Young Blood Old Souls BREAKDOWN! Belos Secrets, Blight Parents & More (The Owl House Season Finale)

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The Owl House season 1 episode 19, Young Blood Old Souls, serves as a great season finale that sets the stage for what's to come! Between secrets that hide in plain sight around Emperor Belos, the first sighting of Amity Blight's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Blight, Luz's possible connection to the Titan of the Isles, Gus and Willow recruiting help from Gus' father, and so much more! We're here to break everything down and prepare the theories for season 2!
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Cecily Jess
Cecily Jess 8 саат мурун
Ok, thought about Belos drinking Palisman juice. Palismans are made of material that comes from the isles. Tree, rocks, I have not idea what you can make into a staff. Everything on the isles is full of magic. So the Palismans store raw magic straight from the isles, probably that's what animates and brings them to life and gives them power. So the reason Belos drank(?) the palisma's guts is that it was concentrated magic, most likely he needs magic to sustain himself. I'm going to go out on a limb and say the heart-thing in his throne room is the titan's bile sack, and I'm assuming that he's trying to keep it functioning but it's slowly dying so he needs to reserve the bile it produces. So he drinks confiscated palismans to keep himself running.
william merwin
william merwin Күн мурун
19:33 If Bellos is Sans, does that make the Titan Gaster?
Red Күн мурун
Well we finally reached the super sayan part
Jessica Morrow
Jessica Morrow 2 күн мурун
Dude the giant has been in one of the episodesThey Musta went to the Titan
Comet Cartoons
Comet Cartoons 2 күн мурун
I always felt it that worm was emperor belos’s beast like how students in the beast keeping track have griffins.
Albert Williams
Albert Williams 5 күн мурун
kim used portals in the movie with time travel
poptart cat
poptart cat 6 күн мурун
Theory: 2 humans came to the Boiling Isles one day many years ago. They had to live of the land with no knowledge or way to get home. One day one of the humans found some people. He was the King Of Demons with his lackeys. This human came into their territory and as a punishment, King cursed this human. This curse turned him evil, so he turned the King Of Demons into the adorable King we all know and love. All the other demons ran to warn the other demons. This curse made the human get a lot of knowlage too. The second human took off, back to the human world, leaving the cursed one in the Boiling Isles. He took over as Emperor Belos. In the final season he'll be revealed as Luz's dad and her mom would've actually known about the Boiling Isles and been that sacond human which explains why she didn't want Luz to have such a wild imagination and stick to reality. Luz's mom was pregnant with her when they left (let's say time moves differently bc he's been ruling for 50(?) years.)
Lenni A
Lenni A 6 күн мурун
I've watched so many theories and I have issues with the line that nobody has been petrified in years and it's reserved for the worst criminals but we see three wild witches in the cart captured then their petrified statues. There may be a full on uprising in the show's future.
XxLovelyx 6788
XxLovelyx 6788 7 күн мурун
I was SO surprised by what the first letter of each episode meant😲 I'm now wondering what all the next episodes will say
Phạm Hoàng Thông
Phạm Hoàng Thông 7 күн мурун
Maybe belo a human?
Samuel Pastel
Samuel Pastel 8 күн мурун
19:32 Emperor Belos is sans undertale LOL
Reaven the Graven
Reaven the Graven 8 күн мурун
Blue magic eye/s and being able to move people around with his hand using magic hmmmmmm SANS!
Rin's Multiverse
Rin's Multiverse 9 күн мурун
Can we talk about at the scene with the galaxy it look like what the titan could have looked at the head
Temuulen Uuganbat
Temuulen Uuganbat 9 күн мурун
Is that big heart the titans heart?
Wave Sparks
Wave Sparks 9 күн мурун
What about the letters luz mom got on groom day who was writing it I think it was something called creepy luz because she was mention in a panel and the hand writing is the exact same as luz
Toxic hardud
Toxic hardud 10 күн мурун
Belos reminds me of Loki don’t know why not tHe god Loki THE ONE FROM MARVEL
Sushi Noodles
Sushi Noodles 10 күн мурун
The book has the name gaud what if that’s the writer
entrapta wannabe
entrapta wannabe 10 күн мурун
Maybe he's from a different realm. But not the human realm. Maybe theres something else, with different kinds of creatures. My theory is he's from somewhere no one knows exists, but that's accessable through the portal. And the reason why he wants the portal is to bring a bunch of creatures from the other realm over to make sure he has total control. They could attack people and use magic that isn't even imaginable to the witches of the boiling isles. To be fair, he's probably just a human and I've been watching too much she-ra, (the same thing happened in she-ra with hordak), but still something to consider.
Mwian Arts
Mwian Arts 10 күн мурун
Here's a theory: Disney is trying to make an irl portal and the Disney creators who are against it are showing signs of this and they're pleading help from the watchers
Dawn Silvers
Dawn Silvers 10 күн мурун
My theory is that Belos is that infamous possible human that's been to the isles before, possibly sort of a twisted mirror for Luz
rythm. playzz
rythm. playzz 10 күн мурун
My theory.. Is that luz has a lost sister and is the one who writes the letters
DragoniteカイリューAsahi朝日武 11 күн мурун
Disney is going all portals over us
vmiecltvoirn Aerdtweimni
vmiecltvoirn Aerdtweimni 11 күн мурун
im thinking since eda cant do magic she will let or give albert to luz instead of making a wond for her
ElJorro 12 күн мурун
I want a copy of that book.
Olivia Francis
Olivia Francis 12 күн мурун
nobody: not even him: the titan: that´s not me bro
Blight Simp
Blight Simp 12 күн мурун
Random Nobody
Random Nobody 12 күн мурун
Why are amphibia and rick and Morty in the spoiler warning screen instead of, I don’t know, OWL HOUSE?! GRAVITY FALLS?! TWO OF THE BEST CARTOONS EVER CONCIEVED OF?! (I have no problem with Steven universe being on there though) seriously! Even I’m not sure what my beef with Rick and morty is but amphibia is a show about frogs, FROGS!?!? HOW DOES THAT DESERVE A SPOT INSTEAD OF THE BEST CARTOONS EVER?! I’m so sorry I really shouldn’t rant like this and I may be hurting peoples feelings or badmouthing something I know nothing about... I’m sorry random comments reader... I apologize yet stand by my thoughts
Boba and Coffee :3
Boba and Coffee :3 13 күн мурун
Wait why does belos eyes remind me of calabras from zak storm
Michelle Morgan
Michelle Morgan 14 күн мурун
Is anyone going to talk about the fact the eda called Belos "Titan"? It was when he threatened eda about going to talk to Luz to see if she had the human portal door. Right after eda got caught in the beginning of the episode
Dumpachu 15 күн мурун
Tbh I’m just gonna say it I think the emperor it’s luz,s dad cus where has luz dad been thats why the emperor wants the door thing
Chrizmar Grafilo
Chrizmar Grafilo 15 күн мурун
not my theory but what if king is the fallen titan just saying look at the horns of the titan
You fools
You fools 16 күн мурун
A short theory: What if Halloween is the day of unity
Arief Maulana
Arief Maulana 15 күн мурун
Friday 13th
RobProb X
RobProb X 17 күн мурун
male witches are warlocks...
RobProb X
RobProb X 17 күн мурун
there should be a Halloween special with werewolves and vampires, Christmas should have Krampus
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 17 күн мурун
8:19 and human knowledge is discussed at Hexside so I’m guessing a symbiotic relationship al a both sides of the force and its connection to sentient life
Perplaxis 17 күн мурун
Plot twist, emperor below is ford and the day of unity is when Stan activates the portal. Spooky stuff
John Lopez
John Lopez 18 күн мурун
So this is my theory : Luz's mom knows about the boiling aisles and emperor belos is a human and may Luz's mom knows Emperor Belos maybe Luz's Dad
Bayron.r Avila Lara
Bayron.r Avila Lara 18 күн мурун
King isn't a cat he is a dog
Hooty HOOT HOOT 18 күн мурун
Vox:he is blaming the Titan Me a person who is just retro nemo without glasses in every way:or he is a cultists
Antonio Marull
Antonio Marull 19 күн мурун
why the portal gives me Bill Cipher vibes?
Clara Reed
Clara Reed 19 күн мурун
The thing on the portal looks lake the book from gravity falls
Mysterious Shadow
Mysterious Shadow 20 күн мурун
I think that emperor belos has actually connection with the island the heart, his heart. That is why he can't stray car from it. And his staff and himself gets the power through the electrification process. We can see a power stealing creature in hexside but the creature leaves them powerless and not petrified. Maybe the petrification process isn't natural. Maybe the titan the island and emperor aren't natural. Maybe the glyphs shown by the island is magic leaking.
Bebe Maco
Bebe Maco 20 күн мурун
0:52 there is an sercret message there
autumn 21 күн мурун
what if the golden dude was actaully human and he wanted the portal to go back home to his family, he could be luz’s dad. that’s why he never hurt her. woah
Cannoli Wave Studios
Cannoli Wave Studios 22 күн мурун
Luz: I chipped your mask haha! Belos: *You wanna have a bad time?*
Jhona Tuazon
Jhona Tuazon 22 күн мурун
Belos:*throwing people around and teleport's* Sans:hey!! *THAT'S MY JOB!*
Dominique Linton
Dominique Linton 23 күн мурун
the book is basically like the #3 journal who else is getting gravity falls vibes
Doggoperson626 23 күн мурун
I bet the titan just tripped and burned alive in the sea
Martin Minecraft gamer
Martin Minecraft gamer 25 күн мурун
plz The Roundtable ask the owl house owner/writer ✌️😎😎😇 (1) well eda get her magic back (2)what do you think how wood she cood get her magic back plz anser after seeing to his
Martin Minecraft gamer
Martin Minecraft gamer 25 күн мурун
plz The Roundtable ask the owl house owner/writer ✌️😎😎😇 (1) well eda get her magic back (2)what do you think how wood she cood get her magic back plz anser after seeing to his
Martin Minecraft gamer
Martin Minecraft gamer 25 күн мурун
plz The Roundtable ask the owl house owner/writer ✌️😎😎😇 (1) well eda get her magic back (2)what do you think how wood she cood get her magic back plz anser after seeing to his
Martin Minecraft gamer
Martin Minecraft gamer 25 күн мурун
plz The Roundtable ask the owl house owner/writer ✌️😎😎😇 (1) well eda get her magic back (2)what do you think how wood she cood get her magic back plz anser after seeing to his
Martin Minecraft gamer
Martin Minecraft gamer 25 күн мурун
plz The Roundtable ask the owl house owner/writer ✌️😎😎😇 (1) well eda get her magic back (2)what do you think how wood she cood get her magic back plz anser after seeing to his
Sonata 788
Sonata 788 26 күн мурун
I’n the episode that Luz went to school for the first time her Sock puppet of Eda had one grey and one gold eye, foreshadowing her new design
Dylan Reffert
Dylan Reffert 27 күн мурун
Anyone know what the music they use at the beginning is called? I know it’s in epidemic sounds but I wanna know what it’s called so I can find it.
Dagmar 27 күн мурун
Azura OR noceda? I SAY BOTH >:D
Alpha Star
Alpha Star 28 күн мурун
Beli good Nicname to him 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
EpicDweeb 29 күн мурун
I actually think "A witch loses a true way," refers to a few things but most significantly, I think it refers to Eda becoming completely unable to perform magic with her heart bile sack. Rather she must learn one of the old ways. The wording is also interesting as the implication of "A true way" (as opposed to THE true way) implies that there is more than one true way, be that of getting to earth or of performing magic. We'll see how it actually plays out but yeah.
Golden_Fox_UwU Golden_Wolf_UwU
Golden_Fox_UwU Golden_Wolf_UwU 29 күн мурун
Maybe king is a catdog or dogcat?
Queen Nsuccess
Queen Nsuccess Ай мурун
The day of unity would most likely be Halloween .. Also the first season letters spells out A witch loses a true way
Jessica Ай мурун
soooo, does anyone feel like the portal suitcase looks a lot like Belos tech? And said portal just happens to connect to an abandoned house in the human world? My theory is Belos was a scientist/inventor who somehow figured out how to make the portal, his old home IS the abandoned house.
Bionic System5
Bionic System5 Ай мурун
-_- Ай мурун
I think in season 2 , inmidiatly after all the young blood, old souls thing, luz can notice the similarities between sans and belos eyes and make a fanfic, that would be a great detail
Keith Damon
Keith Damon Ай мурун
I think King is the last surviving titan n a smaller or remnant of the large titan we see, weakened n shrunk down after a battle that led to his horn breaking, they hold certain physical similarities. King also states King is not his real name n in common demon lore, knowing the name of a demon gives you power over them,, such as people knowing hes a titan, also demons being incomplete weakens them, ergo kings horn n the titans horn. Further more I think Bellos, who we see stealing life magic kinda like the Lich King, is old affff and was around when the titans were alive. The titans being either the source of magic or the original users, taught bellos everything, cause I think he is originally from Luz world, as we see him do magic but I dont recall him doing circle magic only staff. He then learns all types n uses it to hunt down n kill all titans, king being the last one he faces but fails to kill. The battle wounds n shrinks King to as we see now, who is then found by Eda who helps conceal his identity from rest of Boiling Isles. Bellos then uses his knowledge to subjegate the Isles, make the covens to restrict magic users so only he can use REAL magic. Eda also tells Luz if she wants to learn real magic she wontt learn it in school, but from listening to the Island, which makes my idea of the titans being the source of magic more potent.
Livingnotfound Ай мурун
plot twist belos is actually luzs mom
FrostKittybliss Ай мурун
I’m just going to point out, if you watch the song at the very end of the last episode you will notice that they changed Eda’s eye to gray, Disney has attention to detail.
Sky 76
Sky 76 Ай мурун
Maybe the mystery person made a deal with the Emperor, the Emperor probably promised them a way to earth but then lied, the person must have had no other choice but to join him
chickenlady Ай мурун
what's interesting is that the oe4trifi ation device looks like a depiction of hecate, mother of wit hesbif i'm not mistaken. she's a greek goddess who is kkown for being a mother with every fibre of her being. she's protective and loving unconditionally. however an azura villain is called hecate as well.
XXGacha DragonXX
XXGacha DragonXX Ай мурун
Ok, so what if Belos is the farther of Luz?
Pug Boi
Pug Boi Ай мурун
Your missing the point The king has blue eyes right? And one broke during the fight... SANS????
Toprak Evgür
Toprak Evgür Ай мурун
I would really likea crossover with bill chiper like de realm that bill cipher lived is boiling isles
grievous the defeatuber 999
grievous the defeatuber 999 Ай мурун
KingLattice Ай мурун
Luz literally single handedly kicked the Emperor's Coven's ass.
KingLattice Ай мурун
What are the chances the author is once again Gruncle Ford
vazak11 Ай мурун
Solid video and breakdown, very much agreed on Lilith, she wanted a way to make up for her mistake without having to own it and her redemption or beginning of it, is rooted in her realizing that was the wrong approach, owning the act and taking responsibility as she acknowledges she should have done a long time ago. I'm still ambivalent on the Blight's theory, as they seem more like side villain representing the toxic culture of the Isle, but you raise a good point with how calm they were. One thing I am unsure about is the Titan talking through Luz given one of the Glyph's comes from the stars and given the Bat Queen was also on a staff I wonder if magic being from the titan is just something Belos made u up.
Mustaf Mustaf
Mustaf Mustaf Ай мурун
what if emperor belos is creepy luz
Matthew Halpin
Matthew Halpin Ай мурун
What if when witches get petrified their magic goes to belos and that's why he only petrifies wild magic witches
Kevin Bouma
Kevin Bouma Ай мурун
Emperor Belos is Hollow Knight 100%
Kevin Bouma
Kevin Bouma Ай мурун
“Now you’re thinking with portals”- Glados
toob1979 Ай мурун
Some interesting parallels exist with another (now) Disney product -- Star Wars, or more specifically, The Empire Strikes Back. "Agony of a Witch" felt a lot like the end of Empire, with Luz being Luke, Eda being Han, Lilith being Vader and Belos being... well, the Emperor (Palpatine). This episode felt somewhat like Return of the Jedi, but the parallels weren't as strong. Anyway, we're probably in for a 6-8 month wait for Season 2. I'm glad they can do animation in isolation. Some VAs even have their own little recording studios in their homes where they can record their lines then digitally send them to the studio. It wouldn't surprise me if storyboard artists, animators, background painters, editors, musicians, etc. have similar setups.
Sarah Neves
Sarah Neves Ай мурун
25:28 No, I rather wait than watching something else.
Going Ghost
Going Ghost Ай мурун
So no ones gonna talk about how the titan skull kinda looks like king and with kinds massive amounts of knowledge he might be tha last living titan? And how his collar might be either a containment spell or he's just a baby titan?
Titanium Wyvern
Titanium Wyvern Ай мурун
Does ANYONE else find it disturbing that both Belos and Willow Park are the ONLY two witches on the boiling isles we see that can cast magic without a circle? When willow was mad from amity teasing her when we first met those characters, magical thorns just emerged from the ground as her eyes flared green. Seems like magic responds to her emotions. Belos, even though he is very different, also is in tune with might be the titan’s heart, and he can cast magic from out of thin air without using a circle. Maybe also from his emotions?
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 17 күн мурун
I feel like Willow was just using raw strength with Eda just used to using spell circles, while the Emperor seems more artificial
Davide Bosisio
Davide Bosisio Ай мурун
Emperor belos: and have much work to do Me: but they almost done
Sassan rikuo
Sassan rikuo Ай мурун
I think Luz mom is Azura but just older now
gemma brook
gemma brook Ай мурун
"or one of those toys of the power rangers you got as a kid" i feel extremely called out
Alanzo 9900
Alanzo 9900 Ай мурун
For me Emperor belos is kinda a *human* tho I suspected the whole belos creating the portal a lots of *HUMAN* tech or Emperor belos tech.
adar anter
adar anter Ай мурун
its just me or in 22:43 two red stars look like eyes and have a dark matter for body. and i was thinking, maybe thats what bellos have cuz if u go to 16:51 he doesent look very well, and he has a red thing around him. if u think im right give a like
Cyphrus_The_Gamer Ай мурун
anyone else notice that the books smug writing actually just says human realm
Cyphrus_The_Gamer Ай мурун
you may also see an "untamed" in there
MusicalArtist25 Ай мурун
I do understand why some people weren't really satisfied with the fact that Lilith just so easily is now on the side of her sister and Luz. But I totally agree with what you said about the whole season really being her redemption arc. Not to mention I can't really see Lilith actually still staying on the side of the emperor after he freaking lied to her about healing her sister, Because that was one of the biggest reasons why she was working with him. I mean I'm sure someone else wouldn't want to still be working with someone else after they broke such an important promise to them. I certainly wouldn't hold any loyalty or faith in emperor belos if I had found out that he lied to me about something like that.
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 17 күн мурун
I think it was a trick so she’d lead Luz to under Eda’s cage where the Emperor was waiting and wasn’t really planning on killing Eda
Echinacea Petals
Echinacea Petals Ай мурун
So... Is no one going to talk about how luz's glyph literally disintegrated in her hand in the human world? Does this mean magic can't be used in the human realm? Maybe that's what the day of unity is, an event that causes the realms to somewhat merge and magic can be used in both worlds. He said he didn't want to invade the human realm, so maybe he's trying to permanently merge them so he can rule both. Would it technically be invading it if they're now the same realm? Just a quick theory
Katelynn Bardle
Katelynn Bardle Ай мурун
Pretty sure you got the tracks wrong, the darker purple is abomination... And Amity's mom is wearing it, not the father Not sure what pink is at the moment the only ones I can remember is potion, nature, and abomination
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 17 күн мурун
No abomination is pink Oracle is purple, also it’s plant coven not nature coven ya noob
robin Guardabascio
robin Guardabascio Ай мурун
Ok, weird theory ahead~ Luz is a half blood and that mysterious owl mask person is actually Luz’s dad. -Luz always had this attraction to magic and found comfort in fantasy. This could be because Luz isn’t fully human, but HALF WITCH. -in the first episode, we see that the snakes attack everyone, except the mom. They even attack the principal right in front of them. But they NEVER even try for Luz! -Luz has exceptional talent for magic as soon as she learns about the glyphs. You made the point of saying her power ties with her emotions. That could be because with her human half and lack of a bile sack , her heart is still the source of power. The owl mask man (who will now be referred to as “mask man”) did not speak a word nor showed any part of himself. Which only leaves room for theory. So~ -what if Mask man went through the portal and fell in love with Luz’s mom. While she was pregnant, he had to leave because he felt something in the demon realm (which could have been the falling of the titan, I honestly don’t know). I mean, we really don’t see how people age in the demon realm. But considering the rule of Belos was only 50 years, we can conclude the aging process of witches is similar to that of a humans (Eda is cursed, which might explain why she has gray hair and Lilith has black). -Leaving his pregnant love, he goes back to the demon realm and uses wild magic (unaware of the coven system now in place). This causes him to be captured by Belos’ guards. -He becomes Belos’ right hand because he gives information of the human realm. Thus leading Belos to come up with his “day of unity” plan. Theory for Season 2? Mask man will find out who Luz is and will try to justify Belos’ plan. Basically saying he would be able to see the love of his life (Luz’s mom) again. Just like Lilith, he will be blinded by the care he holds to Belos’ truly despicable truth.
Emi Fujii
Emi Fujii Ай мурун
Is it just me or does Lilith kind of resemble Blue Diamond from Steven Universe?💎💎💎💎
Galaxy Feather
Galaxy Feather Ай мурун
Has anyone noticed that the mask that the new character is wearing looks exactly the same as the little pin that Ida wears on her cloak in earlier episodes
ASAP Zoomie
ASAP Zoomie Ай мурун
Is belos bump?
Demon Deity
Demon Deity Ай мурун
0:50 is that russian at the very bottom?
heckin chonker
heckin chonker Ай мурун
Wtf I might be dumb but how did you miss that in 2:55 the emperor's neck bill looks like he is on it and it even has the top hat Edit: I see the mistake I made
Riley Ай мурун
From what I remember, they never mentioned luz's dad. Maybe its him?
Blue Jay Jen
Blue Jay Jen Ай мурун
That wouldn't add up because he's been ruling for about 30/40 years
Shavindu Mahndrarajah
Shavindu Mahndrarajah Ай мурун
ii watched the clip in 0.25X speed, Belos' staff appears without a glow, meaning it's not even like the red magic he uses to toss Eda around, cause his hands did glow then. So what did he use? The staff appeared to pop out from nowhere, starting from the wire. It does look like it came out of his wrist but that might just be perspective. His lack of magic rings but rather glowing fingertips, is like a sort of Scifi homage to The Dark Lords of the past. His staff feels like a wand more than a staff. Similar to the one Amity uses prior, he might have a pseudo-form of the magical bile duct, supporting the non-demon theory, or that his gland is deformed due to something that happened to him in the Savage Ages due to wild magic, involving his own palisman or the special wood they're made of. The wood itself must've grown from the fluids and marrow of the titan corpse in particular, seeing as they can allow a human to use magic or boost spell. In some cases they can do magic on their own. It also supports the idea that Belos needs the Titan's Heart. Wild magic users of older generations might have had access to stronger forms of the wood. He can't hunt the damaged palismans since he needs their interlocking staff component, though he might still target the Bat Queen who is the largest palisman to date. I mean, these palismans, at least what we've seen, are getting smaller. If we look at the pattern of the interlock tho, is there another code hidden there? Sorry, just ranting.
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Көрүүлөр 12 млн
$300,000 Influencer Trivia Tournament!
Көрүүлөр 23 млн
I Built the World's STRONGEST Cardboard House!
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Best Gum Art Wins $5,000 Challenge! | ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts
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We Got Paid To Call Out These Brands - UNFILTERED #51
Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED
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JJ Olatunji
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We Played AMONG US In REAL LIFE Challenge!
Көрүүлөр 819 миӊ.