Will Eda and Lilith Heal the Owl Beast Curse? (The Owl House Season 2 Theory)

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The Roundtable

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The conclusion of The Owl House's first season with Agony of a Witch and Young Blood Old Souls gave us a deeper understanding of Eda and Lilith's sibling relationship while also shattering our hearts. Now that the curse has been shared by Lilith, how will it further develop in season 2? Will Luz have to train both Eda and Lilith in glyph magic, will Eda's Owl Beast transformation differ, if it appears at all? And will Lilith be on a quest for a cure, turning to Emperor Belos and the Coven, maybe even potentially bringing back the Healing Hat? Let's talk!

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The Roundtable
The Roundtable Ай мурун
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Rolando Paolo San Antonio
Rolando Paolo San Antonio Ай мурун
If they fuse maybe they can form a whole owl beast ?? 😂🤣 Like in Pacific rim where it requires 2 pilot to used a Gundam... Or jeager
Exploding Animations
Exploding Animations Ай мурун
Is there are discord server for this channel?
Christopher Betancourt
Christopher Betancourt Ай мурун
My theory is since Eda has had the curse longer than Lilith the curse has become much stronger thanks to the episode where the Elixir a day stops working I think the curse is going to deplete lilth magic a lot faster and maybe Lilith will get her own owl form
Yoplait Ай мурун
Life Ай мурун
Under the new cure idea for the healing hat I was thinking maybe Eda and Lilith would use the old ways of magic (that belos doesn’t want) to combine different covens and basically make a new healing hat curing the both of them or something like it that both of them got to keep on to stop the curse from coming back
Rosimar Cortes
Rosimar Cortes 11 саат мурун
Maby im seson 4 or 5
Theodore Koren
Theodore Koren Күн мурун
I think since King is Bill Cypher reincarnated they will somehow have king change back into Bill's body and have him get back his powers and he will heal Eda and maybe even kill the emperor
BadCloud Күн мурун
500th comment yay
Prayag Prajapati
Prayag Prajapati Күн мурун
There should be a movie to explore belos only
Lex The gamer girl
Lex The gamer girl Күн мурун
I can’t catch up I half to buy like almost all the eposides I can only watch four
poptart cat
poptart cat 4 күн мурун
Okay, we all knew Lilith cursed Eda. I knew it but hoped that they’d be would do a plot twist and the parents or a relative she’s close to did the spell on her.
Adam Lee
Adam Lee 5 күн мурун
The Emperor “You get me ‘blank’ Lilith, and I will give you the healing hat.” Lilith “and why should I trust you” “It’s not like you and your sister have much of a choice anymore, do you” I could easily see this conversation taking place, and I just noticed this is a month old, why is it just now showing up in recommended.
Annie Presgraves
Annie Presgraves 5 күн мурун
If hooty cures it I’m going to scream or king
Boba and Coffee :3
Boba and Coffee :3 12 күн мурун
This is mot a theory about the curse but for the powers of eda and lilith Since lilith and eda have bile sacks may be they could absorb the glyph magic and gain some of their powers back(since luz doesn't have all the glyph powers) and think of a plan to get the rest of the glyphs from a similar way that luz got her "power of the glyphs" and (related to the king's collar is a relic kind of thing that keeps him adorable) try to find a way to way to get him back to his original form and try to defeat belos bro.
Plague knight
Plague knight 13 күн мурун
so let me get this straight curses are the corrupted gems of owl house?
Renan Colombini
Renan Colombini 17 күн мурун
I REALLY want it to be cured
Lucy Princess
Lucy Princess 19 күн мурун
This theory isn't answered too so I'll drop my theory and prediction upon it Now do I think the curses will be healed? Yes I think so now I agree with what you said about the real healing hat but I also have my theory which is quite possible Now I think the potions track holds the answer for us. So the potions track creates potions so I believe there is a rare, sacred and hidden potion that's able to cure any curse so I think that potion will completely heal the curse and season 2's second half will revolve around the potion and season 3 will heal the curses that's what I think
Kaka Lazer
Kaka Lazer 20 күн мурун
Pause the video then go to 3:27 eda’s eyes are normal before she got healed but still in the owl beast form
Thedragonwhodraws 20 күн мурун
6:07 i wanna note that owlbert and the staff appear from blue flames that look like the ones Lilith used to destroy the healing hat
Luke DeFalco
Luke DeFalco Ай мурун
Season 2 of the owl house is coming on early 2021 on January or February.
robert mirhady
robert mirhady Ай мурун
If anyone can find out how to mange their curse it'll be Eda and Lilith, now that they know where it came from as well as both their expertise and wisdom taken into account. I'm sure they find a way to make things work out, whether it's curing the curse or controlling/mastering it. Like Luz said they'll figure things out together.
Marshall xox
Marshall xox Ай мурун
I wonder will this show take the crown Steven universe left behind
Bionic System5
Bionic System5 Ай мурун
Patrisha Funk
Patrisha Funk Ай мурун
What does belos want with the human realm and why?
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill Ай мурун
Because he is evil
Miss Madness
Miss Madness Ай мурун
i’m wondering if the “good witch azura” actually came from the witch realm. the thorn vault was part of the good witch azura series in “wing it like witches.” idk if this was discussed.
April Acevedo
April Acevedo Ай мурун
What if Edna and lyleth become more brutal or aggressive in owl form
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien
Akira evanglion Ultimate alien Ай мурун
I hope ryuk shows up later on and tries to help the game and I hope that he was once eda’s Previously have interests
Ever_ CW
Ever_ CW Ай мурун
i feel like the curse will become a boost eventually
Pearl Ай мурун
I really wanna see what Amity is like when she sees Lilith, from what was see in Agony of a witch, she was pretty mad at Lilith.
TMG Studios
TMG Studios Ай мурун
I had an idea to maybe not break the curse but mute its power they divided the curse between them so each have 50% of the curse if you can do liliths spell multiple times you could keep dividing the curse until each person has only 1% of the curse
TMG Studios
TMG Studios Ай мурун
@Balance of The hill well yes and no while they all still have the curse but at 0.781% of its full power the effect would be so small the difference is irrelevant
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill Ай мурун
Would it be extinguished then?
TMG Studios
TMG Studios Ай мурун
@Balance of The hill about 128 people because with each divide you need to double the people used in the last devide after it gets divided between 128 each person would have about 0.781% of the curse
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill Ай мурун
You no how many people would have to share the curse? Too many
Ripby Ай мурун
One thing I noticed is that the emperor's castle has a giant heart above the throne, which might mean that the entire castle is alive. Which other building do we know is alive? The owl house. Just some random thing I noticed
Makyis Smith
Makyis Smith Ай мурун
Witch person do you think is cuter... King , The Small Demon! Or... Owlbert the wonderful owl!
AnnaBelle Dolfo
AnnaBelle Dolfo Ай мурун
Ngl I was really hoping for furry Eda
Happymasks Ай мурун
sooo nobody seeing belos trying to revive the TITAN itself !?
Goofy VII
Goofy VII Ай мурун
Just like Naruto how his dad gave home half of Kurama until he could handle all of him
Wyatt W
Wyatt W Ай мурун
4:39 Thanos wants to know you're location
I honestly don’t know
I honestly don’t know 14 күн мурун
Wyatt W *you’re* location
Tyreek Jackson
Tyreek Jackson Ай мурун
This kideuh makes sense..
???? Ай мурун
How did Eda get her door to the Human Realm if it's so special, and the only one of its kind? I thought at least Emperor Belos would have something like that. And it's weird that she so casually sells Human Collectibles and opens that Human Horror House if the very fact she has human stuff blows her cover. Wouldn't anyone know it was her, even if it doesn't have her name on it (like it did in Once Upon A Swap)? You'd think someone would see her stand and rat her out to the Emperor's Coven, and even those that didn't agree with the law would be too scared to buy stuff from her and risk being arrested as well, even though humans must be considered very exotic on the Boiling Isles, and stuff from their world seems like it would be worth more money than Eda's selling it for. I know she's a wanted criminal, but it still seems weird to paint her as this struggling poor woman. Illegally selling interdimensional artifacts, you'd think she'd have it made, at least in terms of money. And how do witches and demons on the Boiling Isles have any human stuff, or know anything at all about humans? They don't have doors like Eda, or Emperor Belos could've taken one from so many others besides Eda, and it would be ridiculous that he didn't have his own, being so rich and powerful. And I don't think everyone got their knowledge of humans and human stuff from Eda, or everyone would know her, and she'd have been found ages ago. How did nobody besides Lilith discover the Owl House anyway, and why wouldn't more people alert the Emperor's Coven when they see her at her stand? How does the Boiling Isles have any knowledge of humans whatsoever? Why aren't they more surprised to see Luz? I'm not convinced Eda's door is the only way to the Human Realm, but Emperor Belos seems pretty capable of finding out another way, yet he waits for months for Lilith to capture Eda, and goes through this whole process, when he could just have someone steal the key! And there's been several instances in the show where Lilith or another member of the Emperor's Coven could've easily stolen the door or key, but they didn't even seem to notice it! And another thing, this is just more evidence that it really is Eda sending those fake letters to Luz's mom, which would make sense with how she goes there through it without saying why and not bringing back trash afterwards, and with how much she loves Luz, feeling like a mother to her and wanting to be her only mother and stay with her forever, but on the other hand, we know for a fact that Eda knows how to spell Luz's name. I honestly have no theory that would explain this, but I'm open to suggestions.
Vasili Georgakopoulos
Vasili Georgakopoulos Ай мурун
How about the way we best movie
Kae Danielle
Kae Danielle Ай мурун
Have they tried saying the curse backwards?? Lol
rilynn miller
rilynn miller Ай мурун
I think it would be strange to see Lilith turn into an owl beast if you has a raven palismen so what if the curse just turned you into your spirit animal or the animal on their staff?
Mÿštîkįìí - Roblox
Mÿštîkįìí - Roblox Ай мурун
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill Ай мурун
Maybe it was thrown out into the boiling sea when the titan died and it’s corpse became the Isles, and the Emperor wants it as too rule over earth or possibly take over other dimensions. That could an awesome plot point too continue in later seasons if they do so
Foxy 400
Foxy 400 Ай мурун
Hey hello here how about next time talk about big city greens they have a new episode that has a major plot twist like come on man not everything has to be owl house and amphibia like focus on other things on Disney channel like come on man please do it it will make me very happy🥺🥺🥺🥺
jf k
jf k Ай мурун
I'm looking forward to the new Ducktales episodes starting this upcoming Monday.
Andrea Santana
Andrea Santana Ай мурун
You think I can’t handle a hiatus? ive been a Steven universe fan since 2014 **Spits** Pathetic
I been a fan since 2013 Pathetic
T P J Ай мурун
2:45 Isn’t that from ‘ The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit? ‘ That one Wallace and Gromit movie if I’m correct.
doggie_guts Ай мурун
Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Anthro owl lady . Now go and find the one without a full stop . '.'
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby Ай мурун
I think Luz will find a cure for the curse in potion class
Noris Amaya
Noris Amaya Ай мурун
are they going to post!!!!?
SlendertubbieGamer Po
SlendertubbieGamer Po Ай мурун
There is no news of the second season of the show. Disney announced the plan for the second season way before the release of the first season in November 2019. After the premiere of the first season, Disney didn't make any statement regarding the further season.
Boloro B
Boloro B Ай мурун
Them healing the curse would be extremely degrading and it would also lose the message with in the curse for ppl with disorders and disabilities so hopefully they do not heal it
Jonathan Ай мурун
Welc back to McDonald's We have the Picky Theorists We have the Barkers We have the League Of Vorers We have the Victims And finally we have the people who are watching this chaos happen
JustFlxffy Ай мурун
I think emperor belos is Kings dad
Rickettson Ай мурун
The full transformation looks a little like Howel's bird form. Perhaps like Howel, the reverse to "human" can be achieved by someone who cares deeply for the cursed? Think about King's anger squeal! King intentionally doing it helped bring Eda out of it that once!
Anonymaton Ай мурун
Did I see a Buster Sword in there?
MiniFatRat Ай мурун
Talk about the new character please! :)
digunder14 Ай мурун
also makes sense for lilith to potentially find a cure, given she had the curse at least long enough till up the casting, having potentially read it well enough to have more info to go off of
Pastel Galaxy Studio
Pastel Galaxy Studio Ай мурун
*Inhale* no. What would be the point in curing her curse? In the show the curse is treated like a chronic illness, it would just be a cop out. Because Eda can't naturally do magic anymore she's fundamentally disabled something that can easily resonate with fans who deal with these issues in real life. The thing that makes Eda so great is that she is so much other than her curse, a better message is "life goes on" that she's more than her chronic illness and it's something that will always be there but because she has a support system that loves her and wants her to be ok so she'll be ok. But this is all going to fall on deaf ears because the fandom is so obsessed with Eda's curse and fucking lore that they can't see Eda for the brilliant character she is. Stop obsessing about backstory and lore and appreciate that they show is about characters, this isn't Gravity Falls.
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill Ай мурун
We want mysteries answered
kaizoku kysyryuu saber
kaizoku kysyryuu saber Ай мурун
Half cursed eda is like eda with black hair and wings
Kira Henry
Kira Henry Ай мурун
I think that lilith will have nightmares about eda not forgiving her and I think that every time when its night,eda will try to the owl beats and lilith will a raven beats or something idk TwT
Reports Stats
Reports Stats Ай мурун
hi i have a theory........ if emperor belos is the alive form of the titan and the magic comes from him it might explains why he wants every witch to be in a coven because she cant use lots of power so when he gets hi titan body back he would have his magic powers
Tiaam Du Nord
Tiaam Du Nord Ай мурун
Cool theory and all, but I think the whole point of the curse is that it *isnt* some cool fantasy power up. It makes her weaker. Maybe she’s physically stronger as the owl beast, but in a world of magic, it’s a little useless. I mean, those Demon Hunters were able to apprehend Owl Eda with ease.
sadia kashif
sadia kashif Ай мурун
dude roundtable your almost to 1m subscribers dude wow nice
Milo Cerna
Milo Cerna Ай мурун
Owl beast lillis
Freaky Stories
Freaky Stories Ай мурун
Didn't the Hulk try to get ride of his powers in the past and then stop after a episode when he did find the cure and it was a big mist ick and the bad guy nearly destroy the world, after that the hulk never tired to cure him self ever again? What happens if something like that happens to Eda and Lilith? Also as I can recall it was magic that cure the Hulk and give him back his powers from some power full being who did that I cant say who It was? It was a very long time ago that episode happen when I was a kid? I cant help but think that Eda will be more power full in a differed way thinks to Luz so even if she cure she still have her powers and the new tricks that she learn from Luz. She really be the must power witch in the boiling island for jure with her old magic and new ones too for jure man. As for Lilith it would be a waste of time to ask M Bello's for help she knows he a liar now and wont keep his word so there's no point for her to ask for his help now ex spicily now that she wanted too just like Eda now. How ever I cant help but think that Karma will be getting her back for cursing Eda by giving her, her own median by turning her into a raven monster and the other side a fix from the cures now, after a w she wanted to cures her self and her sister now that she know how it feels to be all lone now, think about it Eda was on her own for 30 years with these cure and s for it for so long Lilith wont be appeal to tack it for a week let only 30 long years like Eda did?
Moonlit Mortician
Moonlit Mortician Ай мурун
Not that I don't like this show, but is anyone else a bit worried about how similar Eda and Lilith are to Stan and Ford from Gravity Falls?
Philip Vids
Philip Vids Ай мурун
I'm just gonna tell you this through a comment on your latest video for obvious reasons. I just found an official video from CARTOON NETWORK announcing NEW EPISODES of THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL. It was kind of hard for me to find, but it's out there.
Blah Ай мурун
Nope nope nope. I want my disability rep. Getting better doesn’t have to mean the curse going away
Jack Lampin
Jack Lampin Ай мурун
I don’t want my disability having mine sucks screw autism
Jhon Dominic Labadan
Jhon Dominic Labadan Ай мурун
Why do i feel in Season 2 Lilith still believe the Emperor Belos. I know she saw what Emperor belos do to Eda but i think in season 2 is that Lilith could be the enemy like in the final chapter of season 2 and Lilith might sacrifice in order the curse will lift off to eda or Lilith might died in season 2 but in season 3 she still alive but she's in different isles. I'm kinda curious about lilith's journey in season 2 because i only know eda's personality and her mood but what about lilith i know she doesn't like staying for too long and waiting but i think that lilith might leave the owl house and search for the cure of the curse. I have lots of questions in my mind that it might be happened in season 2 and im kinda curious about it because it is hard to find a solution like this problem.
Johan Willman
Johan Willman Ай мурун
I think Lilith Will become a white raven
Morgan Dam
Morgan Dam Ай мурун
I feel like the cruse will be like this. One of them being on their owl form but still being control, while the other still being in there witch dorm but acts a lot like the owl beast
mood Ай мурун
Like how there almost at 1 mil
Katherine Kelley
Katherine Kelley Ай мурун
Maybe their curse will draw comparisons to chronic illness?
PEN MOG Ай мурун
When edas circle shatterd i wanted to eat the shards
Marvinothegamerr Ай мурун
Wow im kinda early
elo gsd
elo gsd Ай мурун
I think Lilith cursed too because when she’s a child his hair is orange
RaeRae Walker
RaeRae Walker Ай мурун
No, I think Dana said that she dyed her hair to look more intimidating
Lynxxx Ай мурун
Lilith dyes her hair blue to be considered more intimidating and professional. The curse grays your hair, as seen with Lilith's gray streak of hair and Eda.
The Unknown
The Unknown Ай мурун
Now this reminds me of Star's wand Cleaved
turtleboy Ай мурун
I feel like mcdonalds sprite will cure eda
Zigge Norberg
Zigge Norberg Ай мурун
How/whear do you see the owl house
Euninquo Gelbolingo
Euninquo Gelbolingo Ай мурун
i think the healing leader can make the healing hat or they two healing hat who made the healing hat the emperor or the leader
CheeseCake Ай мурун
I don't think season 2 would be about finding the titan artifact but rather emperor belos going after the key that summons the door and activate the door. Can't open a locked door without a key.
CheeseCake Ай мурун
Is it just me or i see a skull on the moon?
Melody Reah
Melody Reah Ай мурун
Kevin is a Sonic fan?!
megan prajogo
megan prajogo Ай мурун
The owl house will coming at January 15 2021 im so excited to watch it
megan prajogo
megan prajogo Ай мурун
They dont have power :(
megan prajogo
megan prajogo Ай мурун
How luz gonna go back home if her mom wanted to go back home after summer camping😅 and also what if emperor destroy eda and lilith or more with out using power in season 2
Caroline Lutz
Caroline Lutz Ай мурун
The idea of the curse being cured makes me sick. This is such a good symbolism for people with a chronic sickness and just curing it would be gross
Hasatanel Belial
Hasatanel Belial Ай мурун
2:22 Like how Eda still lost her magic?
Katty Ай мурун
I’m kind of hoping they don’t heal Eda and Liliths’ curse. I’d be fine if they did in the very end of the finale though.
Arselliano Putra
Arselliano Putra Ай мурун
Either they remove the curse or accept the curse
Sha'teeq Smith
Sha'teeq Smith Ай мурун
Although it may be true that Lilith won’t ever outmatch her sister in magical skill, she still probably has some potential that I want to see unlocked.
Oliver Ай мурун
I think she'll learn to use the glyphs similar to how she used her box of cheats in grudgby
Guy2474 Ай мурун
Why haven't I subbed to this channal
XxLovelyx 6788
XxLovelyx 6788 Ай мурун
I just realized something from seeing a very short moment in the beginning of the video when Luz went back through the portal. What happens if someday in the human world the house gets demolished? Will the portal still be able to appear through there or won't be able to open at all?
floofioq Ай мурун
Did anyone see boschas mom in episode 20? Havent seen anyone post about it but, Go Check it out yourself. She has the same haircolor but only with 2 eyes, Also Has Glasses, While Her Hair Is Kinda Wavy.
Aman Ghuman
Aman Ghuman Ай мурун
The word “mud” seems out of place in the message could someone explain to me how mud is relevant to eda’s curses or her relationship with lilith
Luzuraboi 64
Luzuraboi 64 Ай мурун
Mud is dirty and Lilith did a dirty thing
Luzuraboi 64
Luzuraboi 64 Ай мурун
Rhymes with blood
Sweet Little Monster
Sweet Little Monster Ай мурун
I think liliths spell only cut the time of the curse in half. So i think now they just both have it they just have alittle more time to cure it. And lilith will eventually turn into some kind of monster like eda
James Cline
James Cline Ай мурун
I literally said if i don’t see “ravenbeast” lilith or owlbeast lilith I’m gonna end it on one of ur vids-
GreenHat Ай мурун
I think we all want to see the Lilith turn into either an owl Beast or Raven Beast or whatever just once... if for no other reason than to get her to realize that she needs to take elixir as well...
Serenity Araiza
Serenity Araiza Ай мурун
okay so this is old but in dana's AMA, did anyone else think the emperor is related to eda and lillith because she said bird things are just a clawthorne thing, and even the portal has wings on it. SO HE HAS TO BE REALTED TO THEM RIGHT ?!!
jf k
jf k Ай мурун
@Serenity Araiza Thank you. I'm not saying that they never got affection. It just probably wasn't to the level or the way that we're used to. It does explains why Eda does know what head pats means. It was likely how her parents showed their fondness for her. It also explains why in "The Covention" she told Luz that her girly book gives real witches a bad name. Eda and Lilly were likely taught to not be mushy and to have more self-control over their feelings. They're not going to obsessed over every little thing and be more focus on the bigger picture. We got little hints from their past in this season. Lilly and Eda were very close with each other and were on the school sport team and they used to race to the kitchen table. From the little we've seen, while this family weren't overly affectionate, they likely were still a happy family before Eda got her curse.
Serenity Araiza
Serenity Araiza Ай мурун
jf k i really like that !! it makes so much sense considering how non-affectionate eda was towards luz for most of season one (like her not understanding hugs) and how lillith really isnt seen with kids aside from coven events. i believe roundtable also theorized that perhaps eda and lillith grew up in Blight manor, which could also be why they aren't affectionate because they were basically adopted and considering how the blights are right now, it runs in the family to be superior so no room for emotions. i didnt really think about how they weren't affectionate til right now, this is a really great observation
jf k
jf k Ай мурун
@Serenity Araiza I would like to talk to you about my own personal theory about the Clawthrone parents. The only thing that we know about them is that they don't appears to been top of the chain. However, I've already seen several people assuming that they were bad parents because Eda and Lilly not appearing to understand hugs. I disagree with this theory. There is another explanation for this rather than abuse. They could had been old-school and while they did loves their daughters deeply, they weren't alway openly affectionate with them. They showed their love through small things such as keeping a nice house, having food, occasionally gave head pats and once in a while either went on a trip or sporting event. My parents both grew up in traditional households where they experience such things. They and their siblings decided to be more open about their love to their own children but that doesn't make my grandparents bad people. It just wasn't normal for them. I think that the Clawthrone were caring parents but they weren't very emotional people. I think that they did try to help Eda with her curse and even were the ones who found the potion that kept her curse under control for years. I think that they would be perfect examples to remind the younger generation that kissing and hugs aren't the only examples that make you a good parent. What do you think?
jf k
jf k Ай мурун
@Serenity Araiza Perhaps. But it could be a way that doesn't involves being family. I'm thinking that Eda saw something that caused her to distrust him and as for Lilly, it sounded that she truly saw him as something as a role model as a child. Clearly, working for him ended up being less perfect then she thought but she still saw him in a positive way until he refused to cure Eda despite many years of being loyal to him.
Serenity Araiza
Serenity Araiza Ай мурун
jf k very good point, i just feel that their relationship to the emperor is much deeper, guess we'll find out eventually 😂
SoulSave Kat
SoulSave Kat Ай мурун
Eda's curse reminds me of Tom from eddsworld becomeing all hulked out when he becomes angry
•clumzy mabel•
•clumzy mabel• Ай мурун
An eddsworld fan yay ^-^
Wolf Danzo official
Wolf Danzo official Ай мурун
4:45 tht yellow weapon is like gurnkle stan weapon
Edge Lorde Hexolio
Edge Lorde Hexolio Ай мурун
Straight hair, straight A's, straight forward, straight path, I don't cut corners. I make a point to be on timeee- HOOTY HOOTY HOOT HOOT. I don't black out at parties, I jam to Paul McCartney, if you was me how I'm doing I'll say well.. HOOT. I was adopted when I was two, then I became an owl too. Sometimes I ask myself what would I do to get as far as I've gottenn. A pretty girl walks by my locker, my heart gives a flutter but I don't dare utter a woooord cuz that would be absurd behavior for Little Miss Perfect. OH GOSH- IT'S LORD BELOS- AAAA
Jishnu Suresh
Jishnu Suresh Ай мурун
So u just wanna see eda's chakra beast.sounds dope
Jimmy hi5
Jimmy hi5 Ай мурун
I think there grey eye and hair stran is cool can't wait to see what they do with curse
The Cinnamon Rollz
The Cinnamon Rollz Ай мурун
How did eda lose her magic if SHE'S MORE POWERFUL THEN LILITH
The Cinnamon Rollz
The Cinnamon Rollz Ай мурун
@jf k hmmmm good point
jf k
jf k Ай мурун
Her magic could had lessen as the curse grew stronger. She must had been even more powerful compared to what we have seen so far.
That One Kid 12
That One Kid 12 Ай мурун
This thumbnail scared the frick outta me
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