.
Overtly Dramatic
Overtly Dramatic Ай мурун
We've seen this kind of thing work in Steven Universe, however with good writers and also still a cartoon. So idk. I think this should be animated. Yeah wait you're right how the hell are they gonna get rid of the big head and no fingers! Cowards! I wish it was animated
Overtly Dramatic
Overtly Dramatic Ай мурун
You know what? I might enjoy this. Exploring how a childhood of fighting can affect them. If they handle it kinda like Steven Universe did, I think it could be fine.
BellicoseArson Ай мурун
I at least hope they dont sexualize them and cast them good🙏
YoshiBTS Ай мурун
20 WHAT!?!?! Yeah, I get the diehard fans are now 20 something too, but... I wanted them to be teens and finally have a fair fight with The RowdyRuff Boys... or date them. Idc I just want interactions between them 🥺
Kiki Fleure
Kiki Fleure Ай мурун
Same I’m really wanting them to return most of all 🥺💕💖
Coolio McGee
Coolio McGee Ай мурун
Whoever thought this was good, is mentally brain dead and stupid
Giovanna Aranda
Giovanna Aranda Ай мурун
tbh the premise reminds me of the umbrella academy? like it's literally a bunch of broken adults that lost their childhoods to crimefighting
GenesicKaiser Ай мурун
I laughed when he said "Drug Dealer Mac". Considering how easy it is for him to go nuts on sugar, him getting hooked on drugs isn't that far a stretch.
About time ya bish
About time ya bish Ай мурун
Bro this gonna be garbage and u know it.
Recornfh 3
Recornfh 3 Ай мурун
The Powerpuff girls should be a lease 13 years old
The almighty zim
The almighty zim Ай мурун
Gorillaz should do the music and songs
Call Me Aristotle
Call Me Aristotle Ай мурун
Wait you said kid ...cosmic ..?
Leon Kuwata
Leon Kuwata Ай мурун
Their dc shows suck ass, but riverdale ROCKS. So I'm excited for this live action powerpuff girls cause I LOVE seeing childhood stuff put in a modern setting, with real emotions and situations.
Miss Alone
Miss Alone Ай мурун
Im just in the first half of the vid but the plot just reminds me of umbrella academy which is a great show but if they mess it up this one ima binge the original show.
Freedomcat Ай мурун
Riverdale is just a fan fiction show where every one is out of character.
Kimberly Rutherford
Kimberly Rutherford Ай мурун
I'm actually excited for this. This soumds like its gonna be great and I cant wait to see what the live action powerpuff girls look like and the story and how they act with everything and all that. Dude I'm super exckted
Nikkiestagram *
Nikkiestagram * Ай мурун
CW tsk... tsk... 🙄
Slimey PAU
Slimey PAU Ай мурун
god save us from live action him
Jared Allen
Jared Allen Ай мурун
Honestly This Sounds More Like Steven Universe Future With The Whole "I Never Did Anything But Fight Now Everythings Fine And I Dont Know What To Do" Plotline
Mr j Marting
Mr j Marting Ай мурун
I just wanna see how they portray “him” because its either gonna be very offencise or so goddam scary that will terrify everyone (sorry for grammar mistakes english isnt my first language)
The_ Woosmann
The_ Woosmann Ай мурун
Hope that one of the producers doesn't ship himself with one of the characters again and makes it canon
The Vault The Official Channel
The Vault The Official Channel Ай мурун
If they ever made a live-action, R-rated Ben 11, here’s the ten things I need: 1. Grandpa Max Flashbacks: We all need to see the glory days of the cool grandpa of the Tennyson cousins, and especially if young Max was basically Ben-before-Ben, and young Verdona has scenes that have Gwen written all over them. 2. Human-on-Alien Action: The Omnitrix definitely has some…unexpected uses. Admit it, “He’s slimy, creepy, fast and strong, he’s every shape and size” sounds like the title of Ben’s sextape. 3. The Characters to Grow Up: We can start the first season with Ben at 10, and each season would represent a year of his life. 4. More Realism: I would like to see why different aliens evolved the way they did, and give realistic reasons for the exobiology Ben uses to fight off evil from earth or space. 5. Profanity: And uncensored. 6. More Violence: Stuff like XLR8’s Ridley Side-B, Gwen’s eyeball-ripping out mode, and it shouldn’t be toned down or exaggerated to Mortal Kombat levels. 7. Sex Jokes: Have someone virgin-shame Azmuth, call Big Chill “a cool MILF”, and ask how many planets have playground zones where Vilgax is a persona non grata. 8. Black Comedy: Similar to above, but maybe have the characters talk about how they want fried chicken while fighting Liam or something. 9. Balance Comedy and Drama: Yes, we need that a lot. 10. Ben’s Therapist: I’d like to see what kind of shit the family therapist has to deal with. Like, they don’t know anything at all about Ben’s alien adventures, and think that he’s either being dishonest with them or has lost touch with reality. 11. Good practical effects and CGI: If Heatblast is clearly a guy in a cheap costume, I’ll puke. If XLR8 looks like another Mystique rip-off, I’d stab my eyes out. And if there’s a orgy of crappy CGI, I’ll scream. And if Vilgax looks unintimidating, I’ll kill myself.
VooDoo MiDnight
VooDoo MiDnight Ай мурун
I will watch this show!!!
Rafael Manzo
Rafael Manzo Ай мурун
*I'm sorry but that concept was EARNED by Steven Universe Future ep.15* (after 5 seasons of the original show as build up) Greg & Steven in the van.... man... it was the DEFINITION of a "payoff" like everything else in that show. This Live-Action PPG will lack a lot of context unless they do flashbacks. Anyways the show sounds like a recipe for disaster.
No Logic
No Logic Ай мурун
I thought Power Puff Z was a fever dream
Jae Franks
Jae Franks Ай мурун
imagine the rowdyruff boys um yes plzzz
David Daniel
David Daniel Ай мурун
I take everything with a grain of salt and cautious intrigue.
Niebruh Ай мурун
I mean they have to have the power punk girls in this cw reboot
Jon Brewer
Jon Brewer Ай мурун
I have 34 reasons this is a bad idea.
geff Demon
geff Demon Ай мурун
Power puff girls z was good an 2016 power puff girls was trash garbage an treated it badly an stop Loop looting the 90’s I’m a 20 something guy who loved the 90’s power puff girls
L D Ай мурун
Calling it now, they are gonna go from ppgs to the heathers
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