The TRUE Villains of The Owl House

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The Roundtable

2 ай мурун

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The Owl House is approaching the end of its first season and introducing us to the long-awaited antagonist Emperor Belos, but what if I were to tell you the TRUE villains were already lurking, ready to destroy the lives of Luz, Amity, Gus and Willow, with a connection to Eda's curse?
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The Roundtable
The Roundtable 2 ай мурун
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Christopher Betancourt
Christopher Betancourt Ай мурун
Hey vox I have my own Theory what if Eda starts her own Covenant that lets witches use multiple forms of magic and Willow Gus amities older brother and sister and Amity join and start living in the owl house and the house slowely gets expanded slowly become a school
Connor Donahue
Connor Donahue 2 ай мурун
artchick07 true
artchick07 2 ай мурун
@Connor Donahue I saw the episode. I still feel like her magical abilities weren't strong enough for a curse that large.
Connor Donahue
Connor Donahue 2 ай мурун
artchick07 well now we know that Lilath cursed Eda
artchick07 2 ай мурун
@Connor Donahue they could have bribe someone into cursing Eda. The way the couple threatened to ruin Willow's training is a perfect example at the lengths they will go for more power and prestige.
hackboi 3000
hackboi 3000 23 саат мурун
Well that would be lame below is a way better villian
Tyrant Qiu
Tyrant Qiu 2 күн мурун
"the blights cursed eda!" Lilith :
J Wake
J Wake 2 күн мурун
Both of amity's parents were in the abomination track. It's shown in some flash back thing
Nicolas Schwarz
Nicolas Schwarz 4 күн мурун
At 1:58 doesn’t her hair have a brown patch on it
kara smith
kara smith 5 күн мурун
The Roundtable: alador and odalia were probably bullies(isn't what he said exactly but close enough) me: well no shit Sherlock
kara smith
kara smith 5 күн мурун
i already have a theory that belos will lose in season two and the final boss is going to be an overlooked character, or a character we don't see often enough to consider them important. honestly in kinda think tiny nose will end up being the main villan.
Wave Sparks
Wave Sparks 7 күн мурун
Round table let me know what you think about this theory I think willow and amity moms might be sister that’s probably why her mom did not let amity play with willow but why just willow they might not be sister but something happened in the past
Miguel Palacio Castillo
Miguel Palacio Castillo 7 күн мурун
Belos is more evil than Mr. & Mrs. Blight. Why? Because Belos signed into Club Penguin without his parents permission
Neera Louisa Chandra
Neera Louisa Chandra 11 күн мурун
the blights didnt curse eda. Lilith did.
Lila Mendonca
Lila Mendonca 11 күн мурун
dana really pulled a Marinette dupian chang on amity and an Adrien on luz
Super Brainz
Super Brainz 11 күн мурун
Patents in there childhood watching Tom and Jerry what is pretty brutal And now the owl house is to brutal Am i the only one who things that Patents today should take it easy with Cartoons because back then it wasent better even more brutal
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien 13 күн мурун
The blights Might have got Lily off to curse her sister or maybe even tempered with the curse
entrapta wannabe
entrapta wannabe 18 күн мурун
the real villains are the angry lumity-shipping fans when luz rejects amity
Lucy Princess
Lucy Princess 19 күн мурун
Nothing too brief here but I think the true villain might be the titan and emperor belos is just a decoy made by him
SupėrDörk Īs MÅD SŪS
SupėrDörk Īs MÅD SŪS 24 күн мурун
People tell me how you survived hiatus? Because the owl house hiatus is making my quarantine even life worse and i have school.....tell me...HOW DID YOU SURVIVE!?!?😫😫😩 IM GOING CRAZY
Mimimink 25 күн мурун
I knew Lilith cursed her from the start 😂 it wasn’t even surprising- In the episode they revealed Lilith I though it was cheap, coincidental, cliche, and a bit lazy-
LUII 25 күн мурун
You have a true chad-sounding voice, dude. Wow.
Twilight Shadow
Twilight Shadow 26 күн мурун
When the blight parents find out that there is romance afoot they will get Luz kicked out Hexside and make sure that Amity never sees Luz again. In other words they shall attempt to murder all of the Lumity shippers.
RosieBrie 28 күн мурун
2:23 How I originally interpreted that line was that Amity has problems with her mother at home and thus is projecting the need for a good maternal figure onto a teacher, who she may have a better relationship with. But I suppose without anymore context available at the moment, it could be taken either way. Your interpretation does make sense as well.
Michelle Patton
Michelle Patton 29 күн мурун
In the end it was her sister lol
Pårţy_ Ånįmål
Pårţy_ Ånįmål Ай мурун
I watched the hole thing can't wait for season two!
H o t C h x c o l a t e
H o t C h x c o l a t e Ай мурун
But...Bellows..Could be Amities dad, because she got sick and he would’ve known amity Yet..AMITY WAS INJURED! Someone could’ve said reveal it! But they put it later for the big reveal. And plus You said the blights cursed Eda, and Bellows could be the dad! And on amities bed wasnt there the diamond? And there was one diamond on hex-side! People also said that they were in the background of when Eda turned into a beast! Thats also when bellow could’ve filed the report before she robbed anyone!
Laci Glines
Laci Glines Ай мурун
Like Marco from SVTFOE
Laci Glines
Laci Glines Ай мурун
Does anyone notice how Emira and Edric (especially Edric) have moles under they're eyes?
trainboy 13
trainboy 13 Ай мурун
i think bosha will tell the blight parents about amity's crush on luz and her reborn friendship with willow as revenge for betraying her causing them to team up to make sure luz, gus, and willow are done for and amity to be turn into stone. however they'll fail by the main cast (luz, eda, king, gus, willow, and amity) learning about the plan by emrick and emera telling them.
Itz_gacha _ellie
Itz_gacha _ellie Ай мурун
I think its her sister the sister of ida ya know (go to every disney channel KGpost channel search owl house and then click on wotches duel gone wrong😱) (the one that curesed ida
jim brady
jim brady Ай мурун
M.Kerem Aydın
M.Kerem Aydın Ай мурун
How can ı watch this episodes. They didnt come to turkey
Ari Elise
Ari Elise Ай мурун
Sometimes I wonder if Amity accidently called her teacher "mom" because she saw more of a parental figure in the teacher than in her actual mother. That makes me really sad.
Tealo Ай мурун
I feel like they purposefully didn’t show Azura’s ears so it wouldn’t be weird for the books to exist in both worlds
KSYV_ 8647
KSYV_ 8647 Ай мурун
I can imagine Amity's dad looking like Abraham Lincoln lol!
NOT Starscream
NOT Starscream Ай мурун
as a fellow theorist myself I fell like the people that are writing to Luz's mom are Mr and Mrs Blight hear let me explain Eda the owl lady has a portal to the human realm and would it be too crazy if there were more of them everything comes from something as said by Eda herself and maybe there is more where it came from. And where did Eda get hers. In the episode "young blood old souls" we see a flashback of Lilith cursing Eda and on Eda's door there is a star like symbol and this isn't the only time we see it after investigating for about 30 minutes I see that the star like symbol we see on Eda's door ties in with the one the only Blight family could it be that the Clawthorne sisters were sleeping at blight manor and I know it sounds like a stretch but hear me out. In the episode "wing it like witches" Eda is going threas a fellow theorist myself I fell like the people that are writing to Luz's mom are Mr and Mrs Blight hear let me explain Eda the owl lady has a portal to the human realm and would it be too crazy if there were more of them everything comes from something as said by Eda herself and maybe there is more where it came from. And where did Eda get hers. In the episode "young blood old souls" we see a flashback of Lilith cursing Eda and on Eda's door there is a star like symbol and this isn't the only time we see it after investigating for about 30 minutes I see that the star like symbol we see on Eda's door ties in with the one the only Blight family could it be that the Clawthorne sisters were sleeping at blight manor and I know it sounds like a stretch but hear me out. In the episode "wing it like witches" Eda is going threw her old Grudgeby pictures but in the bottom left corner there is a picture of Eda and an unknown Witch and after staring at the same shot for 40 minutes I gave up and decided to just look it up and after researching I am pretty sure this is Mrs. Blight and all tho I like that they could possibly be Azura I just think it's a bit of a stretch but other then that maybe since they were friends she invited them to a sleepover and when they were there Eda found this cool key and took it because she is still Eda after all friend or not and that would also explain why mr and mrs blight could be seen in the crowd watching Eda and Lilith in "young blood old souls" but why would they want to keep Luz in the Demon realm well after investigating they either want her for something or they want to use her. Threw season 1 it hints that Amity's parents see Amity as the runt of the family being the weakest and most vulnerable out of there three children and in "young blood old souls" Luz takes down pretty much all of the guards in the cunformatoriom like a Bada*s and even went against the emperor without being that badly injured probably just scrapes and cuts but why was she so strong because of her anger and determination to save Eda just imagine if she was trained by mr and mrs Blight to use her anger properly she could be strong enough to kill Belose if she wanted to which is probably what they want her for what if they knew she was capable of this before she entered the Demon realm in the first place what if they were spying on her for years and on that fatal summer they planed to kidnap her but Eda beat them there first but they have a new plan a plan to get rid of Amity and replace her with Luz a plan to make Luz THE ULTIMATE BLIGHT
Itz White
Itz White Ай мурун
Didnt lilith sed that she cursed eda? De person next to young eda is her sister lilith . Young Lilith had glasses and she had orange hair to a think. And de true villian is... de emperor
Abigail Sanders
Abigail Sanders Ай мурун
you are wrong
Cathy Qu
Cathy Qu Ай мурун
still bellos
Cathy Qu
Cathy Qu Ай мурун
in the picture, lilith also wears glasses
Ooi Nigel
Ooi Nigel Ай мурун
Man, the prediction that the blights cursed eda grew well
matthew lol
matthew lol Ай мурун
finnaly some one notice the parents of amity!!
Cristhian Hernandez
Cristhian Hernandez Ай мурун
Here sister cursed eta
alexis arenas
alexis arenas Ай мурун
*Christophe Alice plays*
Hakimi Gamer
Hakimi Gamer Ай мурун
Wanna know???
Hakimi Gamer
Hakimi Gamer Ай мурун
But I already know who curse eda
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond Ай мурун
everyone knows who really cursed eda- AKA HER ONLY AND CLOSE CHILD HOOD BSF LILITH
Rory's Reality
Rory's Reality Ай мурун
I've been saying this since Understanding Willow.
Jasmine Bless Casauay
Jasmine Bless Casauay Ай мурун
Actually Lilith was the one who cursed Eda
Gooble Man
Gooble Man Ай мурун
Lillith cursed Eda tho
L1-•sm_ol•!was here•_
L1-•sm_ol•!was here•_ Ай мурун
wait is amity realted to the good witch azula
Hudson Smith
Hudson Smith Ай мурун
I think the reason azura is in both worlds is because she’s a fictional character, or a myth, and all myths in the human world are in the demon realm
RexTubeHD Ай мурун
The teacher she called mom could have her mom as the teacher which is how they could stop willow get in hexide
TheRainbowClod Ай мурун
Has anyone watched this after the AMA on Reddit? The PAIN is REAL. (if you haven't seen the AMA with Dana, PAIN is an acronym about what season 2 vaguely will be about. Parental Conflict A lot of emotions Island exploration New characters Also, the fact that Mrs. Blight is "color coordinated"... Jeez.)
Animal Crossing Fan
Animal Crossing Fan Ай мурун
After seeing agony of a witch and also young blood old souls that theory of blights being the reason of eda's curse makes me laugh a little, didnt age well it seems
Princess Cove
Princess Cove Ай мурун
alright everyone from the top! straight hair, straight A's straightforward
yalta hasanudin nuh
yalta hasanudin nuh Ай мурун
I… H A T E Fish
Doron Perry
Doron Perry Ай мурун
I know this can't be true, but the star thing might be true, what if Lilith and owl Lady, that would explain her relationship with Lilith and a lot more
I don't think amity is adopted one of the reasons is in the flashback where Eda gives the spot of the Emperor coven to Lilith in the background there's a couple who looks like amitys parents amitys mom has green hair and her dad has brown hair so she has the brown hair from her dad
And the reason for her having to be "perfect" is maybe because she's young or is apart of the abomination track because both the twins are in the illustration track and I think her mom was in the abomination track too
Owl Man
Owl Man Ай мурун
after watching the series finale i think the blights do have ties to belos and i think they could be helping him in some way and in return they get more power
Andy Lin
Andy Lin Ай мурун
lilith cursed eda
denisedarthur Ай мурун
he says: hey who cursed e-me: ITS LILTH
ImJust_Yui Ай мурун
Ngl I think I have a theory. [Spoilers ep 19] When we saw the Blight parents in the background, it was infact confirmed that they went to school with Lillith and Eda. Now, I feel like the Blights are so powerful because they could be in the Emperor's Coven and maybe Amith's parents convinced her to aim for it. And so, when Belos told whoever was at his side to keep a close eye on them, I feel like it would be one of the Blights foreshadowing into season 2. This is only a hunch but I feel like some things add up with the parents being controlling and having a lot of power.
Makyis Smith
Makyis Smith Ай мурун
Lilith cursed eda btw. Don’t read this comment if you haven’t watched agony of a witch
Lumity go brrrhrh
Lumity go brrrhrh Ай мурун
*Well I mean, anyone who's mean to Luz is technically a villain-*
chipcat gamer
chipcat gamer Ай мурун
okay ik we all cam from the su fandom
Science_gamer Ай мурун
Luz is azura they have the exact same face
DEKU _3LITE Ай мурун
I am from the future and it here sister that give eda the cursed
azkadli Ай мурун
Who is the spy in the final episode
Toxic hardud
Toxic hardud Ай мурун
I’ll guess it was her sister she gave her yeah curse cause she was jealous all answers go to her
noah walter
noah walter Ай мурун
Actually Lilith is the culprit for cursing Eda but what we don't know is who left the scroll that Lilith use for her sister?
Kou Nene
Kou Nene Ай мурун
Maybe Amity was adopted *Gasp * *I was adopted, when I was 2*
Insaneragon Ай мурун
Lol. It wasn't the blights that cursed her 🤣it was her sister
Shadow Ackerman Explosion
Shadow Ackerman Explosion Ай мурун
The true villain is someone. No need to thank me :v
honaryy honaryy
honaryy honaryy Ай мурун
Hold on that which zera was in the real word and wich word in that comick maybe is that berd mask that didnt show 🤔 maybe
basic nerd
basic nerd Ай мурун
What? I'm confused with your spelling and grammar
Ink Lolbit
Ink Lolbit Ай мурун
The curse was from lilith (proven in further episodes)
basic nerd
basic nerd Ай мурун
... G U N D U M T A N A K A
Silkyy Dropps
Silkyy Dropps Ай мурун
Enzo RZ
Enzo RZ Ай мурун
I like this channel but this is a stupid theory emperor bolos is pretty much god or satan of the show
Reese Ай мурун
This theory still holds up for me. Like you pointed out in your latest vid, even if Lilith cursed Eda, Mrs. Blight probably either set it up. You can see Mrs. Blight smirking at seeing Eda cursed. It's possible that whoever sold Lilith the curse was paid by the Blights to tell her it'd only last for 24 hours.And the imagery on the door etc. We don't actually know if they lived with the Blight family or not. That very well may have been the case!
EditDeath Ай мурун
Post season finale, it seems like a lot of details to the theory are disproved, but the overall idea may still have merit. Between Amity's hair style and the color she dyed her hair, it's easy to conclude that she's emulating (whether on her own or at her parents' insistence, probably the latter) her mother, because she is a dead ringer for her mom in the flashback. That supports the idea of them pressuring Amity to be their definition of perfect. From Mrs. Blight's expression during Eda's curse manifesting (what I've seen called "resting Blight face" by others), it looks like she approved of it happening. Also, while the presumed Mr. Blight in the scene was in Abominations, Mrs. Blight may have been in Oracle (uniform looks like a darker purple), so while they may not have been the ones to actually curse Eda, she may have been able to orchestrate it happening. Not sure about them being the bigger bads, but they're definitely being set up as important villains moving forward.
Maro Kim
Maro Kim Ай мурун
What if azora is the emperor
killer of dawn
killer of dawn Ай мурун
Lilith made edas curse
Anaiya Hawkins
Anaiya Hawkins Ай мурун
The one that cursed Eater what's her sister Lilith
Julio I.
Julio I. Ай мурун
I also saw some implied homophobia being a possible reason why Willow and Amity can't be friends. It looks like Willow has 2 dads in her flashback so maybe that's another reason they can't be friends.
•Boba Tea•
•Boba Tea• Ай мурун
So if Amity's parents are mentally abusive and if they find out that Amity likes girls there most likely gonna have a homophobic reaction poor Amity
Mariana Gtz.
Mariana Gtz. Ай мурун
Like my family :’D
Spector Ай мурун
it would honestly be cool if we got new villains every season or two, not enough shows do that
Ali Eissa
Ali Eissa Ай мурун
It's lilth who did it
Delight Channel
Delight Channel Ай мурун
Hey i think i now who Amity parents
It’s Niki
It’s Niki Ай мурун
It was the edas sister
GaLaXy. BlUeNeSs
GaLaXy. BlUeNeSs Ай мурун
We know that eda's sister had glasses when edas sister was little
GaLaXy. BlUeNeSs
GaLaXy. BlUeNeSs Ай мурун
I know who cursed eda
Nancy Bachmann
Nancy Bachmann Ай мурун
The person that cursed Eda is seeing on a photo in episode 17 season 1. The shadow is from her!
Krzyzaczeq ·
Krzyzaczeq · Ай мурун
I think Amity is adopted and her real Mother is Eda judging from their natural hair colors. I also think that the mysterious person from the photo is Luz's mother and she was Azura, and the book about Azura was written by her, in the magical world as an autobiography and in the real world as a normal book
Spy Guy
Spy Guy Ай мурун
Plot twist: They just put amity up for adoption
Itz_your Devil Gabby
Itz_your Devil Gabby Ай мурун
What if amity’s dad is emperor bellos
MiniFatRat Ай мурун
@Itz_your Devil Gabby True true
Itz_your Devil Gabby
Itz_your Devil Gabby Ай мурун
MiniFatRat me too or it could be Luz’s dad be cause she had no dad in the beginning
MiniFatRat Ай мурун
Yeah, I think belos is a human
Itz_your Devil Gabby
Itz_your Devil Gabby Ай мурун
MiniFatRat dang it TwT
MiniFatRat Ай мурун
Different voice actors so no
• gaycko •
• gaycko • Ай мурун
I love listening to theories because of the thought that anyone who gave characters certain features was because they thought ‘it was cool’ which was stated in a LetMeExplainStudios video
king Susie pen 's Fandom channel
king Susie pen 's Fandom channel Ай мурун
7:45 OK?
E Ай мурун
I highly doubt the girl in the picture is Azura. Her skin is WAY too light and her hair is more of a mint color.
Braver_Strikes Ай мурун
Me after watching the last episode of season 1: *loud trying not to cry*
zagon dragon99
zagon dragon99 Ай мурун
Quick spoiler but Eda's sister Lilith cursed her
Elijah Gabriel Teoツ
Elijah Gabriel Teoツ Ай мурун
*P P*
BlueWasEjected Ай мурун
No, the true villian is Lilith.
Sara Fontanini
Sara Fontanini Ай мурун
"They mystery student could be good witch azura" ...even though the 'mystery student' is wearing glasses, which azura does not
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