The Rebirth & Future of Avatar: the Last Airbender on Netflix!

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The Roundtable

4 ай мурун

Avatar: the Last Airbender has taken Netflix by storm over the past month as the world has rekindled their love for the series or ignited it for the very first time! With Aang's adventures dominating the streaming conversation, what's the future of the Avatar series?
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ZavitousDoesStuff 2 күн мурун
I wouldn't want things political I guess you can say in this show, I saw it ruin things like disney movies for many fans and ESPN+NFL. I'd like to keep the troubles from the real world pushed into my favorite childhood show. Because I know if it where disney they are going to shove some ideals down are throat. I wouldn't want that
Mayank Gupta
Mayank Gupta 4 күн мурун
Please. Yess please do momo right...
ReadyProductions 19 күн мурун
And.........the creators have left. Shit.
Lavin 19 күн мурун
i watched this when i was a kid and then i found it as an interesting cartoon but now when i watched the whole series understanding every part of the story i have become a die hard fan for it and i hope it never ends and keeps continuing in some or the other way in the universe until my time passes..❤️
To be determined
To be determined 23 күн мурун
They could have gotten dante bosco for zuko..
CODM PLAYZ 24 күн мурун
I literally watched the entire avatar the last airbender twice no skipping episodes
Agnieszka Momot
Agnieszka Momot 27 күн мурун
Fire lord: let's wait till avatar is 12 years old and then we attack the air nation
Matei Cucu
Matei Cucu Ай мурун
I cant see avatar i dont see when i search it
Silje Draws
Silje Draws Ай мурун
I cant watch avatar on Netflix
Y - Clone
Y - Clone Ай мурун
Bruh PEOPLE LIKE SO NICKELODEON SEES THIS: Here is the whole story for the next TWO avatars. After the events of korra, the new earth bender avatar would come across a problem or war or something which restarts in him needing to Connect his past lives. Because he isn’t able to, just like aang, he has 1 year to connect with his past lives, or the world is toast. The next avatar would be a fire bending avatar which would try to Resolve the ultimate problem avatar wan had: Human vs Spirts. Spirits angry cuz machines are powered by them and stuff so the fire bender would have to find a way to stop a war happening. This would tie in with the avatar universe because, 1. We would get to see a full cycle of avatars. 2. It would end on resolving what happened in the beginning. And 3. MORE AVATAR.
INF_KingZ Ай мурун
ThunderKatz Ай мурун
Avatar is like the naruto of Nickelodeon
TSV eftapsixos
TSV eftapsixos 2 ай мурун
No more lgbdq representation. Don't get me wrong I don't care about what everyone is doing in they bed but I don't want to see a classic character change. If they add a new character which is gay and doesn't change the classic characters, then I'm OK
Dreams 2 ай мурун
Avatar needs a new animated movie like Spiderman into the spider-verse.
INF_KingZ Ай мурун
nnnnnna it look hella off
Hek Ter
Hek Ter 2 ай мурун
People keep forgetting The Last Airbender was already on Netflix years ago but they talk about it as if its the first time.
what is hooman doing??
what is hooman doing?? 2 ай мурун
I'm 13 and I watched 15 episodes in 2 days the story is art though it kinda got spoiled but that's what hyped me about it
Clear Shade
Clear Shade 2 ай мурун
Who’s here after the creators of the original show left the Netflix live adaptation because it didn’t represent the show and they had issues on where the show was heading
INF_KingZ Ай мурун
me ;(
Miel Nequinto
Miel Nequinto 2 ай мурун
1:19 ZUKOOO😱
hoif zf
hoif zf 2 ай мурун
Hey do technically anime is what Japanese call so technically I ain't dumb
xXFAZCREAMXx 2 ай мурун
no lgbtq
Drblobfisch 6473
Drblobfisch 6473 2 ай мурун
No there is no live action avatar movie in ba sing se
random girl
random girl 2 ай мурун
But I can't find it ANYWHERE on netflix HELP!
Dizzy 2 ай мурун
I live in south africa and avatar isn't on Netflix
Soy fan
Soy fan 2 ай мурун
Netflix is gonna ruin it
SomeIntrovert 2 ай мурун
They should honestly just animate the comic books
Tareq Rahman
Tareq Rahman 2 ай мурун
You sound like Zuko here and there you know
Ari Sorokin
Ari Sorokin 2 ай мурун
Can’t Netflix just make an animated sequel for avatar. Nobody wants a reboot.
Lucas Dunbar
Lucas Dunbar 2 ай мурун
No. No more kora. No more steampunk wannabe shit. Just keep it how it is. Keep it animated
BG films
BG films 2 ай мурун
And that's why they have to make season 4!
Aquarity 2 ай мурун
I want all the original cast members to play their character for the ember island characters
Mr Kirk
Mr Kirk 2 ай мурун
is it on netflix in the us?
_Dummby.Alex_ :3
_Dummby.Alex_ :3 2 ай мурун
I want a new series aka the earth bender avatar.
efa efa
efa efa 2 ай мурун
cant they just make s4
ameer hussein
ameer hussein 2 ай мурун
Don't worry guys I have send Netflix an Idea and I hope the accept me
Martin Fernandez
Martin Fernandez 2 ай мурун
I'm so happy it has reborned! It's my favourite tv series ever!
GerudoKing 2 ай мурун
I don't want to watch the new series. I know that sounds counterintuitive if you're an Airbender fan, but I'm really not looking forward to it. I'm afraid they're going to "wokify" the story. Look, if progressivism is your game, then fine. But I swear, if I have to listen to critics praise the story because Katara is now bisexual, or Zuko is trans or something, as opposed to, you know, real honest work and storytelling and themes, I'm going to shun the series from my own head canon, cause it's comPLETELY unnecessary. And don't act like I'm crazy, either! We've seen it in everything, and it has fallen flat every time!
ZBOSS - RT 2 ай мурун
snurk agurk
snurk agurk 2 ай мурун
Why are none of these shows watchable in my country
Aidan D'souza
Aidan D'souza 2 ай мурун
I disagree, all I want is a show that is based after Korra that is based on the Earth bending avatar after her that I Hope would be based at our time and is alive today.
bahumat sol
bahumat sol 2 ай мурун
Live action will NEVER come close to the orginal.
Δημήτρης Διονυσάτος
Δημήτρης Διονυσάτος 3 ай мурун
for some reason I can not find the series in netflix..... Help plz
Δημήτρης Διονυσάτος
Δημήτρης Διονυσάτος 2 ай мурун
plz someone help
Andrei Parthenpopaeus
Andrei Parthenpopaeus 3 ай мурун one buys the DVDs anymore...-hides the box set I bought last week-
Alex B
Alex B 3 ай мурун
i would love to see the adventures of the earth avatar after Kora
Quakee YT
Quakee YT 3 ай мурун
I watched this in 2009 when i was 4 :*( i love the old times i would give everything if i could watch this for the first time again and have the same feeling
Franz Galahad
Franz Galahad 3 ай мурун
All I know is Donnie Yen need to be in this series
Flameo Hotman
Flameo Hotman 3 ай мурун
admit it, we all want a series of the Gaang as adults and their adventures
Gabriel Matsunaga
Gabriel Matsunaga 2 ай мурун
I would like that
Abdullah Emad
Abdullah Emad 3 ай мурун
I don't mean to be rude but I personally don't understand what this guy wants
BE 3 ай мурун
what if instead of taking away his bending, Ang traps Ozi in a permanent cement ball that has him lookin like Golem from Pokemon and unable to move, which means he can't bend. and dies as the world passes him by.
BE 3 ай мурун
i bought the dvds. but could only watch them at my dads house.
Amules 3 ай мурун
ok i can understand why people would want to see LGBTQ stuff in the newer series but why not every new show has to have LGBTQ parts to them honestly i think that it should calm down a bit its just gay people chill out anyway thats my opinion if you get mad then fuck you lol
Rodz junk
Rodz junk 3 ай мурун
Toph: earth Zuko: fire Katara: water Aang: air Iroh: tEA
gogohi978 3 ай мурун
Wait. Netflix announced it 2 years ago?? And they still dont have a cast yet?
Jason Latchman
Jason Latchman 3 ай мурун
honestly id be hyped if they added in some of the stories from the comics into the live action
pa desiii
pa desiii 3 ай мурун
100 year war in show i didn't even see a drop of a blood !!
Donathan Guzman
Donathan Guzman 3 ай мурун
you lost me at "more LGBTQ community" why should they change characters that are already damn near perfect just to please the media???
123LuffyDMonkey 3 ай мурун
i disagree, sure it would be good to have new content but only if it makes sense. Many shows /remakes do different things from the original and it just makes them look bad. The only new content thats prob worth showcasing is what happened to zukos mother. By adding new content you change the story. Avatar is written with a goal in mind, to defeat the firelord. It has to be condensed to focus on that mission. All the goofy things they do add to character or push the plot forward. By adding more content it will change the time dynamic and that could be devastating. I like Avatar as mush as you but sometimes a good show should just stay as is. take FMAB, the original FMA was the changed version and FMAB follow the original story. I do agree that you can use this as a opportunity to tell more but the creators and the production team need to tread very carefully.
ion sokolatas
ion sokolatas 3 ай мурун
What about the legend of korra ?☹️
Sam Castevens
Sam Castevens 3 ай мурун
Who remembers when this was originally on Netflix?
Randy J Batista Vargas
Randy J Batista Vargas 3 ай мурун
I disagree with you when you mentioned you want a different story. I want them to expand on the story!! not change it! But it was a very good review!
K Udana
K Udana 3 ай мурун
If Netflix do the live action right.... This will break records.... Game of thrones will be left far behind...
fork knife
fork knife 3 ай мурун
Meanwhile jojos just got removed and I'm still pissed
Sydney Charter
Sydney Charter 3 ай мурун
you lowkey sound like zuko
gooddog reallygooddog
gooddog reallygooddog 3 ай мурун
Thanks netflix❤️
Adrian Ruffner
Adrian Ruffner 3 ай мурун
I would rather prefer a 2 seasons sequel about the things that happened between The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra instead of a live action
Emmanuel Araujo
Emmanuel Araujo 3 ай мурун
I just hope they don't completely destroy it like they did with Death Note, and even if they don't, they could still distort and dilute it like they did with The Witcher... Maybe it'd be best just not to do it.
Emmanuel Araujo
Emmanuel Araujo 3 ай мурун
@Maibuwolf I didn't read the comics and also didn't watch The Legend of Korra. I only got more into Avatar recently because in the past I could never catch the episodes in sucession and was always confused about the story, so I didn't want to watch like that and ruin it. When Netflix added it, I was finally able to see how good it actually was and became a true fan, but was instantly thrown off by the complains about LOK's power scaling and story. I'm still going to watch it and take my own conclusions, but I'm disappointed to hear that the creators are the cause of some of these problems that are being pointed out. It's pretty crazy to think that so many things are brought down by some of the people that came up with it in the first place. Avatar apparently shares a lot in common with TLOU in this sense -- a couple of people working there made it great, but when they left, shit just went downhill.
Maibuwolf 3 ай мурун
@Emmanuel Araujo They already did that in the comics that take place after the original show. The creators are full blown SJWs and have been since shortly after the show ended. They also suck at writing. The head writer for atla has talked about how he had to constantly talk them out of really shitty ideas.
Emmanuel Araujo
Emmanuel Araujo 3 ай мурун
@Maibuwolf I wouldn't mind some light SJW stuff here and there if they didn't sacrifice the overall quality of the show for it -- the original Avatar had some that wasn't blown out of proportion and it wasn't bad, but it seems that 99% of the time people don't think twice before sacrificing the quality and lore of whatever it is that they're adapting to appeal to the minorities and their causes. I'm not even a right leaning conservative (far from it) and I do sympathize with the real issues, I just don't want these idiots to mess up the things that I love in the name of fucking diversity or other stupid bullshit.
Maibuwolf 3 ай мурун
I expect it to be full of sjw pandering. The creators went full sjw shortly after the original series finished airing.
Aima 3 ай мурун
Bruh the movie was so bad too like the way the characters were like I know they really don't have races but I hope that the characters are better.
Milo 3 ай мурун
Is avatar the last airbender comming to netflix in sweden?
MA E 3 ай мурун
7:45 but with new characters, don't make the old characters gay, introduce some new characters that are lgbt.
MA E 3 ай мурун
3:35 so long as i get a beautiful and accurate princess Yue i don't really mind much else.
Ahsan Muhammed
Ahsan Muhammed 3 ай мурун
Anyone here that just finished watching Avatar this month?
Kaine Skeptic
Kaine Skeptic 3 ай мурун
I dont see it translating well to live action. Id honestly prefer either a reboot of Korra or a story involving a previous unknown avatar
Mystical 3 ай мурун
I just started watching it and I’m in luv I can’t stop, I can’t just stop clicking next episode and next episode and again and again and again
Snuggle Owl
Snuggle Owl 3 ай мурун
We👏 need 👏a 👏prequel 👏about👏 Kyoshi 👏
DRGIZMO29 3 ай мурун
there are tons of comics that takes the event after the show i think. and they should make that instead of adapting the existing series. it's like remaking OG star wars trilogy. but i dunno, i trust the showrunners tho.
Fabiola Garcia
Fabiola Garcia 3 ай мурун
since this adaptation is on Netflix I think it would be interesting if the show pushed the boundaries a little more and be less PG. keep the show wholesome and upbeat, but I’d be interesting to see people actually die from bending, or at least be shown to be severely injured. i think it’s safe to say that benders are extremely strong, probably stronger than the normal person, but if characters are attacking with fire blasts and giant boulders isn’t there a chance that an opponent ends up dead?
Christopher Granados
Christopher Granados 3 ай мурун
I hope they do zuko finding his mom to
MaXerxo 3 ай мурун
There isn't a single franchise today that hasn't been utterly ruined by reboots. Filled with identity politics and irrelevant characters. I have very low expectations for this. Avatar the Last Airbender's name has already been sullied twice! First the live-action movie and then a lore shredder in the form of Legend of Korra. Mike and Brian made Legend of Korra and ignored the lore of Atla. Flushed it down the toilet to fill the story with as much fan-ficie bullshit they could muster. They now have full reign on this new series and I am worried. Legend of Korra shows that Mike and Brian don't know their own god damn lore. And we're supposed to trust them? I stand for the death of the author. Legend of Korra isn't canon. It's a fan-fiction. Their decisions on the new series and its lore are irrelevant. Atla is a freak accident we got to experience by sheer luck. And Netflix doesn't have a good track record doing stuff like this. I hope I'm wrong. I hope you guys are the ones to say "I told you so", but don't count on it.
normie twice removed
normie twice removed 3 ай мурун
I'd rather have the best of both worlds. A new story within the universe but it being live action. Imagine a live action Avatar Kyoshi series.
Mr. Soler
Mr. Soler 3 ай мурун
New Avatar fan here! watched it for the first time last week and I NEED THE ADAPTATION of the light novels
steelhound duncan
steelhound duncan 3 ай мурун
This isn't really that bizarre of a thing for Avatar to still be popular. Think of the original Star Trek, it was cancelled in the 60's do to NBC's short sitedness but thanks to syndication in the 80's it's popularity skyrocketted. I know the situations are a little different but I think this shows some show have staying power.
Krishanator 3 ай мурун
Why do you sound like happy Zuko
Steve Dont Miss
Steve Dont Miss 3 ай мурун
This commentator sounds like zuko lmao
Jamie Dooling
Jamie Dooling 3 ай мурун
Phantomghost 3 ай мурун
I want them to do a reboot of (animation) legend of korra, i personally love the character i like her more then aang but i think ppl hate her because of the story personally • Each season was to random of a story so keep it the first season but expand it to 24 episodes •keep everything about Amon, his powers, movitives and back story (hands down he is one the best villain in all of avatar.) •in the 24 episodes have her lost her bending at episode 20 and then she learn how to connect to the pass avatars and she will meet the first avatar and aang then she learns to airbend •fix the love story have her understand tht she like the opposite sex and have her date asami • And finally give avatar son tenzin and epic battle have him vs amin or his brother **personally i think the last two season should be another avatar story maybe after korra do a earthbender avatar trying to fix his country and have him be the first metalbeander avatar.** if u got some other changes or disagree send reply a comment
Surprised Face
Surprised Face 3 ай мурун
*S H O W W I T H I R O H A N D Z U K O A S T H E M A I N C H A R A C T E R S*
Apple Pie
Apple Pie 3 ай мурун
Would much rather get a cartoon series of the comic books (that came right after the ATLA series). Comics are worth a read 110% just hope they'd make a series of that instead of a live action or a new legend of ________ (after LoK).
The outsider
The outsider 3 ай мурун
I don’t have it on Netflix if anyone an help pls
ProMcPiglet 3 ай мурун
I’ve never wanted a live action avatar
Sone Selenator
Sone Selenator 3 ай мурун
echelon chick
echelon chick 3 ай мурун
one way to change the series from the original is to include some stuff from the comics. i find Ozai's and Ursa's story interesting. it wasn't much mentioned in the series, but there are some pretty dark stuff in the comics. would be a great drama episode
MakeupNirvana 3 ай мурун
I agree with following the story and broadening it, but the FMABrotherhood analogy doesn’t really work. FMABrotherhood was the true to manga version. The original FMA was rushed and finished before the manga was complete so they made up an ending.
Mario Razvan
Mario Razvan 3 ай мурун
Maybe i just understood your point of view wrong, but why would you want this live action remake to actually go into a different way? Why would you want the story that we all know and love to have the same roots but with a different adaptation? The time and place of the original series made it what it is today and i can't understand why would anyone like to see it told differently. I can't deny it would be totally awesome if they could tell the story better, for example explaining a lot of the things they didn't explain well enough, as you later said in the video, but changing the settings... for me, that would be disappointing. I feel like it would only make things worse, just as The Last Airbender did. I would rather watch the same thing in a live action manner than struggling to enjoy a half dinosaur half chicken story adapted wrong.
Charlie Schuster
Charlie Schuster 3 ай мурун
I want them to tell a story about after book 3, the amazing story’s that come after is really cool like how zuko almost started another war and aang had too decide should he kill his best friend or not
Marco Bain Productions
Marco Bain Productions 3 ай мурун
i hope they emphasizes more on the kataang ship if its a reboot or continue the story from where they left off
DespisedDumbass 3 ай мурун
"These are two of the smartest creators in all of television" *looks over at The Legend of Korra* Hmmmm I don't know about that one...
Maibuwolf 3 ай мурун
@Thomas Kinlaw The head writer made the original show so great not the creators. Just look into it. He constantly had to talk them out of doing dumb shit. Without him onboard for korra.....well you see how that went.
Thomas Kinlaw
Thomas Kinlaw 3 ай мурун
well they created the original cartoon so you cant say there not lol
Sokka on Cactus Juice
Sokka on Cactus Juice 3 ай мурун
Why does Nickelodeon put there best shows on Netflix
Rawk Hawk
Rawk Hawk 3 ай мурун
Me at 10:34, :D HAWKY! :3
Woah Hoaw
Woah Hoaw 3 ай мурун
I can understand why they're making a live action series but honestly I'd much rather see more animation
asfDevon 3 ай мурун
Woah Hoaw
Woah Hoaw 3 ай мурун
6:16 thank you I've been telling people that for years!!
Artkonina 3 ай мурун
It has a beach episode. IT'S ANIME. "oh but it wasn't made in Japan" grow up you Momo babies. I'll cut your hair loopies
HentaiSweetie 3 ай мурун
If it wasn't already pretty much confirmed that Aang was going to be in the live-action series I would actually prefer if they go into more detail about Avatar Kyoshi. I just have so many questions about that woman.
Thomas Kinlaw
Thomas Kinlaw 3 ай мурун
her story was explored in the comics
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